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VA's want some work? 3178

Hello everypony!

Are you a voice actor or singer? Good! Because today is YOUR lucky day!

We are looking for artists like you to take the reins of our fandom's greatest writers, and to bring life, color, personality and feeling to the black and white text of our fandom.

Our team at PEP (Project Equestria Productions) would like to give YOU the chance to strut your stuff and show off your skills. We want old and new VAs alike. If you are a new up and coming VA, give this a try, and don’t be intimidated; we judge only on your skill and passion as a VA, not your past experience—though we would like to know what you have done in the past.

Here’s what we are looking for this time around:
- Voice actors, both male and female, there are a wide variety of roles to fill, but heres what we need specifically:
- 1 Rainbow Dash VA
- 1 Gilda VA
- 1 British VA
- 1 “Average Joe” VA
- 1 Billy Mays impersonator
- And approximately 2-6 VA’s who can adapt and do various voices

If you are interested, please send us an email to [email protected] including the following details:
- Your name and online nickname (if applicable)
- Links to any previous experience (if applicable)
- One audio clip, between 2 and 15 minutes long, of you acting in the personality of the voice(s) that you are applying for. You may attempt as many voices as you feel necessary. Please include a script of what you read.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 3179

File: 1357423528481.png (558.43 KB, 900x503, 132632091172.png)

Haha, funny that nopony has posted in this thread. Or perhaps, not as funny. You'll be recieving an email and some recordings from me pretty soon.

Anonymous 3180

File: 1357957420820.jpg (81.94 KB, 930x859, spike_opens_up_about_canterlot…)

I'm up for helping with this but, it would help if you gave us a little bit of script so you could judge any and all entries against each other equally. For example, maybe three sentences for the voice you are looking for.

When you say British do you mean Welsh Accent, Cockney, Upper Class 'we', or pip pip cheery o' stereotype?

The billy Mays could easily be referenced, but what lines are you looking for in particular?

"Pony Mays here with this special offer, -but wait there's more!" Like that or…?

Also it may help to give us a link to the 'fanfiction' in question you are thinking about to see if we could throw in an audition for parts we think we could fill as opposed to just throwing everything we have at you.

Having fun with this general DesertPoni !GummyfZBao 3181

File: 1360284462416.gif (157.99 KB, 250x220, 1358298758124.gif)

I'm gonna have fun now because I kind of like VAing.





Big Macintosh EEYUP

Horrible epic reading attempt

Mentally Advanced Series
Apple Bloom: Well, maybe I won't need the sciences! Maybe your science can't explain the reasons why I feel… and it can't explain all the big things, like what makes as angry… or in love… or full of hate about something!
Twilight Sparkle: Your amygdala.
Apple Bloom: My what?
Twilight Sparkle: Your amygdala probably regulates a storage of emotional memories, which is why—
Apple Bloom: What the heck is an amygdala?
Twilight Sparkle: Oooh well, looks like someone knows less about science than science knows about her!


Rainbow Dash: This one time, I was supposed to be watching my cousin's kid, and her kid wanted to try eating ice cream for dinner! And, y'know, I thought, I'd never really tried that before! Kids have good ideas sometimes! But then I got all hyperactive, and I did a bunch of tricks to impress her, but then I crashed and broke both my wings and all four legs, and she started throwing up because she had too much ice cream… And when I woke up in the hospital, I wasn't allowed to watch my cousin's kids anymore.
Apple Bloom: Your cousin's daughter got to eat ice cream for dinner?! That sounds fantastic!
Rainbow Dash: It was great at the time!

Rarity: Last week, I caught you spray painting the word 'ass' all over my windows, and you told me it was Fluttershy!
Pinkie: It was! (beat) And you are an ass!
Rarity: And then there was the time when I caught you in my room replacing all my condoms with live cobras, and you told me that was Fluttershy!
Pinkie: That is just the kind of thing that she would do!
Rarity: And then there was that time when you stole my sewing machine and left Fluttershy, dressed up as a burglar, tied and gagged in my living room!
Pinkie: It seems Fluttershy gets blamed for a lot of things around here!

Rarity: So what exactly is this show?
Trixie: Okay, I really loved Peter Pan On Ice, so I'm going to make a parody of Peter Pan On Ice, but every character is Darth Vader. That's the hook. And because I love the show, I really wanna stay true to the characters. So I'm gonna be holding open auditions to look for people who are EXACTLY like Peter Pan if he were Darth Vader. None of this "I'm a good actor but I only sound kinda like Pater Pan who is Darth Vader", I need exactly like the character.
Applejack: Well, that's just plain stupid.
Trixie: Also, everyone gets to write.
Applejack: Well, that's just plain stupider!

Applejack: I bet Rarity knows best about getting facials.
Rarity: (throws mud mask at Applejack's face) Yeah, here's a tip: don't get it in your eyes, and seriously was that a burn, Applejack? Did I just get burned?
Twilight Sparkle: I think you just got burned, bitch!

Anonymous 3182

I need this.
The only thing I feel I am very slightly capable of.
But I only get access to my microphone when I fly back home on Sunday.

Anyways, emailing you.

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