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File: 1342837697997.png (202.58 KB, 440x480, dd 2-16 (111).png)

Hello /ART/ I have some news for you all. Crimson!lsUMWqdC0k 235

Ever wanted to get some notice on your art? Have a deviantArt account? Want to be in a established pony art group and make the community stronger here and there? I know you do, that's why you are reading this.

Well here is my news. I have a deviantArt group that is just waiting for new artists to share their work, we only have a few posting art as of now. Anonthony recently came with me asking if I could share my group with art for artists to get noticed. I was very excited to help. So here is the thing.

This group would do well with some members and as founder I promise no artist gets turned down. There is not a lot of folders for different art as of yet, but there will be as time goes on and we as a community can work together.

Now I know what you're thinking, or something like it… Great, okay wonderful text wall crimson, but where is the link? Well the link is right here http://pony-after-dark.deviantart.com/

Signing up on deviantArt is free and easy. After that ask to be a member and we will add you.

For the first few weeks accepting everyone might be a challenge but I am hoping to use this thread to help work out all the kinks. Join in. The group is ready for you and your art.

In the future there might be events, even contests… But this can only be done with people in the group and that means you!

Yes you reading all of this text.

ZirBronium!lziRCONiUM 236

File: 1342838242735.png (205.27 KB, 559x469, 132867515134.png)

This appears relevant to my interests.

Crimson!lsUMWqdC0k 237

File: 1342838315749.png (119.25 KB, 330x330, dd 2-16 (91).png)

Perfect, I was concerned that maybe it wouldn't be.

glad to help out the /art/ community and see what happens.

Crimson!lsUMWqdC0k 238

File: 1342838448965.png (116.52 KB, 300x360, dd 2-16 (2).png)

I already have a contest idea. I will mention it later.


File: 1342838716081.png (239.52 KB, 1000x910, 133769905145.png)

I actually just created a DA the other day but it is currently empty. Mostly because I was too lazy to upload anything.

But once I bother to spend some time on it, I'm down for jumping on on this.

Pic unrelated. I just wanted to post it.

Crimson!lsUMWqdC0k 240

File: 1342838826450.png (426.11 KB, 720x720, dd 2-16 (144).png)

I would be honored if you joined.

Jax (Element of Fett and /oat/)!Nn69xDErmY 259

File: 1343068174075.jpg (4.92 KB, 200x133, imagesCAFJ5RH6.jpg)

>Art currently sucks.

>Promises to join when he improves.

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