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Anonymous 4350

Hello /art/. I am working on a panel for Kollision Con in Chicago. My idea is to explore some of the more interesting occult themes in My Little Pony. Probably the most entertaining part is where I show direct comparisons between the characters and various major arcana archetypes.

There are already some images of ponies put into tarot cards. Unfortunately however, most of them contain incorrect or sub-optimal attributions.

The point is this. I need the chariot card re-interpreted to have Rarity at the reins. It must be the chariot because the chariot represents the success of one who has learned to control their emotions and bring their actions in line with their willpower.

I feel that this card represents Rarity more than any other due to her frequent inner conflicts, in which she is time and time again seen overcoming her issues to help her friends and run her business.

I don't care if you just want to shoop Rarity's head onto an existing card, or just do a sketch, or whatever tickles your fancy. However, it would really help me out to have a visual for her.

I am open to paying for this, but I will only actually be able to use one of these in the slide. I have never made a request like this before, so please correct me if I am doing it wrong.


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