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Banned from Equestria Daily 1.5 3222

Hello, I am rwjfan555, the co-developer to the popular flash game "Banned From Equestria Daily". Over the past few days I have been working on version 1.5 and wanted to share some stuff with you guys:
1. Dərpy Hooves has a complete questline and animation now.
2. Princess Celestia and Luna both are completely finished, celestia's questline being the hardest in all of gaming history (she isnt in less bullshit mode until you play through the questline). Also, celestia and luna, being the most loved characters of the show, have 10 modes instead of 4.
3. Over 30 bugs have been fixed, including applejack's game lagging, music playing after when it needed to, and a fatal bug that caused flash to crash if you restarted the game without palying DJ Poni's scene.
4. The release date for 1.5 is scheduled for 2/9, anywhere from 3 AM to 6 PM central time.

Tactical 3941

Well I hope that this thread got ignored because nobody has anything to say, and not because nobody cares…

I am a big fan of Banned From Equestria Daily. Not so much as masturbation material so much as because I appreciate the love that went into it and the generally cute, sometimes campy attitude. Downright pony appropriate tone, at some points.

So yeah, just wanted to say keep it up, you're doing good work.

Anonymous 3977

File: 1377446775061.gif (920.24 KB, 275x250, 177496__UNOPT__safe_animated_s…)


Anonymous 4061

So like where can I find the link for the game?

Adro 4121

So when's the update coming out?? realllllllly looking forward to playing it.

Grumpfag 4297

File: 1382370437019.png (64.46 KB, 246x229, tumblr_mj9js2X4TJ1rvpfjlo1_250…)

Alright, a thread about BFE-

>all that spam

>all that fucking spam
>goddamn 3/4 of the comments are spam
God damn it, Ross.

Anonymous 4413

File: 1384793061564.gif (4.64 MB, 355x264, jontron_intensifies-79419.gif)

I hate you bastards with a burning passion.

nALGAM 4439

I can only express so much yes at once

♥~Al Gore~(Koality Post)~♥!ALGorEfbuM 4445

File: 1385437650955.gif (543.47 KB, 600x150, 1372404763460.gif)


super nice

Anonymous 4495

File: 1386870845225.gif (555.5 KB, 245x189, tumblr_mhaz4oDVLf1qcwhkeo3_r1_…)

>to all the spam

calmsystems 4509

What's the game about?

Anonymous 4532


Anonymous 4534

Oh. OK.

Anonymous 4566


banned from eqeastria 1.5 4568

when is it coming out

Anonymous 4569


Anonymous 4707

>Not having 10 modes with rainbow dash
You fuckin casual

Anonymous 4708

give a link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andriw 4802

is amazing thanks for the news, but this year is really 2014 if

Anonymous 4885

Got any teaser images of the new ponies added?

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