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ropeface 4754

Hello there /art/. I got banned the fuck out of 4chan for posting "NSFW" material in a blue board (yet other pricks were doing it and didn't get an eye batted).
Anyways, this place is dead, but am I allowed to receive critique on NSFW stuff? Picture unrelated.

ropeface 4755

In any case, here's the NSFW image.

Please offer critique on the shading and how I should shade the granite wall. I looked at other pieces of art and IRL and have no idea how to make it look good.

Anonymous 4756

Not an artist but mabey blur the edges of the shadow a bit and think about one light source. The fact that derpy is outside means the the shadow will be blured around the edges anyway from ambiant light. The wall could be a bit grainy and have impurities or lose bricks mabey?
Also good job on the horse vag, it's hot!

ropeface 4757

Hey there. Thanks for the critique.
The image is already complete, but I appreciate it anyways.

And don't be afraid to critique even if you're "not an artist." You could have a better eye than many draw people.

Anonymous 4775

As an experienced fap-conoisseur, I'll offer my critique.
I give this image a 7/10 on fappability.
This is because:
1. Damn nice ass shape
2. Ass and leg proportions and shading are bretty gud
3. I'm really not a fan of the whole "genitals showing through clothing" idea (Personal taste.) and any genitals which are pushed out like that seem like lazy drawing to me. I also think that from that angle with her right hindleg lifted up you shouldn't be able to see that much of the genitals. It looks like plastered an asshole and a vulva onto the edge of the right asscheek, because they are slightly to the right of where I'd imagine the ass cleft to be based on where you started it just below the tail.
4. Previous personal taste point cancelled out by the fact that I love Derpybutt
5. Distractingly strange jawline

Anonymous 4776

and no one cares about your granite wall man

Error Four04 4839

I care about his wall

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