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Anonymous 3049

So, what programs do all of you use? I prefer inkscape, but I worked with gimp before hand.

BTW Pic related, my drawing :3

Anonymous 3050

I use mostly SAI for ~painting~ my work, and photoshop for changing and doing weird refinements, levels,curve, whatever. Things like liquify tool are fun too if you just want to nudge something around.

SAI is the majority though. Gimp is fun too. Never used much inkscape.

If you are using vectors then I can't say much as I rarely use them.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 3055

File: 1371377740265.gif (74 B, 16x16, ;3.GIF)

Photoshop 7 remains my favorite. i got CS4 too but i use 7.0 more, even if it's old the important is that it does everything i need.

also i like to draw with paint. i can't yet explain this attraction for raw pixels.

painter and Sai aren't bad either, even if Sai is just a very minimal iteration of Painter.

i could use illustrator or inkscape but nowdays, even for professional works that needs high resolutions ( like, for prints) i always end with PS.

Anonymous 3059

Great! Now why don't you make your own art thread?

Anonymous 3234

Paint.Net. Free, sinple but excellend GUI, and theres a plugin for damn near everything on it.

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