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## Ship Captain ## competition: Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 2243[View All]

Winner was announced, congratulations to Golden Vision!
Remember the ## King of /oat/ ##, with his :smite: power that we did awhile back?

Well, it's that time again… But this time around, it won't be a scavenger hunt. No, it's much, much worse. If you want to win 24 hours as the ## Ship Captain ##, with a special board power that we'll decide on after, you'll have to do something… awful.

You'll have 48 hours to write the best (and by best, I mean worst - the most ridiculous/humorous) short shipfic about canon characters. (Bonus points if you pen a terrible Sombra shipfic.)

Are you up for it? Are you a bad enough dude to compete for /oat/'s official shipping master title?
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Ezn!RAopYJNHZ6 2359

File: 1352875713857.jpg (153.35 KB, 825x638, 82366__UNOPT__.jpg)

>by Ezn
>(whom I thought didn't ship)

>Need drink. Not sure if author needs hug. Mind broke.

And this is why I don't ship, usually. Three hundred more words and it would have turned into an existential crisis. A thousand more and it would've turned into an even more anvilicious "Hearts & Hooves Day", condemning the act of shipping like it's a war crime. =P

There's a bit of thinly veiled contempt for the genre (or at least the unwashed bulk of it) in lines like "A very tasty plate of waffles, thought Pinkie, psyching herself up for her role in this shipfic" and "I love you because you're smart".

Glad you did this!

Bravo! This was really funny, what with all the plant puns and incredible squickiness. There's a bit of a Blueshift feel to it.

>It was supposed to be a bad fic but I fucked up and accidentally wrote a proper ship fic. I'm so ashamed.
That about sums it up. This was cute. With a mechanical touch-up and a bit of lengthening around the actual relationshippy part, you could have something sweet to post on FIMFic here.

This is going to give me nightmares.


File: 1352876254043.jpg (7.4 KB, 184x202, 13-1.jpg)


I'm not much of a writer, so I'm not familiar with all these technical terms.

And yeah… romance isn't my style, but I like canon and I figured doing a little fic to tie into the scene in Sweet and Elite would be fun. I meant for it to be more over the top, but it just ended up being a cute, silly story.


Oh, I just mean stuff like fixing typos, spacing or indenting paragraphs, fixing some punctuation things, that kinda stuff. The nuts and bolts of writing, so to speak.

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 2362

File: 1352876492216.jpg (140.68 KB, 480x640, Photo Oct 18, 11 55 57 PM.jpg)


I'm going to hell.


File: 1352877068031.png (1.07 MB, 680x711, What has been seen.png)

As an Atheist, I can safely say…

Yeah. Probably.

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 2364

File: 1352877128883.jpg (124.88 KB, 480x640, Photo Oct 19, 12 01 40 AM.jpg)

I worship Shenron
He's gonna grant me wishes.


File: 1352877461624.png (457.98 KB, 1013x660, images-39.png)

The only God I believe in is me, I just have no faith in myself.

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 2366

File: 1352877703752.jpg (32.77 KB, 298x238, Gummy3.jpg)

If you collect all seven dragonballs, Shenron grants you one wish!

Anonthony!EEEEEEEE2c 2367

File: 1352920267592.gif (652.25 KB, 290x281, 1349501842449.gif)

Okay, today is the last day and… man, we got a ton of ridiculous shipfics in this thread.

I did not anticipate this. o_o
Help me out and let me know which couple were your favorites so we can narrow down the battle for ## Ship Captain ##

Ezn!RAopYJNHZ6 2368

File: 1352922897109.jpg (17.11 KB, 400x387, free-shipping.jpg)

>I did not anticipate this. o_o
This is what happens when you invite /fic/. Just using a regular imageboard where most posts don't strain the character limit give me this agoraphobic feeling that manifests in lots and lots of words.

Anyway, my two faves:
Slew me good and proper.

There were some innovations in trollfic lexicon all up in this. That, and it gives me the biggest headache to look at.

Geldon 2369

File: 1352924890496.jpg (46.87 KB, 500x339, 98261 - trip adorable fall cut…)

My hard drive went down yesterday. As if I didn't have enough procrastination stopping me from putting together a ship fic as it was. Well! Lets see what I can do about that…

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 2370

man why do I get no feedback I did something that I'd been dying to write

All the same, the quality of entries here is brilliant. Good show.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 2371

File: 1352931118353.png (163.62 KB, 327x266, pinkie G3 oh Roameo.png)

"The game's over"
Celestia stared over the foul-reeking bubbling plague that rushed over the meadows and ate through the foliation over Equestria and underneath Mount Canterlot. The droning rhythm to which the mass made its progress towards the Canterlot castle did little to alleviate her thought process.
All seemed lost. Celestia felt she could only thrust on her prized student, which hadn't failed before. But now that the Element of Loyalty had been smoozed and the elements of harmony had been rendered useless and on top of that the last Flutterpony had vanished from Equestria several eons ago, the Smooze did very well to make its reputation a sad truth. Equestria would soon be no more than a foul inhospitable land. She was going to have to set the preparations in order to move as best as she could the unafflicted ponies to another place.
"Sister, you must be planning what I am planning now. We could trust in Twilight Sparkle to dispose of this threat. But we can't wager the fate of all the sane ponies on that. We must prepare the mass teleportation spell."
This situation did require action desperately and Luna was a good Princess to take it. Celestia gave her a nod of agreement forcing the last of her smiles into it.
"But we must wait for Twilight Sparkle. I still would give her a little."
Luna didn't find the time to respond as a guard stormed into the throne room. Alarmed both Princesses turned to the unicorn who had hasted from the deepest regions of Canterlot.
"It…. it…"
"Has the Smooze already penetrated the lower levels of Canterlot?"
Luna brought for the scroll of mass teleportation, waiting for her sister's nod confirmation. The guard refound his breath.
"The Mad Alchemist's creation, my Princess, it broke free."
A great terror cut through the air of the Canterlot throneroom.
"The Mad Alchemist…"
Celestia stammered and couldn't finish that sentence. Luna didn't find any words and her complexity had turned paler than her sister's.
"How did it escape? It was guarded by the strongest of magics."
"My Princess, the foul atmosphere and the destruction of the magical beacons had worn down the locks. In these conditions not even an alicorn can wield the energy to keep it in!"
"Has anypony at least attempted to stop it or slow it down?"
"My Princess, we…"
The guard gulped. He had not ever angered, disappointed and shocked the Princess in such a degree. He felt like he could be banished to the moon on the very spot.
"The Smooze is on its way to Canterlot. The ponies are preparing to move away far from here. Equestria is lost, my Princess. Sending men against the abomination that broke out of here would just make senseless casualties. You couldn't expect us…"
"You are dismissed, guard. Go out and find your family."
Celestia looked out over the bumbling mass amassing ever further towards Canterlot.
"I am deeply sorry, Twilight. I had my faith in you, but the stakes have changed."
Celestia gave a nod at her sister, only to find she had already begun setting the signs and praying the spell.
"May Faust have mercy on the Equestrian land."

The Smooze plowed through the landscape ever drawing closer towards the peaks of Canterlot. Not that it mattered a lot, the land had suddenly grown emptier and ponies no longer played here. But the Smooze did not care. It had dirt, trees and beautiful flowers to gnaw on. One thing only caught the Smooze's attention. A steadfast fluorescent flow slimed its way off of the roads to Canterlot drumming its own rhythm.
It seemed joyous and elated. The Smooze felt the need to smooze its way to the curious glob. A sentiment that was shared by the Gak, who slithered, slimed and crawled over rocks sending its capital part towards the Smooze. A meeting of similars was on its way.
The Smooze let out a happy coo. Finally after swarming lands ith himself as his solitary companion, had he found a compadre.
The Gak didn't hold back or bore rejection, finding its purpose in life at last. A wet sloppy sound resonated in the region when both masses of goo collided and intermingled.
Slimy bubbles of shifting colours grew into the purple mass and sprung in extatic plopping noises releasing foul erotic gasses all over the planes. The melodic splorching and chemical combustions halted the monotonous smooze droming as the Gak bent its way over the Smooze gradually altering and chemically reconstructing the Smooze's shape and forms.
Not a single soul was left to see both eternal lovers rot its way deep into the Old Equestrian soil.

Anonymous 2372

>see a new reply
>check it
>skim at first
>see both Gak and Smooze referenced

Geldon 2373

File: 1352934224912.jpg (128.43 KB, 894x894, 133842886229.jpg)

“There must be a clue where the Crystal Heart can be found somewhere!” cried Twilight Sparkle, as she galloped through the Crystal Empire library, “But where?!”

Having made her 20 lap around the library now, she slowed down just enough to notice a side door emblazoned with the leering visage of King Sombra. "Ah hah!" she shouted triumphantly, kicking the door open with her hind legs.

On the other side of the door was but a mere antechamber. But sitting there, in the middle of that room, was a large podium containing an absolutely huge book, the largest Twilight Sparkle had ever seen. The cover was completely black except for Sombra's grinning face on the front of it, his eyebrows arched in open invitation.

Twilight Sparkle's heart skipped a beat. She cantered slowly into the antechamber and shut the door behind her. A click could be heard as her magic locked the door. She knew the moment she saw that book that they would need some time alone.

"Oh my~" came her coyish voice, as she ran a hoof down the spine, "your binding is so… thick…"

She ponderously opened the book with a belabored sound not unlike an exhalation of ecstasy. Inside the book was the most boring statistical data to be found on the Crystal Empire by anypony. There was no pictures, not even any diagrams! Just terse, tiny letters that read like a lecture from the most uninspired teacher ever.

Twilight sighed and let out a girly little titter, "Oh, King Sombre, I had you all wrong. You really know how to charm a girl…" Let Cadence solve her own silly problems, this was more important.

"Oh, I just can't do it Rainbow!" cried Fluttershy as she threw herself down on a hay bale inside of the gladiator's tent, her heavy armor rattling around her.

"Come on, Fluttershy!" reprimanded her rainbow-colored friend, "The Crystal Ponies are depending on us to keep their spirits up! Twilight's orders, remember?"

The dainty little cream-colored pegasus responded by covering her face with her hooves and whimpering. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and stomped her hooves. At times like this, she could not help but feel a little twinge of anger and fear.

That little twinge was all that King Sombra needed.

Fluttershy looked up to see Rainbow Dash glaring at her, the fires of King Sombra's dark magic emitting from her eyes. "Rainbow! What… what's the matter with you?" She backpedaled and fell backwards against the wall that her hay bale was resting, exposing her creamy underbelly.

"Mmmmm!" grunted Rainbow Dash, her voice deep and guttural with Sombra's influence, "Tonight… the lance."

[continued in page 2/4]

Geldon 2374

File: 1352934269933.jpg (327.17 KB, 895x1102, 132188820315.jpg)

"Finest hoof-woven baskets you've ever seen!" cried Rarity over the din of the fair. She had, thus far, been turning a very brisk trade. Naturally! She was a wonder, after all.

Staring at her with heart-filled eyes, Spike certainly seemed to think so too. "Oh, Rarity!" He was feeling emboldened by the change from the usual Ponyville environs, and let a little something slip. "This is why I'm going to marry you!"

"Marry?!" the white unicorn took a few steps back from the purple baby dragon. The little creature often flattered her, and she respected him as Twilight's adoptive sibling, but perhaps he was getting a little too encouraged. She had best nip that in the bud.

"Spike, I really appreciate your help, and you are a dear friend, you know that. But I really don't think marriage is ever going to happen. You're a dragon!" She turned her nose up from him to get her point across.

Spike's face shifted rapidly from its open adoration to blank-faced horror as he realized he had just been dumped. His heart was naturally feeling just a bit clouded… by fear, maybe even a bit of self-hatred.

Noticing a prolonged period of silence, Rarity looked down from her haughty little snub to see where the dragon had went to. She was surprised to see that he had not only stayed put, but had grown to twice his size and had jets of Sombra's dark fire coming from his eyes.

"Being dragon really matter?" came the words from Spike, unusually guttural with an older dragon's voice box and King Sombra's rather poor grasp of language. He snatched Rarity up in his claws and swooped her into a dashing pose (not unlike what could be seen on a cover of those trashy romance novels Rarity so enjoyed when she thought nopony was looking).

"Oh my!" swooned Rarity in a typical attack of over-dramatization. She hated to admit it, but Spike was suddenly a lot more strapping, debonaire and (dare she say it) irresistibly arousing!

Her eyes darted to the empty space under her basket weaving counter. "What say you, Sir Spike, we do a little undercover weaving exhibition of our own?"

Spike grinned.

Pinkie Pie capered throughout the streets in her jester outfit, spreading happiness amongst the Crystal Ponies as only she knew how. But now it was time for something a little more serious.

She darted into a dark alley and waited for her eyes to adjust. Gradually, she made out the crystalline brickwork, the rocks, a sack, a bucket, even a rather large ball of dust. She smiled. Good, everypony was here.

"Bucket o' turnips!" She ordered crisply, "Report your findings!" Her shout caused the bucket to jump, nearly spilling its contents, but it remained silent.

"I see. Have you turned up anything of note, Sir Lintsalot?" The ball of lint was much less talkative than usual.

Pinkie Pie turned her gaze to the pile of rocks. It just sat there, sheepishly.

The pink pony frowned, "Even you, Madam LaFlour?" The sack of flour drooped.

Her eyes shifting between the various inanimate objects, Pinkie Pie pondered the situation. What to do? Clearly the troops had returned empty-hooved. This was bound to reflect badly on morale.

A thought struck. The pony began removing her jester's outfit, slowly, one piece at a time. This situation clearly called for a morale-building exercise.

[Continued in page 3/4]

Geldon 2375

File: 1352934312305.jpg (189 KB, 638x356, 1298831075882.jpg)


In the Crystal Kingdom library's secret antechamber, Twilight Sparkle began to read even more feverously, her breath coming in short spurts, a fore hoof wandering in the direction of her virgin nether.

The gladiator's tent flap had been securely fastened shut. Rainbow Dash finished reattaching the practice lance to her armor, and brought its huge blunted ball point to bear, looming ever closer to Fluttershy. The shy little pegasus shuddered. Was this going to hurt? She bit her lip. She dearly hoped it would hurt.

Under the basket weaving counter, Spike looked back and forth between Rarity's luxurious white underbelly and those gorgeous expectant eyes. Now that he was down here, he was not entirely sure what to do. Oh well, he was sure to figure this out eventually!

Pinkie Pie capered about the alley, carrying as many of her inanimate friends on her back she could. "Yes, Rocky, yes!" crowed Pinkie Pie, "Even you can be on the mobile grocery stand of love!"

"NOW WHAT IN TARNATION IS GOING ON HERE?!" boomed Applejack's voice, drowning out all else.

From the disheveled pile of zoned-out ponies sitting in the middle of Twilight Sparkle's library back in Ponyville, the minds of five young ponies and a dragon wrenched themselves back into reality, shaking a dark red aura from their eyes.

Propped up against one of the walls of the library was a very familiar black door, the very same that had once held Twilight and Spike trapped in their worst nightmares in the bowels of the Crystal Kingdom castle. Next to it stood Applejack, who slammed the door with a hoof and stared crossly at her friends.

Twilight Sparkle was the first to open her mouth, "Um-"

"Shut it." drawled Applejack sternly. "I tol' ya I reckoned this here door would be nuthin' but trouble, and yer tryin' to magic it from being a doora nightmares to a doora dreams was just agunna go awry, n' I see that I was right!"

Everypony else in attendance, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Spike, all looked just a bit ashamed of themselves.

"That's wut I thought," said the farm pony, "Come on, Twilight, help me load this door onto the wagon outside. Reckon it'll at least make some decent wood to patch up the farm."

"But-" cried the magenta unicorn weakly.

"No buts!" The earth pony stood firm.

Being an enchanted door is not the most pleasant job in the world. First, it was granted rudimentary sentience by King Sombra to act as some kind of Crystal Castle booby-trap. It was so boring sitting around in that basement alone most of the time!

But then it had to be picked up by this silly purple unicorn. She seemed to know quite a bit about magic, but she was clearly over her head here, and her meddling gave the door such a headache!

Now, things had gone from bad to worse. For most ponies, it was able to deal with by ensnaring them in some kind of mental trap. For some reason, it did not work on this tawny earth cowpony. It was as though… as though this pony was far more interested in the door than anything the door had to show her.

As it was loaded aboard her wagon, Applejack secretly ran a hoof along the door's wooden surface and mumbled something too quiet for anypony else to hear. "Mmm, solid applewood. If Bloomberg was still here, he would be so jealous…"

As the wagon trundled off to Sweet Apple Acres, the door felt something it never felt before… genuinely creeped out.

[I was wrong, there's no page 4!]


File: 1352935217849.png (260.34 KB, 650x1269, tumblr_mdbawwTOLd1r3xauuo1_128…)


File: 1352935666173.jpeg (25.62 KB, 600x336, I bucking dare you.jpeg)

Also, it may just be that I don't read a lot, if any, fanfiction but I was under the impression that shipfic and clopfic were two different things.


File: 1352935718300.jpg (47.1 KB, 363x462, 13527573_gal.jpg)

They are.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 2379

File: 1352935758207.png (173.07 KB, 485x347, glitter 4.png)

In theory


File: 1352936065280.jpeg (15.62 KB, 368x360, I'm the princess I make the ru…)

I think I'm just fuzzy on the definitions then

Geldon 2381

File: 1352936393719.jpg (88.98 KB, 800x632, Canon Ship.jpg)

I usually draw the line at clopfics being actual, graphic marshmallow. A ship fic can have implied marshmallow (even better if that implied marshmallow didn't really happen).


File: 1352936563385.png (451.45 KB, 1478x2000, Fortuna The Die is Cast and it…)

Clopfics are a subsection of Shipfics that have graphical depiction of marshmallow.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 2383


I disagree. Half the time they don't focus on the idea of the two characters being a couple, or even on how their not-a-couple relationship is.


File: 1352946264966.png (151.21 KB, 617x700, hiiiiiiiiii.png)

Ah, I guess that's where I was off. I thought shipfics were about relationships and clopfics were about marshmallow.

Geldon 2385

File: 1352946280390.jpg (242.4 KB, 945x945, Futurama Farnsworth Good News …)

Shipping is short for relationshipping.

Not to be confused with quality relationshipping.

Frankly, if a ship fic manages to pull that off, it's time to buy a lottery ticket, you actually found a fanfic author who knows the art of subtlety today.


File: 1352947062144.jpg (24.23 KB, 351x294, 134145063810-2.jpg)

I like to think my story had a quality relationship. Short, yes. But I think it was good for what it was.

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 2387

File: 1352947262380.jpg (262.88 KB, 1016x768, fluttershy'smane.jpg)

Did I win yet?

Geldon 2388

File: 1352947391321.png (193.06 KB, 494x527, screws in fan service.png)




Aw, that's a nice shipfic, I'd say you managed to pull it off fairly well.

Three is one glaring problem with it though.

This is a deliberately bad shipfic contest.


File: 1352947841829.jpg (7.94 KB, 159x173, 134144954587-1.jpg)

I'm aware, hence the disclaimer at the top. I was going to write a crappy one but the idea played out in my head so well it ended up being not bad. But I wasted the time writing it, so I figured I'd post it anyway.


File: 1352948179782.jpg (36.61 KB, 322x461, 13646724_gal.jpg)


My picks:
25's: >>2343 and >>2344
Kazune's: >>2339


File: 1352948900727.gif (60.74 KB, 283x306, reading-gif.gif)

I'll start by writing a small review of all the fics, because I think you guys deserve it.
I honestly haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time, and anypony who's tried to talk with me tonight found me in a high state of excitation and cheerfulness. So thank you, everyone who participated, you're ALL amazing, and I wish I didn't have to pick a winner. one thing's sure, I won't be ranking you guys, that would be IMPOSSIBLE.

When I started reading all these, i sighed a little, looked like a LOT of work. but as I was halfway into it, I was just laughing so hard I wouldn't have stopped for the world. Thank you.
Now for the reviews!

Mr. Bluesky!SOULxUy/gQ
First, props for being the first entry, it can't be easy, heh, and as soon as I read your fic, I thought "Oh boy,if they're ALL going to be like that, I'm going to have a hard time deciding". I was entirely right, and I did have a hard time deciding.. You parodied the stereotypical bad fic/trollfic pretty well, and it was a very fun short read in the end

BMO St. Neon!NeonyPHO3Y
That was a very cute shipfic, it was very cheesy too (Oh, god, Twister seriously?) but in the end they were very in character, and it made me d'aw more than it being a bad fic.

Now at this point I must say something. Everyone who used the word shoolawoop owes me copyrights >.> I swear you people
I know this is supposed to be a parody of your average borderline clopfic, but it was just too well written to be in this competition, and to be believable as a bad fic anyway, I did enjoy the read anyway, thank you for that, and thank you for taking the time to review many fics and give a bit of the /fic/ spirit to this contest! ♥ You get my personal award for "team spirit" I guess, haha

Golden vision
Your fiction was the first one that got me to go "wow". You got it right, it was just good enough to be readable, and sounded a lot like "My immortal" and other very bad fics I had the pleasure to read in the past. Without getting too much into parody, you focused more on it being absolutely silly, I loved it. Your fic was among my favorites!

Your fic has this terrible, terrible trait: At first, it looks normal, and it just keeps getting worse with every line until you just finish being like… "what?" at each line. I loved it!

I love stories where the author plays with the reader, it's how I used to write a lot (when I wrote stuff x: don't tell anypony I used to do that) and your fic made me genuinely laugh and brought me back to that. Written like a professional parody of MLP:FiM, I adored your style!

Oh god, soundslikeponies, you made me laugh SO hard, TwilightXAngel, WHAT?! Haha, you're amazing, and so was that whole, heart-breaking story.
“And as for the beavers? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a dam.”
Best pun of the competition right here.I still think your whole fic was made up just for that pun.

Oh god,Ezn, you're making this hard on me, because you're the one who made me realize it was going to be hard for me to pick a winner. Your fic was amazing, and it made me laugh heartily, your light-hearted self-depreciation and familiar narration were just in the right tone, you're one of my favorites of the whole competition!

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE
Thank you scootaloo, I hadn't laughed this hard in a while, my sides have officially crossed warp 10.
Once oppan a gangnam style is the best story introduction ever. Reminded me a bit of My Immortal too, if you read it.

Companion Pony/Griffith
Once upon a time you wrote a story and I liked it because it was short, like this review.


File: 1352948926408.jpg (26 KB, 477x422, Irish.jpg)

Dolfeus what are you doing
Dolfeus stahp
You're making this too hard on me, that one was amazing, rhymes? References to ye olde pirate song? How the hell am I supposed to keep my sides in place?
Thank you so much for this, amazing entry, first time I read anything by you, I'll try not to make it the last!

[20:56:22] Tom': Tactical Rainboom's story made me gay
[20:56:26] Tom': True story
[20:56:27] Tom': x:
[20:58:30] Anonthony: FINALLY

'nuff said

They're on a boaaat
Your fic was a lot of fun, i laughed pretty hard at the song, and the light buddies/lovers shipping was actually pretty cute.
Also, shipping. on a boat. I get it.

I've taken a lichen to this story. - second best pun in this contest, by the way.
Your fiction was well written. It was amazingly funny, the idea was hilarious, and the plants theme throughout the text was full of awful puns, I was amazed.
Thank you so much for this, your fiction is, without any doubt, among my favorites, if not my favorite.

That was a very cute shipfic, it was indeed, well, not silly, so it won't win you the contest, but it was very cute and very nice, especially considering you didn't proofread it a lot, so congrats on writing a cute shipfic! ♥

Story 1: Dat cliffhanger~
Story 2: I think there's a special place in hell for people like you, I hope you enjoy it there, say hi to Hitler from me.

It was a lot of fun - the gak and smooze referenced, I mean-, but it not actually being a shipfic, it's a bit off topic unfortunately, it was however very fun to read! Thank you for that ♥

Prize for the most borderline clopfic, and staying on topic as well, it was also pretty well written! Though it was honestly more on the clop-side than on the silly side, if you count Twilight's book addiction and Pinkie's silliness out. I loved the end! Thank you for that ♥

Overall, my personal favorites are:
- Golden Vision's, you got it right, and in your own way, you were the silliest. It reminded me so much of actual bad fics, you just nailed it. You gain my personal prize for worst shipfic!
- Ezn's, for some reason that light-hearted self depreciation really made me laugh, you're the balance between looking like an actual bad shipfic and writing a wonderfully "wat" one.
- 25's, I just can't ignore how amazingly absurd your fic was. If anything, I'm saddened to admit to myself that it was a bit off topic - it was about shipping, but in the end there wasn't a WHOLE LOT of actual shipping in it. It's the reason why you're among the favorites, and not my all-time favorite, actually, otherwise your fic was astounding.
- EMF Scootaloo for making me laugh the most. I don't even know why, I just lost my shit and started laughing like an idiot reading all this. No actual story, horribly written, worse than a trollfic, but it was just so amazingly funny, you deserve a point from me.

There's my votes, and the first judge post I think! Again, thank you to EVERYONE who participated, all your fics were absolutely amazing, and I wish I didn't have to leave any of you out of the spotlight, which is why I took the time to write you all a small comment, because you all made my night ♥

Geldon 2393

File: 1352951504700.jpg (199.06 KB, 512x752, 1299550598198.jpg)

>Prize for the most borderline clopfic, and staying on topic as well, it was also pretty well written! Though it was honestly more on the clop-side than on the silly side
Whoops! Color me as inadvertently catering to those who know me best. ;)


File: 1352954467600.gif (2.05 MB, 249x187, He_man_eiacula_2.gif)

>got it right
>nailed it


Soundslikeponies!bQsJPGMNfw 2395

File: 1352986119890.png (96.97 KB, 450x450, 132813694349.png)

I'm so confused. I wasn't sure if we were going for bad as in, bad writing, or bad as in, horrible concept but playing it straight with a bit of 'oh god that's so bad' cheeziness and cliche.

All I really got out of the op was:
>I mean worst - the most ridiculous/humorous


File: 1352986236428.png (193 KB, 939x851, mother_of_celestia__by_wakkaex…)

Oh well, either way I still got to write 1940's Angel.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer !tHOMASuvlQ 2397

File: 1352991895910.png (44.58 KB, 867x921, lurking 2_phletram.png)

Your fic was very good and on topic, I don't see what you mean.

Winner: !!Applejack 2398

File: 1353002564311.png (230.86 KB, 900x767)

Drumroll please…..

The winner of the badshipfic contest is:
Golden Vision!

Congratulations. After all the judges talked it over and narrowed it down, yours wins for best overall badshipfic and all that it entails. You should be proud… I think. We'll come up with an appropriate power for you once we can name you Ship Captain.

The top three honorable mentions are:

EMF Scootaloo

Who also wowed/appalled us with their skill/parody/eyesearing stories.

!!Fluttershy 2399

File: 1353002741311.jpg (81.32 KB, 900x700)

If I may add - we had a really hard time picking a winner, you can really be all proud of yourselves, and not only the 4 of you, but everyone who participated.
That was awesome! And congratulations to Golden Vision for winning the competition!

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 2400

File: 1353002805260.png (135 KB, 258x317, 192.png)

I can honestly say that Golden Vision thoroughly deserved that. I guess I'll have to try something even worse next time.

Thanks for the honourable mention though. I appreciate it.

!!Trixie's Skype name is now 'KING POMBEAR'. That's winning in itself.

Thank you very much. It's been a fun contest.


File: 1353014589712.gif (80.56 KB, 248x200, 3306355+_95eaa02b1e5deb0b701f1…)

Holy crap, I won O_O

Well, I just wanna say good job to everyone who participated! I honestly though Number25 was going to win—his was hilarious. Ah, well. Guess I win by writing the worst fic!

Wait, does that mean I actually lose? :O

Geldon 2402

File: 1353014876757.jpg (154.81 KB, 700x700, 1298830957254.jpg)

I've learned I'm apparently too proud to write a bad fic for the sake of a bad fic competition.

Well, that and I didn't completely understand that's what they meant by "bad." The OP said, "the most ridiculous/humorous," but not in what way.

Mr. BlueSky!SOULxUy/gQ 2403

File: 1353015129313.png (40.63 KB, 209x203, thinking.png)

sorry I didn't get to this sooner ..ahaha sick and all
and thank you!
and to be honest I was just in this for shits and giggles but congrats to golden vision


File: 1353015455405.png (7.62 KB, 500x500, Fortuna Full Mane Massage.png)

That's why I didn't enter.

[Element of Desu] Boku no !GummyfZBao 2405

File: 1353026435453.jpg (146.48 KB, 776x474, weirddick.jpg)

>I think there's a special place in hell for people like you, I hope you enjoy it there, say hi to Hitler from me.

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 2406

File: 1353027228540.jpg (30.17 KB, 462x370, 6922828_gal.jpg)

gg, everyone. This was a lot of fun.
Congrats, GV, my friend, you've earned it. Whatever power you receive, just… don't abuse it on me, 'kay? Good? Good.

Congratulations to the runners-up, too. Save you, EMF Scoots. You need your writing hand put to the flame. I'll never recover from the drain bamage your fic caused me.

I'm kidding.

!!Applejack 2407

I'll be moving this over to /arch/ in just a minute…

Red Star 2408

File: 1353052389513.png (292.38 KB, 1000x1000, Communism Desu Desu.png)


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