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Need help with Fallen Castle mod Dlesang 3109

So I'm having a lot of fun and would like to make my first location mod for Oblivion. Yes, I'm aware that most people aren't playing Oblivion anymore, but I'm currently unable to mod Skyrim due to nif issues.

The location I want to make first is the Fallen Castle in Everfree Forest, as seen in S1E2. The show only shows two rooms, and I would like to make it larger than that. If anyone can help by offering refs for the location and suggestions of what to include, please say so below.

The image is from a MLP race mod I'm working on to make each of the mane six characters into a playable race. I'll be making lots of stuff for that, too.

Anonymous 3110

File: 1350962013257.png (144.03 KB, 473x315, Ancient Castle of the Royal Po…)

I actually kind of prefer Oblivion's leveling system and "feel" to Skyrim, despite the obvious other improvements.

While there isn't much left of the castle itself, maybe expanding it to a dungeon portion? Like, you can't get in from the front and have to come up from a dungeon?

Dlesang 3111


That's a good idea! I was wondering how the player would get from the first room to the ruined Great Hall where Twilight squared off against Nightmare Moon. A dungeon level sounds awesome.

Perhaps I could make ghost ponies battle. XD

Anonymous 3112

File: 1351005415528.png (495.44 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_in_a_dungeon_S01E22…)

That's the kind of thing I was thinking, yeah.

You could work spirits of the long dead into it, certainly. Luna/Nightmare Moon's old guard/shadowbolts.

Dungeons as a thing are canon, after all. :)

Anonymous 3113

File: 1351021528150.jpg (86.99 KB, 960x720, nic cage is tired of your shit…)

I prefer Oblivion over skyrim. Oblivion was more fun for me, but anyways, that is scary.

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