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MLP: Cards With Friends Anonymous 3118

Hello, Everypony,

I have been working on a trading card game project for some time now, and I am trying to get as many helpful people involved as I can. If we are successful, we will create a tabletop gaming experience for the MLP fan community that is both unique and fun.

Currently I have a working Rulebook that is subject to change as testing proceeds. This is an incredibly daunting ongoing project- and as founder, I cannot do it on my own! In order to bring this game to a playable state, I need a few things from my fellow deviants.

1: Testers- Once we start getting this ball rolling, I need people to help me work out the kinks of the game's mechanics.

2: Artists- That's right. These cards need art that is both exciting and diverse and, even at my most productive- I cannot rightly do up to 100 cards worth of art. It would be boring and I would rather have this be an opportunity for everyone to get their work out there!

If, at this moment, you are interested in giving me a little-or a lot- of help, please give the DA group a look:


Current Rulebook can be found here: http://fav.me/d5jdxcd

Anonymous 3119

File: 1357933333064.jpg (811.65 KB, 1276x1920, image.jpg)


I gave your game a read through, and I like it. Are the only cards you designed the Fluttershy and Applejack cards, or do you have more locked away? I have some card ideas for Dash, if you're interested.

Also, will there be neutral cards? Can you have cross element decks?

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