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Lo66aol Lo66aol
(No image)
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Banned from Equestria Daily 1.5 Hello, I am rwjfan555, the co-developer to the popular flash game "Banned From Equestria Daily". Over the past few days I have been working on version 1.5 and wanted to share some stuff with you guys:
1. Dərpy Hooves has a complete questline and animation now.
2. Princess Celestia and Luna both are completely finished, celestia's questline being the hardest in all of gaming history (she isnt in less bullshit mode until you play through the questline). Also, celestia and luna, being the most loved characters of the show, have 10 modes instead of 4.
3. Over 30 bugs have been fixed, including applejack's game lagging, music playing after when it needed to, and a fatal bug that caused flash to crash if you restarted the game without palying DJ Poni's scene.
4. The release date for 1.5 is scheduled for 2/9, anywhere from 3 AM to 6 PM central time.
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Enma/Mortimer's Commissions Are Back! Continued from >>1007

#Accepting Commissions #Gallery #Art Dump

That’s right, I’ll be opening my commissions once again!
I’ll have 4 options available for you:

Sketch $5
http://fav.me/d5a3ors http://fav.me/d4m28kj
http://fav.me/d5ibkfv http://fav.me/d4zfitc

Lineart $10

Flat Colours $13

Full Coloured & Shaded $23
http://fav.me/d5flms3 http://fav.me/d5etgzz
http://fav.me/d5r0ssd http://fav.me/d5ir1n3

Prices are for a picture of a single character with a simple or no background
Extra characters are $5 extra.

I'll open 3 slots at a time.
Please check my dA front page for updates on slot availability http://enma-darei.deviantart.com/

I'll take payments via paypal.

If you want something different from what I offer please ask, I'm sure we can work something out.

I won't do mature.
OCs and Shipping are just fine.

For more information you can go here http://fav.me/d5s86wb or here http://fav.me/d5s8gxh
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Breaking news. We can now post r34 pony art.
Is anyone against me creating some Toybox tentacle porn?
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ManDude's Adventures ManDude goes to mlpchan.
Reply and Continue my chain.
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I'm shilling my old Brony collection filled with MLP themed comics, cards, binder, convention passed etc. Most of which are show VA signed.

No bids so far so you'd get it @ $100 instead of the $500 Buy Now price.


Also FREE shipping
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"Art" thread Rather newbie "artist" report in. I gonna post my pony related stuffs here.

My deviantart:

Nothing much to see there yet.
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hi! i draw ponies !

okay i don't draw only ponies but for a while i like to draw them so, i'm giving it a try posting some of my stuff here for a while (not really sure if i'm gonna keep that up, but well.)

#Gallery#discussion#accepting commissions #mature
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okay guys, I'm trying to find two old pictures that got drawn up, I want to say it was a painting style?

but it was of twilight and crew ready to fight G1 tirek

in the first picture, you're looking at them from behind the pony's side

in the second one, I want to say you're looking from tirek's perspective

this has been really bothering me for a few months that I can't find them through all the pure trash of revived tirek that's out there

any help at all?
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They call me Brick #accepting requests #Gallery
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I'm taking art requests! Please suggest what you'd like me to draw.

I also draw oc's!
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Relative Sizes Does anypony have a chart like this, but with baby ponies (and the Ursa Major) included?
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You have been visited by the Pone of Happiness!
Inspiration and satisfaction from your work will come to you but ONLY if you post YOUR WORK IN PROGRESS on this thread.
(No image)
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Request https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6g8QXQ6vIm4bGFHWU9TWVd5cm8/view?pli=1

Long story short, shit went down and we need art for it.
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Hey. I made a pony drawing.
No promises if there will be others.
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Draw This. A micro city of EQG humans inside of Adagio Dazzle's hair, While Sonata Dusk is eating a taco.

Is this easy for any artist?
(No image)
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Nearly 50 followers on Fimfiction Hit me up

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Some pictures
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Glimmer Just finished developing this over on /anon/ for a CYOA thread ( >>>/anon/363505 ) ; this is Twilight's daughter, shown here with Twilight Sparkle and Twilight Velvet; three generations in one picture.

Glimmer based on http://zomgmad.deviantart.com/art/Filly-Twilight-Sparkle-337108054 , with some vector edits and cleanups, and a custom color scheme with a familial resemblance to Twilight.
Twilight Velvet vector from http://icantunloveyou.deviantart.com/art/Twilight-Velvet-Vector-332448461
Twilight Sparkle vector from http://powerpuncher.deviantart.com/art/Twilight-Sparkle-Happy-Twi-351783872
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it's not so much that the "bad guys" want to know exactly what you're doing. they don't need to know EXACTLY what you're doing
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Making a contribution... Hey! So, I've been having a great interest in making contributions to the fandom for a while now and was wondering where a good place would be to host my content as well as find some people to make collabs with. I sing, write music and am interested in voice acting. What would you recommend?
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Christmas time is best time.

Post Christmas pone.
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Art Thread and Needle #Mature
Guess I'll make a spot to post my pics and links. Enjoy.

DA: http://rainbowblitzy.deviantart.com/
Commission Info: http://rainbowblitzy.deviantart.com/journal/Accepting-Commissions-475275911
Tumblr: roughdraft-replies.tumblr.com
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Who wants a pony hoverboard? Me!

Google Hendo Hoverboards if you haven't stumbled upon em... right now it's just a kickstarter with a working prorotype *jazz hands* not taking it' too seriously though.
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I'm an

First drawing ever:
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Aseptic Void - Psychosis Aseptic Void - Psychosis (Cryo Chamber Label) :


A particular path of musical experiments... under a huge halo of isolation.

‪#‎darkambient‬ ‪#‎asepticvoid‬ ‪#‎psychosis‬ ‪#‎cryochamber‬ ‪#‎bandcamp‬
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Delayed Action I wrote a story about Twilight's ascension to alicornhood... uh.. pic related.

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Finding a Fic Maybe you guys can help me out here. I've been looking for this fic I saw a while back, but I don't remember the name or the author. In it a filly Celestia and Luna are found by a human guy who raises them as his kids. One particular scene that I remember is he feeds them cupcakes and realizes that they're sentient and not just mutant horses. I read a few paragraphs of it and it really bugs me that I can't remember anything else about it. Help please? (Pic sort of related)
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Artists Lounge #Mature
Since /art/ is dead, I figured I'd start a thread for estabished and neophyte artists to chill and discuss art related things.

Skill level doesn't matter, share your work and get help, critiques and feedback from other artists! Remember! Everyone has to start somewhere!

Also, I've marked this thread as Mature just so you don't have to worry about the content of art you post.
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EMF's Doodles of Doodly Things and Stuff #Gallery/Shamefur Dump of Mediocre Drawings #Accepting Requests #Accepting Trades

My name is EMF Scootaloo. I'm another one of those /oat/ immigrants. Small world!

I draw stuff sometimes. Not very often, mind you, and it depends on how much I can motivate myself, but I do. I draw my stuff on paper and usually don't edit it unless it's on the page it was drawn on. I don't usually do colour. I'll post all the drawings I do from now on here. You could've probably guessed all this.

Now the important stuff. I've set myself as accepting requests and trades because I am. But there are a few rules, and I'll explain them here.

- For now, only one pony per picture. Cue half of the people who would want to request things leaving. Sorry, but I really don't think I'm good with more than one pony!
- I'd kinda prefer to draw side views, front/back views or views like the picture I've put in this OP, but anything goes.
- I'll do backgrounds, but please keep them simple (cue another quarter of potential requesters leaving). I'm not used to them.
- I'll only draw ponies for now. That means no griffons, dragons, manticores etc. Parasprites are allowed, if only because they're pathetically easy.
- A pony reference is required unless the pony is canon; pose references are optional but much appreciated.
- Be prepared to wait a while, not because I'm trying to make everything 100% perfect, but because I'm bad at motivating myself.
- I usually just draw things with pencil on paper, but I can try to colour things (badly) upon request.

Okay, I'm suitably prepared for the stampede of 1 requester I'm probably going to get over the course of this thread. Ask away.

P.S: I have a Tumblr account which can be found at http://emfscootsie.tumblr.com/. Older drawings can be found there as well as depressive little moans. I don't have any in-character blogs as of the time this thread goes up.
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Hello there, kind of want to into doing my tiny horse commissions again. In the mean time, I’ll be dumping horse art and WiPs. And maybe some non-horse related stuff too? Just tell me if I should stop.

I’ll also give some good old fashioned d/ic/king. If you want some harsh critique on your art just link the post to it in my thread. Of course, critique is also appreciated on my part.

I hope you like my stuff.
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DesertPoni's Art Thread PART II Continued from >>76
I reached autosage, so I figured it's time to make a new thread.
#Taking Commisions
#Art Bloggan
#Maybe taking requests

What I do:
-Sprite Art
-Hand drawn Art (Traditional or Digital w. Tablet)
-Development/Graphic Design
-Writing (I do not do fan fiction).

>I only use vectors if I use them for line art.

Tools I use:
-Graphics Gale

Currently I am developing a sidescroller in HTML5 as a personal project. My requests may be closed until I get decent headway. I updated some in the previous thread, but I'll move some of those here for viewing.
I sometimes have the project in my dropbox for public viewing of my progress. If you want to see how it's going, just ask.
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5 Dollar Commissions Do you have 5 bucks? Of course you do. Does a 5-bucks-having person like yourself want to turn that hard earned cash into art? Probably.

Take a look at this picture. This is what I do. That was a fast contest entry done in about an hour. Want something like that? I do Showpones and OCpones for cheap. Body shots, profiles and reaction faces.

Help me out here. Zeke needs new shoes, and the drawing hand could do with some practice.
(No image)
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new art!
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I took a picture of ponka, what do you all think?
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Toybox's Sexytimes Game Development #Mature
So, for those of you who don't know, I'm attempting to build a game.

I will probably be using Flash as the base for it. This thread will be for me to discuss game development and dump art assets I've created for people interested in what I'm working on.

As you have probably already guessed, this game will have
and a whole lot of nudity and dirty things in it. So expect most of the art here to be NSFW.
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Livestream Thread This is the official Livestream thread! If you see another streaming thread, please direct them here!

If you want to stream yourself working on art, post the link and info here.
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human style Hi, im new here so if i am doing this right heres some my work. Critiqs please too.
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Need to find a fic I was wondering if anyone could tell me what happened to I fanfic I really liked the just dissapeared or something.

it was an octavia/vinyl shipfic, everyone was humanized. vinyl was an introvert and highly successful dj and artist who hires octavia to play cello for her new album. relations ensue.
Anyone remeber it? I really liked the writing in it.
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REQUESTION I need more of these.
Make more.
I love you long time.
(No image)
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Art posting sites Other than tumblr and deviant gay, where are some sites where i can post my dumb mlp art? and Im guessing not here because it seems dead?
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Animated Ponies What are some good Flash animators in the fandom who take commissions? I'm looking to commission an animated version of my OC (pic related) that sparkles/shimmers slightly and bobs up and down as it flaps its wings to hover in place, the frosting and background slowly cycling hues. It ought to be a fairly simple animation, but I don't have the skills to make it look nice.

In the meantime, let's have a pony animations thread!
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Have anyone here heard from a tripfag named BiscuitAnon? Is he producing more VNs/fics? The rumors had it that he had moved to MLPchan.
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Any anthro artists taking commissions?

I want to commission an image to use as a wallpaper for my computer. It will be an anthro stallion, but I'm not sure if I want it to be questionable or explicit. I'm thinking of something similar to this: (NSFW/Questionable) https://derpibooru.org/429487
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Hello there /art/. I got banned the fuck out of 4chan for posting "NSFW" material in a blue board (yet other pricks were doing it and didn't get an eye batted).
Anyways, this place is dead, but am I allowed to receive critique on NSFW stuff? Picture unrelated.
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New art attempt
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Stephen Gammell How about some nightmares
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Fluffy-style abuse with normal ponies? #Mature
Would love to find some more torture and fluffypony style abuse images but with the normal adult and filly ponies
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Cheap Animation Cheap animation thread.

Ask away and I will do a cheap animation.

Wanna join in the fun?

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Just informing everybody that Dangerous Business has a sequel now. React accordingly!

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Aseptic Void - Compagni di Giochi
LINK: www.soundcloud.com/asepticvoid/compagni-di-giochi

#psychodrama #ambient #clinical #isolationism
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KabelPod Bed of humor meme's and whatever http://i.imgur.com/e17UcDy.jpg

I'm gonna be doing sum pranks of ponies on my real bed

Plus, try some art of my oc's… If any artist wanna do pencil sketchs of my ponysonas heads+ full images & draw their cutiemarks, you can. I'll be posting generated pics of them.
(No image)
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/art/ is ded
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musical art https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8xY2W5WZBW6O-vKJbTjag

rate my nightcore channel

what do you think of ?

how does it make you feel musically?

I find it to be moderately pretty cool
but you are free to observe other personal emotions
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reasonably show accurate pones takin sfw requests
(No image)
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…and I thought the /b/ronies would be glad to see me and…
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Octavia in The Underworld's Cello Inspired by the games Uninvited, Shadowgate, and Deja Vu, I decided to make a "macadventure" game.

The story is simple. On their way to a Nightmare Night party in the edge of the Everfree Forest, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch find themselves at the abandoned mansion where it is being held. But, is it the right one? What secrets and horrors lie inside?

Instead of having so many verb commands, the game uses two context-sensitive actions, look and touch, and a simple inventory system. However, unlike many adventure games where a character can store everything in his/her pocket, you can only carry 6 individual items. Thankfully, there is a recreation room in the house where you can store all the items you find in the game. The rec room also provides protection from what lurks inside the mansion and resets your fear meter. The fear meter rises as you explore the mansion, giving you a limited amount of time to explore. If it reaches the top, Octavia will go insane and the game will be over.

I'm going to see if I can release this on Halloween.
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commissions are 5 dollars minimum
1 reply
Commissions are here http://tesuaiplus.tumblr.com/
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NSFW comic idea #Mature
I was thinking about jumping headfirst in the clop world, by making a clop comic, So I wanted some help organizing my ideas and wanted to see what you thought.

So far, i was thinking about making a non-anthro with Lyra and Trixie and some straight shota human.
Do you like it or the idea disgusts you or what?
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Trading Cards Just for fun, I wanted to print out some of the fanmade trading cards, but I wanted them to be as close to the real thing as possible. Could someone who has some tell me the resolution and type of cardstock they use?
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The SFM Pony Video Vault

With the official release of valve's SFM, lots of new videos are popping up all over the place. With its end-user friendly interface and general animation aids, this has made making TF2 Pony movies even easier than it was before. I feel these all deserve to be watched again and again, and hopefully there will be more to come. As an animator, I find this sort of dedication phenomenal and inspiring.

This thread is all about any SFM videos you can find that are worth mentioning. GMOD videos work too.



>my personal favorite

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Banners Submission Thread This is the new Banners thread!

We're bringing the Banners project back to MLPchan - if you want your own creation to be hung on top of site pages, come in and submit your creations in this thread!

- Banners should be 150 pixels high, and ideally 600 pixels wide.
- We will be taking pictures up to 800x150, however pictures taller than 150px will be downsized or not taken in if that's impossible.
- Banners may be board-specific or sitewide, your choice. Do note that if you make an inside joke about your board culture, we are very likely to put it as board-specific regardless of what you intended for it.
- Banners are to be safe for work, regardless of which board they are intended for.

The old thread, with all your previous submissions, is here - and on autosage, do not bother posting anything there:

Have fun !
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I'm new to /art/, and I was wondering if any of you could give me some creative criticism and suggestions?
I make the ponies in a manga/anime/human style.
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Pony Plushies Hey everypony! I'm selling some pony plushies off a design that was sold to me of the fluttershy gala plush that sold for 3k! Go to www.ponyplushies.com and enter the coupon code: Cadance .For 10% off your purchase!
P.S. Our Applejacks have hats!
P.S.S. Email [email protected] for more information
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I'm drawin pones too much
I think I might have myself a little human phase `3`
I just like making weird ass test OC's

Critique/Comment/Look at

And yes I'm aware my coloring/shading skills are shit, color blending/shading is one of my weak points.
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Sunsets on Spike, rough draft She walked slowly through the halls of Canterlot, her aged body making every step torture.
>She had to see the child, one who had been praised so highly, she knew it wasn’t the one, but even so she sounded promising.
>Celestial looked at her newest student, just observing her strength in magic had been inspiring.
>Soon the test, and if she passed she would really make a great successor to the crown.
>A cough exited her throat, even the life of an alicorn would not last forever.
“I have no choice.”
>She heads off to the royal treasure and retrieves the egg.
>It sat there as it has for centuries, waiting for the element of friendship.
“I am sorry little one; your master must be another.”
>Her horn lifts the egg up, polishing it to a crystal gleam.

>Looking back through her treasures, she finds the item she had looked for.

>Grabbing the crystal heart she turns it over remembering the fight.
>The crystal empire, Sombra, and how she used almost all her energy to destroy him.
“I am afraid that he won after all, he destroyed me slowly and made sure I would never see the element”
>Bowing her head she almost wept, but held back, that was not the way.

>It was Cibel Servant who broke the Silence.

“Princess Celestia, is this the item you want for the test.”

She nods, unable to speak from the torment in her soul.
“Yes, and pray she can unlock this baby from it’s egg. Lest she learns the power of friendship, our empire is doomed.”

>And did Sunset shimmer accomplish it, and than some.

>Spike the dragon never left her side, and a budding friendship emerged quickly.
>Though lessons were taught spike always waited patiently for his big sister after class, waiting to play and learn.

>Perhaps it would have stayed this way, and the pressures of being the next princess of Canterlot would not have happened if not for the elements.

>She had been content with the friendship of Spike, had accepted the lessons but the gift was much too large a burden.
>Had that rainy day never fallen perhaps all would not be lost.

>Sunset walked with Celestia through the everfree forest, a activity they did quite often anymore.

>The lessons of magic were never behind a desk with the Celestia.
>Age and fear had forced the now queen to teach Sunset to fight for power.
>They passed the further into the forest than they ever had, a bridge and…
“Celestia the castle.”
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Ask Princest Twilight Management Hello, /art/

As you might know, Ask Princess Molestia was taken down due to Hasbro C&D'ing it, (Although, some think Pinkiepony was a minor cause to this)

In a recent thread on /mlp/, we decided to create a replacement blog for Ask Princess Molestia, that followed a different formula. An Anon coined the idea that we should have a tumblr, wherein Twilight and the gang go on an adventurous rape-war. Just as APM, this will be taken largely out of character.

Why I'm posting is because this is a new-born blog, and I need/require a couple Drawfags (And Writefags for possible story arcs) to help maintain the blog with me. If you think you can help me with this blog, send me an email with one of your drawings (Preferably time-stamped) and I'll respond ASAP

Thanks for your help,
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like mlp
(No image)
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Fanfiction Prompts I love writing, and I love MLP:FiM - I just don't have much interest in conjoining the two. That said, I do have a few neat ideas for Discord stories in the MLP universe. If you use the ideas for your fanfic, I'd love to read them!

1. Discord accidentally does something of note (heroic or otherwise) and is granted a holiday of his own (think Nightmare Night for Luna).

2. On Hearts and Hooves Day, Discord gives gifts to the Mane Six, which turn out to be goofy pranks - all except Fluttershy. What happens when he receives a gift from her? (FlutterCord optional.)

3. Discord and Pinkie Pie have a prank-off!
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#Tutorial[ #may contain mature content]
This is a tutorial of how to use Adobe Flash to animate.
I make the pics as I work so update can be slow.
Feel free to ask questions and criticise. There is more then one way to animate things and if you feel like your method is more efficient, you are welcome to share it.
If you want to post mature content please spoiler your images.

I'm using Adobe Flash CS6
There can be differences in menus, options and settings in older versions or later versions.
47 replies

Mature favorites. GO!
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Heyla everypony. A good friend went to Further Confusion last weekend and bought me some AMAZING pony artwork. Does anyone recognize this signature?
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HELL-O I don´t think much of my stuff will be apropiate for this site but I ll post whatever is!
may God bless you all

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Red's Art Trades and Requests #Accepting Requests #Accepting Trades
Hi there, my name is Red Star

You may remember me from such boards as /oat/meal, /oat/meal, and, of course, Bungie.net's Flood board.

I'm here to take requests and do art trades! I'll be available for today and tomorrow and for a while after Friday.

So let's hear what you wanna do!
I'll post the pieces of art that I'm rather happy with here too.
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I drawed a horsie.

Your thoughts?
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Toybox's Gallery #Artist Gallery #Accepting Commission #Taking Requests

Hey all, guess I might as well set up shop while things are still fresh. For those who don't know me, I was a regular on this other pony site that I'm sure you're all familiar with, etc etc, and I've taken to doing some pony stuff of an artistic nature.

Anyway, I tend to do nightly streams of artwork at http://www.livestream.com/toyboxstoybox generally around 10pm to 3am PST (Yeah, my work schedule blows, sorry.) and I generally save all my recordings if you can't make it live.

So this will mostly just be a dumping ground for the most recent creations from the stream.

I have a tumblr in the works, however the content will be quite NSFW so be warned: http://www.asktoybox.tumblr.com though don't expect any updates for at least a month or two, as I have other projects I'm working on as well.

I'm not going to ask for commission work, but I'm not above it. If you would like a commission done, you can send me an email (In the email field of this post) and maybe we can work something out, but I'm still learning as an artist, so if something is out of my skill range, I will let you know.

Anyway, enjoy!
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Project: S(uper) P(ony) W(ars) ((Not art, but technically fanwork…))

Hey everypony! Boyindahaus here, and I want to share an idea that I had months ago. A game that takes characters from My Little Pony and cross them with the gameplay of Super Robot Wars.

Demo here:

Just want to know: would you guys be interested in playing a game like this?
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ToD's art of whatever. So, I'm going to start hanging around here again! I might take requests from time to time but it only depends on my mood, I got my first tablet two months ago so excuse any of my n00biness with it. and let's spam some art shall we?

I got a pony ask blog thing: http://ask-aquarium-ponies.tumblr.com/

And a DA Gallery: http://00tod00.deviantart.com/
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Poni Parade When it will be online, /art/?

7 replies
Stupid questions. Hi!

I would like to ask a thing or two:

How long it takes to get relatively good at drawing?

If I (in theory) have some talent and practice every day.


I can only afford pencils are they outdated or there is still hope for me to do nice drawings with them?

I was told that only digital stuff is worth doing nowadays.

Sorry if I was annoying you.
Thanks for the answers in advance.
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Princess Celestia. Comments?
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NSFW General #Mature
Since we can't post NSFW in our gallery threads and since we don't have one of these already…well here we go!!!

So feel free to dump and or discuss or what have you.
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Mellowbloom's /art/ Garden~ #Gallery & #Accepting Art Trades

dA: http://mellowbloom.deviantart.com
tumblr: http://ask-mellowbloom.tumblr.com/

Hello /art/, and welcome to my thread. While I'm sure a majority of you will already know of me, my name is Mellowbloom and I draw ponies! I also do a side of vectoring when the job calls for it.
Most of my art these days is question responses through tumblr, which is also the easiest way to get a picture out of me without doing anything in return.
If you want something that won't make sense as a question to Mellowbloom, I do also do trades! I don't ask for Picasso's or Da Vinci's for my time; even if you don't think you're that good an artist, I'll take your best try at a 1:1.
As well as using this thread to take said trades, I'll also be posting my art here for people that aren't interested in dA, or don't use tumblr.
(Just a note; the dA is mostly ignored these days, so more often than not new stuff goes straight onto the tumblr! As the blog is primarily an ask blog for Mellowbloom, I may set up a separate one in the future for unrelated art.)
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>Celestia only pics go!
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TLATopHat's House of Class Hello, MLPChan! I am TLATopHat, or Top Hat for short.

I'm a relatively new artist, having only started drawing back in December '11. This thread will act as a pseudo-gallery and for fielding requests. Most of the pictures I post here will be downsized to fit in the file size limits for the chan.

I run a number of locations where you can find my stuff in full size or find links to them. These are:

DeviantArt: http://tlatophat.deviantart.com/
Personal Tumblr: http://tlatophat.tumblr.com/
Ponychan /art/ Thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/art/res/98011.html

And also my active Ask-a-Pony blog:

Not all my art gets posted to all my sites. If you want to see all my work, you'll have to visit at least my tumblrs and DeviantArt as there are some exclusives.

My rules for this thread:
-Be Friendly
-I do not take commissions at this time.
-I am open to doing requests and trades, but only on a case-by-case basis. The simpler the request, the more likely I will consider it.
-I absolutely love comments, criticisms, feedback, and pointers both positive and negative. Throw 'em at me; I live off them!
-Lastly, yes, you can toss my images up anywhere you want, so long as I'm given credit. For full details of what you're allowed to do with my stuff, visit my Deviant Art via the link above.

#Gallery#Accepting Requests
1 reply
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Hello /art/. I am working on a panel for Kollision Con in Chicago. My idea is to explore some of the more interesting occult themes in My Little Pony. Probably the most entertaining part is where I show direct comparisons between the characters and various major arcana archetypes.

There are already some images of ponies put into tarot cards. Unfortunately however, most of them contain incorrect or sub-optimal attributions.

The point is this. I need the chariot card re-interpreted to have Rarity at the reins. It must be the chariot because the chariot represents the success of one who has learned to control their emotions and bring their actions in line with their willpower.

I feel that this card represents Rarity more than any other due to her frequent inner conflicts, in which she is time and time again seen overcoming her issues to help her friends and run her business.

I don't care if you just want to shoop Rarity's head onto an existing card, or just do a sketch, or whatever tickles your fancy. However, it would really help me out to have a visual for her.

I am open to paying for this, but I will only actually be able to use one of these in the slide. I have never made a request like this before, so please correct me if I am doing it wrong.

16 replies
for couple of months now I'm working on a small but hopefully commercial game, that I would post on desura the price for it would be something between 1-2 dollar (I know that probably no one will buy it, all well ^.^)

Project sites:


About :
Never Heard From Ever Again will be a 3D FPP game, In it we play as a young filly from a poor house. Her name is Sweetie Tooth and she lives alone with her mom. One foggy day while returning from school, she sees a mysterious person pass by. The person drops a strange box, seemingly by accident. Our filly grabs it and wants to return it but the mysterious person vanishes in the fog.

Sweetie decides to take the box home. The next day her mom falls into a coma and is taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors are not able to help her mom. Back home, our hero notices that the mysterious box she brought home yesterday had been opened. Suspecting that this might have caused her mommy to fall into the coma, she decides to look inside. She notices a strange piece of paper. On it she finds a recipe for an antidote, a map where she can find all the needed ingredients, and a warning that the antidote needs to be given soon or the person in the coma will never wake up.

Without hesitation, our hero ventures into the Cursed Forest to save her mom!
project is powered by GML (Game maker)

game play is almost done
tho theres still some work left to b done
not to mention i still need to add menu, options, storyline, credits, Etc.

so far game is created only by my self, I have no team and atm I'm planing to stay that way, tho i have a friend that might help me with music,
hmm what else… game will run on Win8 and previous maybe Mac.

Let me know what you all think :)
your opinion is precious for me
43 replies
The art of 00ToD00 #Gallery #Accepting Requests
Heyo :3 gonna broadcast my art here.
I might take requests from time to time.
Pinkie there is on a box with my country's flag, paraguay.
Hope you enjoy ^^
6 replies
Can someone make a youtube video for me? I cannot into animation, basically all I want is this.

This song

Combined with a high res photo of dog.. slowly zooming in.. very slowly.. towards the eye.

For this service i will pay via paypal 5$ to the claimant of such a video for the video and permanent ownership to the rights of said video

really I don't even need a youtube video, just a video file of doge being slowly zoomed into, i will add the music myself.
5 replies
New Commissions I'm looking to get into commissions. How do I do?
1 reply
Ponify Putin /art/, the time has come…

We need to ponify Putin!
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Could somebody make a version of this image with Zone-Tan instead of Pinkie Pie pls? kthnx
0 replies
Hhnngg Isn't this nice.id love to getta taste o'dat apple juse
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Carla Castañeda actriz de doblaje mexicana, voz de Twilight Sparkle en latino Pony
33 replies
Requests for a bored pony. #Accepting Requests #Critique Requested
Dr. Radical here.
I am taking requests for drawings. Traditional or digital. Because I am in need of critique and I am bored. Just shoot away and I'll 'probably' make them for you.

So…requests anyone?
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Nightmare Fuel Thread ITT: fanart that is bad and should feel bad
4 replies
30 Minute Challenge Tumblr thread http://30minchallenge.tumblr.com/

The tumblr has challenges at three timings, but I will be doing the Asian challenge here first. After each challenge, I will post some of the best entries.

Do consider participating.
19 replies
Pony Plot Perfection Project Previously, the PPPP has been plagued with a persistent problem of participants producing a pair of pictures, and promptly parting. This particular problem has prevented perceptible progress pertaining to our project.

Pony Plot Perfection Project pursues persistent, perseverant, practiced partners. Potential participants, please provide polished posts proving proficiency: pictures preferred. Persistently peevish prudes, pause pointless protests pronto.
1 reply
Drawing practice look what I spent the last 2 hours on! can you guess which one is mine?
7 replies
Remember Broken Telepony?

Well for those of you who don't, it's basically the telephone game Chinese whispers, for those of us who are RACIST but in picture form, and with ponies.

To start, somebody will submit a simple idea in spoilers so people don't know other than the artist for somebody to draw, and then once the artist is done, they post it in this thread. Another poster who hasn't seen the original suggestion makes a guess at what it is, and so on and so forth until we've completely derailed from the original suggestion.

You don't have to be a DaVinci. It's just a game. Hopefully everybody enjoys this.
27 replies
wvDSvw Art Hello /art/! welcome to my Thread of pony art. I do not take requests. I do, however, consider suggestions and may put them to use in upcoming pony art.

My Deviantart is:
if you would like to add me on Playstation Network it's:
2 replies
Ponies for pathfinder http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/224492525/ponies-for-pathfinder-setting-handbook
Good day everypony,

You may have already heard of it, but just in case, I'm here to talk about Ponies for Pathfinder. It started as a slender, largely mechanical, race book that described how to play a pony in the Pathfinder ruleset. Using alternate racial abilities, you could branch out the basic pony to pegasus or unicorn. We also had more exotic options like doppelganger, sea horse, and chaos hunter. Throw in some class archetypes, custom equipment and spells, and you had a quality, but simple, product. It was published and was met positively by the pony public.

Enter the Setting Book!

What if you don't want to have a pony in a human, elf, dwarf, and halfling dominated world? Don't ponies deserve a world of their own?

We think they do.

And we want you to help us make this happen. The Ponies for Pathfinder Setting Handbook would expand greatly on all the details left vague in the racial book.

What were the pony kingdoms like?
Who ruled them?
What do pony towns and cities look like?
How have they changed?
What great events shaped pony history?
Who were the great heroes and villains that defined pony civilization?
What other races rose and fell alongside the ponies?
We want you involved in this! And though we do appreciate it, we don't just mean your money. Many of the tiers include contributor input. You can help to shape this book. You will name the famous ponies and cities, and give ideas for artifacts and pony prestige classes. This book is for you, the community.

We've already hit our minimum funding goal, which means the book WILL be made! The question is how much better can it get? Contribute to preorder the book now and help push us towards further stretch goals for more content and a more refined book to grace your hooves.

Thank you for reading,
Silver Games LLC

7 replies
Rainbows Longboard Hey Mlpchan Ive been Working on these mane 6 longboard designs for a while now and i wanted to see if i can get some feedback on em before i try kickstarter
5 replies
Permission to post the unsencored pic?
3 replies
Cosplay 'Sup /art/?

I've got an interesting one for you today. I'm looking at cospaying as a Cadian Company Commander, the leftmost model in the picture.

Now, my question for you guys. If i do this, should i create a second Laspistol and Shoulder Armour set, paint them pinkie pink, and become Company Commander of Pinkie Pie's Party Regiment?
13 replies
Requesting Critique Yeah…I would appreciate if someone gave feedback; I'm trying to improve my skills and I believe feedback is very important.

You can drop it here if you decide to: http://ask-dr-radical.tumblr.com/post/48691297295/newbie-artist-training-grounds-day-1-idling-i

3 replies
Beyond Friendship: A My Little Pony VN Hello. I'm the leader of Team Tracy, a team currently producing a visual novel based off My Little Pony. We're all fans, it's non-profit.

We also don't accept donations, and everyone working on the project just does it in their spare time because they want to, not because they're being paid. Because they're not being paid.

So, as you can imagine, we need help. We need three more writers, we need vectorers, musicians, drawers, and coders. I can teach you to code if you're interested in helping.

12 replies
FoxTrott's Sketchy Thread <33 #Gallery! #Taking requests + commissions! #Not the best at art but I'm still friendly!

Are you intimidated by the good artists out there?

Do you like self deprecating humor that may or may not be true in regards to my art?

Are your requests satisfied with silly sketches, touched up in Photoshop Elements, and delivered with a hefty heaping of snarky sarcasm?

If you've answered yes to at least two of the three questions, then look no further than FoxTrott's Sketchy Thread!

If you want something sketched, post it here, and I may or may not get to it. References are always appreciated. If I really like it, I'll color it, but otherwise don't expect too much.

This is more or less copypasta'd from my thread on another board, but I promise, it's good copypasta.

1) Post your request. If it's an OC, references are always appreciated.
2) Wait. Sketches generally take less than a day, but if I'm busy, expect a standard wait of 2-5 days.
3) Get sketch.
4) Requests will be done on a first come, first serve basis. I reserve the right to close requests if it gets too crowded.
5) If you think you were ignored, either email me or bother me in this thread.

If you want something commissioned, please email me at [email protected] and leave a note here in my thread. Commissions will always be higher quality than sketches, and I'll bend to your every whim!

Payment will be discussed through email, although I will only use PayPal for transactions.

Other galleries!
tumblr: http://foxtrottarts.tumblr.com
pchan: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/art/res/114632+50.html
dA: http://www.pichu-the-pokegeek.deviantart.com
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Hello, /art/, we've got a project coming along that is going to be a surprise to everybody.

We're looking for several people interested in a ponification of a very beloved game. We ESPECIALLY NEED 3d modelers. We're also interested in flash artists, animators, and coders familiar with the unity engine and C#. Email the linked email for more info if you're interested. The project has been going on for two months now, and we'd like some new ideas to bring to the table. Thanks!

We also tried posting this on /anon/ for hopes a faster reply, but got redirected here by a friendly neighborhood anon. Thanks in advance for any help you might share with us.
(No image)
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Applejack drawing Could someone draw a picture of Applejack sneezing? Please
34 replies
Drawings and stuff #Gallery

Link to my deviantart (if anyone cares): http://mad-mutt.deviantart.com/

So… yeah I draw stuff and make the occasional comic, the fallowing of which involves ponies.

I got my start doing mostly grimdark (none of which will be shown here)but now I draw almost anything for fun. I'm working on a lot of my own projects now so I can't take commissions or requests or trades.

Anyways lets get on with the art work shall we…

You can stop reading this now…
No really you don't have to read this anymore…
Okay fine, if you want to keep on reading this that's fine with me…
Seriously, this is done with, you can go look at my drawings now if you want…
Jeez some people.
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LIVESTREAM!!! https://join.me/310-444-420

Skoon's hosting a livestream for us, hop on!
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Flockdraw How are /art/s drawing skills?

35 replies
Skywares art thread. #Gallery #Discussion #Accepting commissions #Taking requests

>I really hope those tags worked right

So, this is my first /art/ thread pretty much.

Just here for some art dumping as well as some friendly discussion and also advertising to take on commissions.

My deviant art account is: http://skwareblox.deviantart.com/gallery/

I post the stuff there i feel a bit confident about.

As far as commissions go, my prices are here. (Thanks to Coco for helping me figure them out)

$5 per character. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/327/a/6/pinkie_pie_vector__by_skwareblox-d5lxdaj.png

+ $5 for shading. http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/366/3/4/filly_dusk__by_skwareblox-d5pyc27.png

+ $5 for simple background. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/026/3/e/bow_strings_sky_by_skwareblox-d5ssjwx.png

+ $10 for a semi complex background. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/001/3/4/payday_the_heist__pony_version_by_skwareblox-d5q09cu.png

For a complicated background, prices will be negotiated. http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2012/327/4/b/pinkie_pie_mirror_mare__the_living_reflection__by_skwareblox-d5lxbe0.png

And for a shaded head it's only 5 dollars. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/208/1/a/i__ve_been_to_hell_and_back__by_skwareblox-d58tvno.png

I can draw things in different styles but as its within MLPchan's interest I'm posting MLP related images.

Preferred method of payment is Paypal.

I'll draw almost anything except things that are NSFW, suggestive or sexy or plot is fine though so long as it exposes no explicit detail.

Feel free to talk and discuss art! I may be up for an art trade some times if anyone is willing.
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(No image)
2 replies
Alright, I'm hoping you anons can help me out here.

I'm looking for good free software for creating vector images, I currently use CreativeDocs.net and paint.net.

Also, if someone could point me towards a crack of Adobe Illustrator or the full CS that would be appreciated.
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new music hey anon, i made some noise for your ears:https://soundcloud.com/sickbubblegumzero/the-call
i call it, Equestrian House
>get it?
11 replies
The Green Hellspawn, destroyer of fandoms Hi.
10 replies
Just dropping in Alright /ART/ i found and cleared this picture for you all, ill post the original soon after.

Basically, go nuts with random ideas.
(No image)
0 replies
getting into making hardstyle (this one was made in 5 min.) just fuqin arnd

(this one i put some real work into)
2 replies
please tell me if i am doing something wrong regarding posting here, i don't com to mlpchan very often

this is the head of a pinkie pie prototype pony plush i am making a pattern for. i have quite a bit of experience sewing and designing my own patterns, but i was hoping i could get some advice or criticism regarding the head of this plush so far. if not plush general?
10 replies
#digitalart #pixels #wow #woah Main project I'm working on:

I'll be posting my skinning and texturing efforts for Minecraft, and some sprites I made for BfW.
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Wry Owl's arts and stuff *' I'm actually no longer Wry Owl - I changed whatever I could to Snore Fox, which is my new name '*

I see you staring at my thing here!

Maybe. You probably aren't, actually.

But in case you are, this is my art thread - me as in Snore Fox, or Silly Palette.

I'll try to post all my stuff on here when I make it. So uh - stay tuned?

I'm also up for requests if you ever ask. I'll always see what I can do and I love a challenge.

So if you enjoy me or my stuff (in that case I love you, a lot)
Here is my tumblr and deviantART:

Thanks in advance if you follow / watch me.

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1 reply
Requests? Hi, I have an OC named Copper Wire, Sadly though, I'm nowhere near popular enough to have artwork of her… Anyone taking requests? If so, just email it to me when you're done, I want her as a filly, and she has green eyes, Oh, and when I went through to re-edit her, I forgot the cutie mark which is supposed to be a bolt of electricity with sparks flying from it… thanks whoever does <3 [email protected]
41 replies
Help for a little video project Pic unrelated, but it got your attention.

I've had the idea to sing an original song for something.

The thing is that I have next to no ability in… uh… anything. I can't even sight-read music. I've never touched editing software.

So I need someone to help me with creating a background track.


What I'm looking for is the background track to this song, probably edited for length and probably with some of it cut.

I have this song on my hard drive, so I can send a high quality mp3.

I can pay I guess, if this is a way harder request than I thought it would be? I dunno.
14 replies
Taking Commissions and Sketch Requests Hi Everyone! I'm a relatively new pony artist looking to challenge my skills and further my perspectives. And get a little money for books and such next semester, of course.

I accept ALL commissions! My pricing options:

|Sketches are FREE|
|Basic pony portraits are $3.00|
|Deluxe pony portraits are $5.00|
|Stylized pony portraits are $5.00|
|Full works are $9.00|
|Comics are ~$5.00 per panel|
|Plushie's are $25.00+ dependent on fabric choice, size and other options|

I accept paypal on all, and deviant art points on some.

Links -
Deviant Art:

My full gallery may be found most easily on my DA. I will bump this thread occasionally with some of my newest or best works.

Thank you for stopping by!
5 replies
Merf's Art Stash #Maybe doing commissions
#Maybe doing requests
#Ponies and not ponies
Oh hey you found a thing
This is where I'll put my art and other such things in case you wanted to watch an amateur artist get better
Go and bookmark this thread and come back every now and then if you're interested

Blogs and things I run as of typing this:
http://merfs-art.tumblr.com/ (My art tumblr)
http://ask-sillybelle.tumblr.com/ (Canon pony based ask blog about Silly obsessed Sweetie Belle)
http://askacrylic.tumblr.com/ (OC pony blog)
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Thinking With Ponies Project A few of you may be familiar with the project that made that detailed map of Ponyville. It was aiming to create a mod for Portal 2 based off of Pen Stroke's Better Living Through Science and Ponies. They were doing some pretty cool work, and making some progress, but their group kind of fell apart.

The project is now on ice, in new of a new leader. Does anyone here have free time, people skills, and knowledge of the Source Engine, or know someone who does? It'd be a shame for such a promising project to die.

1 reply
Requesting the Tumblr "Happy Birthday Anon" ponies please.
22 replies
Looking for a human luna clop comic. At the end celestia was listening in the next room over and says something along the lines of 'looks like shes finally growing up.' Any help? Dumping comics in return.
(No image)
2 replies
I'm looking for someone who can mail me a commissioned thing within a couple of weeks. I need it before the end of the month. I'm willing to pay up to… I dunno, a decent amount.

Please ask your friends and whatnot!
66 replies
Creating this for my other computer (cant email or imgur for some reason :l Welp, hopefully this doesnt get taken down before I am either done or switch to my other computer… so here we go.
34 replies
I draw a lot of ponies! The ride never ends…
2 replies
My shitty Tekno Mousics! https://soundcloud.com/sickbubblegumzero/applejack-has-a-techno-remix

this one is applejack…
2 replies
Ever wanted to be part of a podcast team? Wanted to start up your own show? Check us out! #Podcast #Help Wanted #Seeking new Podcasts

=Pregnant Stallion Radio , affiliates of PonyVilleLive and Cloudsdale Network , are now hiring for new shows and podcasts!=

I'm formally extending a hand, or hoof, to anyone who has experience podcasting, has interest starting one up, or would like to try something exciting and new!

Again, Experience is a plus, but not necessary. We all start out somewhere, and we don't expect much out of our segments other than consistency and a relaxed, comfortable host.

What I need is someone who is dedicated, capable of meeting weekly deadlines (Wednesday), able to hold up your podcast on your own (We do not interfere with our segments. Everyone works independently), capable of adding valuable input when it comes to meetings, and able to have lots of fun!

All we need from YOU is a few simple, short things:

Send an email to [email protected], entailing:
- Who you are, your idea for a show, and the name
- Any experience, if applicable
- Why you think you should and want to be a part of our team!
- As soon as it's done, an audition of your first show. Basically, a premier episode showing us how you intend to bring your show to the audience, performance in front of the microphone, etc.

Your show must be:
- No less than 20 minutes in length, and no more than one hour (Note: Maximum length is flexible)
- Following the guidelines of our affiliate sites: No slandering people and no pornography.
- Not heavily scripted. Fluidity is a must.
- Be able to host your own stream (Twitch.Tv or Livestream)
- Be consistent
- Capable of coming up with fresh ideas and keeping your show interesting.
- Any questions at all are encouraged to be asked! We don't bite!

Additionally, we are looking for people capable of performing the following positions:
- Artist
- Audio Engineer
- Blogger
- Advertising Specialist
- Website Programmer
0 replies
I need something Yo, my homie-dogs.
My nizzles, can you maybe sketch up some radical artwork?
I'm sorry.
3 replies
the ross's shit heap starting with cherry berry stuff
most of it's pretty old and even worse than my current stuff
feel free to make requests, but I don't make any promises
2 replies
Luna's S2 design is too fucked up beyond repair.
So I bet you can't make a completely new and improved Luna design which is both aesthetic and also represents the importance of the princess of the night.
Even bugs have colors and symbols to show they are dangerous.
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16 replies
Zoid Pon I doodle while in class. Here is my insane scribblings for you to enjoy.
4 replies
So, what programs do all of you use? I prefer inkscape, but I worked with gimp before hand.

BTW Pic related, my drawing :3
6 replies
Commissions I have come to a economically difficult situation in my life. I'm going to the Roskilde musical festival soon, and that has torn through my bank account with a fury.
I've made it a goal to never beg for or loan money ever in my life, so I thought I'd try setting up commissions again.

Pic related are my current rates; I hope they aren't too high…

If you want, you can check out my other stuff at my DA: http://stridah.deviantart.com/
I know I'm not that talented at drawing, but it's the only way I can think of to earn a little money.

So yeah, either write your commission in here, or email me at [email protected]
14 replies
Art Directory
Artstream MonitorLivestream Thread

Artists Accepting Commission:
● DesertPoni >>2173
● Mortimer >>2352

Artists Taking Requests:
● DesertPoni >>2173
● Mortimer >>2352
● Red Star >>263
● theross >>4336
● ToD >>4420

Artist Galleries:
● DesertPoni >>2173
● Mellowbloom >>132
● Mortimer >>2352
● patachu >>3260
● Red Star >>263
● theross >>4336
● ToD >>4420

General GuidesIn depth Color Guide Color PickerVector Tutorial - Part 1Vector Tutorial - Part 2
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Weavesilk #Mature
So /art/, what can you draw with weavesilk.com?
19 replies
so, i was thinking about doing some requests to grind some XP on art.

i would draw almost anything, if it is too complicated
4 replies
hey look, drawings #Accepting Requests

I want to draw stuff but I don't know what

you guys is can help?
1 reply
Nightmare Moon LUNAAAAAAAAA!!!
66 replies
#Accepting Requests #Accepting Trades

So, I thought, let's make a thread in /art/… Yeah… Small talk's over.

I'll take your requests.
I'll try to make them look nice, but it's also a form of practice for me, so I'm not making promises.
Requests can be non-pony.
Requests can be your OC of course.
Please state the mood of the picture and use of the picture (reaction image and the like) or feel the jokery consequences.
I'll answer your post with the request, then the waiting game starts with me drawing.
Same for trades, which are done in a fun and non-serious matter.
Just like everything else I do.

tldr: Just request shiz

I have three tumblrblogs, so go look at what you cannot expect:
2 replies
Rare Pones! Hi! Just thought I'd advertise my ebay shop here. I'm currently selling:

- Unreleased crystal filly
- Unreleased Twilight alicorn with MOVING wings
- Factory defect Rarity alicorn

Here's the link!
21 replies
Griffith's doodle corner. Welp. Decided I'd finally do this. Constructive.criticism is appreciated.

Yes it is hand drawn and yes it sucks. Deal with it.
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PC's Art Thread... And Widdlies. #Gallery/Dump #Trades #Requests Would Be Nice

Oh, hey, /art/. I didn't see you there!

Ok, so it's high-time I get to making me one of these here "Art threads" for you lovely folks here in /Art/… An uncharted territory on my maps.
That I drew.
I draw things~

Anyway, let's get down to business:

What Art?
•I'm one of those rare people that find it easier to get things done with their hands.
So, if you haven't figured it out, already, I draw things: With pencils!
•A lot, and the number remains uncounted, have stated that I do a fairly good job at replicating show-canon style with my drawings. I tell them to stop because they make me blush.
•Unfortunately, I do not possess the skills and/or tools to color these said images, if you decide to request from me, (Which, by the way is totally fine if you don't. Plenty of artists to go to, so don't feel like you have to be restrained. I won't cry much.) I cannot guarantee that these will be colored. Because they won't. I dabble with plain old blacks and whites. Please consult with another artist if you want them to be lined and colored, professionally, because if you came here and expect to see me working with colors, then you've come to the wrong neighborhood.
>That is also not an invitation to nag another artist with "LINE/COLOR MY IMAGE PLOX!!1!"

•Asking first before/during a request would be nice. I can get my plate pretty full, but when it gets too full, sometimes it's hard to go back for seconds.
Things I require within your requests:
•A reference of any character or item that you would like for me to draw… Sometimes Google Images is a chore to go through to find exactly what I need.
DETAILS, MAN! Tell me exactly what you want, and be specific. Don't come up to me with a request and make me "surprise" you. I can only surprise so many times before my ideas run out. Not saying I can't surprise, because I can, on occasion.
•If you could keep an eye on this thread, that would be nice. I may have some things to ask you, just in case I get confused. Or contact me on Skype:
Power Chord
And please, feel free to nag me about doing it, or how it's coming along. But don't get a ":c" if I tell you I'm not finished. Art takes time… Even if there's no color involved.

•For starters, please do not request r34/fetish stuff. My parent's will kill me if they find that stuff accidentally left in the scanner. I will probably be dropped out of the Will.
•Though I do not do r34, I can still satisfy and do less marshmallowy things like anthros, or ponies with sockies.
•Other than that, anything is fine.

Well, /Art/, I think that's all I have to say on the matter! Can't wait to hear from you all, and… Oh! Almost forgot.
I can always use some questions in the ask box to help further my art/strike inspiration or motivation.

Thank you for your cooperation. Cant wait to feel the burn in my drawing hand.

-Power Chord
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Acrylic's art thread of art #Gallery #Accepting Trades #Accepting Requests
Hey everyone! Acrylic here, you might know me from /oat/. Anyway, I figured it was finally time to make an /art/ thread. I'll be posting any art I feel confident about enough here, also I'll accept requests if I have the time to work on them. I'm still learning, so there might be mistakes and stuff etc. etc,
…I guess that's all I have to say for now!
Oh, I also have an ask blog: http://askacrylic.tumblr.com/
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I wonder if I should have an art thread here? Weeeeee!

Well, here's my latest pic, anyway. Might continue to add later pics, if I don't forget.
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#Artist Gallery #Trades & Commissions

Hello /art/! I'm Zeke. I've been experimenting with SAI and have been getting some incredibly satisfactory results, and have decided to set up an /art/ thread.

I'm hoping to also maintain my tumblr, http://anaglyphic.tumblr.com/

I will occasionally do Art trades, Requests and Commissions, but life takes priority.
(No image)
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Fanfiction Documentary : Needs submissions Good day!

I represent the upcoming 40-45 minute MLP fan fiction documentary. We are in need of fanfic submission, music, and animation.

For more information or to submit you works you can go to out fimfiction group http://www.fimfiction.net/group/198093/fan-fiction-documentary/thread/14440/faq-constantly-updated-with-all-offical-information or you can submit works or questions to [email protected]

Our current list of guests includes Wanderer D,Scribblestick, bookplayer, RBDash47, Conicer, and Kkat will be contributing via written form.

Pony on,
-Piquo Pie
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Artists Wanted! Hello /art/ists!

I come to you from a brony radio podcast, Pregnant Stallion Radio

Recently,we've been offered the opportunity to potentially get our podcast onto a large-scale Brony radio website, which is essentially a very big deal.

Now what I need is this; a talented artist willing to join the team. We need someone who will

- Be able to meet deadlines (roughly a week),
- Be willing to be officially a part of our team (and join us for the occasional podcast, if you'd like).
- Make us up to three simple posters each week, usually involving whatever guest or topic we have at hand. (As we have three different segments.)

However, keep in mind that you will likely be working with other artists, and will not be expected to pull the weight of this yourself. Worst case scenario, we cut back to 1-2 posters per week.

You'll get the chance to have your art seen by a large audience, and you'll be a part of a very passionate team.

However, what we're interested in is a 'Partnership', not a 'Contract'. I am not going on a commission basis.

If you would be interested, or know anyone that might be interested, you can email us at [email protected], or contact me directly via this thread.
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#Artist Gallery #Accepting Requests #Accepting Commissions #Humans Only
Right, so I'm starting an Art thread hoping it will motivate me to practice more. Also, I just like to share these things with you all.

Note, I only draw humans. If you expect me to draw something else, well, don't hold your breath.

Also, if you ask for any type of commission or request, remember that it will take me FOREVER to complete. This is what happens when perfectionism and procrastination meet. Don't believe me? Ask around.

Anywho, on with the arts!
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My friend FlairNightz does some real good work, and he does real low-cost commissions. Here's his DA account: http://flairnightz.deviantart.com/

And here's his prices:

Single Character:
Sketch - $3

Inked - $5

Digitally colored - $7

For each additional character: + $2 for each character

- Black and White Inked/Lineart:
$10 per page
- Fully Digitally Colored:
$15 per page

You can contact him through DA by sending him a note. He does general art, but he doesn't want to draw anything to sexually mature (he's perfectly willing to draw mature violence, but -shrugs- I'll never understand him).

He also made a tumblr that has other pics of Pony Art he drew for me and such:
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just.....normal the first episode i watched was: To many pinkie pies i liked all the episodes i saw some were funny some were not so funny but i loved it anyway
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Embroidery Patches I make Custom Embroidery patches from OC/Canon cutie marks to Military/Biker clubs Style
Open for comish n.n
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favorite pony my favorite ponies are applejack,RainbowDash,Pinkie Pie,And Vinyl Scratch
(No image)
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i will draw ocs give me requests
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requests i take requests to draw oc and other pony stuff
my art included
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Hello /art/! I've made my very first OC! Her talent is voicework/singing. I'm very much at a loss for what I should name her, any ideas would be wonderful <3
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lets swim))
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Photoshop help I need Photoshop experience help.
This image, the black is a different color, a following post will be posted to show the color. But the problem is it shows up black when I used it, how do I fix it?
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critique Hey mlpchan, /mlp/ here. Just wanting a second opinion on this drawing.
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MLPchan's Season 3 Wrap-Up: /art/ contest Welcome to the Season 3 wrap-up contest for /art/!
In celebration of another great season of pony, all artists are invited to participate for the chance to win some awesome pony prizes.

The contest:
- Create any art piece of your choosing depicting a scene or situation relating to a Season 3 episode.

The prizes:
- First prize will be a 12-piece collector set of pony figurines (pictured), FiM coloring book and FiM sticker book
- Second prize will be a Rarity brushable and FiM coloring book
- Third prize will be a Cheerilee Happy Meal figure and FiM coloring book

In addition, the first prize art piece will be featured as the OP image of a sticky, the artist's dA/tumblr will also be linked in it if they choose so.
Over the next 14 days, create and submit your artwork here, and on The 2nd of March, at 00h01 GMT (01/03, 7pm EST) the submissions will close.
After that, we'll judge the entries and pick the winners!

Feel free to post your existing artwork on the board as well. There are also several other contests happening across the site, on >>>/pony/, >>>/oat/ and >>>/fic/.
Good luck, and have fun!
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ZirBronium's Art...thing. Hai there! Just gonna post my WIPs and completed pieces here. Feel free to give your feedback. Feedback is my fuel.

>Try to move Lyra while you're here. She won't let me sit, so I have to post from a laptop.
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Quick Question Where might I find a good griffon plush pattern?
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art! Just showcasing some art my friend made! Please feel free to post whatevs else ya want here. find my pal on deviant art: [email protected] art
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Never thought I'd be coming to /art/ to show off my sucky skills. Might as well though given that I've been drawing like a motherfucker lately.
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Was board in gimp what does /art/ think of him??
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Banner Contest! Alright, artists, shoopers, doodlers and drawers…

We're gonna have a banner contest. Simple and straightforward - between now and November 1, about 2 weeks time, make and submit a banner for the site (or a board of your choice, if you want to make one specific to say, /oat/ or /pony/).

Users will comment on the submitted banners, and all the ones we like will be added to a rotation on the site. Let any artists or such you might know who may be interested know, and let's see what you can come up with.

The dimensions we should stick to are a maximum of 1000 width by 150 height.

This'll be linked on /site/ and in the ticker links and some other boards will get notice too. Thanks!
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princess Twilight Sparkle princess Twilight Sparkle
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DRAWING FANTASY ANATOMY this site has some really interesting lessons for drawing orcs and elves and stuff like that. i like the method…

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Time to get back in business, hello art, I mainly use photoshop for my art, going to show what I did for now and I'll take request but this time, it will be 150% more nightmare fuel, send any pic you want transformed and I'll do it for ya. If insisted, I could use my scanner to show what I can actually draw.

The name of the new genre is 'deliria'.

I'll post my previous set, dimentio.
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Cocoa's Art Critique and Feeback Thread #Giving Critique

Hey /art/, my name is Coco. Call me Cocoa, Coco or any name you feel like… I'm here to give Critique and Feedback here.

My name is Coco, some people call me Kyoko. You may just like to remember the Lady Luck tripcode I have.
I'm an artist of sorts. I'm not that good, I have to admit, but I do have an idea of what I'm on about when I talk art. I don't have a gallery because I don't think it's worthwhile.

What am I here to do? Give feedback on art. Submit something you think is good enough for reviewing and I shall give it a gander and give some feedback.

All feedback I give is largely based off opinions! I may have a different opinion to you on how the art piece came out. If you think I'm too hard or too lenient on you or somepony else, feel free to comment. I ask only that you remain civil.

That out of the way, I'll give you some guidelines:

I'd like for you to choose the length of my feedback. Short, medium or long.
For short pieces, you don't really get much out of it… Maybe just a suggestion for the future and my opinion of it.
For medium pieces, I'll be doing a fair few works on what worked well and what I think you can improve on.
For long pieces, I'd like to see a background and everything in what you submit. I'll be writing a lot for you… And it's hard to write a lot with little to work with.

A rough idea of how I give feedback is here: http://coco-kyoko.tumblr.com/post/38437627222/feedback

…This is telling you what I'm gonna do. Don't listen to this.
Let me show you what I will do.

>Please don't send in sketches.
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Message from the DA group! Hello mlpchan /art/! You can call me Epony~, and I'm a co-founder on PAD's DA group. "EponymouslyEponymous" there since Eponymous and Epony were taken I believe.

As you all well know, or at least I'd assume you can all find out easily enough, PAD's "pony after dark" art group on deviantart is, and has now been for a bit, fully open to you guys to come in and join us and share your art with the people of PAD, your fellow /art/ists, and the whole of this site really. (Was there too many commas in that long sentence? Oh well, I do that, heh… see) Here's a link if you are curious and happen to not have heard about it - http://pony-after-dark.deviantart.com/

Anyways, I'm making this OP post to let you guys know that if you want to share art in "pony after dark", please leave us a comment explaining how you found us in your invitation request. That way we can avoid the guys that just search pony groups on DA and join every single one they can, or whatever… yes, we get those. And it's not like we're picky, but we just want to know who our group members are and to keep the group somewhat tighter and more intimate… (stop thinking like that~). Basically, we have only a few Co-Founders and the group was originally designed just for close friends of PAD to share stuff. But now we have an awesome new group of people coming in that we're happy to welcome in! We just don't know all you guys necessarily, but we'd love to get to know you.

So, again, please leave an comment when you ask for an invitation. Say something like, "Hi my name is -name-, and I found you guys through mlpchan's art group"! And if you don't have art to contribute, following requires no invitation… or maybe you think you'll be inspired to try some art of your own and will want an invitation anyways. Let us know. We can only glean so much from reading your DA page.

So… see you guys around and I I'd love to see more and various art.

Also, if there's any mods in the area, a sticky would be appreciated, but if you don't find that necessary, that's fine too. Thanks!
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Ponyfinder Table-top RPG! Anypony like the Pathfinder RPG? Well, i've made MLP races for it! I'm not begging for Likes (though i need them) I'm just linking this here so everypony can see it.

Check the "About" page for the Race Guide.

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Amatuer #Requests

>Picture is something i just finished for the most amazing BMO

Thought i would go ahead and try starting an /art/ thread..
hopefully i can handle it ^^"

For requests

•Please ask first before making a request, I only like to have so many things on my list of things to draw at one time..

>Things i need from you for a request.<

• A reference picture for any character or item you would like me to draw. (unless the item is generic.. like a banana or something)
• A nicely enough detailed description about what you want drawn. (or something)
• Your attention. Please keep on eye on the thread if you make a request, i might need to ask you something.. :c

>What I am willing to draw?<

• Almost anything I guess, I'll tell you if i'm willing to draw something you request or not *shrug*
• I will even make animated .gif pictures if they aren't too complicated.

About my arts stuffs

>tools of choice..<

• Wacom Capture
• Paint tool SAI
• PaintDotNet
• My Hands (though sometimes other body parts if i feel like it)
• My one good eye

>What you might end up getting<

• Sketchy (black & white, flat color, or colored with better shading)
• Line-art (flat color, or colored with better shading)
• Vector (Flat color)
• Painting
• Some crazy experiment with techniques
• An ugly blob and a frustrated huff
• Something you love
• Something you hate


and now i don't think i have anything else to say! gosh this OP is so long and i have no idea if any of what i am saying makes sense or is relevant or needed! But i dunno, maybe i can edit it later? Oh well!..
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/art/-/oat/ weekly drawing: http://mlpchan.net/oat/res/295514.html

We're going to have an activity for /art/ and artists, related to the above-linked thread.

The short-version:
An /oat/ thread will be made. The users will pick characters, scenes and actions they'd like to see artists draw Then a character, scene and action is chosen from those requested. The selections are then listed here, for arists to draw. Artists will then have 24 hours to do s quickdraw of the selected piece, posting them here.

When the 24 hours is up, a winner will be chosen. That winner will have their art piece (as well as their dA and/or/ tumblr or other gallery link) posted in the opening of a stickied thread on the site. Artists get a good practice activity and a chance at exposure and views for their art, and others get a chance to participate in picking what's drawn - everyone wins!

Stay tuned to this thread and the one linked above - when the scene is set, we'll post it here!
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Tablets and Cintiqs. http://frenden.com/yiynova-budget-cintiq-alternative/

Don't be a chump. Cintiqs are not worth the money when you can get better stuff for cheaper overseas.
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Morti's (f)arts post #Gallery #Accepting Commissions

Well, why the heck not, some of you might find it interesting.

Here's a link to my dA gallery http://enma-darei.deviantart.com/

Right now, and for a limited time, I'm offering Fully Coloured, Shaded, 1 or 2 character pictures with simple or no background for just $10.
$5 for each additional character.

If you are interested, you can either send me a note at dA or reach me at [email protected] with your idea!

Simple rules:

-No porn
-At least half the payment in advance.

I'll be taking payments through PayPal.

If you are interested in something different from what I offere here, I'll be more than glad to work out something with you.

This picture right here is one of my own, and I'll be posting others as well.
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anybody know where this pic is from? my buddy wants to know, any knowledge would be awesome!
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Shading #Discussion

So how many of you always use shading in every picture you draw? What programs and tools do you use?
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creepy OC pic)) creepy) http://fearyzy.deviantart.com/
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Celestia and Twi Two head Monstrestia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF6RCLQ3awY Даже ничего говорить небуду по этому поводу))
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Grumpy Gus's Happy Fun Pony Art Thread #Artist Gallery

#Accepting wubs
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Winter winter Flutty) —→ DA http://fearyzy.deviantart.com/
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/art/-/rp/ Holiday Contest Album This is a thread to compile all the entries in the /art/-/rp/ Holiday Contest.
The winners were Mobius One, Greeny, and The Less Anonymous Top Hat.
Original thread: >>1752
Derpibooru: https://derpibooru.org/tags/50e6695ea4c72da4160000da

First entry: Dulset Tarn by Pill Popper
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I'm Bashfluff, and I'm looking to make you guys some good bead sprites on the cheap! I need the money and the practice for beading and drawing, so don't be shy!

Bead sprites are crafts made out of fuse beads. They're made using sprites as a base, because sprites are drawn pixel by pixel. They transition well to a format that is basically the same, but with beads. I'll post an example. They're made on interlocking boards that are 28x28 beads long. Designs are laid out on the boards, taped, taken off, and fused together with an iron.

I make bead sprites mostly out of video game sprites and whatever pony sprites I can find, but I've found a potential partner who perhaps could draw our own stuff or "convert" images into sprites. For now, though, I'll stick with using whatever sprites I can find.


$5 = 1 board. If you want a cutie mark or something, this would be the board for you.

$8 = 2 boards. Spike might fit onto this setup.

$11 = 3 boards. I don't know what fits onto three boards. The letter L or something really tall and thin, basically.

$14 = 4 boards. These are what your main ponies will mostly fit on!

If you want to go higher than that, we'll have to discuss it. I want to practice the art and turn these out quickly, but if you REALLY want one, I'm sure we can work something out. If something just barely spills onto another board, I won't count it for the next board up, even if it spills over multiple directions onto multiple different boards.

I also do accessories! If you think your Pinkie Pie would be better with a top hat, run it by me! Unless it's really big/complicated, I'll do it free if I'm able.

Bring your own sprite. Doesn't matter from where. If you tell me what you want, I can do my best to find it, but no guarantees. If I don't find the sprite, I tell you after an hour of searching if I don't think I could do it myself until I know if I have a partner who can help me out by converting larger images to sprites.


Download that, download your sprite, put your sprite into it, and it will show you how it compares to the boards. Keep in mind you'll have to put into into Photoshop or Gimp and erase all the extra bits around the sprite if you want it to work right.

My biggest project, which is currently in another state, is this twenty board Pinkie Pie. It's on the boards, because I don't have a picture of it ironed just yet, but it's the only pony picture I have!

I take 50% cash up front via paypal.

I'm buying beads at the moment, and buying in bulk, so PLEASE don't be shy. If you don't have the money and would rather trade art or something, I'll be fine with that, especially if you do sprites. You can talk to me on Steam, Skype, or through email. [email protected] for email. Bashfluff as the username for Steam and Skype.


Have a great day!
(No image)
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Background Pony Comic - Work in Progress. Hello guys, I'm new here but I would like to share my work with you guys. It would help me lots if you could critique and point out some pointers here and there, cause I'm doing this long comic alone. And it would mean alot.

Heres my Page:http://dream0rdie.deviantart.com/

And heres the comic if you want to look, just make sure to click the next page at the description box. Thank you! :http://dream0rdie.deviantart.com/art/Background-Pony-Page-1-341706379
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VA's want some work? Hello everypony!

Are you a voice actor or singer? Good! Because today is YOUR lucky day!

We are looking for artists like you to take the reins of our fandom's greatest writers, and to bring life, color, personality and feeling to the black and white text of our fandom.

Our team at PEP (Project Equestria Productions) would like to give YOU the chance to strut your stuff and show off your skills. We want old and new VAs alike. If you are a new up and coming VA, give this a try, and don’t be intimidated; we judge only on your skill and passion as a VA, not your past experience—though we would like to know what you have done in the past.

Here’s what we are looking for this time around:
- Voice actors, both male and female, there are a wide variety of roles to fill, but heres what we need specifically:
- 1 Rainbow Dash VA
- 1 Gilda VA
- 1 British VA
- 1 “Average Joe” VA
- 1 Billy Mays impersonator
- And approximately 2-6 VA’s who can adapt and do various voices

If you are interested, please send us an email to [email protected] including the following details:
- Your name and online nickname (if applicable)
- Links to any previous experience (if applicable)
- One audio clip, between 2 and 15 minutes long, of you acting in the personality of the voice(s) that you are applying for. You may attempt as many voices as you feel necessary. Please include a script of what you read.
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Finally, we have a My Little Pony screensaver that isn't just a picture slideshow.

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r34, I've got a boner to pick with you... #Mature
>>>/pic/7172 related

…not with anthro. Anthro can do whatever it is it does with its ridiculous cartoonish proportions because anthro. That's fine. I write decidedly non-anthro.

And I'm the first person to admit that I can't draw. When I need to get images out of my head, I use words. So lately, I've been working on clopfic and researching references and such and thought I'd peruse some cloppics to see if there's a style or illustrator that jives with mine.

Well, dearest clop art, your pictures do not look like the pictures in my head. And while I'm just an appreciator of art, I was wondering if anypony might want to talk about this.

Like, a lot of stallions seem to suffer from what I call "big rubber cock-n-balls" syndrome: they look like somebody took some poor pony and glued a big rubber cock and balls onto him. It isn't too hard to find a reasonably-proportioned mare…

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/art/-/rp/ holiday contest! Welcome to a special holiday contest for all artists, roleplayers and anyone who has an OC!

Here's how it'll work: between now and January 1, RPers and OCs may post their characters in this thread (pics or descriptions or both). Anytime between then and January 3, artists may draw art pieces of any of the posted characters (multiples, if they want to submit multiple entries.) We'll try to get art pieces for as many of the posted characters as we can.

After January 3, we'll pick 3 winners - not necessarily the most amazing images, but the ones that really put great effort and captured the characters - and each of the winners will receive any Steam game(s) of their choice of $15 (any game, combination of games or items.) This should coincide nicely with the Steam holiday event as well, not to mention the great growth of the /rp/ community we've been so happy to see. Artists will get a nice contest and chance to win prizes, and roleplayers will get a chance to get free art of their characters!

So let's get going - feel free to start posting your characters and letting everyone who might be interested know. =D
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Apparently the file size was too big. Third time post go!

What'chu think, /art/?
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Many, many, many expression faces After being egged on (not really) by other posters I've decided to do a ponified version of every expression in this picture as transparent .pngs.

I'll update with each one and give a .zip at the end.

Here we go!
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Anypony Email https://www.anypony.com/beta/

We offer a user-friendly email service that is fast, reliable, and free. Accounts only take a minute to create, and staff are almost always available to help with any issues.

If you would like to ask a question directly to the admin/mods, comment on the site, or have a site problem, you can contact us via the help page:

We will also be using this thread to answer questions and update on whatever is new with the site.
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I'm looking for fellow pony artists or art appreciators to follow on tumblr.

here's my latest :)
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HALP! I must style Lyra's Hair.

A figure I mean.

Halp pls.
I do not into this stuff.
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Christmas Write-off #Event

Event overview: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/12

Hello, denizen's of /art/. Every few months, we over at /fic/ do a collaboration competition with /art/. Seeing as we've (mostly) moved into MLPchan now, I figure you guys would be interested.

The competition is relatively simple: prompt → art → fic. First, everyone decides on a worded prompt to act as the event's theme. Artists draw pictures from the worded prompt, and then writers write stories to the pictures.

The art round starts Sun, 09 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC and lasts for 5 days, ending Fri, 14 Dec 2012 06:00 UTC. For those too lazy to do the conversion, if you make an account on the site (with the correct timezone settings), all the times will display in your local timezone.

Worded prompt suggestions start Sun, 09 Dec 2012 04:00 UTC, last an hour, and are followed by a one hour voting round.

But why should you participate? Well for one, there's a whole bunch of writers that are going to write stories to the submitted artworks. Having someone write a story inspired (even if just a little) by your work is pretty awesome.

But wait, there's more! The winner will be awarded a copy of IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic (http://www.idwpublishing.com/news/article/2349/), courtesy of Anonthony.

For there to be a winner, there obviously needs to be some way of ranking the artworks. A public poll will be provided for everyone to give the artworks a numeric score from 0 to 10. In addition, each artwork is awarded 1 bonus point for every story inspired by it.

The winning artwork is whichever has the most points after the bonus points are awarded.

You may submit as many artworks as you can draw in the given 5 days, but the scores are not cumulative! Each artwork gets its own score. You might spend the whole time working on a single, well-developed piece, or you might spend it getting as many ideas out there as possible. Which strategy is best? That's for you to decide.

You don't have to do anything special to participate other than follow the rules: http://writeoff.rogerdodger.me/event/12/rules

So, uh, yeah. That's it! (I think). If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Good luck,
Roger out.
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One Day Left Glow in the dark Chrysalis and Changeling customs! http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=230889293433&index=8&nav=SEARCH&nid=89440196629
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More of an constructive critique for my work in this thread. Understand I have very dodgy Internet, not gonna be here for long, couldn't directly receive the image, so I had to screenshot it, which is over to the left. My main concern is perspective or the button string's color, since come people says it looks like X for dead. I temporarily have the resources to draw more, but I definitely need to learn to draw better so I can let go when it's time to let go.

Perspective for this photo is like, is it 3/4th or is part of it actually in a shifted position, which ruins the streamlining, and makes it look like a Picasso painting.

Btw, is my drawing good? Learning to draw more than just heads.
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Desert's Commission Post. #Accepting Commission

The stand has been opened for commissions!
Want something drawn? I'll draw it.
I am open to drawing any subject matter.
Adult themes may tend to cost more than regular pieces.

I am very open to drawing any and all subject matters, including those whose views and interests do not reflect my own. If you are interested in me producing some work, please shoot me a message via the note system.

I only post works on this website if you give me permission after final payment is received, and you have given me permission to post it. I respect my customer's purchases.

I request that at least 50% of the total price be given at the time of starting the commission, and the remaining 50% be given upon time of completion. You will not receive the final product until payment is received via paypal and transferred accordingly to my bank account, which may take 3 to 4 days after sending payment. I charge for last minute changes, such as telling me to redraw/change something near the end of the commission an additional $10.00 per change. If you are not clear about something, and do not bring it to my attention soon enough after I present to you a thumbnail, you will be charged if I am told to fix it later on after further progress is made. If I am told promptly, there will be no additional charge.
If you are unable to pay the remaining balance, I do not do refunds if I have made what I consider significant progress. I will keep what I have worked on until you finish paying the remaining balance. If you do not pay the remaining balance, I will claim or destroy the product. I will not return your money.
If I have not made what I consider significant progress, only then in this situation I will return your payment.

Significant progress to me is based on time spent on a commission, as well as overall progress. If I'm still sketching your commission for a painting/lineart, I do not consider this significant progress. If I have made layers upon layers for various subjects/backgrounds/linearts and am well beyond sketching for any work, I will not return your money. You have been warned.

I work flat rates on 10"x7.5" frames. If you want to discuss a different size, then expect different prices.
Some people have asked about comic panels. I have not worked out pricing on these yet. Expect them soon.
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Sometimes I draw things. Sometimes I'll put them in this thread. So yeah.

I don't draw poni very often, but I do draw them from time-to-time.
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Vore Thread #Mature
Is there any more art or pics out there like this? Can someone link or draw such things like this? It is an odd thing I like, yet finding good pony things like this is very hard and I know that some of yous has to like it too. Help a pony out? =/
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I have an auction going up on ebay for a large (31) pony chibi collection, and its almost over now. I would very much appreciate you going and checking it out, and even bidding if you want to!

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I'm taking pony plush commissions <33 More info here http://fav.me/d5kmey9
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Desert Bus has begun and a live auction for a Rainbow Dash plushie, as well as some other assorted items as soon as the price gets high.

If you want in, go to the site, join the chat as well as get a free to sign up donor account and bid away when it starts.
This is a one of a kind super awesome plush and if you wanna win, you gotta out bid the crazy bidders.

It's all for charity, so when it gets to the $1000+ ranges, realize it's for the children.
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ZirDraw Thread I draw stuff. At least "Draw" is the general term.

I'll start with this.
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Stuff by me I guess I might as well post some stuff here, huh. I haven't done much, and most of it is pretty terribad, so I'll just post some of my better pieces so it'll seem like I have some sort of skill. The art of deception!
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Who actually visits this board and reports my threads?
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For all you Ubuntu/Debian users out there
wget http://media.steampowered.com/client/installer/steam.deb
sudo dpkg -i steam.deb

if some packages are required but aren't already installed, type:

sudo apt-get -f install
sudo dpkg -i /home/*Your_username*/steam.deb

When you execute the application you'll of course be told to log in and verify your account. After that, you'll see your account has not been authorized and you can therefore not use Steam.
To get around this little "check" of Valve's, just type steam:// in the url-bar of your browser and log in.
Enjoy using Steam
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The /art/ists Cafè #Discussion

A nice little cafe on the border of the /art/board for artists to sit around and discuss their work, their quest to improve, and the life of aspiring pony-drawing folk.

Come on in, grab a cup of joe and chat awhile.
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Hello /fan/ I am a committed brony, and a devout follower of Celestiaism. To show my undying love for Ponies, I want to make my first PMV just before season 3 premieres.

So how do? Ideas, programs, basics would all be helpful.
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I Have an Idea I'd like to float by everyone over at /fan/.
I've done some of the math and It looks like I could do full color T-Shirts for around $15 dollars before shipping. I'd like to get some ideas for graphic people like for Tee's and if We can get some good non-copyrighted art that people would like too see on some shirts, what I'd like to do is start some pre orders.
If I can get 25 preorders, I can pay for a run of 50 shirts and then start shipping them out.
Is this something you guys would like to see?
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MLP: Cards With Friends Hello, Everypony,

I have been working on a trading card game project for some time now, and I am trying to get as many helpful people involved as I can. If we are successful, we will create a tabletop gaming experience for the MLP fan community that is both unique and fun.

Currently I have a working Rulebook that is subject to change as testing proceeds. This is an incredibly daunting ongoing project- and as founder, I cannot do it on my own! In order to bring this game to a playable state, I need a few things from my fellow deviants.

1: Testers- Once we start getting this ball rolling, I need people to help me work out the kinks of the game's mechanics.

2: Artists- That's right. These cards need art that is both exciting and diverse and, even at my most productive- I cannot rightly do up to 100 cards worth of art. It would be boring and I would rather have this be an opportunity for everyone to get their work out there!

If, at this moment, you are interested in giving me a little-or a lot- of help, please give the DA group a look:


Current Rulebook can be found here: http://fav.me/d5jdxcd
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Shirts that you want/Have I'll start.
I would do unspeakable things for this shirt. It's not subtle, but it isn't blatantly spaghetti either.
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Hello /art/!

I just re-started working on my " art ". I would like to improve my drawings but tumblr and dA is simply puts too much pressure on me.

I would like to ask if I can post my " art " here to get some critique and feedback?

Be afraid I am really a beginner and only have pencils to work with.

Have a nice day!
- irondreams


Source of OP image: http://fav.me/d5iitoi
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Back in the Fandom-Drawing ponies once more! So I decided to go back into the fandom, and thanks to some nice Bronies on here I'm back! <3

So to celebrate I drew my favourite pony, Minty! <3
(No image)
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The Toybox Tentacle Porn Thread #NSFW #MATURE #TENTACLE PORN
Continued from: >>835

Here's phase 1.
I was bored.
It's a sketch. I have no idea if her OC has feet or hooves. So, if anyone knows that, that'd be nice to know.
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Hi /art/, I've been having a little trouble lately…

I haven't really been happy with my lining or lighting lately. I'm OK with shading and sketching but I can't seem to find a method for inking/lining my sketches that I like.
Also does anyone have a general guide on how to light different materials.
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Need help with Fallen Castle mod So I'm having a lot of fun and would like to make my first location mod for Oblivion. Yes, I'm aware that most people aren't playing Oblivion anymore, but I'm currently unable to mod Skyrim due to nif issues.

The location I want to make first is the Fallen Castle in Everfree Forest, as seen in S1E2. The show only shows two rooms, and I would like to make it larger than that. If anyone can help by offering refs for the location and suggestions of what to include, please say so below.

The image is from a MLP race mod I'm working on to make each of the mane six characters into a playable race. I'll be making lots of stuff for that, too.
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So, I heard this place was also for music…

So, here's this song-thingie I made.

It's sort of ambience-electric-new-age or something.

Thanks for listening!
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Attention, artists in the southwest United States, California, Arizona, New Mexico, around that area. On February 22-24, in Las Vegas, there will be a Brony Convention, information found here: http://www.laspegasusunicon.com/
If any of you artists are planning on being a vendor there, and haven't already signed up/bought a booth I'd like you to contact me via e-mail. Heck, maybe if you already have, contact me.
-The !Doctor.XqY
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The Artist Questions on Ethics and Practices General As an artist, I'm interested in what our little drawing community thinks of these questions I'm about to list off. These are common to come across within art communities, and answers typically fall within a wide range of opinions. Also, some of them may help other artists network.

When it comes to drawing fan art:
>Do you feel it is ethical for people who draw fan art to copyright their works?
>Do you feel it is right for artists to sell their works if they contain intellectual property of another artist? I.E. selling fan art of Twilight Sparkle.
>How do you personally define a parody? At one point does a parody become copyright infringement?
>When it comes to pricing original content, if one were to sell it, what do you feel should go into what determines the final price?
>How much value do you place in original content? Do you feel original content is usually ignored over popular fan art?
>What is your opinion on pornography? Is it selling out to draw pornographic content to appeal to a wider audience? Is this wrong?
>How do you promote yourself in the artist community, and what has worked for you? Do you use Tumblr, Deviantart, Twitter, or another social network? Which ones do you find work the most towards your favor, and why is that?
>East vs. West. Do you prefer traditional art? Anime? A mixing of both? What style of cartoons do you find the most expressive and interesting?
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Mister Ratburn's Thread #Accepting Commission

Ratburn here to make some draws.
I don't do r34, but aside from that pretty much anything else.

Unless requested otherwise, I'll post all finished commissions in this thread.

Paypal is [email protected] I do 1/2 up front 1/2 after it's finished. I'll send you a low quality thumb once it's done, but to get the final size I have to confirm the final payment.

Almost projects will be finished within a week or less. For larger commissions, I will provide updates so adjustments, if needed, can be made on the fly. I will make on the fly adjustments for free, so long as they are minor. I determine what is minor.

I will make revisions at the end of the drawing for an additional fee of 5$ per change. Changes must be minor, and I will determine what is minor or not. If you are completely unsatisfied, I will do a complete redraw for an additional quarter of the original cost. I do not, however, give refunds. Once you send me money in paypal, consider it spent. The only exception whatsoever is if I am for some reason unable to finish your artwork.
All prices are for 8"x10", horizontal or landscape. Other sizes and options are possible, and can be discussed via e-mail, for different prices of course.

Rough Sketches (Uncleaned lines, no backgrounds)
- One subject: $10.00
- Additional subjects: +$5.00/per
- Props: +$2-5/per depending on the complexity (small things like a toy or a ball are free)


Black and White (cleaned lines, backgrounds)
- One subject: $20.00
- Additional subjects: +$10.00/per
- Backgrounds (props included): +$20.00


Colored (cleaned lines, backgrounds, colors are simple vector style)
- One subject: $30.00
- Additional subjects: +$15.00/per
- Backgrounds (props included): +$30.00


Digital Paintings (High detail, advanced color palette)
- One subject: $50.00
- Backgrounds: +$30.00
- Additional subjects: +$25.00/per


I will also do short animations (under 10 seconds) for gifs. If you are interested, contact me via e-mail and I will provide you with a quote.

I am pretty diverse in my art styles and mediums, so if you have a specific request, just ask.


After final payment is cleared, I will provide via email the following files:

-The original PSD or TIFF project file.
-A Hi-Res PNG24
-A Hi-Res and Low-Res JPEG
-Additional file types if required

Once you receive your final image, it's yours. You can use it for whatever purposes you'd like. Modify it, commercial use, whatever. Go nuts.

I've got a gallery of my rough sketches here: https://picasaweb.google.com/100067736316231734203/RoughSketches

I will also temporarily be taking requests, so I can build up a gallery of black & whites, colors, and paintings. So if you've got a request you think would make a cool art piece for my portfolio, feel free to request it here for now and I might do it for free.

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TF2 Server MOTD Contest Did we mention that we have a TF2 server?
Well we do!

And we need a spiffy MOTD image for it!

An MOTD you say? What is that?

Well the MOTD is the Message of the day, and it shows up when you first join the server before you chose your teams.

So, what do you need to do to enter?
That's simple!
Make an appropriate MOTD image, with info about us, the site and our rules.

The rules for the server are pretty much the same as for the site!

Threats and flaming are not allowed
Disruptive behavior that prevent others from enjoying the game such as harrassment or griefing of players is not allowed
Pornographic and gore sprays are not allowed

How you display them is entierly up to you, as long as they are clearly visible and whatever else you throw in there doesn't detract too much from the intended purpose.

The image needs to be 907 pixels wide and 645 pixels high.
If you wish to use the chalkboard background for your motd it can be found in the next post.

Be creative, and have fun!
More than one can win if there are a lot of good entries, and we will just cycle them as time goes on!
Winners will of course have their entry displayed to everyone who joins our server!
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Hey, MLPchan. An artist I like is selling this Celestia sculpture on eBay. She needs money, and she's quite talented, so I thought I'd share.

Deviant Art page: http://celerypony.deviantart.com/art/OOAK-Celestia-Sculpture-323364324

Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/merch/res/115769.html

eBay item page: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170901204348#ht_500wt_1156

If you know anyone who might be interested in bidding, spread the word.
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some help please? Well, Im trying to polish my art-style, so I wonder if anyone could please give me some advice or constructive criticism about it, well, this picture is kinda old, so my actual style has improved a little, yet, well, Im still a rookie so please, could anyone help this aspiring artist?

btw, my deviantart is http://metalh24.deviantart.com/
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I Made an (F)Art So, I took about half an hour to draw this. Other than the missing back leg, how to do better?
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Fluttershy Plush Progress Been working on this for a couple weeks need some advice from other pony fans what do you think ponies?
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Webcomic Post webcomics that feature ponies here.
They can be related to MLP either by fan art, strips, filler, etc.

Follow this simple format.
>Summary of the webcomic

Then dump some of their mlp related art!
Let us get some needed traffic for those not so well known webcomics!
>remember to disable ad blockers.

#Artist Feature
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rate my art what should i improve on
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Hello /ART/ I have some news for you all. Ever wanted to get some notice on your art? Have a deviantArt account? Want to be in a established pony art group and make the community stronger here and there? I know you do, that's why you are reading this.

Well here is my news. I have a deviantArt group that is just waiting for new artists to share their work, we only have a few posting art as of now. Anonthony recently came with me asking if I could share my group with art for artists to get noticed. I was very excited to help. So here is the thing.

This group would do well with some members and as founder I promise no artist gets turned down. There is not a lot of folders for different art as of yet, but there will be as time goes on and we as a community can work together.

Now I know what you're thinking, or something like it… Great, okay wonderful text wall crimson, but where is the link? Well the link is right here http://pony-after-dark.deviantart.com/

Signing up on deviantArt is free and easy. After that ask to be a member and we will add you.

For the first few weeks accepting everyone might be a challenge but I am hoping to use this thread to help work out all the kinks. Join in. The group is ready for you and your art.

In the future there might be events, even contests… But this can only be done with people in the group and that means you!

Yes you reading all of this text.
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Nelrond, the great and powerful artist #Accepting requests #Gallery

My art is shitty. But feel free to make a request and see your request drawn in the most horrible manner known to man.

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