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Red's Art Trades and Requests Red Star!TQCodeVFzw 263[View All]

#Accepting Requests #Accepting Trades
Hi there, my name is Red Star

You may remember me from such boards as /oat/meal, /oat/meal, and, of course, Bungie.net's Flood board.

I'm here to take requests and do art trades! I'll be available for today and tomorrow and for a while after Friday.

So let's hear what you wanna do!
I'll post the pieces of art that I'm rather happy with here too.
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Red Star 1471

File: 1354080425598.gif (128.99 KB, 555x360, Acrylic Shovel Gif.gif)

A gif summing up my first TF2 game in months

Red Star 1482

File: 1354256071193.png (371.62 KB, 1609x1421, PP Anthro Medic.png)

Finally got this one done, here you are Cadence!

Red Star 1539

File: 1354535765558.png (1.03 MB, 2560x3873, Khrisy redo.png)

This took way too long to get done.

Red Star 1575

File: 1354578158923.png (36.85 KB, 300x290, Christmas Red.png)

Christmas time!!!

Red Star 1659

File: 1354878847165.png (156.78 KB, 749x753, Obsie x Y Sketch.png)

Look out Observer, mutant on you!

Red Star 1660

File: 1354882023443.png (67.37 KB, 481x447, Obsie x Y Ink.png)

I'll add colour and shading tomorrow!

Red Star 1662

File: 1354923495512.png (134.12 KB, 768x734, ObserverxY.png)

Finished final version, enjoy!

Z !xeS.CIM.Jk 1664

File: 1355009569039.png (117.99 KB, 678x684, Anthro_Y_only_a_shirt.png)

I never got to tell you, but that looks great~!
Thank you… really…

Snowbell!!7QxiZQqGah 1672

File: 1355163695340.jpg (37.05 KB, 488x628, Talon_merc_griffon.jpg)

Feel like doing a griffon perhaps?

White and Gray with red eyes, maybe armour and a shotgun.

Red Star 1674

You're welcome Z!
Glad to help!

For sure, I will get on it soon enough here.

Red Star 1676

The file of the pic for you didnt get saved when my computer crashed. I only have up to the sketchy layer saved…


File: 1355427352869.png (118.79 KB, 1300x1067, i really dont like whats below…)

I…forget if i asked this from you…
But if youre not busy
Do you mind doing a pic where Raie is swinging a scythe?

Snowbell!!7QxiZQqGah 1680

File: 1355447406593.jpg (47.01 KB, 335x371, 135541429719.jpg)





Red Star 1681

I'll get to work on these after my sleep today.

Red Star 2045

File: 1356406890615.png (264.01 KB, 1001x864, Snowbell Griffin.png)

Finally done this one, I've been working on it when I could but my family's been taking up a lot of time, given the season.

Snowbell!!7QxiZQqGah 2046

File: 1356409294390.png (161.25 KB, 744x534, Snowbell Hugs!.png)


Yay! Thank you Red.

Red Star 2090

File: 1356574592993.png (476.04 KB, 1256x1060, Gift for Bliv.png)

For Blivvy's birthday

Griffith!2JFduv62yo 2272

File: 1357815950803.png (119.09 KB, 3000x3000, lurk.png)

Um… err…


File: 1358026404979.png (768.14 KB, 1134x1499, redstar_L.png)

Red had made a lot of pictures for me,so I figured it's about time I returned the favor!


Red Star 2288

I know I said it in chat but I just love your art to pieces and thanks once more Toy!!!

Something I can help you with?

Red Star 2300

File: 1358328079655.png (125.88 KB, 562x721, Crimson Nova Anthro.png)

With a whole lotta help from everyone I made this, heavily inspired by Toy's picture.

Red Star 2368

File: 1358938077072.png (438.94 KB, 832x832, Blubbershy Cleric.png)

Cleric Blubbershy for Creeper

I had some fun with the background, hope he enjoys it!

Red Star 2369

File: 1358938090368.png (270.11 KB, 1109x860, PC Anthro Group.png)

A group pic for Power Chord.
I had a little fun with it, no real other reason for him being an anthro.

Red Star 2370

File: 1358938102440.png (63.92 KB, 525x503, Trixie with Bucket on Head.png)

Buckethead Trixie for Trixishy

I think she collects these….


File: 1359134923504.png (667.3 KB, 850x700, Da_es_good.png)


Vausten 2403

File: 1359136457168.jpg (25.25 KB, 400x300, SiberianHuskyKiev5YearsOld1.JP…)

>is woof

Red Star 2523

File: 1359443435853.png (331.1 KB, 832x832, Anthro MVS.png)

Anthro Mecha Vinyl Scratch as requested by Mecha Vinyl Scratch

Red Star 2524

File: 1359443449713.png (148.05 KB, 827x821, Anthro Z and IM Goo.png)

Goo Iron Maiden and Anthro Z as requested by Z

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 2559

File: 1360212737556.png (154.53 KB, 1671x1112, That was my last set of string…)

I am requesting Power Chord and Red Star doing something fun together.
Like… Vidya.

Red Star 2563

You got it buddy!
After I am done work for today I will get on it.

!reDstAR26o 2578

File: 1360499863946.gif (128.78 KB, 897x862, PC Guitar.gif)

So I made something a liiiiiittle different…


File: 1360510939348.png (86.94 KB, 200x333, 200px-Pyro_taunt_laugh.png)

oh god thats awesome

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 2581

File: 1360537051937.png (199.64 KB, 875x598, Back to the Widdly.png)

>I'm laughing so hard… Naming this "I'm Gonna Widdly You in the BUTT"

!reDstAR26o 2582

Glad you like it PC!

!reDstAR26o 2583

File: 1360538608259.png (74.8 KB, 656x647, Humanized Small.png)

I guess this is an acceptable people face…

Metal Rainbow Dash!MetalA4kDo 2584

File: 1360547906749.png (286.93 KB, 600x400, DRAW ME LIKE ONE OF YOUR FRENC…)


Forge !reDstAR26o 2605

File: 1360720048309.png (106.94 KB, 668x722, Sari.png)

5 billion monies to the person who knows where this character is from

Forge !reDstAR26o 2606

I will start on it tomorrow.

Z !xeS.CIM.Jk 2615

>Transformers Animated…
>Sari Sumdac…

Forge !reDstAR26o 2632

File: 1361111579803.png (249.78 KB, 830x830, Robo Dash.png)


Jay!DEMvDed78M 2635

File: 1361155444534.png (416.66 KB, 750x1341, jay.png)

well I guess if you're doing requests…
mind drawing jay chillin out on a couch?

Forge !reDstAR26o 2638

File: 1361171883488.png (122.32 KB, 833x822, Jay.png)

I could put a poster or something to put on the background , if you like.

Red Star !reDstAR26o 2677

File: 1362105815398.png (494.06 KB, 1153x831, Inmate #1.png)

Might be doing some more concept art stuff soon

Forge !reDstAR26o 2742

File: 1362755026124.png (580.68 KB, 1179x830, Inmate #2.png)

Oh, I did a second one too.

!reDstAR26o 2759

File: 1363905574190.png (176.17 KB, 1211x826, Toywat.png)

I need to stop drawing ponies and anthros and practice more on humans.

Forge !reDstAR26o 2876

File: 1366944861954.png (236.2 KB, 846x744, Griff in armor.png)

Forge !reDstAR26o 2877

File: 1366944873993.png (216.17 KB, 931x817, Blood Priest.png)

Red Star 3233

File: 1371765855638.png (1.09 MB, 1066x884, Renegade.png)


File: 1372211388207.png (2.3 MB, 2000x2000, red.png)

Anonymous 4570

can i get a picture of rarity getting drunk because she's super bummed the pats lost

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