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File: 1356065154644.jpg (1.39 MB, 2338x1700, Vinyl n' DJ Rotated - Copy.jpg)

!Loaf.oaJ9k 1737

Apparently the file size was too big. Third time post go!

What'chu think, /art/?


File: 1356131266337.png (899.68 KB, 1024x1024, Cocoa Magic.png)

I'll do a review.

Hello! I'm the Coco Critic! I comment on it so you don't have to. Today, I'll be doing a review of "Vinyl n' DJ Rotated" by Loaf.
I'll be looking at the Lineart, Details, Dynamics and Other of this image.

Looking at the lines, I can see a lot of good lining going on. The lines, in general, look really good and really well done. This being said, zooming in highlights these imperfections as if each line was part of a sketch. It loses some quality at this level but honestly not too much. I give this a 4/5, really good but needs just a little bit more to be perfect.

This is where the image shines. Zoomed in or not, you've got to admire how this has been done. There's a lot of detail going on and a lot of effort has clearly been shown. I want to give this a perfect mark…
However… Vinyl's horn and ear are a little small. I'm going to give this 3/5 for this. This is only so low because there are so many good little details on the dashboard and so forth that I cringe at the lack of a logo on the T-Shirt and how Vinyl's mane looks too… Scattered.

Rule of Thirds, did you say? This image has got it in abundance. The characters are right at the focal points with superb lines of action, the whole image has obvious attention paid to the DJ/Music element of it. There's obviously an attempt to bring attention to the foreground and this has been done masterfully. I'll give this 4.5/5. Not perfect but getting there.

II can't categorise this. I kinda just want to ramble on on some parts. First, we have the arms and hands. I don't do these much… But damn. These are rather exquisite. The hair is alright on the man and I like how there's a lot of fuzz going on with the notes.
I do, however, want to address digitalising this image. The shading and lighting of this image has obviously been attempted but inconsistently. If the image was scanned into the computer and then lined somehow, it could be much better than it is. I'm giving a 4.5/5 here.

Overall, I give this 16/20. The image is far from terrible, I have saved it (And scaled it down) and I think it will be a wonderful addition to my pony folder.
My advice to you is to practice the features of ponies a bit more… Make the ear bigger, make the horn longer… The ear and horn are the first things I draw onto my own images.
I do have to say that I love your eyes.

Legion phone 1742

Wow. Thanks a lot for the review. That's actually really helpful. :)

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