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File: 1352138644737.jpg (180.2 KB, 700x1016, 7.jpg)

Merchant Brony!Stone8svVk 3120[View]

I Have an Idea I'd like to float by everyone over at /fan/.
I've done some of the math and It looks like I could do full color T-Shirts for around $15 dollars before shipping. I'd like to get some ideas for graphic people like for Tee's and if We can get some good non-copyrighted art that people would like too see on some shirts, what I'd like to do is start some pre orders.
If I can get 25 preorders, I can pay for a run of 50 shirts and then start shipping them out.
Is this something you guys would like to see?
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File: 1352911998261.png (569.38 KB, 1015x900, 131887__UNOPT__safe_flim_flam_…)

Both. And you can use the email info provided to find whichever one you'd prefer.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ 3137

File: 1352912192912.png (44.58 KB, 867x921, lurking 2_phletram.png)

I have a personal preference for Steam for some reason.

I'll get on the announcements and hosting the contest, let's see where this goes!
I might make another, clearer thread for this, if you don't mind, you of course won't be excluded form any decision making process.

Merchant Brony!Stone8svVk 3138

File: 1352912421703.jpg (74.3 KB, 333x493, 106898__UNOPT__flam_flim.jpg)

I prefer it, too.
And no problem, just keep me posted

File: 1351624096937.png (102.64 KB, 745x1053, drawing.png)

MLP: Cards With Friends Anonymous 3118[View]

Hello, Everypony,

I have been working on a trading card game project for some time now, and I am trying to get as many helpful people involved as I can. If we are successful, we will create a tabletop gaming experience for the MLP fan community that is both unique and fun.

Currently I have a working Rulebook that is subject to change as testing proceeds. This is an incredibly daunting ongoing project- and as founder, I cannot do it on my own! In order to bring this game to a playable state, I need a few things from my fellow deviants.

1: Testers- Once we start getting this ball rolling, I need people to help me work out the kinks of the game's mechanics.

2: Artists- That's right. These cards need art that is both exciting and diverse and, even at my most productive- I cannot rightly do up to 100 cards worth of art. It would be boring and I would rather have this be an opportunity for everyone to get their work out there!

If, at this moment, you are interested in giving me a little-or a lot- of help, please give the DA group a look:


Current Rulebook can be found here: http://fav.me/d5jdxcd

Anonymous 3119

File: 1357933333064.jpg (811.65 KB, 1276x1920, image.jpg)


I gave your game a read through, and I like it. Are the only cards you designed the Fluttershy and Applejack cards, or do you have more locked away? I have some card ideas for Dash, if you're interested.

Also, will there be neutral cards? Can you have cross element decks?

File: 1351473629066.jpg (38.55 KB, 556x350, fig,silver,mens,ffffff.jpg)

Shirts that you want/Have Shuckle!XJDubleDp. 3114[View]

I'll start.
I would do unspeakable things for this shirt. It's not subtle, but it isn't blatantly spaghetti either.


File: 1355016595045.png (154.1 KB, 430x494, 43335886.jpg.png)

Forgive me.

Anonymous 3116

File: 1370552351891.jpg (6.67 KB, 223x250, 1367613367046s.jpg)

>tfw you're too paranoid about being called a faggot to buy a pony shirt

Anonymous 3117

Don't know that feel

File: 1350900170787.png (2.95 MB, 2600x3200, changelingpie4.png)

irondreams 955[View]

Hello /art/!

I just re-started working on my " art ". I would like to improve my drawings but tumblr and dA is simply puts too much pressure on me.

I would like to ask if I can post my " art " here to get some critique and feedback?

Be afraid I am really a beginner and only have pencils to work with.

Have a nice day!
- irondreams


Source of OP image: http://fav.me/d5iitoi
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irondreams 1065

File: 1351205375572.jpg (855.99 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_0138.JPG)

Last bad pony for today.

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 1098

>bad pony
No way!

That's a good pony, and you're showing clear improvement.

irondreams 1119


Thank you!

File: 1351265900827.png (127 KB, 640x480, Minty.png)

Back in the Fandom-Drawing ponies once more! 1095[View]

So I decided to go back into the fandom, and thanks to some nice Bronies on here I'm back! <3

So to celebrate I drew my favourite pony, Minty! <3

Anonymous 1097

That's not bad. Not bad at all.

Minty in G4-style is pretty good, too. Good color scheme.

File: 1351040563704.png (946.99 KB, 2461x2777, Headshot TB 2.png)

Red Star 1001[View]

Hi /art/, I've been having a little trouble lately…

I haven't really been happy with my lining or lighting lately. I'm OK with shading and sketching but I can't seem to find a method for inking/lining my sketches that I like.
Also does anyone have a general guide on how to light different materials.
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Red Star 1021

File: 1351053879457.png (756.47 KB, 2461x2777, TB Headshot Shaded and Lighted…)

Well it's useful for me.

And Toybox if you see this, well, here you go!
I might try some other stuff too. Just a heads up.

Red Star 1022

File: 1351054855296.png (812.45 KB, 2461x2777, TB Headshot Hair Lighting Squi…)

Added hair lighting squiggles.

First time really using them so I guess it ain't bad for a first try.

Red Star 1024

If anyone knows of any good lining/inking tutorials please send me towards them!

File: 1350960806108.jpg (306.6 KB, 481x759, shirtandpanties.jpg)

Need help with Fallen Castle mod Dlesang 3109[View]

So I'm having a lot of fun and would like to make my first location mod for Oblivion. Yes, I'm aware that most people aren't playing Oblivion anymore, but I'm currently unable to mod Skyrim due to nif issues.

The location I want to make first is the Fallen Castle in Everfree Forest, as seen in S1E2. The show only shows two rooms, and I would like to make it larger than that. If anyone can help by offering refs for the location and suggestions of what to include, please say so below.

The image is from a MLP race mod I'm working on to make each of the mane six characters into a playable race. I'll be making lots of stuff for that, too.
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Dlesang 3111


That's a good idea! I was wondering how the player would get from the first room to the ruined Great Hall where Twilight squared off against Nightmare Moon. A dungeon level sounds awesome.

Perhaps I could make ghost ponies battle. XD

Anonymous 3112

File: 1351005415528.png (495.44 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_in_a_dungeon_S01E22…)

That's the kind of thing I was thinking, yeah.

You could work spirits of the long dead into it, certainly. Luna/Nightmare Moon's old guard/shadowbolts.

Dungeons as a thing are canon, after all. :)

Anonymous 3113

File: 1351021528150.jpg (86.99 KB, 960x720, nic cage is tired of your shit…)

I prefer Oblivion over skyrim. Oblivion was more fun for me, but anyways, that is scary.

File: 1350250007817.jpg (40.33 KB, 492x311, mlfw1310_6ctoQ.jpg)

Pwnies!sD7XnNJAdM 3108[View]

So, I heard this place was also for music…

So, here's this song-thingie I made.

It's sort of ambience-electric-new-age or something.

Thanks for listening!

File: 1349475796137.png (504.75 KB, 537x800, 2.png)


Attention, artists in the southwest United States, California, Arizona, New Mexico, around that area. On February 22-24, in Las Vegas, there will be a Brony Convention, information found here: http://www.laspegasusunicon.com/
If any of you artists are planning on being a vendor there, and haven't already signed up/bought a booth I'd like you to contact me via e-mail. Heck, maybe if you already have, contact me.
-The !Doctor.XqY

Anonymous 819

There is also a contest on /oat/ where you can win passes to this convention:


File: 1349043424501.jpg (1.55 MB, 1680x2444, 1336044577538.jpg)

The Artist Questions on Ethics and Practices General 787[View]

As an artist, I'm interested in what our little drawing community thinks of these questions I'm about to list off. These are common to come across within art communities, and answers typically fall within a wide range of opinions. Also, some of them may help other artists network.

When it comes to drawing fan art:
>Do you feel it is ethical for people who draw fan art to copyright their works?
>Do you feel it is right for artists to sell their works if they contain intellectual property of another artist? I.E. selling fan art of Twilight Sparkle.
>How do you personally define a parody? At one point does a parody become copyright infringement?
>When it comes to pricing original content, if one were to sell it, what do you feel should go into what determines the final price?
>How much value do you place in original content? Do you feel original content is usually ignored over popular fan art?
>What is your opinion on pornography? Is it selling out to draw pornographic content to appeal to a wider audience? Is this wrong?
>How do you promote yourself in the artist community, and what has worked for you? Do you use Tumblr, Deviantart, Twitter, or another social network? Which ones do you find work the most towards your favor, and why is that?
>East vs. West. Do you prefer traditional art? Anime? A mixing of both? What style of cartoons do you find the most expressive and interesting?
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The!GummyfZBao 795

File: 1349116019747.jpg (296.74 KB, 700x600, 5.jpg)

Honestly, I don't feel it's ethical. The idea of a copyright on a work that contains IPs you didn't create is not only illegal, but is insulting to the original artist and shows the highest disrespect. It's basically plagiarism in my eyes; I don't care how detailed or different in style it ranges from the original work. The moment you copyright such a thing, it's using someone else's idea to boost your own fame and making it yours. That is stealing. I have made an attempt to remove any and all copyrights I have put onto works that involve IPs I do not own.
This follows suit with my first answer, for the exact same reason. Have I been guilty of this? Hell yes I have. Do I still do it? I try not to. I've been refusing works lately that involve copyright characters. Of course, I still have weak moments, I'm ashamed to admit.
I believe the pricing goes into the time spent and effort put into a work, on a general scale of how much you believe your worth and what you're doing compared to the ability of whoever is purchasing your works. Someone hires you because they cannot do what they're asking themselves, and if they're willing to pay for it, it must be valuable to them. Nothing in life is free, and talent and dedicated practice should not be squandered or ignored as cheap. Artists should honestly demand more for their works, and learn to adjust to the community they serve to produce the maximum output they feel they can gain. The 'Starving Artist' who does not know the value of his work, that sells a complete painting for $5.00 is a fool in my eyes.
I value original content high over fan art. I feel it is ignored, and I feel our generation is dumbed down by the lack of innovation and the overall mindless copying of someone else's work to boost their own status. There is improving on existing ideas and then there is out right blatant ripping off. You fail to see improvements most of the time, especially in communities that are supported by fandoms. Furries and Otakus make up the majority of those I find at fault for the lack of creativity in today's youth.
I feel that an artist should be prepared to appeal to any and all audiences, and that in this world there will always be people who will find such works appealing. Ignoring that part of reality is ignorant, to
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

FPP 814

Kind of wish there was a art constructive critique thread.


File: 1349468292762.png (689.28 KB, 2048x2048, Forest Sketch WIP.png)

Post the art, start the thread…
I'm personally friends with a few artists and getting Critique from them on >Pic.
>Not latest iteration.

File: 1346740546906.jpg (44.43 KB, 423x472, RatburnIcon1.jpg)

Mister Ratburn's Thread 680[View]

#Accepting Commission

Ratburn here to make some draws.
I don't do r34, but aside from that pretty much anything else.

Unless requested otherwise, I'll post all finished commissions in this thread.

Paypal is [email protected] I do 1/2 up front 1/2 after it's finished. I'll send you a low quality thumb once it's done, but to get the final size I have to confirm the final payment.

Almost projects will be finished within a week or less. For larger commissions, I will provide updates so adjustments, if needed, can be made on the fly. I will make on the fly adjustments for free, so long as they are minor. I determine what is minor.

I will make revisions at the end of the drawing for an additional fee of 5$ per change. Changes must be minor, and I will determine what is minor or not. If you are completely unsatisfied, I will do a complete redraw for an additional quarter of the original cost. I do not, however, give refunds. Once you send me money in paypal, consider it spent. The only exception whatsoever is if I am for some reason unable to finish your artwork.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 682

File: 1346782985657.png (1.94 MB, 1700x2338, 002.png)

Added to the directory!

Welcome Mister Ratburn!


File: 1347052850426.jpg (126.63 KB, 581x662, WhatHaveYouIsDone1.jpg)

Messing with color and made this to use as a reaction face.

I'll also be accepting requests still to boost up my portfolio.


File: 1348104813468.png (120.69 KB, 343x315, Scootaloo - 18.png)


Could you do Scootaloo playing guitar? I requested this to someone else but he never replied..

File: 1345194306495.jpg (439.87 KB, 1700x1100)

TF2 Server MOTD Contest ## Mod 563[View]

Did we mention that we have a TF2 server?
Well we do!

And we need a spiffy MOTD image for it!

An MOTD you say? What is that?

Well the MOTD is the Message of the day, and it shows up when you first join the server before you chose your teams.

So, what do you need to do to enter?
That's simple!
Make an appropriate MOTD image, with info about us, the site and our rules.

The rules for the server are pretty much the same as for the site!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1347833880751.png (184.58 KB, 907x645, Keep calm and post ponies.png)

I make no claims of originality.


File: 1347834110193.png (508.14 KB, 907x645, mann co.png)

Anonymous 729

File: 1347984565604.gif (366.35 KB, 1000x700, 1347827646823.gif)

holy shit hahaha

File: 1345936825640.jpg (190.48 KB, 1200x1448, CelestiaSculpt.jpg)

Anonymous 3106[View]

Hey, MLPchan. An artist I like is selling this Celestia sculpture on eBay. She needs money, and she's quite talented, so I thought I'd share.

Deviant Art page: http://celerypony.deviantart.com/art/OOAK-Celestia-Sculpture-323364324

Ponychan thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/merch/res/115769.html

eBay item page: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170901204348#ht_500wt_1156

If you know anyone who might be interested in bidding, spread the word.

Anonymous 3107

I like the detail on the wings. Fine work.

File: 1342330648124.jpg (738.85 KB, 2550x3501, ponysketchesandlilium.jpg)

some help please? 151[View]

Well, Im trying to polish my art-style, so I wonder if anyone could please give me some advice or constructive criticism about it, well, this picture is kinda old, so my actual style has improved a little, yet, well, Im still a rookie so please, could anyone help this aspiring artist?

btw, my deviantart is http://metalh24.deviantart.com/
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Anonymous 434

Looking good. Dash in particular there is well done. I think they be just slightly too large in the eyes, but the shapes and angles look very good.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 649

File: 1345927024084.png (77 KB, 222x205, pinkie hey you.png)

Oh hey, you're MetalH24! I wasn't sure who you were but we accepted the art you wanted to share with "Pony After Dark". Many of us are like you and are very much still figuring the art thing out. If you're happy enough posting and contributing, it's fine, but feel free to join the membership if you'd like. I like your style and can appreciate being mostly stuck to "traditional" arting. Nice to be able to place a mlpchan persona to the artist on DA.

Eponymous the Magnificent~!TILDE0My9M 650

File: 1345927162856.png (300.53 KB, 524x424, pinkie painted some happy hear…)

>Many of us are like you and are very much still figuring the art thing out.

Well, actually, the truth is that even the really good artists are always learning, heh.

File: 1345596754827.png (398.98 KB, 3024x1818, aj gun.png)

I Made an (F)Art Anonymous 610[View]

So, I took about half an hour to draw this. Other than the missing back leg, how to do better?
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Anonymous 617

File: 1345688424850.jpg (154.74 KB, 1680x1010, ajumad.jpg)

ArtRage. I mean, I could've not used fill. But I'm laaazy. :(

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 625

Saved. The fill isn't that bad.

Anonymous 628

File: 1345874965164.gif (218.36 KB, 353x393, 1343618516500.gif)

Ah. Thanks.

File: 1344720034627.png (215.97 KB, 371x387, Picture 2.png)

Fluttershy Plush Progress 479[View]

Been working on this for a couple weeks need some advice from other pony fans what do you think ponies?
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Anonymous 481

grab the shotgun!

Kind of hard to tell at that stage really

Anonymous 486

So far, it has potential. The mane and tail will determine a lot here; the wings seem good. You've avoided what seem to be common mistakes among others who do this, and I think you'll progress well if you don't try to rush.

Meet!DahGayseXY 515

I think it needs moar tummeh
looking good though

File: 1342239694964.png (454.89 KB, 720x540, Rarity1123.png)

Webcomic 94[View]

Post webcomics that feature ponies here.
They can be related to MLP either by fan art, strips, filler, etc.

Follow this simple format.
>Summary of the webcomic

Then dump some of their mlp related art!
Let us get some needed traffic for those not so well known webcomics!
>remember to disable ad blockers.

#Artist Feature
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Anonymous 147

File: 1342321229384.jpg (59.85 KB, 412x345, friendship_overcomes_all_by_ca…)

Anonymous 428

File: 1344170687043.jpg (330.81 KB, 1024x1371, 579720196b882f294ed016632f6404…)

this was an excuse to make a kyra thread and you know it clerkles!

Anonymous 429

Clerk is here, yeah!

File: 1343763334485.png (14.29 KB, 620x326, flutter.png)

rate my art renamang!UDOJrF9gS2 396[View]

what should i improve on
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renamang!UDOJrF9gS2 403

File: 1343768935581.png (45.47 KB, 374x688, wtf4.png)

renamang!UDOJrF9gS2 405

File: 1343782933959.png (101.46 KB, 620x1072, meme.png)


File: 1343946736263.png (581.08 KB, 640x648, HARDASFUCK drive.png)


sorry rvg but nothing of it can be improved

File: 1342837697997.png (202.58 KB, 440x480, dd 2-16 (111).png)

Hello /ART/ I have some news for you all. Crimson!lsUMWqdC0k 235[View]

Ever wanted to get some notice on your art? Have a deviantArt account? Want to be in a established pony art group and make the community stronger here and there? I know you do, that's why you are reading this.

Well here is my news. I have a deviantArt group that is just waiting for new artists to share their work, we only have a few posting art as of now. Anonthony recently came with me asking if I could share my group with art for artists to get noticed. I was very excited to help. So here is the thing.

This group would do well with some members and as founder I promise no artist gets turned down. There is not a lot of folders for different art as of yet, but there will be as time goes on and we as a community can work together.

Now I know what you're thinking, or something like it… Great, okay wonderful text wall crimson, but where is the link? Well the link is right here http://pony-after-dark.deviantart.com/

Signing up on deviantArt is free and easy. After that ask to be a member and we will add you.

For the first few weeks accepting everyone might be a challenge but I am hoping to use this thread to help work out all the kinks. Join in. The group is ready for you and your art.

In the future there might be events, even contests… But this can only be done with people in the group and that means you!

Yes you reading all of this text.
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File: 1342838716081.png (239.52 KB, 1000x910, 133769905145.png)

I actually just created a DA the other day but it is currently empty. Mostly because I was too lazy to upload anything.

But once I bother to spend some time on it, I'm down for jumping on on this.

Pic unrelated. I just wanted to post it.

Crimson!lsUMWqdC0k 240

File: 1342838826450.png (426.11 KB, 720x720, dd 2-16 (144).png)

I would be honored if you joined.

Jax (Element of Fett and /oat/)!Nn69xDErmY 259

File: 1343068174075.jpg (4.92 KB, 200x133, imagesCAFJ5RH6.jpg)

>Art currently sucks.

>Promises to join when he improves.

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