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Ever wanted to be part of a podcast team? Wanted to start up your own show? Check us out! SarfTheMagnifico (Element of Passion) !wggeWu9bgQ 3228

#Podcast #Help Wanted #Seeking new Podcasts

=Pregnant Stallion Radio , affiliates of PonyVilleLive and Cloudsdale Network , are now hiring for new shows and podcasts!=

I'm formally extending a hand, or hoof, to anyone who has experience podcasting, has interest starting one up, or would like to try something exciting and new!

Again, Experience is a plus, but not necessary. We all start out somewhere, and we don't expect much out of our segments other than consistency and a relaxed, comfortable host.

What I need is someone who is dedicated, capable of meeting weekly deadlines (Wednesday), able to hold up your podcast on your own (We do not interfere with our segments. Everyone works independently), capable of adding valuable input when it comes to meetings, and able to have lots of fun!

All we need from YOU is a few simple, short things:

Send an email to [email protected], entailing:
- Who you are, your idea for a show, and the name
- Any experience, if applicable
- Why you think you should and want to be a part of our team!
- As soon as it's done, an audition of your first show. Basically, a premier episode showing us how you intend to bring your show to the audience, performance in front of the microphone, etc.

Your show must be:
- No less than 20 minutes in length, and no more than one hour (Note: Maximum length is flexible)
- Following the guidelines of our affiliate sites: No slandering people and no pornography.
- Not heavily scripted. Fluidity is a must.
- Be able to host your own stream (Twitch.Tv or Livestream)
- Be consistent
- Capable of coming up with fresh ideas and keeping your show interesting.
- Any questions at all are encouraged to be asked! We don't bite!

Additionally, we are looking for people capable of performing the following positions:
- Artist
- Audio Engineer
- Blogger
- Advertising Specialist
- Website Programmer

Anonymous 3256

What exactly are you looking for in a website programmer? I might be able to help out with that.

Anonymous 3478

We're no longer looking to have a website, but the offer is appreciated.

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