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File: 1342226679665.jpg (545.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1341608705005.jpg)

Nightmare Fuel Thread !RadiANcEeA 3082[View]

ITT: fanart that is bad and should feel bad
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Anonymous 4275

File: 1381126089842.png (162.21 KB, 800x600, 403193__solo_princess+celestia…)



Oh fucking wow.

So, I mean, I GUESS there's the fact that the very name "molestia" makes sexual assault out to be funny, and I GUESS the fact that the blog is almost harmless with a name like "molestia" makes it sound like molesting is not so bad, and I GUESS there were implications a long time ago (not any more) that Molestia just enjoyed creeping on Twilight and it wasn't necessarily mutual, i.e. Molestia abusing her position of power and I GUESS there are some points where she's implied to inappropriately touch random bystanders because it's funny


Anonymous 4277


File: 1380975041085.png (10.57 KB, 128x128, avatar_cd988db6a663_128.png)

30 Minute Challenge Tumblr thread Anonymous 4260[View]


The tumblr has challenges at three timings, but I will be doing the Asian challenge here first. After each challenge, I will post some of the best entries.

Do consider participating.
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Anonymous 4262

File: 1380979724735.jpg (241.22 KB, 1280x1152, tumblr_mu75ouBM7W1rpjql1o1_128…)

We had four entries, but, two of them were NSFW.


By Davhell - http://davhell.tumblr.com/

Anonymous 4263

File: 1380979748971.jpg (94.31 KB, 1249x903, tumblr_mu75z1BsJc1rpjql1o1_128…)

By rarerainbow pie

Anonymous 4266

File: 1380798293329.png (124.81 KB, 801x481, whiteboardrealfinal.png)

Drawing practice Anonymous 4254[View]

look what I spent the last 2 hours on! can you guess which one is mine?

Anonymous 4255

>no link to flock draw
I'm gonna guess the girl with the
>no hooves

File: 1356318406220.png (84.87 KB, 700x700, Broken Telepony.png)

Chicken Scratch!ZeKE..ew8M 1966[View]

Remember Broken Telepony?

Well for those of you who don't, it's basically the telephone game Chinese whispers, for those of us who are RACIST but in picture form, and with ponies.

To start, somebody will submit a simple idea in spoilers so people don't know other than the artist for somebody to draw, and then once the artist is done, they post it in this thread. Another poster who hasn't seen the original suggestion makes a guess at what it is, and so on and so forth until we've completely derailed from the original suggestion.

You don't have to be a DaVinci. It's just a game. Hopefully everybody enjoys this.
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File: 1356321657721.png (Spoiler Image,7.21 KB, 378x395, Twily.png)

Chicken Scratch!ZeKE..ew8M 1983

>Stars n shit

Anonymous 4234

don't die you motherfucking thread

File: 1345758170446.jpg (45.02 KB, 231x170, wvDSvw art.jpg)

wvDSvw Art 623[View]

Hello /art/! welcome to my Thread of pony art. I do not take requests. I do, however, consider suggestions and may put them to use in upcoming pony art.

My Deviantart is:
if you would like to add me on Playstation Network it's:
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File: 1346572660399.jpg (90.76 KB, 544x670, Victoria.jpg)

victoria the victorious, its the victory statue pony.


File: 1346572740541.jpg (43.22 KB, 516x718, the master.jpg)

and this one, a Dr. Who pony i did for a request some time ago.

Bleeding Rain!DROPScczL2 4176

File: 1379650408744.png (135.24 KB, 900x831, say what again.png)

How have I only just noticed this? This is my OC, and I like the art, but I don't recognize your name. When did you come across her?

File: 1375896534519.jpg (94.3 KB, 300x250, PfPheader2.jpg)

Ponies for pathfinder 3855[View]

Good day everypony,

You may have already heard of it, but just in case, I'm here to talk about Ponies for Pathfinder. It started as a slender, largely mechanical, race book that described how to play a pony in the Pathfinder ruleset. Using alternate racial abilities, you could branch out the basic pony to pegasus or unicorn. We also had more exotic options like doppelganger, sea horse, and chaos hunter. Throw in some class archetypes, custom equipment and spells, and you had a quality, but simple, product. It was published and was met positively by the pony public.

Enter the Setting Book!

What if you don't want to have a pony in a human, elf, dwarf, and halfling dominated world? Don't ponies deserve a world of their own?

We think they do.

And we want you to help us make this happen. The Ponies for Pathfinder Setting Handbook would expand greatly on all the details left vague in the racial book.

What were the pony kingdoms like?
Who ruled them?
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Anonymous 4079

It's over! The Kickstarter ended with over 500% funding. You were all amazing.

Anonymous 4149


Shouldn't this be in /rp/?

File: 1349183936939.jpg (818.36 KB, 2480x3508, Rainbows board.jpg)

Rainbows Longboard Dasadan 797[View]

Hey Mlpchan Ive been Working on these mane 6 longboard designs for a while now and i wanted to see if i can get some feedback on em before i try kickstarter
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Jax (Element of Fett, INTP, and /oat/) !Nn69xDErmY 823

File: 1349585035304.jpg (151 KB, 576x784, image.jpg)

I'm confused. Are these some type of snowboard? If so, I would buy one. I love snowboarding.

Dasadan 827


These Are Longboards Large skateboards More for traveling and going fast :3

Anonymous 4145

Rainbow dash's should be a top mount symmetrical speed board.

File: 1378572508236.jpg (287.48 KB, 1000x1420, sexyponisenc.jpg)

Anonymous 4114[View]

Permission to post the unsencored pic?
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Anonymous 4117

File: 1378575381050.jpg (285.74 KB, 1000x1420, sexyponi.jpg)

Alright, since nobody asked

Anonymous 4118

File: 1378575467321.jpg (121.08 KB, 591x994, poni-twi.jpg)

And one I made myself without the preexisting template of the dvdcover. Sorry for the low-res, guess I could fix that if I decide to do a vector version.

Anonymous 4123

File: 1378740216732.gif (974.01 KB, 444x250, tumblr_mqrviohwdg1relvkro3_500…)

Member of /anon/ here, why don't you use the fucking mature tag and not be such a faggot next time?

Also, the art sucks anyway.

File: 1345946384138.jpg (62.95 KB, 873x627, 1345915914329.jpg)

Cosplay Dashy 651[View]

'Sup /art/?

I've got an interesting one for you today. I'm looking at cospaying as a Cadian Company Commander, the leftmost model in the picture.

Now, my question for you guys. If i do this, should i create a second Laspistol and Shoulder Armour set, paint them pinkie pink, and become Company Commander of Pinkie Pie's Party Regiment?

Anonymous 707

do it



Anonymous 4082


What are you going to make them out of? I'm guessing for the shoulders it will be foam or maybe even cast out of plastic depending on how good you are at this sort of thing.

File: 1366726359401.png (503.58 KB, 3507x2480, Day 1.png)

Requesting Critique 2861[View]

Yeah…I would appreciate if someone gave feedback; I'm trying to improve my skills and I believe feedback is very important.

You can drop it here if you decide to: http://ask-dr-radical.tumblr.com/post/48691297295/newbie-artist-training-grounds-day-1-idling-i

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Requests 3787

Staying overnight in a hotel; might have some time to draw sketches. Traditional, of course. Might take two.

So, any requests?

Something I made. 3861

File: 1376260725918.png (4.62 MB, 4092x2893, Hime no Ai marked.png)

Anonymous 4047

File: 1377406764523.png (145.1 KB, 800x599, party.png)

Beyond Friendship: A My Little Pony VN 3973[View]

Hello. I'm the leader of Team Tracy, a team currently producing a visual novel based off My Little Pony. We're all fans, it's non-profit.

We also don't accept donations, and everyone working on the project just does it in their spare time because they want to, not because they're being paid. Because they're not being paid.

So, as you can imagine, we need help. We need three more writers, we need vectorers, musicians, drawers, and coders. I can teach you to code if you're interested in helping.


Anonymous 3974

/oat/ and /anon/ are more active boards, so doing shout-outs there too would get some views. /art/ seems to work slower and seems good for reference and storage.


What do you mean, a shout-out?

Anonymous 3976

a thread

File: 1356295826516.png (168.42 KB, 495x428, sombra2.png)

FoxTrott's Sketchy Thread <33 1943[View]

#Gallery! #Taking requests + commissions! #Not the best at art but I'm still friendly!

Are you intimidated by the good artists out there?

Do you like self deprecating humor that may or may not be true in regards to my art?

Are your requests satisfied with silly sketches, touched up in Photoshop Elements, and delivered with a hefty heaping of snarky sarcasm?

If you've answered yes to at least two of the three questions, then look no further than FoxTrott's Sketchy Thread!

If you want something sketched, post it here, and I may or may not get to it. References are always appreciated. If I really like it, I'll color it, but otherwise don't expect too much.

This is more or less copypasta'd from my thread on another board, but I promise, it's good copypasta.

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FoxTrott (Mobile) 3935

File: 1377157293965.png (71.98 KB, 316x277, http%3A%2F%2F24.media.tumblr.c…)

Oh, sorry! I hardly look here any more.
Uhh… I won't do vectors on request. I'll do loose sketches, more often than not, with what can almost be called shading, but that's it.
Why? What're you looking for? We can always try to arrange something.

Anonymous 3936

FoxTrott (Mobile) 3937

Ha! I can draw him, yeah, just give me a few days. I have a couple requests elsewhere to work on first.

File: 1376944995231.png (187.29 KB, 662x460, 1373431587873.png)

Game!!IV96ZAweqQ 3925[View]

Hello, /art/, we've got a project coming along that is going to be a surprise to everybody.

We're looking for several people interested in a ponification of a very beloved game. We ESPECIALLY NEED 3d modelers. We're also interested in flash artists, animators, and coders familiar with the unity engine and C#. Email the linked email for more info if you're interested. The project has been going on for two months now, and we'd like some new ideas to bring to the table. Thanks!

We also tried posting this on /anon/ for hopes a faster reply, but got redirected here by a friendly neighborhood anon. Thanks in advance for any help you might share with us.

Applejack drawing Pony 3918[View]

Could someone draw a picture of Applejack sneezing? Please

File: 1359185002477.jpg (11.83 KB, 350x268, DReaperJeri_7851.jpg)

Drawings and stuff Mad-Mutt 2422[View]


Link to my deviantart (if anyone cares): http://mad-mutt.deviantart.com/

So… yeah I draw stuff and make the occasional comic, the fallowing of which involves ponies.

I got my start doing mostly grimdark (none of which will be shown here)but now I draw almost anything for fun. I'm working on a lot of my own projects now so I can't take commissions or requests or trades.

Anyways lets get on with the art work shall we…

You can stop reading this now…
No really you don't have to read this anymore…
Okay fine, if you want to keep on reading this that's fine with me…
Seriously, this is done with, you can go look at my drawings now if you want…
Jeez some people.
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Derpy vs Video Games - Page 7 Mad-Mutt 3903

File: 1376734416613.png (170.49 KB, 1024x1162, derpy_vs_video_games___page_7_…)

Page 7

Derpy vs Video Games - Page 8 Mad-Mutt 3904

File: 1376734482367.png (483.23 KB, 1024x2241, derpy_vs_video_games___page_8_…)

Derpy got mad.

Old school meets new in this second to last page.
This post was edited by its author on .

Derpy vs Video Games - Page 9 Mad-Mutt 3905

File: 1376734571305.png (188.68 KB, 900x1021, derpy_vs_video_games___page_9_…)

Derpy sums it all up pretty nice here.

File: 1375817291447.gif (300.06 KB, 500x395, h1JQgvO.gif)

LIVESTREAM!!! Anonymous 3847[View]


Skoon's hosting a livestream for us, hop on!

File: 1375613131326.png (553.89 KB, 1423x860, New Bitmap Image.png)

Flockdraw Anonymous 3833[View]

How are /art/s drawing skills?


File: 1359225309906.png (54.07 KB, 573x377, Doodly drawing.png)

Skywares art thread. Skyware 2463[View]

#Gallery #Discussion #Accepting commissions #Taking requests

>I really hope those tags worked right

So, this is my first /art/ thread pretty much.

Just here for some art dumping as well as some friendly discussion and also advertising to take on commissions.

My deviant art account is: http://skwareblox.deviantart.com/gallery/

I post the stuff there i feel a bit confident about.

As far as commissions go, my prices are here. (Thanks to Coco for helping me figure them out)

$5 per character. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/327/a/6/pinkie_pie_vector__by_skwareblox-d5lxdaj.png
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Sorry i hardly ever pay attention here.

No i have not but i could probably learn.


File: 1375483591004.png (109.19 KB, 508x1182, ZsIs0On.png)

Probably should add some of the other things i've been doing lately as well.

Guess i'll start here with this one.


File: 1375483735126.png (167.85 KB, 1024x1280, Derpy.png)


I'll toss this in here too.

Anonymous 3784[View]

Alright, I'm hoping you anons can help me out here.

I'm looking for good free software for creating vector images, I currently use CreativeDocs.net and paint.net.

Also, if someone could point me towards a crack of Adobe Illustrator or the full CS that would be appreciated.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 3824

File: 1375397763383.gif (368.22 KB, 1920x1200, 1297190901_8458.GIF)


and if you're at it,

it's really more than you need for vectoring and stuff. i'm still using illustrator 10 myself, aaand this beauty.


good luck, one day you will catch 'em all !


File: 1376562990200.jpg (335.83 KB, 890x890, 13275899125885.jpg)

>trusting executables linked by patachu/dark doomer

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