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File: 1373867229021.jpg (49.88 KB, 960x720, pone head 1.jpg)

Anonymous 3739

please tell me if i am doing something wrong regarding posting here, i don't com to mlpchan very often

this is the head of a pinkie pie prototype pony plush i am making a pattern for. i have quite a bit of experience sewing and designing my own patterns, but i was hoping i could get some advice or criticism regarding the head of this plush so far. if not plush general?

Anonymous 3756

The ears look fucked, re-do it

Anonymous 3759

Need to agree on the ears.

Are you using two identical sides for the faces, then one strip down the middle? Because if so, just sew the ears higher up between the seam of the two.

Aside from that, the form looks good. Much better head shape than the first one I made

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