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File: 1342330648124.jpg (738.85 KB, 2550x3501, ponysketchesandlilium.jpg)

some help please? 151

Well, Im trying to polish my art-style, so I wonder if anyone could please give me some advice or constructive criticism about it, well, this picture is kinda old, so my actual style has improved a little, yet, well, Im still a rookie so please, could anyone help this aspiring artist?

btw, my deviantart is http://metalh24.deviantart.com/


File: 1342332391924.png (152.94 KB, 555x495, spiritshineumm.png)

Your art style is very cute! There are just two things I'd like to point out. First of all, AJ's ears don't go through her hat. And second, Rarity's hair need to be curlier, because from my point of view, she looks a little too much like Fluttershy

Anonthony 153

File: 1342333418343.gif (163.12 KB, 236x318, AJ - can't hear you over how a…)

Yeah, Spirit's right on the money here.

I think you also have a very good grasp of the facial structure and proportions; they look fairly accurate to the originals, and with the finer details added would be pretty striking pieces when fully realized. A few tweaks like AJ's ears, Rarity's hair, that's about it.


File: 1342346438091.png (104.23 KB, 652x772, example.png)

Well, speaking from someone who's been through the phases, I can see a pattern of something I was stuck in for a while.

You have a good base to start with, that's good. What you should probably work on now is working that style into something you can mold.

Right now, it more or less looks like you've trained yourself to draw one face, then put different hair on it. It's a good start, but in order to expand as an artist you'll need to be able to show different expressions, and different angles.

As cute as they are, all your ponies pretty much all wear the same expression, with just a difference in mouth position and shape.

Giving a quick browse to your DeviantArt collection, it seems you have a decent grasp of pony proportion, but you need to work on the 'flow' of the body so it doesn't seem as stiff.

I provided an example here, and I tried to mimic your art style as much as possible so this will seem more natural for you.

First up: Perspective. The main thing you want to try and do is understand perspective from a 3/4ths view. If you notice, the far eye is going to appear shorter than the closer eye, because that's how perspective works. You can see what I'm talking about by comparing A. and B.

Next part: Hooves. You have the right idea with them being shorter at the body and longer on the ends, but if you use a more sweeping stroke when trying to draw them you'll notice they look more fluid and less stiff, which is the example in the bottom left.

Third: Different ponies have different style eyes. I provided you three examples of three different pony eyes in a similar style to your own. You can see each is unique in it's shape and design. You should try to implement this in to define each pony a bit more.

Lastly: Expression. In the bottom right I've given you some example expressions done in a similar style to your own. Remember that varying pupil size works well for expressing emotion. Wide pupils normally are for showing happiness. Tiny pupils often express a shock or alarm. Also, if you change the shape of the eye rims, as the last example shows, you can also make the eyes feel more expressive of what is happening at the time.

These are just some examples for you to play with, based on my own personal experience. I hope they help!


File: 1342348980212.png (48.46 KB, 385x445, example2.png)

To give you a fuller example, here's a quick Rainbow Dash done in as close to the style I think you're going for.

Notice how I did the eyes using the perspective to give it a bit more depth, and the legs are swept forward, which gives the pony a more natural and fluid feel.

thanks 196

thanks for all your comments, Ill put in practice the useful tutorial below, and post some pictures to see if there was any change


Looking forward to see what you come up with!

Red Star!TQCodeVFzw 234

I like your style, it's simple and adorable!
I think everyone else has hammered out pretty much all the other details so I'm just gonna say I like it and I can't wait to see more!

progress? 433

File: 1344312246314.jpg (699.79 KB, 2550x3501, ponystudies.jpg)

well, here are some of my progresses after a month of trying to improve my technique, besides doing some pony studies.. hope there's any progress on my art.. hope you enjoy it!!!

Anonymous 434

Looking good. Dash in particular there is well done. I think they be just slightly too large in the eyes, but the shapes and angles look very good.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 649

File: 1345927024084.png (77 KB, 222x205, pinkie hey you.png)

Oh hey, you're MetalH24! I wasn't sure who you were but we accepted the art you wanted to share with "Pony After Dark". Many of us are like you and are very much still figuring the art thing out. If you're happy enough posting and contributing, it's fine, but feel free to join the membership if you'd like. I like your style and can appreciate being mostly stuck to "traditional" arting. Nice to be able to place a mlpchan persona to the artist on DA.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 650

File: 1345927162856.png (300.53 KB, 524x424, pinkie painted some happy hear…)

>Many of us are like you and are very much still figuring the art thing out.

Well, actually, the truth is that even the really good artists are always learning, heh.

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