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File: 1391753435302.png (64.01 KB, 262x315, coco.png)

Sunsets on Spike, rough draft Sweetislut!!SJ7jXT7KSB 4609

She walked slowly through the halls of Canterlot, her aged body making every step torture.
>She had to see the child, one who had been praised so highly, she knew it wasn’t the one, but even so she sounded promising.
>Celestial looked at her newest student, just observing her strength in magic had been inspiring.
>Soon the test, and if she passed she would really make a great successor to the crown.
>A cough exited her throat, even the life of an alicorn would not last forever.
“I have no choice.”
>She heads off to the royal treasure and retrieves the egg.
>It sat there as it has for centuries, waiting for the element of friendship.
“I am sorry little one; your master must be another.”
>Her horn lifts the egg up, polishing it to a crystal gleam.

>Looking back through her treasures, she finds the item she had looked for.

>Grabbing the crystal heart she turns it over remembering the fight.
>The crystal empire, Sombra, and how she used almost all her energy to destroy him.
“I am afraid that he won after all, he destroyed me slowly and made sure I would never see the element”
>Bowing her head she almost wept, but held back, that was not the way.

>It was Cibel Servant who broke the Silence.

“Princess Celestia, is this the item you want for the test.”

She nods, unable to speak from the torment in her soul.
“Yes, and pray she can unlock this baby from it’s egg. Lest she learns the power of friendship, our empire is doomed.”

>And did Sunset shimmer accomplish it, and than some.

>Spike the dragon never left her side, and a budding friendship emerged quickly.
>Though lessons were taught spike always waited patiently for his big sister after class, waiting to play and learn.

>Perhaps it would have stayed this way, and the pressures of being the next princess of Canterlot would not have happened if not for the elements.

>She had been content with the friendship of Spike, had accepted the lessons but the gift was much too large a burden.
>Had that rainy day never fallen perhaps all would not be lost.

>Sunset walked with Celestia through the everfree forest, a activity they did quite often anymore.

>The lessons of magic were never behind a desk with the Celestia.
>Age and fear had forced the now queen to teach Sunset to fight for power.
>They passed the further into the forest than they ever had, a bridge and…
“Celestia the castle.”

Sweetislut!!SJ7jXT7KSB 4610

File: 1391753492986.png (141.27 KB, 900x662, sunset_shimmer_vector_by_raiin…)

>Sunset sat in amazement of the ruins.

“This old building is a monument of a time, one I wish to forget.”
>She leads sunset into the decaying building.
“It is one where you will get my final gift.”
>She lights her horn and leads the student to the bottom of the castle
>Her horn flickers as it raises a monument, Six orbs reveal themselves.
“Sunset you are to take my place, but more important you are to take her place. Destiny has changed and you must be the bearer of the elements of har…rmon..y”
>She collapses the strain to great for the aged Queen.

>Years pass, the queen barely leaving the castle now, to weak to even stand on her own hooves anymore.

>She still sought news of the students of magic, hoping against hope that somehow she would find the true wielder of elements.
>Sunset would grow envious of the attention these new students gained.
>It was her, she thought, who had spent years fighting to gain the queens approval.
>She had fought the breakouts of Tartarus and had been sacrificing her free time to keep equestria from falling to darkness.

>Spike had long been forgotten, though given anything he desired he never got what he needed, love.

>He still waited for hours and days at a time for the attention that he craved, but eventually his heart began to grow cold.

>Cibel awoke to Celestia’s touch, surprised that the queen would get up and move.

>Shock followed as he saw a flame in her eyes he hadn’t seen in decades.
“My Queen”
>A statement more of a question he couldn’t believe this pony had ever been reduced to bedrest.
“Is… Is everything ok”
>He knew it was a stupid question, or course it was ok, he could see that.

>She smiled, and giggled, acting like a school filly with a crush.

“Cibel she arrived, I have lived long enough to see her arrival.

“Her arrival my queen”

“Yes, the element has awoken.”

>Sunset listened from the shadows, not believing her ears.

>Stomping down she turned and left, leaving behind shattered marble where her hoof had been.

Sweetislut!!SJ7jXT7KSB 4611

File: 1391753579076.png (277.77 KB, 900x554, alicorn_sunset_shimmer_with_el…)

>Night feel, but the anger Sunset felt only rose, the new student never required a test or violent lessons that she did.
>She waited; the letter had told her to arrive as the moon wanes.
>She glares at Twilight as she leaves and walks to meet the queen.
“Celestia I came as soon as I could.”
>She bowed before the queen in respect, a respect she found harder to keep”

“My student, I have great news. You no longer have to wield all the elements on your own.”
>She looked in horror at her students face, a red steaming face of anger looked back at her.
“Sunset is there a problem.”
>Celestia steps back as her student approaches her.

“Ten years, ten long years I have shed blood sweat and tears for you. I have kept this kingdom from falling apart, and you repay me like this”
>She takes another step forward shattering a vase with her magic alone.
“You took my family from me, my childhood. I did everything for you, you withered bag of bones. I performed magic equal to Starswirl and you chose a whelp to replace me.”
>She turns, stopping herself from crushing the alicorn.
“I am done. You can raise your new hero, and you can take this empire and shove it, but these,”
>Lifting the elements with her magic.
“This I have earned.”

>Taking Spike she ran off, leaving the castle and all the memories behind.

>She could never return to such a place, a prison she was glad to leave behind her.
>Though she wished to find her place, the royal guards made that a impossible dream.
>Running from town to town she found herself with traveling with a Gypsy group.
>Her hooves beyond exhaustion collapses.
>Her dry lips barely made a sound as she asked, her energy long sense gone.

>A young little filly arrives with the water she had asked for.
“I hope this will work for now.”

>Sunset weakly nods and hands it to spike.

“You drink first”
>She smiles as spike takes a large drink and hands it back to Sunset.

“So how long do you think it will take?”
>Spike asked as he looked at the horizon.
“You know they will be coming again sis”

Sweetislut!!SJ7jXT7KSB 4612

File: 1391755149435.png (165.92 KB, 722x509, Sunset's end.png)

>Sunset shakes her head, it was just a mater of days, maybe hours and she knew it.
“No more spike, No more.”
>She looks at the small blue unicorn.
“What is your name little one”

“Trixie Ma’am,”
>She looks up at the yellow pony.

“Trixie, some day you are going to be great and powerful.”
>She takes an orb and hands it to her.
“And you will need this when you do.”

>Trixie looks over it surprised.

“But I can’t take this, I only gave you water.”

>Sunset shakes her head.

“It’s a gift; I want you to hide it until you need it. I hope you never will”
>Frowning she grabs a rope and ties it around her neck.
“I hope to see you again someday”
>She hands the rope to spike.

“Sis what are you doing. You can’t do what I think you are”

>Nodding she just looks at him through blurred eyes.

“I can’t do this; I can’t put you through anymore. Tie me up and take me back to Canterlot. You… you can be a hero.”

“You can’t, what will happen to you.”

“I assume they will keep me alive until they can find that last element, but at least you will be safe”

>Celestia waited for news of Sunset, but though the joys of finding Twilight had given her some new life she had used up every ounce that it afforded her.

>She saw the writing on the wall, and had instructed her council to retrieve the elements at all cost.
>She would never live to see Sunset drug in and imprisoned. One her death bed she asked only one thing.
“Cibel my friend, I have not much longer now. Please keep Spike safe”
>Falling asleep she never awoke as the night rose around her.
>The guards arriving with Sunset felt the darkness as the queen of Canterlot left this earthly coil.

>To Sunset’s surprise she felt tears form on her face.

>Regret fills her heart as she thinks back to the memories of the one she had considered a mother for years.
“I never knew”
>She whispered as they led her to her cell.

Sweetislut!!SJ7jXT7KSB 4634

>The captain of the guards throws her into the cell, slamming it hard.
“Anyone else and we wouldn’t even bother with a cell”
>He turns his gaze to spike.
“Like this fellow here. He escaped with you, for six months he helped keep you away.”
>Picking spike up by the gruff of his neck he reaches for his sword.
“This is for Celesita”
>Sunset manages to perform one last spell, and trades places with spike as the sword hits her.
>Looking down she sees the crimson blood slowly pour from her.
>She weakly looks up, seeing the surprise in the guard’s eyes.
“I am the one who deserves this, not my brother.”
>She feels the cold steel slowly leave her body, she looks up.
“Celestia, Mommy wait I am coming for you”
>Her head shifts to the side, her life leaving her.

>Spike sat there, watching Sunset slowly bleed out, his anger grew as they kicked her dead body,

>His scream fills the room as his body begins to alter.

“Stop you idiots”
>Twilight shouts at the guards’.
“Get out now, move it”

>Leaving the cell block they watch Spike transform into a adult dragon.

“Princess what the hay is going on.”
>The captain of the guard asks watching Spike bust free from the cell as if it were tinfoil.
“Dragons grow from greed… Right?”

>Twilight watches as spike stop in front of Sunsets body and lets out a roar that shakes the castle, before changing back into a baby dragon exhausted.

“No, Dragons only need a strong catalyst. Greed is easiest, but you went and pissed of a dragon. You are lucky that I got here when I did.

>He starts heading back to the cell, picking up spike.

“This little guy could have destroyed Canterlot, and I wouldn’t have thought less of him for it.”

>Cibel makes sure the funeral for Sunset is one of honor, all past crimes forgiven.

>As she is lowered into the ground so to does a part of spike.
>Twilight, now acting princess of Canterlot went to spike.

“I-I am so sorry for your loss. I know it will be hard but I will be here to help you on the way.”
>She smiles raising a hoof to whip the tear from his eyes.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 4651

File: 1392920814528.png (117.49 KB, 512x512, go ahead motherbucker.png)

Sweeti!!SJ7jXT7KSB 4654

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