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File: 1383089314126.png (57.59 KB, 370x465, painter aj.png)

reasonably show accurate pones theross 4336

takin sfw requests

another example theross 4337

File: 1383099167120.png (47.45 KB, 213x244, rd juggler.png)


File: 1383119109473.jpg (15.4 KB, 320x263, sweetie394.jpg)

Really? Could you please draw Sweetie and Twilight together? I only have one picture of them. They can be doing anything.

Anonymous 4340

Alright Ross, draw Treekicker in a Halloween costume. Only catch is that you cannot use the same costume she wore in Luna Eclipsed.

theross 4345

File: 1383346897888.png (146.45 KB, 739x435, sweetietwilight.png)

theross 4346

File: 1383357804179.png (51.35 KB, 390x289, req applejack costume.png)

/r/ Anonymous 4349

/r/ Crying Lyra

theross 4351

File: 1383462660554.png (54.76 KB, 477x438, req crying lyra.png)

Anonymous 4352

perfect, thanks

Anonymous 4353

I'm impressed, Ross. Real impressed.

Alright, new challenge. Draw your favorite pones in increasing sizes. Your favorite will be the tallest, and your least favorite will be the shortest.

theross 4354


Although I don't like to rank the ponies, I will do my best


File: 1383589408601.png (88.08 KB, 219x280, 45.png)

yo, you have wounderful art skill

dunno if you make EqG artsyle.

if so, im /r/ EqG pinkie saying: "i love you mikie pie"

if possible.

theross 4356


I've never tried eqg, this will be a fun challenge


File: 1383592593945.png (247.73 KB, 665x625, 246.png)

thank you! so much appreciation!

Mikie Pie !piNKiEPie. 4371

File: 1383768208387.png (130.11 KB, 321x486, 110.png)

i also would like to state i hope i am not being too bothersome with this request

theross 4376


nah man it's all good, i'll be working on yours and the other guy's this weekend

theross 4379

File: 1383891917059.png (99.06 KB, 710x366, req pony ranking.png)

theross 4380

File: 1383892127275.png (99.66 KB, 710x366, req pony ranking.png)


fixed text


File: 1383919624804.png (250.11 KB, 688x629, 81.png)

well thank you! one more detail id like to add. i like her to say that what i said here >>4355 but in a way where it cant be edited very easy… i want it to feel like she's saying it to me (maybe transparent letters, dunno). it's important to me. thank you again.

theross 4384


will do

theross 4391

File: 1384129446423.png (138.42 KB, 826x600, req pinkie pie eqg.png)

theross 4392

theross 4393

File: 1384129590286.png (148.56 KB, 826x600, req pinkie pie eqg.png)


woops. fixed speech bubble


File: 1384130002437.png (299.81 KB, 740x626, 10.png)


that's p good! thank you!

theross 4395


File: 1384130278959.png (203.57 KB, 396x708, 123.png)

really tho. that made my night! thank you again!

if you're ever bored, you're welcome to make something like that again.

love it

Susan 4397

AJ & Rarity exchanging gifts on Hearth's Warming Eve or something

In front of a fireplace

Hot coco mandatory

They give each other mismatched gifts and they're pretending to be absolutely thrilled by the presents they're getting

CaSy 4450

I would be happy to see Applejack drawing.

Thank you in advance.

Awesome eel 4478

File: 1386535855269.jpg (58.32 KB, 500x800, 3c34a56b718d290dec125b5d356c2c…)

RB hitting a mlik bag with a frying pan.

theross 4599

File: 1391382851237.png (426.93 KB, 1624x1152, req cocoa.png)


since all the images are dropping i'm gonna paste permalinks also


Maverick lasse the > Alice proxying kitty cat !N7DVv.HogQ 4631

Could you draw this pony?


pretty much anything goes as for what she's doing, but would prefer if she has a dress or socks or something else on. If anyone knows where I could get a guy to draw a anthro version that'd be cool too!!!

This is my first Tim posting here so forgive me of I made a mistake.

Anonymous 4632

File: 1391836145479.jpg (112.45 KB, 1024x753, 1391452781345.jpg)

Draw miss pie standing behind big mac ready to kill.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 4655

File: 1393097262217.jpg (274.89 KB, 669x600, nightmare_night_big_mac_by_lon…)


Draw big mac standing behind miss pie standing behind big mac ready to kill ready to kill.

theross 4660

File: 1393831117861.png (217.77 KB, 1074x1055, request - aj drawing.png)


File: 1393941928947.png (384.84 KB, 457x954, 189.png)

you should draw me EqG Pinkie with a hat that says: Mikie Pie is lord of funposting

or something like that

that would be way funny

Anonymous 4662

this drawing table looks really weird, but I still like it.

Anonymous 4675

It's like a hungry piano.

theross 4700

File: 1395526659344.png (35.23 KB, 443x262, req - rd bag of milk.png)

theross 4767

File: 1399116458293.png (94.13 KB, 590x592, request.png)

/r/ The Colonial 4785

Requesting Twilight in 1944 U.S Army gear in front of the Stars and Stripes, please.

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