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File: 1352768683309.png (311.54 KB, 1200x675, predictions.png)

I wonder if I should have an art thread here? Arrkhal 1299


Well, here's my latest pic, anyway. Might continue to add later pics, if I don't forget.

Anonymous 1301

>how to poop


Anonymous 1302

File: 1352772895656.png (51.23 KB, 326x405, laughing 2.png)

More please

Arrkhal 1311

File: 1352784122004.png (337.2 KB, 900x849, stop clopping redeux.png)

Well, just for now, I'll upload this one.

I'm the original artist of this pic, which apparently was really popular on here? I dunno. I'm mostly active on Steam and DA. A bunch of people were telling me this pic was popular here on MLPchan, though.

Arrkhal 1317

File: 1352879057065.png (154.17 KB, 800x800, 2 refined.png)

Arrkhal 2633

File: 1361128569244.png (97.17 KB, 487x800, new twi.png)

Griffith!2JFduv62yo 2892


Oh hey squishy marshmallowy pony butthole (as your name used to be on Steam)
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