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File: 1342225804975.jpg (159.32 KB, 614x840, 07f.jpg)

TheBatBrony 743[Last 50 Posts]


I just thought I would introduce myself, My name Is Batsy, I am a 16 year old girl, a gamer girl to be exact, I am currently finishing up getting all stars on the Angry birds levels!~

I would just like to say I am a firm believe of love an tolerance!~

And I wish to spread joy and cheer to all of everyone and others!~

I can't wait to be super best friends with all the new people I am to meet here!~

Marceline!BlazeHCxFM 744

File: 1342225862995.png (142.84 KB, 537x360, 129987165743.png)

i dunno, something tells me that somewhere in that post there was sarcasm of some kind…..

Dr.Doom 745

File: 1342225913598.jpg (40.17 KB, 500x529, 134116 - applejack humanized.j…)

want 2 cybre, OP?

Derpymouz!TheMouZ8I6 746

File: 1342225986156.jpg (169.47 KB, 1373x1325, 131629552201.jpg)

Looks super legitimate

TheBatBrony 747

File: 1342226166005.jpg (9.65 KB, 271x299, eeeeeeeeee.jpg)

Why would you think that!?

What is wrong with you!

Don't hit on me silly boy!

I think it would be clear enough with out you pointing it out silly!

Derpymouz!TheMouZ8I6 748

File: 1342226216523.png (106 KB, 526x541, 131499276040.png)

Are you a gamer girl?


File: 1342226279397.jpg (90.92 KB, 650x610)

That's an odd way to spell


Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 750

File: 1342226317415.png (221.95 KB, 956x536, Luna's the goddamn batmare.png)


TheBatBrony 751

File: 1342226535582.jpg (207.98 KB, 931x516, Raraspy.jpg)

Well I have 3 stars in almost all angery bird levels!

Oh and I have played some TF2! I have been looking at allot of hats in that game, trying to pick one that makes me look the best!

gama gur

Y thank you sweety, you would not believe how many make up hours go into one minute of film making!~

Derpymouz!TheMouZ8I6 752

File: 1342226595394.png (56.08 KB, 418x460, 131843605825.png)

Do you play anything hardcore like Call of Duty: Modern Battlefield 3?


File: 1342226676203.gif (57.1 KB, 265x231, 131232592289.gif)

Sarcasm? Please, that's for jerks and liars! There's none of those people on the Internet, Silly!

TheBatBrony 754

Some guy promised to buy that for me on steam the other night, still waiting on him to send me the gift… :'(

Dr.Doom 755

File: 1342227251093.jpg (219.27 KB, 1920x1080, 64540 - Marvel artist-giantmos…)

Can't stop me from hitting on you~

I put on my robe n wizaard hat…

Derpymouz!TheMouZ8I6 756

File: 1342227301340.png (47.69 KB, 264x199, 131789250509.png)

What a horrible meaniehead!

TheBatBrony 757

Just a warning, I could be a tease at times ;)

He promised it 3 hours ago >:(

TheBatBrony 758

File: 1342526199196.jpg (10.71 KB, 259x194, thread back to life.jpg)

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 759

File: 1342526500529.png (92.14 KB, 500x500, 130797743851.png)

Hai Bats I hope we get to be the bestest of friendz!

TheBatBrony 760

File: 1342526796808.jpg (16.76 KB, 200x350, Batcan.jpg)

Da beshtish!~~ :D :D :D ♥♥♥♥ :D ;D ;D :-D ♥

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 761

File: 1342526957722.png (213.92 KB, 3410x2431, 132749943481.png)

Besties 4 lyfe!

TheBatBrony 762

File: 1342527142218.jpg (5.65 KB, 250x280, facebook.jpg)

So when do we share clothes?

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 763

File: 1342527179486.png (372.98 KB, 2712x2100, 133143612499.png)

I did that already when you weren't looking.

TheBatBrony 764

So what I am wearing right now, is really yours?

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 765

File: 1342527384147.png (104.04 KB, 411x390, Derpy - Impersonating Flutters…)

You are wearing a pair of Rainbow knee socks with matching arm warmers and a pretty pink skirt with a normal plain white shirt. And yes they are mine

TheBatBrony 766

They smell like you~

Amar!hEbITNyzxg 767

File: 1342534835517.png (108.8 KB, 350x212, 1298845713251.png)

Tex 768

Holy shit this was bumped from hell

!DAsHyUSlfI 769

File: 1342540729830.png (36.96 KB, 300x309, 1304863323344.png)

My OCD is nuts at the first sentence
What makes it worse is that i can't fix it
goddamnit, 9/10 i raged

Snootie 770

File: 1342569213640.jpg (60.75 KB, 300x276, I agree.jpg)

TheBatBrony 771

File: 1342612616178.jpg (55.38 KB, 451x600, Fashion poony.jpg)

With the speed of this board, and my constant bumping, I can keep this thread alive for the sake of it being posted on first day of chan making for years!

Fidalgo 772

Keep up that challenge for as long as you can

jervis!jTetchbq3Q 773

File: 1342617283102.jpg (82.11 KB, 500x419, NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.jpg)


TheBatBrony 774

File: 1342668388387.jpg (8.55 KB, 473x344, 7684573456.jpg)

I'll need your help to do so.

But me and you can be lesbians, as long as you to agree to age 4 years right now.

jervis!jTetchbq3Q 775

File: 1342669486173.jpg (97.91 KB, 500x576, i can explain.jpg)

lesbians you say?
I would take that offer
if only i could age 4 years right now

Anonymous 776

File: 1342669548261.jpg (19.17 KB, 300x300, 20867-1-1281271307.jpg)

Ink'd Pony, Bringer of Hugs !lOoJZePrBA 777

File: 1342669776165.png (1021.8 KB, 1785x1709, forgotten octavia.png)

Well, there we go then….

TheBatBrony 778

File: 1342670071002.jpg (11.78 KB, 476x342, 5868759356.jpg)

I suggest you use it.


Ink'd Pony, Bringer of Hugs !lOoJZePrBA 779

File: 1342670257076.jpg (324.57 KB, 1197x1105, public drunkieness.jpg)

I'm already in lesbians with 18 year old Jervis

TheBatBrony 780

I'll cut you bitch!

Ink'd Pony, Bringer of Hugs !lOoJZePrBA 781

File: 1342670599361.jpg (750.94 KB, 1861x1949, snowblind.jpg)

So has Everyone else XD

TheBatBrony 782

I'll cut you deep!

Ink'd Pony, Bringer of Hugs !lOoJZePrBA 783

File: 1342670750540.png (283.47 KB, 789x805, 3.png)

Sounds like fun

jervis!jTetchbq3Q 784

File: 1342670771020.jpg (95.42 KB, 500x616, ..cats.jpg)

don't you fight over me
i'm not worth it

Ink'd Pony, Bringer of Hugs !lOoJZePrBA 785

File: 1342670930213.jpg (676.04 KB, 1881x2193, hothusk.jpg)

oh yes you are, cmere…

TheBatBrony 786

Fun for me, not for you.

You stay away from her Jervis.

jervis!jTetchbq3Q 787

File: 1342671862763.png (90.59 KB, 217x300, nope.png)

oh god what…

Ink'd Pony, Bringer of Hugs !lOoJZePrBA 788

I liek it.

You know you want this.

jervis!jTetchbq3Q 789

File: 1342675446725.png (26.58 KB, 646x650, dead.png)


TheBatBrony 790

File: 1342790203511.jpg (43.71 KB, 680x421, Bdsaattaasdsd.jpg)

AustroSpike 791

File: 1342814932827.jpg (44.32 KB, 536x600, opkindafag.jpg)

TheBatBrony 792

File: 1342816255177.png (263.69 KB, 491x370, music-fails-im-the-goddamn-bas…)

Takes a faggot to know a faggot.

Anonymous 793

Hey Batsy. I'm Anon, a __ year old __. I am currently posting on mlplebchan.

TheBatBrony 794

File: 1342831577225.jpg (22.6 KB, 900x487, batman_beyond_profile_front_by…)

__ is not an age or a gender.

TheBatBrony 795

File: 1342945437232.jpg (95.47 KB, 650x945, 134292729688.jpg)

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 796

File: 1342945746486.jpg (27.93 KB, 458x571, This pleases Fancy Pants.JPG)

My sides are moving on their own!

How's it going bro?

TheBatBrony 797

File: 1342945840110.jpg (5.57 KB, 128x128, 132377583988.jpg)

Tired and still slightly annoyed from when I went to see Dark knight rising this morning.


Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 798

File: 1342945981511.png (374.09 KB, 550x720, FP - Dashing smile.png)

The movie didn't live up to your expectations?

I am alright. Drinking a beer while mucking around with my tablet.

TheBatBrony 799

File: 1342946143179.jpg (24.76 KB, 190x266, Batman___Adam_West_by_veripwol…)

The movie was great, but two stinky very large bitch women were sitting next to me, and they, fucking, STANK.

What are you oing on your tablet right now?

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 800

File: 1342946263965.jpg (37.66 KB, 640x480, Snapshot_20120716_7.JPG)

I fucking feel for ya. No one should suffer that.

I am mostly just mucking around, trying to adjust to using it rather than my preferred media.

TheBatBrony 801

File: 1342946430788.gif (495.67 KB, 490x367, 132377002291.gif)

and what is your preferred media?

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 802

File: 1342946504118.png (30.93 KB, 640x400, 222.png)

Pencil, paper, art pen, tracing paper and a light table. That's all I need to be happy but I got to get with the times.

TheBatBrony 803

File: 1342946710686.jpg (21.39 KB, 279x400, chris haley adam west batman a…)

>Pencil, paper, art pen, tracing paper and a light table.

Penisil, gayper, fart pen, fagcing, gayper and a dike table.

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 804

File: 1342946767630.png (19.62 KB, 200x295, 6 finger hand.png)

Glad to see you're in a wonderful mood. What have you been up to lately?

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 805

File: 1342946823883.png (24.55 KB, 255x343, 132573354394.png)

This thread is still alive just as you said. This is good.

TheBatBrony 806

File: 1342946857600.jpg (281.58 KB, 1024x768, Batman-Robin-1966-TV-Adam-West…)

Well after I got done being sick from smelling the horribleness for an entire movie, I cleaned up the house a bit and played some Skyrim, how about you?

TheBatBrony 807

File: 1342946939342.png (250.66 KB, 321x426, Batman_3.png)

Number 86 must be remembered forever.


File: 1342947092980.jpg (18.56 KB, 227x241, What (3).jpg)

What should be remembered forever?

TheBatBrony 809

File: 1342947165570.png (290.71 KB, 633x469, screen-capture-13.png)

Number >>743

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 810

File: 1342947173212.png (24 KB, 637x591, Hunter.png)

Honestly, I spent the entire evening, yesterday, cooking. Then I played some Combat Arms and now I am playing with this tablet and drawing really, really cruddy art.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 811

File: 1342947181076.png (184.86 KB, 534x619, 130760035562.png)

Until the end of time. This thread is very important to us and it should never be forgotten.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 812

File: 1342947235528.png (108.94 KB, 1158x690, 133125569465.png)

You will become the next Picasso with your masterpieces


File: 1342947299248.png (175.09 KB, 1237x645, Pie (18).png)

Sorry, what? I was busy eatin' this delicious pie..

TheBatBrony 814

File: 1342947322243.png (307.88 KB, 770x391, 131865707720.png)

What you cook, and what did you draw so far?
Other then that hunter thing that I am assumin you drew.

We need to get this arched.

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 815

File: 1342947329983.png (319.8 KB, 638x588, 132627170849.png)

You really think so, Big Daddy-Fid?

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 816

File: 1342947424457.jpg (109.87 KB, 1100x1070, 131945040646.jpg)

I cooked a ton of spaghetti, stirfried rice, vegetables, flat bread and beans. Got enough food to last me two weeks without cooking.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 817

File: 1342947515150.png (77.02 KB, 596x532, 130336471722.png)

Out of curiosity how many Batman related pictures do you have?
YES! Do it! We got to find a way to get this thread arched for whatever reason.. Got any ideas?

Of course I do! Please, show me some of your amazing work.

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 818

File: 1342947567680.jpg (538.31 KB, 1109x1362, Samantha_by_Nelrond.jpg)

Here, have an old picture.

TheBatBrony 819

File: 1342947686488.jpg (12.57 KB, 291x347, 2158248-pink_batman.jpg)

Correction, you WOULD have enough food for two weeks without cooking if you if you weren't sending all your spaghetti to me.

Around 3 thousand.

Like all arched threads get arched, reports with nothing said other then arch this thread, and emails to the admin.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 820

File: 1342947701732.png (194.76 KB, 756x972, 132728073921.png)

Oh wow, that is actually really good! You are quite the artist. I can't wait for the day you become all rich and famous for being the best artist in the world.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 821

File: 1342947844687.png (1.12 MB, 781x1025, 35426347.png)

Damn.. That is a lot of Batman. How long did it take you to collect them?

Ah, yes! Good idea. We must show our demands to the admin and not give up. No matter how long it takes. This will surely work!

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 822

File: 1342947897374.png (47.47 KB, 640x400, drawfag.png)

Ah. I'll deliver the spaghetti immediatly. I'll keep it in my pockets so it doesn't get cold.

My art is okay when I draw with a pencil or pen. But when I draw with this god forsaken tablet, it's jittery and nowhere near as precise as I would like.

Then again, I'm assuming this tablet is dirt cheap because I just found it in my storage unit.

TheBatBrony 823

File: 1342947997309.gif (1.82 MB, 350x183, 133254309387.gif)

Well, it is still on going like all real picture folders.

I already sent my first report after this post.

Make sure it doesn't fall out of your pockets while you are talking to someone, I don't need them walking on it.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 824

File: 1342948458991.gif (376.28 KB, 620x484, 130800826867.gif)

[S]MY EYES OH GOD WHAT IS THAT ABOMINATION?! JEEZ!! NEVER HAVE I SEEN SUCH RUBBISH[/S] I mean.. That isn't so bad! Then why use the tablet if it's bad? Why not just stick to pencil on paper?

Nice. Keep getting them pictures then.

Good man! That's the spirit. Keep on doing it until they arch the thread

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 825

File: 1342948603318.png (162.57 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2011-10-26-04h26m41s22…)

Because I don't have a scanner and my copic marker colour selection isn't as great as GIMPs colour selection.

TheBatBrony 826

File: 1342948702015.png (286.97 KB, 757x1056, derpmare_by_smashinator-d4t043…)

I make a rune at deviantart like every week or so for new pictures.

I will need more people then just me doing it. I can pay you in Batman derpy crossovers http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/312/5/6/flash___the_muffin_mare_by_dx11-d4fkrbe.swf

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 827

File: 1342948963230.png (517.5 KB, 763x1048, 134089567604.png)

Why not get one then? Or are they really expensive? Or is it that you just don't want to purchase one?
also, posting as Pinkie Pie. WHY?

I'll get to it then. We should get Nelrond to join us. I'm also saving that.

TheBatBrony 828

File: 1342949084446.png (105 KB, 510x700, batmare__s_bomb_run_by_broccol…)

You must get him on our side, if they see me doing it to another person they will think I am starting a rebellion.

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 829

File: 1342949085681.png (201.62 KB, 449x339, dance.png)

I change who I avatar as on a regular basis. No specific focus anymore.

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 830

File: 1342949328750.png (168.18 KB, 521x401, 1338034882374.png)

I already made the request

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 831

File: 1342949375479.png (62.15 KB, 426x391, 132516462919.png)

I will use my excellent persuasion skills to get him on our side

Really? Why's that? I got to admit though that every time I watch Sweet and Elite, I immediately think of you when I see Fancy Pants.

Nelrond! Me and Bats are trying to get this thread arched. You must help us!

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 832

File: 1342949472200.jpg (30.6 KB, 260x194, desunet.jpg)

I dunno, it's just fun to mix it up every now and then.

TheBatBrony 833

File: 1342949482118.jpg (90.4 KB, 680x907, 612.jpg)

[?]And then Nel was under my employ all along.>>22190

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 834

File: 1342949553633.png (54.2 KB, 600x537, 133171074301.png)

HERETIC. Not really..
I guess it could be interesting to change avatar. I've been using Derpy for many months now and changing to something else could feel like a fresh start. Also, how many Fancy Pants pictures do you have?

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 835

File: 1342949553983.png (398.63 KB, 641x470, Cup-a-Soup_7.png)

I got a friend to make like 100 caps of the Royco cup-of-soup video and I've always wanted to avatar as it.

Maybe it's time.

TheBatBrony 836

File: 1342949663596.gif (617.31 KB, 350x524, superheroes-batman-superman-su…)

You can do that and arch my thread at the same time!

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 837

needs a bit more epic and some more participation.

I'll get the chloroform.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 838

File: 1342949919536.png (52.3 KB, 500x500, 35426345.png)

There's always got to be a first, right? Why can't it be this thread?

TheBatBrony 839

File: 1342949944926.jpg (28.62 KB, 460x633, 84797_v0_600x.jpg)

Can't get any more epic then this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AqHtBLUjgo

And who is getting knocked out?

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 840

Well the original /oat/ sticky was /arch/ed when we made a new one, after about 800 replies

Every pony fan on earth who hasn't been inducted into our new Illuminati. I'm gonna need a bigger bottle of this stuff.

TheBatBrony 841

File: 1342950299873.jpg (5.99 KB, 195x204, 3734523.jpg)

>Well the original /oat/ sticky was /arch/ed when we made a new one, after about 800 replies

Mod and admin posts don't count, and they never will.

>Every pony fan on earth who hasn't been inducted into our new Illuminati. I'm gonna need a bigger bottle of this stuff.

So we go to other pony chans and kidnap their users? Sounds awesome, how rough can we be with their sleeping bodies?

Nelrond the AlphaPony!3tNelrONDs 842

File: 1342950336921.jpg (45.18 KB, 464x450, desuidunno.jpg)

It also gets people to recognize me by my name, not the images I post.

I've got about 101 pictures.


Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 843

File: 1342950356852.png (233.38 KB, 1632x1945, 132106472865.png)

That doesn't mean that this thread can't be arched.

You have a point there. Mod and Admin's don't count..

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 844

File: 1342950466632.png (265.81 KB, 643x470, Cup-a-Soup_38.png)

just waiting for something to push this thread over the top

i guess as long as they're still functional afterwards, do what you want

TheBatBrony 845

File: 1342950545541.jpg (44.09 KB, 364x617, 1235253.jpg)

I got somethings in myu daily life I can state for you, what would you like, sad or epic?

TheBatBrony 846

Damn straight they don't they arch sticky and embed their threads all willy nilly.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 847

File: 1342950774497.png (46.96 KB, 365x343, 132523595395.png)

That's true. Really, Only 101? I thought you would have had more than that. Also, that was a great song of you guys singing.

Are you saying it hasn't gone over the top? It should be arched.

It's the equivalent of cheating.

TheBatBrony 848

File: 1342950850047.jpg (24.49 KB, 460x312, 09240a8d3ae1c4ade9635bed4498f9…)

Oh I got an idea, Batman vs Iron man vs Spider-man in 3 posts.


TheBatBrony 849

File: 1342950873460.jpg (29.77 KB, 600x398, iron-man-vs-batman-vs-spiderma…)

TheBatBrony 850

File: 1342950897847.jpg (24.49 KB, 460x312, 09240a8d3ae1c4ade9635bed4498f9…)

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 851

Arch it. Now.

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 852

But then it will be over! D:

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 853

File: 1342951221924.png (84.17 KB, 357x253, 130797943830.png)

DO IT. Or I'll be very sad…

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 854

File: 1342951323919.png (116.67 KB, 331x310, AJ - considering.png)


I'll be back in 2 hours.

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 855

File: 1342951463491.png (337.05 KB, 1500x1456, 131281896913.png)

Alright. When you come back I expect this thread to be arched.

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 856

File: 1342951686846.gif (298.41 KB, 500x390, 1342572347237.gif)

Do your best. Parting gift.


File: 1342967400451.jpg (11.4 KB, 216x216, wat.jpg)

TheBatBrony 858

File: 1343020088472.jpg (42.32 KB, 781x522, Awesome.jpg)


lax brony!RelaxJdFJU 859

File: 1343020282673.gif (721.61 KB, 595x511, 766.gif)

Why hello there, nice to meet you Batsy.

!Esquireomg 860

File: 1343020651604.png (146.17 KB, 411x463, Oh God what the hell.png)


File: 1343022276417.png (223.73 KB, 730x258, VEEEEEEEEEEEELD.png)


TheBatBrony 862

File: 1343023216194.gif (177.51 KB, 250x183, Unlurk.gif)

Hey Lax, long time no see.



File: 1343023670958.png (31.34 KB, 129x124, CRIES.png)


TheBatBrony 864

File: 1343023996613.png (235.91 KB, 632x474, tumblr_m5bkb4Zpdb1qb9ic7o6_r1_…)

I can feel it from here.


File: 1343025337312.png (56.73 KB, 226x166, oh no.png)

TheBatBrony 866

File: 1343026165973.jpg (241.91 KB, 699x522, 133980017658.jpg)

I only see one bakka here and that's YOU!


File: 1343026265141.png (53.23 KB, 156x194, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.png)


Anonymous 868

File: 1343026525657.jpg (13.81 KB, 400x300, What is this shit.jpg)

That is the most tsundere post I have ever seen

TheBatBrony 869

File: 1343027008610.jpg (139.58 KB, 900x649, they_killed_batman_by_Bloodmil…)

Fidalgo!W6qoBTJeD. 870

>Thread still not arched.
I'm very disappointed.
How will Bats feel?

Anonymous 871



File: 1343135672152.png (97.35 KB, 403x270, nevermind.png)

bat brony is such a baka my heart goes doki doki

Sedrick the Flyentologist 873

File: 1343136069950.gif (431.43 KB, 278x208, tumblr_lx2gcq14991qitpt4o2_400…)

This thread is now dead.


File: 1343136216696.png (111.68 KB, 406x270, found him.png)

you don't make my heart go doki doki

Sedrick the Flyentologist 875

File: 1343136263630.gif (482.88 KB, 397x298, tumblr_lwlrb2qPqW1qitpt4o1_400…)

I make my penis go Doki Doki.


File: 1343136383415.png (38.49 KB, 356x160, what is it.png)

tempting but no

Sedrick the Flyentologist 877

File: 1343136498022.jpg (43.6 KB, 400x600, tumblr_m258hqAZTl1qja3n6o1_400…)

So be it.

TheBatBrony 878

File: 1343156937803.jpg (65.47 KB, 960x720, batman-beyond-return-of-the-jo…)

I was cheated!


Blame the laws!

If on front page on this site it not ded

Anonymous 879

Moved to /arch/ for such beauty.

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