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File: 1371925500274.png (44.98 KB, 1146x833, !.png)

They call me Brick Brick 3254[Last 50 Posts]

#accepting requests #Gallery
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Brick 3255

File: 1371925824639.png (59.76 KB, 1146x833, Wat.png)

Anonymous 3257

File: 1371966660370.jpg (256.93 KB, 1366x768, magic fat.jpg)

/r/ing Anon and a robot Tracy in this pose, with a giant electrified dildo replacing Raiden's HF blade.

Brick 3262

File: 1372095078738.png (161.69 KB, 1146x833, fap material num23359.png)

Brick 3265

File: 1372096990664.png (24.05 KB, 1146x833, Happyyae.png)

Anonymous 3266

holy shit thanks

Brick 3267

Anything, babe.
Sorry for being such crap at human anatomy.

Anonymous 3353

File: 1372131974610.png (75.34 KB, 278x265, Dr._Whooves_the_3rd_crop_S2E9.…)

Might you draw this pony here? Have him standing and looking a little crazy (in the smiley bug-eyed anger kind of way)?

Brick 3368

File: 1372193124674.png (140.72 KB, 1146x833, Fap material num2.png)

Bun dun Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunn

Anonymous 3369

File: 1372197899537.gif (18.52 KB, 250x268, 250px-PS3_Pajama_Sam.gif)

Can you try and make a Pajama Sam pony? Childhood combined with today.

Anonymous 3370

I'm /r/ing a Klingon pony.. I have no idea how I'd make it.

Brick 3374

File: 1372205801882.png (84.87 KB, 1146x833, fap material3.png)

Brick 3375

File: 1372206620292.png (90.25 KB, 1146x833, fap material num 4.png)

Anonymous 3376

File: 1372209556678.gif (174.62 KB, 316x224, masdwi.gif)

/r/ing Rainbow Dash performing a Shin Shoryuken on a pony of your choice.

Brick 3380

File: 1372221480691.png (159.87 KB, 1146x833, fap material num 5.png)

I actually had to sign this one.

Anonymous 3388


Brick 3389

My pleasure m8

Anonymous 3451

Lel file name. Love it, thanks. I've r'd this before but no one ever delivered.

Anonymous 3458

File: 1372374907260.png (115.59 KB, 439x395, 1369584923069.png)

Eh, I try. It's pretty easy since I have barely any life. I have 80 hours on KH1 in two months…

Brick 3459

damn forgot my name

Anonymous 3460

So, Brick, what are your guidelines on requests? Is there anything that's off-limits?

Brick 3461

Anything but scat.
Unless it's humorous

Anonymous 3462

How about Yellowquiet as some kind of "ugly cute" spider-pony?

Brick 3485

File: 1372462910067.png (134.29 KB, 1146x833, Fap material num 6.png)

Sorry it took so long. More videyas.

Anonymous 3486

Many thanks, this will do perfectly.

Brick 3487

File: 1372463593265.png (358.12 KB, 1319x582, sfa.PNG)

Brick 3501

[cs]Brick[/cs] 3546

File: 1372780686867.png (669.28 KB, 2048x2048, zzzzzzzzzz.png)


Anonymous 3651


Brick 3750

File: 1374020439196.png (406.07 KB, 2048x2048, sex cell shaded.png)


brick 3792

File: 1374980339440.png (395.11 KB, 2048x2048, Kinny.png)

shameless bump with mod pic
i need work before I sell my soul to /b/

Anonymous 3793

File: 1374980899233.png (14.58 KB, 95x90, team capn.png)

Shy lying down with a smug look on her face wearing a pile of the hat in pic related that extends past the top border of the drawing, with a TOP GUN hat thrown in there somewhere.

brick 3795

File: 1374983840858.png (106.15 KB, 1146x833, Flutter fortress 2.png)

plus transparency

brick 3796

File: 1374983892953.png (106.07 KB, 1146x833, Flutter fortress 2.png)

forgot the cm, silly me

Anonymous 3797


brick 3798


Anonymous 3849

This pony checking out celestia with a really creepy look on his face

Anonymous 3850

How about now?

Anonymous 3851

I'll never get the hang of this,

brick 3857

I know that feel, m8
I'll get to it tonight

Anonymous 3858

File: 1376218225221.png (214.35 KB, 813x985, mtr_1375841867126.png)

Thanks a ton. I don't really need it but would you mind remaking this image?


Pissing like a racehorse.

brick the pussy ass nigger 3868

File: 1376409883842.png (558.38 KB, 2048x2048, pony.png)

brick the pussy destroyer 3869

File: 1376410884913.png (207.61 KB, 813x985, i can't draw humans sorry.png)

my best work
I might re-do it when I can actually draw humans. it's not my day today

Anonymous 3872

I doubt you're willing to draw anything fetishy/weird but…

brick the pussy ass nigger 3873

Fuck, man. I'm crossdressing and masturbating right now. I don't think anything's weird.

Anonymous 3874

Futa Luna trying to hold back gas.

Anonymous 3879

Hey Brick

Draw Bricktop as a pony

brick 3880

File: 1376604028954.png (641 KB, 2048x2048, fart.png)

yup yup yup, this is a good one
considering I've never drawn a horse cock seriously

brick 3881

File: 1376604051039.png (249.05 KB, 2048x2048, bricktop.png)

And here you are, other anon.

Anonymous 3882

Goody gumdrops.

Anonymous 3883

Ohh! Could you draw /anon/ doing that?

Anonymous 3886

Would you be willing to draw Twilight farting on her bed?

Anonymous 3887

I wouldn't mind seeing some more Lyra fart material (without the futa for me, though). Just to have some new stuff for a thread. Don't mean to annoy.

brick 3889

Nah, it's no problem, business is business.

brick 3890

would you like wings or no wings with that order, sir?

Anonymous 3892


brick 3907

File: 1376772564004.png (840.79 KB, 2048x2048, twi fart.png)

here ya go

Anonymous 3921

Could you do a pic for my fetish?
If so then Applejack or Anon inside Celestia's womb.


File: 1377205390800.png (171.02 KB, 334x592, TOP KEK.png)

actually your art style is perfect.

could you make an EqG pinkie with a TOPKEK hat?

something like this! something silly.

like her holding holder a kek sign

brick 3939

ye ye ye
It might take until tomorrow
My hand's been off lately because of fatigue, so eh haven't been postin'


File: 1377208324244.png (82.68 KB, 311x336, 68.png)

ossum, thanks!

Anonymous 3946

File: 1377300975645.gif (Spoiler Image,148.17 KB, 375x300, 986764 - Friendship_is_Magic M…)

Could You Please edit this so its Rarity? Trying to Fap.. Oh and can you somehow make the juices not so yellow? Will be eternally grateful. and i am sure others will be too.

brick 3947

I've never edited a /gif before, but I'm sure I can in PS, right? I at least know how to recolor and all that, so if I can, it'll be done :^)

brick 3948

File: 1377307378642.png (664.59 KB, 1805x1805, im sorry mikie don't kill me.p…)

mhm dont kill me plox ;_;

brick 3949

File: 1377307428060.png (1.16 MB, 2048x2048, vore.png)

This came out less fetishy and more funny srry

Anonymous 3950

Anonymous 3952

File: 1377320159064.gif (272.5 KB, 202x237, 132624044825.gif)

Thank you So Much!

brick 3953


File: 1377320384360.png (253.23 KB, 498x630, 137.png)

naw man, i like it! thanks!

fucking adorable!

Anonymous 3955

Brick! This is Great!! i am the poster /r/equesting the Rarity gif but i want you to know that you have great vision. Definitely begin watermarking your Sketches because you are awesome and should always be remembered.

brick 3956

daw thanks guys :3


File: 1377320537822.png (92.04 KB, 347x372, 220.png)

feel free make another EqG pinkie drawing if you'd like.

something id like :p

id be great. much appreciated man.

Anonymous 3958

File: 1377320654702.gif (212.89 KB, 451x247, 1371763973877.gif)

You Deserve it.

brick 3962

File: 1377363291424.gif (Spoiler Image,26.5 KB, 356x261, 1377300975645_RArity.gif)

I like the way this turned out
Screwed up on the cutie mark, but I made due without motion tweens

brick 3963

what the h*ck
why isn't it moving
goddamn Photoshop

Anonymous 3967

File: 1377384496806.gif (234.71 KB, 391x361, 1368263340734.gif)

Anonymous 3968

File: 1377386843394.gif (Spoiler Image,2.37 MB, 1152x696, 948552 - Friendship_is_Magic M…)

You didn't Screw up her cutie mark! that's the angle it would take if her leg was up like that. Great job.

Anonymous 3969

File: 1377387189621.gif (Spoiler Image,118.91 KB, 960x1280, 1128778 - Friendship_is_Magic …)

Oh and one more thing. About The Juices that are flowing out. Could you make it light blue? like water?

>I only post r34 to threads i want people to stop and check out.

I know it kinda Ruins the Purity of the Thread but i cant help myself.


File: 1377398197033.png (138.02 KB, 413x540, 16.png)

did you try saving it under web and devices?


>rarity vagina
I have found my people.

Anyway, I have a request–Rainbow Dash fighting with Garrus.


brick 3978

File: 1377464631825.png (1.7 MB, 2048x2048, GASTLY.png)

Purity shmurity
I was doing fart fetishes b4 this :^)
And sure.
>that gif

Nah, not yet, I'll try.

Anonymous 3979

File: 1377465040579.png (478.13 KB, 907x626, BestStyle7.png)

All Eyes are on you Brick. You have the only active thread on this Board.

brick 3980

File: 1377477133043.png (252.25 KB, 2048x2048, yeehaw.png)

oh wow lol
That's somethin'
When did it go ded?

Anonymous 3981

Are you going to draw

brick 3982

yes yes yes
of course
just not tonight, I wasted all my time on BF BC2.
tmrrw bby k?

brick 3984

File: 1377549126778.png (1.18 MB, 2048x2048, chrome.png)

yeye one down two to go

Anonymous 4022

File: 1377700728369.png (212.29 KB, 900x663, princess_luna__s_royal_guard_b…)

Draw the night guard with a rape face.

Anonymous 4046

File: 1377761779008.png (233.32 KB, 452x658, image.png)

Can you redraw this with lasers coming out of her glasses?

brick 4049

File: 1377803329959.png (1.67 MB, 2048x2048, cool chrome.png)

Anonymous 4062

That's awesome, really, but I meant the pinkie picture…

brick 4064

oh ok lol sorry mikeu senpai

Anonymous 4066

Do speck(bat pony) and /anon/ making out.

Anonymous 4067

brick 4068

File: 1377960310209.png (457.86 KB, 2152x2132, bat1.png)

Speck is the female one like this?

brick 4069

and /anon/ the pony or anon the green dude?

Anonymous 4070


Anonymous 4071

Do an edit with her one a motor bike with a biker jacket pls.

brick 4072

File: 1377996176751.png (660.8 KB, 2048x2048, rape.png)


brick 4073

File: 1377996245105.png (1.31 MB, 2048x2048, leather comes from pony.png)

…two off my list.

The rest are all at least wips by now.

brick 4084

File: 1378174634931.png (3.52 MB, 7087x7087, kiss.png)

tried a new program
i personally love it B)
hope I didn't fuck anything up

brick 4113

File: 1378476488059.png (804.24 KB, 2756x2756, sleep butt thing.png)

sorry for being slow bros, I'll finish everything up soon.

brick 4214

File: 1380490271240.png (348.38 KB, 2756x2756, pokipi.png)

im kinda sorta back for today
fuck that other noise, the only high priority is that gif
which could take me five seconds
but im lazy

This post was edited by its author on .

brick 4215

File: 1380496574208.png (310.25 KB, 2756x2756, bitch please.png)

or not


File: 1380667420516.png (170.22 KB, 362x581, 282.png)

draw me another pic of pinkie when you can, kk?

pls and thankie! :)

brick 4555

File: 1388433967017.jpg (119.94 KB, 1280x960, 3f7b47b6.jpg)

le nigr fuck shit im back for a while so bump i guess fuck i dont know

Anonymous 4608

Draw something with this pone now.

brick 4633

File: 1391881753989.png (3.53 MB, 2480x3000, 10000000000horus in mspoain.pn…)

two days in mspaint

Anonymous 4653

But another fart pic but with Spitfire(or RD). Please and Thank you.

This is my original character her name is jasmine what do you think of her? 4843

File: 1403125560011.jpg (1.07 MB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

Anonymous 5752

File: 1426292306199.jpg (18.35 KB, 800x628, Nesse-calor-nada-Melhor.jpg)

Mlp 5778

I <3 AJ

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