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File: 1373846506251.png (104.78 KB, 1493x1209, 2 - ID thing.png)

Merf's Art Stash Merf!/33PmGijrk 3731

#Maybe doing commissions
#Maybe doing requests
#Ponies and not ponies
Oh hey you found a thing
This is where I'll put my art and other such things in case you wanted to watch an amateur artist get better
Go and bookmark this thread and come back every now and then if you're interested

Blogs and things I run as of typing this:
http://merfs-art.tumblr.com/ (My art tumblr)
http://ask-sillybelle.tumblr.com/ (Canon pony based ask blog about Silly obsessed Sweetie Belle)
http://askacrylic.tumblr.com/ (OC pony blog)

Merf!/33PmGijrk 3732

File: 1373846550105.png (993.44 KB, 2000x2000, 3 - anthor ponkiepie.png)

ponkie poe anthro

Merf!/33PmGijrk 3733

File: 1373846725626.png (97.63 KB, 500x483, my own original coloring style…)

my own original coloring style do not steel


File: 1373847069320.png (225.43 KB, 1257x1393, Fortuna Acrylic has a more epi…)

He also did this.

BTW, keep updating your Tumblr and stuff. Keep going.

Merf!/33PmGijrk 3736

File: 1373847964049.png (604.08 KB, 1500x1500, 7.png)


Merf!/33PmGijrk 3737

File: 1373848013102.png (219.21 KB, 750x750, reality check.png)

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