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File: 1381313209926.jpg (9.62 KB, 264x264, 264px-Doge_(1).jpg)

Can someone make a youtube video for me? Anonymous 4278

I cannot into animation, basically all I want is this.

This song

Combined with a high res photo of dog.. slowly zooming in.. very slowly.. towards the eye.

For this service i will pay via paypal 5$ to the claimant of such a video for the video and permanent ownership to the rights of said video

really I don't even need a youtube video, just a video file of doge being slowly zoomed into, i will add the music myself.

Anonymous 4293

I don't like dogs

Skeinchug 4294

Hello anon, I've done the animation for you as per request. I'll get the dropbox link for the video to you presently.

Skeinchug 4296

If you find the video to your satisfaction my paypal uses this screen name with good ol' yahoo as the host. If you want anything tweaked then all you have to do is ask.


File: 1382672170975.jpg (9.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Dear sir.. I am sorry but that is not a picture of dog taht is up to my standards becasue the eyes are looking in the wrong direction i need the "original" picture of dog with the correct eyes in higher resolution, i also need the beginning zoom to be much much slower, this is entirely inadequate and in no way acceptably product. Thanks for trying though

Skeinchug 4305

Perfectly understandable my good anon. I will attempt it again.

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