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File: 1353133421768.jpg (695.25 KB, 667x1000, 0216_02_RainbowDashplush.jpg)

BMO St. Neon!NeonyPHO3Y 3144

Desert Bus has begun and a live auction for a Rainbow Dash plushie, as well as some other assorted items as soon as the price gets high.

If you want in, go to the site, join the chat as well as get a free to sign up donor account and bid away when it starts.
This is a one of a kind super awesome plush and if you wanna win, you gotta out bid the crazy bidders.

It's all for charity, so when it gets to the $1000+ ranges, realize it's for the children.

BMO St. Neon!NeonyPHO3Y 3145

>Correction, the auction should begin in 40 minutes, actually.

BMO St. Neon!NeonyPHO3Y 3146

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