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Ask Princest Twilight Management 4571

Hello, /art/

As you might know, Ask Princess Molestia was taken down due to Hasbro C&D'ing it, (Although, some think Pinkiepony was a minor cause to this)

In a recent thread on /mlp/, we decided to create a replacement blog for Ask Princess Molestia, that followed a different formula. An Anon coined the idea that we should have a tumblr, wherein Twilight and the gang go on an adventurous rape-war. Just as APM, this will be taken largely out of character.

Why I'm posting is because this is a new-born blog, and I need/require a couple Drawfags (And Writefags for possible story arcs) to help maintain the blog with me. If you think you can help me with this blog, send me an email with one of your drawings (Preferably time-stamped) and I'll respond ASAP

Thanks for your help,


Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 4652

File: 1392921951393.png (235.34 KB, 1014x1190, peons.png)

Too resentful. APM worked because it was light hearted. It didn't upset people, while still depicting acts that should have upset people. It was taken down out of fear, because it was effective and popular. I'll wager even the infamous Pinkiepony wasn't upset by its content. She was upset by her imagined vision of what it would look like if she were drawing it, i.e. horrifying and disturbing, and was afraid that the happy-go-lucky version in reality was some secret code for this darker vision. Sort of like, "You can't joke about rape, because it makes me think about rape in a serious and disturbing way" (i.e. triggers me).

To make a successful blog in the spirit of APM, update frequently, don't make off-topic, out of character, or text posts, don't have any hard feelings, and make all the icky gross stuff happen off camera. I think only one APM post was anything more than suggestive. What should be on camera are loving friendships, warm homey activities like Christmas and stuff.

Personally I didn't like APM much exactly because it was so saccharine. But that's why it got popular, and what scared people the most about it. They didn't want to think of rape as a happy thing, and JJ was managing to provoke that feeling in them.

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