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File: 1374042136667.jpg (13.73 KB, 493x402)

Anonymous ## Mod 11919[Last 50 Posts]

LSA's thread seemed to have disappeared…

Anonymous 11920

it get 404d. why?

Anonymous 11921

File: 1374042187497.jpg (67.1 KB, 640x960, 1369784716485.jpg)

wut happend

Anonymous 11922

File: 1374042196760.png (36.66 KB, 300x260, 1372383765814.png)


Anonymous 11923

I have no idea.
The thread just…dissappeared?

…new thread?

IaTM 11924

File: 1374042308816.png (1.02 MB, 1019x881, 1373425023541.png)

>tfw not even the mod knows…

Original Coloranon 11925

File: 1374042332598.jpg (88.4 KB, 720x540, Scruffy_2_9337.jpg)

Anonymous 11926


Anonymous 11927


Anonymous 11928


Anonymous 11929


God you are the most absolutely casual bro-tier mod I have ever seen.

Somewhat unrelated, but how many mods are here on /anon/? Are you the only one?

Is there another? If so you should slap his shit.

Anonymous 11930

File: 1374042379973.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 1368484783238.gif)

Anonymous 11931

I just got here. How much of part 2 did I miss?

Anonymous 11932

File: 1374042409935.gif (2.75 MB, 200x150, 1370837889935.gif)

>tfw scruffy is actually an emergent AI penetrating every network

Anonymous 11933

Don't put that in my head, anon!!

Brownee (Current Capper) 11934

Perhaps another mod deleted it by accident?

What idiot was leaning on the big red button marked 'DELETE LSA THREAD'? Why do you even have that button?!

Colour Cap Anon 11935

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Don't question it!

Anonymous 11936

Guys, the other thread is 404'd too
What the fuck? This can't be an accident.

Anonymous 11937



Anonymous 11938

Just some tunning

Anonymous 11939

File: 1374042495682.gif (1.95 MB, 528x292, 1370143038394.gif)

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 11940

I'm here! Should we continue from here?

Brownee (Current Capper) 11941

It was never a good idea! No button in relation to 'Delete' should ever be associated with these threads!

Original Coloranon 11942

File: 1374042519179.gif (508.11 KB, 446x474, the gems are where.gif)

Anonymous 11943

Anonymous 11944

Anonymous 11945

Only about 2 images. Right now /mlp/'s gonna take a pill where this happens.
>One panel on a different more bigger proportioned art style. (slightly more realistic proportion wise)

Anonymous 11946


Anonymous 11947

There's three mods that typically stick to /anon/
I do all of the night modding, and I'm the "bro mod", that fucks around in the LSA threads.
The other mods are just as active I don't do the give away threads for instance, but if I had money I would they are just wanting to be as minimalist in modding as possible, which I agree with.

We have delete an all posts by IP button. My guess is that either my browser or another mods browser somehow clicked that button

Anonymous 11948


I guess…

Anonymous 11949

if you wish

Brownee (Current Capper) 11950

Or make a new thread, whatever.

If you do, could you do it from that last pic with the pill and music note, I was away and missed it.

Anonymous 11951

Yes please, this seems like it was just a hiccup

Anonymous 11952

thank god your here LSA you ok

Colour Cap Anon 11953

Please. Both of your threads 404'd - I'm no expert on the subject but I smell foul play.

It seemed like a good idea to the designer, who may not even be human.

Anonymous 11954

Is it possible to restore them?

Anonymous 11955

please read

Anonymous 11956

No, just keep him here

Anonymous 11957

File: 1374042628054.gif (875.5 KB, 296x166, 1371483592880.gif)

>mfw I was lurking the old thread for almost 10 min. waiting for update, then found out it 404'd

Colour Cap Anon 11958

Ah… so a fuck-up, then.

Very well, let's continue as normal!

Anonymous 11959

I don't have server access, but I get the feeling that they still exist in the database. I couldn't tell you if they could be restored or not.


Anonymous 11960

>it's only 2:30
>I've been up since 10am yesterday
>Been on the chan waiting for thread to start since 10pm
I feel as though this has taken longer than it should because of that, then we have even more hours to go.

Anonymous 11961

So, post new panels created today and continue?

Brownee (Current Capper) 11962

Whatever, I still need that pic.

Anonymous 11963


So, do you live in a weird timezone, or just live a lifestyle that doesn't require sleep at night?

I wish to know more about you mod, tell me everything.

Anonymous 11964

which one?

Original Coloranon 11965

File: 1374042721187.png (27.6 KB, 222x249, the furries did this.png)

Anonymous 11966

File: 1374042743518.png (90.39 KB, 700x500, Vinyl_13.png)

Anonymous 11967

File: 1374042753876.jpg (795.08 KB, 1762x1634, 1368476050319.jpg)

Brownee (Current Capper) 11968

The one with the pill, with the fixed typo preferably.

Anonymous 11969

add me on skype. I'm big red pony mod

Anonymous 11970

Brownee (Current Capper) 11971

Ah, cheers sir.

Anonymous 11972

Ok, we left off deciding the next panel for the hallucination.
>This time Vinyl hallucinates
>/mlp/ is suddenly a realistic looking neckbeard.
>Vinyl can't stop laughing

Brownee (Current Capper) 11973

Ergh, did that winning roll happen as well? I was going to include that.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 11974

File: 1374042815772.png (90.39 KB, 700x500, Vinyl-and-mlp-13-2.png)


This one?
I'm Kinda half-way on the pic.
I didn't realize the thread went down.
It was quite strange to not see any suggestions so I just went ahead with something.
If you do like the alternate art style, I'll make another panel.

Anonymous 11975

Wait, what happened to the pics in the last thread? Did someone have them saved?

Anonymous 11976

File: 1374042846554.gif (2.84 MB, 250x255, 1372404409987.gif)

Colour Cap Anon 11977

File: 1374042853675.gif (708.06 KB, 260x146, Shrek and Donkey.gif)

Noooo, the last thread was hijacked by Carlos! Fuck off, Shrek.

Just one.

Anonymous 11978

>yfw /mlp/ is being raided AGAIN by shrekfags

Anonymous 11979

File: 1374042906825.gif (945.79 KB, 275x198, 1374026336817.gif)

Brownee (Current Capper) 11980

Uhh…. what? I just saw that pic there when I came back and was about to use it, but it wouldn't open because of the crash/deletion, so… yeah. Is that the full pic? I don't understand what you were saying…

Anonymous 11981

You should have that button trigger a pop up window saying "You are about to delete LSA's posts. Continue? [Yes] [Nigga, what are you doing?]"

Anonymous 11982

File: 1374042956322.jpg (145.83 KB, 840x676, 1364336190472.jpg)

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 11983


Half-way on the alternate style hallucination picture.

Anonymous 11984

there is
the yes is highlighted though, so hitting enter presses yes.
I'll talk to the sysadmin about that.

Brownee (Current Capper) 11985

Oh, well, whatever, I was just saying that's the pic I'm up to in the cap.

I also missed the roll result, which I was going to include, but whatever, that ain't too important I guess.

Anonymous 11986

LSA didnt have protected the thread with a password?

Anonymous 11987


As much as I'd love to, I've yet to bother with skype, and I don't see myself using it anytime soon. So, you'll just be the cool mod to me, and I'll be a random anonymous poster whom you know the IP address of to you.

>inb4 I fuck up the spoiler tags here

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 11988


It was a six.
Shame that the thread crashed.

1-3: One panel with Vinyl as a pony.
4-6: One panel on a different more bigger proportioned art style. (slightly more realistic proportion wise)
7-9: /mlp/ hallucinates one panel with a previous girl.

Anonymous 11989

West coast. It's summer, and I don't have a job. I don't sleep more than 4 hours a night, so I either don't sleep at all, or sleep from 6:00am to 10:00am

Anonymous 11990

Well, as I said in the other thread, we have to
>Pull out
>Stick our dick in her mouth
>See her gratefully swallow every drop

Anonymous 11991

That's boring as fuck

Anonymous 11992

I like this

Brownee (Current Capper) 11993

File: 1374043264429.png (4.23 MB, 3688x3016, Vinyl Down Progress #4.png)

Yea, I got that info in the first roll. I've lost the comments on saying you were rolling for that again, but… whatever, we'll do without it.

Here's where I'm at.

Anonymous 11994

>being this boring
Put her pill on /mlp/'s dick and she deepthroats and swallows it in a mix of our cum

Anonymous 11995

No, we are finishing inside so we can bring our maid back to clean it up.

And Vinyl gets a hot pocket.

Anonymous 11996

this would be better with anal imo

Anonymous 11997

that is a bit too pleb.
I await the hotpocket's arrival!

Anonymous 11998

We must stick to the plan

Anonymous 11999

File: 1374043339345.png (21.87 KB, 505x485, mtr_1372829939579.png)


Anonymous 12000


have cum come out of her nose too

Anonymous 12001

we glaze her back and we also cum on her glasses

Brownee (Current Capper) 12002

We've been doing too much anal lately,
I know, I know, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH ANAL!!! But still…

I'm kinda partial to that thing with the maid octavia ending someone said.

Anonymous 12003

File: 1374043458542.jpg (200.81 KB, 1280x800, 1358402370875.jpg)

Anonymous 12004


That's rough bro. If I ever get skype and recall this conversation, I'll be sure to add you, friend.

Anonymous 12005

File: 1374043500201.png (14.68 KB, 538x396, 1373932744948.png)

Anonymous 12006

this >>11994
then this>>93887
Everyone is happy

Anonymous 12007

if you cum too much you can make a mess of her and still call.maid octavia to clean her up

Anonymous 12008

it comes from years of admining and modding sites. sleep is for the weak. Being awake is more fun anyway cause I don't sleep long enough to dream. It really isn't as bad as you might think.

Anonymous 12009

Anonymous 12010

fixed link

Brownee (Current Capper) 12011

File: 1374043584214.gif (428.21 KB, 200x183, i_dunno.gif)

OHHH! I just realised what you were saying… fuck me, my head is elsewhere.

Ummm…. eh, I'll put that comment in and include a note that we rolled and the thread crashed.

Anonymous 12012

you are retarded, this is the link >>11995

Anonymous 12013

File: 1374043712819.gif (1.38 MB, 349x276, takingAPeeK.gif)

>don't sleep long enough to dream

It's a shame, dreams are fucking awesome

pic unrelated

Anonymous 12014

I dont understand the term hot pocket, someone care to explain?

Colour Cap Anon 12015


Anonymous 12016

File: 1374043791990.png (151.46 KB, 600x600, hotpocket.png)

Don't you want me anon?

Anonymous 12017

Hot Pockets are microwaveable pastries filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. Not good for you at all, but they're cheap.

IaTM 12018

A literal fucking Hot Pocket.

Anonymous 12019

It's food
Don't delve too deep into thought there, wise philosopher.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12020

Some American food that I believe are like… very tiny pizzas, but in a roll or something. Full of cheese and stuff.

Never had them myself personally.

Anonymous 12021

Be thankful they aren't talking about Alabama Hot Pockets…

AnonWithoutAFork 12022

>contents of a hotpocket
20% bread
40% filling
40% air

Anonymous 12023

Anybody that wasn't here for last night's thread must be scratching their head.

Anonymous 12024

Now there's an explanation I don't want.

Anonymous 12025

The little microwaveable pizza thingies.

Literally. There's nothing sexual about…oh fuck it someone enjoys fucking hot pockets, but you get the point.

Anonymous 12026

don't say such things anon you'll give them ideas

Brownee (Current Capper) 12027

Okay, that then. I've not seen any of them in my country, though I may not be looking.

Anonymous 12028

>alabama hot pocket: the art of seperating the vagina lips and taking a shit inside (and possibly having sex with it afterwards)


Anonymous 12029

>20% bread
>40% filling
>40% scorching hot air

Original human skin edit anon 12030

File: 1374043965617.png (471.4 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 11 hl.png)

Gonna need the the rest of the individual pics so far to color up. I only made it to #11 when I realized the thread 404-ed.

Anonymous 12031

this so fucking much

Anonymous 12032

File: 1374044008420.png (249.16 KB, 700x900, Vinyl_11.png)

Anonymous 12033

File: 1374044010029.jpg (12.87 KB, 200x229, daa.jpg)

Anonymous 12034

I love how it's referred to as an "art"

Original human skin edit anon 12035

File: 1374044029058.png (448.18 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 11 eqd.png)

Posting other versions while I'm at it.

Anonymous 12036

Top lel

AnonWithoutAFork 12037

HAHAHA god DAMN! I love urban dictionary

Original human skin edit anon 12038

File: 1374044064106.png (466.65 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 11 hd.png)

Anonymous 12039

File: 1374044071448.png (325.89 KB, 700x900, Vinyl_09.png)

Have you colored this one yet?

Anonymous 12040

I believe you missed the penetration, Colouranon

Anonymous 12041

oh, no, that's just normally. I DO dream, when I have the time to sleep, but, I've recently started a project that will be keeping me awake, for days at a time
man am I glad I have a prescription for ADHD meds. Amphetamines for the win.
Speaking of drugs, it's bong time

Anonymous 12042

why do you do this to me?
Where is 10 dammit

Colour Cap Anon 12043

File: 1374044137638.png (509.4 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Scratch - Coloured_10.pn…)

Anonymous 12044

and the human colors pls?

Anonymous 12045

File: 1374044222431.jpg (115.98 KB, 1170x923, Legend of the Feel-bird.jpg)


I myself go to bed around 4AM and don't wake up until 1PM. It's probably for the best because I live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere in the midwest and if I had to be awake much longer I'd blow my brains out from boredom. Love the nighttime a vast amount more than the day.

Colour Cap Anon 12046

I'd post human white/black as well, but apparently a "flood has been detected" and my post is being discarded.

Anonymous 12047

as do I. That's why I take it upon myself to be the night mod.
Moon > Sun

Colour Cap Anon 12048

File: 1374044281415.png (530.05 KB, 700x900, 10.png)

Anonymous 12049

That's pretty hetero.

Anonymous 12050

>Love the nighttime a vast amount more than the day.
I think we all do. Fuck the sun.

Colour Cap Anon 12051

File: 1374044307479.png (523.24 KB, 700x900, 10 Chocolate.png)

Oh, NOW it fucking works.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12052

File: 1374044312978.png (312.45 KB, 700x900, Vinyl-and-mlp-14.png)

Sorry for taking so long.
Already had started this panel since I was confused on how I wasn't receiving any suggestions so to save time I started it right away.

Didn't know the thread was actually down until much later. IF the alternate hallucination shot style is to your liking I'll draw another one based on an actual suggestion this time.

Now onwards to the finale! Couple more panels to go.

IaTM 12053

This, except for the bumfuck nowhere part.


Cum on, guys…

I'm starting to smell myself over here…

Anonymous 12054

>Pump it up /mlp/!

IaTM 12055

never mind…

Anonymous 12056

are you doing this? >>11995

Anonymous 12057

i like the black women and all but i just don't see vinyl as a niggeress

Anonymous 12058


fill'er up

Anonymous 12059

File: 1374044417688.png (143.11 KB, 300x260, unf.png)

Well, there went my load…

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12060

Anonymous 12061

File: 1374044438100.gif (1.56 MB, 500x281, 1373918705447.gif)

Anonymous 12062

File: 1374044444988.gif (51.79 KB, 200x239, 2bf.gif)

Anonymous 12063


Cream Gravy

Anonymous 12064

File: 1374044460047.jpg (34.88 KB, 525x481, 1372544831791.jpg)

You're awesome

Anonymous 12065

Daaaamn that's fucking nice. 10/10 would like some more.

Anonymous 12066

so fucking based

IaTM 12067

File: 1374044497631.gif (473.78 KB, 188x174, mtr_1373994787137.gif)

Original human skin edit anon 12068

File: 1374044503285.png (331.7 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 12.png)

Anonymous 12069

File: 1374044507127.jpg (55.94 KB, 426x341, mtr_1372748071871.jpg)

IaTM 12070

File: 1374044514745.jpg (26.47 KB, 300x300, 1373832427737.jpg)

Anonymous 12071

File: 1374044524150.png (5.4 KB, 309x246, 1289786633.png)

>mfw the middle is an L

AnonWithoutAFork 12072

dubs confirm this gif is required in every thread.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12073

Suggestions, guys, suggestions!

How/position/etc/will /mlp/ cum inside? Then it's Maid Octavia time

Anonymous 12074


Anonymous 12075

reverse cowgirl

Anonymous 12076

>blue pubes
>black pubes
Are you guys doing your own thing? Or are you alternating?

Anonymous 12077

cowgirl please

Anonymous 12078

File: 1374044608714.gif (145.6 KB, 179x134, SchoolgirlNinjaHarlem.gif)

Like a record, baby, right round round round

IaTM 12079


REVERSE cowgirl. I wanna see dat ass.

Anonymous 12080

Vinyl bent over a huge speaker.

Anonymous 12081

S-sorry…kinda distracted.

Either cowgirl is fine.

Anonymous 12082


Colour Cap Anon 12083

Skin edit Anon coloured both of those.

Anonymous 12084

From behind while pulling her arms back.
If you've ever watched Naruto, you'll know what I'm talking about

Anonymous 12085

Def. cowgirl. Then our maid will come in to catch the cum in her mouth as it drains out. They can snowball it after, if you're up for it.

AnonWithoutAFork 12086

>TRIPS confirm

Anonymous 12087

Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl and yes inside!

Brownee (Current Capper) 12088

They have a difference of opinion. It happens when 2 people do it.

Personally I didn't think those were pubes, I thought it was a mark like the one on her arse.

Anonymous 12089

holy fuck I've seen this entire scene
haven't laughed so hard in years.

Anonymous 12090

>that kid who ran with his arms behind him like Naruto and Sonic

Anonymous 12091

Shit! This thread isn't mature and porn isn't spoilered! Please don't make this happen mod.

Anonymous 12092

File: 1374044689363.jpg (13.01 KB, 225x224, IBICIVS.jpg)

Anonymous 12093

File: 1374044703476.jpg (56.41 KB, 489x600, 1367905145661.jpg)

Stain her mountaintops with your semen

Anonymous 12094

File: 1374044710931.jpg (65.03 KB, 600x600, B-back that ass up.jpg)


So I can only assume Trixie is your favorite pony, since you avoid sleep as you do.

Colour Cap Anon 12095

File: 1374044728790.png (525.37 KB, 700x650, Vinyl Scratch Preview - Colour…)

I'm not colouring Vinyl, man. The only picture of her I coloured is this.

Anonymous 12096

>no one says prone

Brownee (Current Capper) 12097

Better the kids learn about sex and drugs from their favorite cartoon and Smutty than some strange people teaching them in schools!

IaTM 12098

A mod started it, so it's OK.

Anonymous 12099

>doggy style
>glaze that shit up

Brownee (Current Capper) 12100

Oh, sorry, I got confused seeing you name having posted one.

Anonymous 12101

/mu/ pls

Anonymous 12102

pls thiss

Anonymous 12103

Anonymous 12104

File: 1374044840088.jpg (313.41 KB, 1324x586, Vinyl.jpg)

Cum inside dat bitch!

Original human skin edit anon 12105

File: 1374044845269.png (328.89 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 12.png)

>No streaking reflections.

Fuck, I keep forgetting these things.

Apparently it is in fact another note tattoo over her shaved crotch.

She practically has three of these motherfucking note marks on her. What the fuck.

Anonymous 12106

I actually don't have a favourite. They all have their ups and downs.

I didn't think it was going to turn into LSA's thread, to be honest. I'll get the sysadmin to edit it into a mature thread when he wakes up.

Anonymous 12107

This, I don't really like to cum inside

Anonymous 12108

File: 1374044891421.png (471.16 KB, 700x650, Vinyl_HumanEdit_00.png)

Can someone recolor this

Anonymous 12109

File: 1374044941578.jpg (84.8 KB, 300x254, Ijustfilledmydiaper.jpg)

Afraid you'll cause a baby to pop out?

Colour Cap Anon 12110

You mean skin tones, or the whole thing?

Anonymous 12111

Pleb pls go!

Anonymous 12112

Nah, afraid I wont get to see vinyl covered in cum

Anonymous 12113

yeah the skin is different than the rest

Brownee (Current Capper) 12114

File: 1374045013211.jpg (76.27 KB, 653x337, PFFFT.jpg)

>not liking to cum inside

Original human skin edit anon 12115

File: 1374045057262.png (100.15 KB, 700x500, Vinyl Colored 13.png)

Btw, that inconsistency will be fixed, probably when I compile the second half of this set into a RAR.

Anonymous 12116

File: 1374045072153.gif (720.86 KB, 446x251, 1363826423042.gif)

Original human skin edit anon 12117

I'll get to that soon enough.

Anonymous 12118

File: 1374045088998.png (111.55 KB, 224x220, 1372559644858.png)

>not cumming inside

{RAR} Anon 12119

That's my job, anon

Anonymous 12120

>cumming inside
>any year after the conception of our lord and savior

Anonymous 12121

File: 1374045207803.gif (565.69 KB, 200x133, 1356810334677.gif)

Colour Cap Anon 12122

File: 1374045232661.png (465.76 KB, 700x650, Vinyl Scratch Preview - Chocol…)

Okay, chocolate preview here.

EqG preview here: >>12095

Anonymous 12123

File: 1374045234547.gif (417.91 KB, 352x207, fuckOff.gif)

Brownee (Current Capper) 12124

File: 1374045241186.png (49.26 KB, 444x287, huh.png)


If you referring to jesus for whatever reason, I tend to worship the Green Ranger more, but even so, what's that got to do with it?

IaTM 12125

>Any year
>lord and savior

u wot m8

Anonymous 12126

please refer to

Anonymous 12127

File: 1374045283293.png (253.16 KB, 1394x1632, 1367038886503.png)

Anonymous 12128

File: 1374045296555.png (496.39 KB, 700x650, Vinyl_HumanEdit_00.png)

Anonymous 12129

File: 1374045302544.gif (1.41 MB, 413x192, 1371959613678.gif)

Anonymous 12130

but i just finish fapping

Anonymous 12131

no need for that actually nevermind guys

Anonymous 12132

That settles it! We must cum inside! as was for told in this prophecy!

Colour Cap Anon 12133

Oh, you meant to make it more consistent with the human skin in the current thread. My bad.

IaTM 12134

File: 1374045345004.png (110.2 KB, 625x626, 1372439145781.png)


Holy shit guys, I just realized

stop replying

Original human skin edit anon 12135

The package usually includes the latest versions of the images with minor tweaks. The ones I post in the threads usually feature little coloring faults.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12136

I'm passing time, it's entertaining.

Anonymous 12137

File: 1374045428585.gif (965.88 KB, 628x343, 1373517799059.gif)

Anonymous 12138

yeah i should of just done it myself since i have the patience do do skin colors
unless i could figure out how to get around the fucking text

{RAR} Anon 12139

Ah,well then good to know. I'll just add it to the list then, deal?

IaTM 12140

File: 1374045510556.png (308.24 KB, 850x612, sample_96b64217ba83a7f8e42a11a…)

I feel rused.

have vinyl as an apology

also, cum inside

Anonymous 12141

Colour Cap Anon 12142

Which colouring program do you use? I'd suggest paint.net if you don't have photoshop as it lets you add layers and effects and such.

With that, you can create a gaussian blur around the text to make it look better.

Anonymous 12143

File: 1374045642417.png (411.38 KB, 966x763, rdhgdfh.PNG)

>tfw you don't remember giving me a short intro to paint

Anonymous 12144

You see that pic? Thats how it should happen we cum inside and also glaze her

Colour Cap Anon 12145

I remember giving someone an intro, but… y'know, "Anonymous". Hard to tell who's who.

So that's you, then! Blurs still problematic, I suppose? I could make a crappy visual tutorial if you want one.

Anonymous 12146

>worshiping the Green Ranger

Now that is an idea I can get behind.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12147


It's a multipanel. Pun about cumming inside? Or should I add something referencing the GET?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12148

File: 1374045781091.jpg (188.9 KB, 409x350, Green Ranger got this.jpg)

He sacrificed his powers for our abandoned buildings district!!!

Anonymous 12149

yeah why not

Anonymous 12150

I prefer his White ranger costume, but that Dragonzord is fucking awesome!

Brownee (Current Capper) 12151

We could slap a sticker on her arse of that get…

That's as creative as I'll get.

Anonymous 12152

>unless i could figure out how to get around the fucking text
i thought would give it away

I don't really think i would need to learn how to do it though because I'm not to picky and you guys are doing fine work.

Anonymous 12153

use the post number and the pic in the background

Anonymous 12154

Anonymous 12155

Not a bad idea actually.

Anonymous 12156

The calendar year date are measured by the number years passed since the recorded "birth" of that dude.
ie. 2013 years ago.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12157

Really? No way…

Anonymous 12158

Anonymous 12159


Hey Livesmut, I was wondering, do you ever plan on going back and perhaps revisiting some of the gurlees we've already ravaged?

Anonymous 12160

When he ends the series.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12161

Yeeeaaah…. but what did that dude have to do with anything though? I mean I know how we measure time and such, but that just kinda came outta nowhere.

Colour Cap Anon 12162

Alrighty then. I'll try to keep an eye out for your posts from now on…

IaTM 12163

File: 1374046015482.png (257.59 KB, 600x600, 4chan_Victory_Cup_HumanEdit.pn…)

I really wanna fuck Dashie in her soccer/football uniform…

See, I know what I'm talking about. I said football

Anonymous 12164


>implying there will be an end

The ride never ends.

Anonymous 12165

And doubles/100 confirm.

Anonymous 12166

but she's probably prego now

Anonymous 12167

It was referring to the fact that cumming inside vinyl is wrong in whichever year you are

Anonymous 12168

That just means he can start over or start something new…

Anonymous 12169

This is not necessarily a problem.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12170

But that's just wrong though because it's all kinds of right.

Anonymous 12171

File: 1374046129480.png (63.46 KB, 205x353, The D.png)


What I would like to see is another round with Trixie. With more magic, and more Descartes.

Anonymous 12172

File: 1374046171372.gif (703.51 KB, 202x170, 1372454733832.gif)

>wrong to cum inside

Anonymous 12173


Anonymous 12174

When Smut ends, I wouldn't mind him making a visual CYOA series where you have different choices and outcomes.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12175

Sure, opinion. You're in the minority of that opinion.

AnonWithoutAFork 12176

File: 1374046258971.gif (1.77 MB, 312x234, shiggydiggy.gif)

I sigghy diggy yo trips brah

Anonymous 12177

but you're the minority

Anonymous 12178




You are not a true waifufag, get out of here you dirty polygamist.

I kid of course.

But really, you are scum.

but it's okay, because I'm jokingMaybe.


IaTM 12179


Why can't I hold why do I keep getting all these gets?

Anonymous 12180

I for one do not give a fuck if we cum inside or not, but I personally prefer facials

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12181

File: 1374046429281.png (266.7 KB, 700x900, Vinyl-and-mlp-15.png)


Making a Colored stamp version for the Colour Anons.

Anonymous 12182

>but I personally prefer facials
>wanting a boring end

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12183

File: 1374046462594.png (275.74 KB, 700x900, Vinyl-and-mlp-15-2.png)

Colored Stamp.

Anonymous 12184


Anonymous 12185

File: 1374046474858.png (4.22 KB, 493x402, 1372760296701.png)

IaTM 12186



Colour Cap Anon 12187

You're a really cool person, y'know that?

Anonymous 12188

words can't even.

Anonymous 12189

all we need is a shot of her face and them titties

Brownee (Current Capper) 12190

I cannot fucking believe we used my suggestion, good god.

I'm happily facepalming right now.

IaTM 12191


tfw no carlos image

Anonymous 12192

Show her face when she cums.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12193

Now we just need two more panels.
Prep panel for Octavia coming and the Octavia one.

That could could for prep panel. basically anything that shows how much off a mess she is.

Anonymous 12194

Anonymous 12195

> Cumming inside
>the most vanilla shit ever
I respect your views, but I dont share them

Anonymous 12196

File: 1374046617119.jpg (10.64 KB, 383x604, boneguy.jpg)

dat ass

Colour Cap Anon 12197

Obligatory satisfaction face.
And another music pun.

IaTM 12198

we need some musical pun for the finish.

Anonymous 12199

File: 1374046654400.jpg (25.94 KB, 394x512, 1373257607447.jpg)

>tfw Smut does one of your suggestions

Anonymous 12200

He totally blew her amp

Anonymous 12201

File: 1374046666460.png (4.6 KB, 389x255, 1373094213453.png)

>"the most vanilla shit ever"
>wants facials

Anonymous 12202

inb4 she calls him bass'd /mlp/

Anonymous 12203

>"We should get together for an encore real soon."

Original human skin edit anon 12204

File: 1374046728790.png (441.09 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 14 hl.png)


I might have to tweak part 1 later though, but I don't have access to the source files at the moment. I'll probably be on it in about 10 hours.

I'll keep you posted about it before you go ahead putting the compilations into one file. I'm sure a lot of folks would prefer to download one file instead of two.

Anonymous 12205

No I was the one who wanted to cum on her back and ass

AnonWithoutAFork 12206

File: 1374046756536.gif (731.42 KB, 500x345, coconutshell win.gif)

>tfw based smutteh does two of you suggestions in a row. (I think it was in a row)

Original human skin edit anon 12207

File: 1374046769889.png (415 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 14 eqd.png)

Anonymous 12208

That's even more vanilla

Original human skin edit anon 12209

File: 1374046785249.png (433.08 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 14 hd.png)

Brownee (Current Capper) 12210

Ah I've had a few of mine used, that one I just thought was pretty silly, yet people agree'd anyway, so whatever.

Anonymous 12211

Anonymous 12212

File: 1374046903021.png (2.61 KB, 493x402, 1373853778037.png)

>tfw smutty does 4 of your suggestions in Sunset Shimmer

Anonymous 12213

File: 1374046962904.jpg (63.52 KB, 596x380, 469763.jpg)

>tfw a stupid joke of mine started the hot pocket craze

Anonymous 12214

>you will never gonna sex with smutĀ“s girls
>you will never gonna suck LSA dick
>you will never gonna fall in bromance with LSA

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12215

File: 1374046976202.jpg (132.72 KB, 600x450, doges eternally.jpg)


>tfw people will never forget the licking dicks typo

Brownee (Current Capper) 12216

File: 1374047014285.png (42.62 KB, 871x479, mtr_1373443970927.png)


Hell, I should've put that in that cap.

Anonymous 12217


Anonymous 12218

thank you based god

<3 all the homo for you, smutty

Anonymous 12219


Anonymous 12220


Anonymous 12221

>tfw I capped that

AnonWithoutAFork 12222

File: 1374047091813.jpg (59.74 KB, 1025x841, EQGFScostanza.jpg)

>tfw a joke of mine started the sexyfood obsession for this episode.

Anonymous 12223

>tfw 2 or 3 anons hate me because I suggested something that wasnt cumming inside

Anonymous 12224

Feeling it pretty hard right now

Anonymous 12225

Alright everybody, before this ends we all change the thread style to "Tomorrow". We gotta turn the lights down low.

Anonymous 12226

Why are you still here?!

Anonymous 12227

File: 1374047262873.png (176.29 KB, 453x540, 1372707659293.png)

>tfw no face

AnonWithoutAFork 12228

>tfw templ8 b8

Anonymous 12229

>tfw this has become tfw thread in the mean time waiting for LSA

Anonymous 12230

>tfw your hot pocket set me up for that "PEPPERON3" JOKE
>tfw everybody liked my suggestion for last panel

Anonymous 12231

File: 1374047310202.jpg (5.93 KB, 237x213, 1370211452614.jpg)

>tfw I was the one that posted "AJ DAMMIT" because I wanted to save Dash for last to cum inside

AnonWithoutAFork 12232

>mfw I have yet to have a look at the AJ episode

Anonymous 12233

File: 1374047367522.png (285.05 KB, 1024x1334, 1372107616914.png)

Anonymous 12234

it's okay.
sunset, octavia and vinyl have god tier butts.
applejack has a great tier butt

Anonymous 12235

>tfw I rolled the get to cause the Sunset Satin thread

Anonymous 12236

File: 1374047429101.jpg (25.43 KB, 331x271, 1372826966653.jpg)

>tfw I suggested sexual intercourse in the missionary position in the Fluttershy and Milky threads

AnonWithoutAFork 12237


Anonymous 12238

>tfw muh dick

Anonymous 12239

Because I love you

Anonymous 12240

File: 1374047484478.jpg (6.65 KB, 270x186, dontBrush.jpg)

>tfw I'm a lowly lurker that contributed nothing

Anonymous 12241

>tfw you need to lurk MOAR then

Anonymous 12242

I used to know that feel

Anonymous 12243

File: 1374047531153.gif (1.25 MB, 275x199, mfw.gif)

>tfw tfw tfw tfw

Anonymous 12244

File: 1374047545706.png (39.7 KB, 192x200, 1373662540533.png)

You suggested not cumming inside Vinyl… how can I ever forgive you?

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12245

File: 1374047554375.png (170.76 KB, 700x900, Vinyl-and-mlp-16-notcomplete.p…)

How should we display her messy mess on the lower panel?

Anonymous 12246

>tfw no gf

Anonymous 12247

File: 1374047567844.jpg (49.48 KB, 500x500, 1372314620608.jpg)

Anonymous 12248

>/mlp/ pulls out

Anonymous 12249

On her face, ams tucked under her, on her knees and legs apart

Brownee (Current Capper) 12250

Just like >>12140 mentioned I guess…. or similar.

Anonymous 12251


Anonymous 12252

slowly flowing out from deep within her

Anonymous 12253

AnonWithoutAFork 12254

>tfw /mlp/ pulls out but dick is still visable at the bottom of the frame with the vag full center with it's beautiful based mess.

Anonymous 12255

Octavia should lick it off her

Anonymous 12256

IaTM 12257

My indirect dubs…

Anonymous 12258

File: 1374047678162.png (138.62 KB, 900x1193, colgate_minuette_ponyganda_bru…)

Anonymous 12259

like this! >>12140
keep it in her cunt for Tavi

Brownee (Current Capper) 12260

Whoops, wrong comment. Must've been in the previous thread.

But yeah, basically how she's posed in that pic.

Anonymous 12261

combine these, plus just a bit on her belly

AnonWithoutAFork 12262

sounds good to me

Anonymous 12263

This is good

IaTM 12264

With her back on the turntables.

AnonWithoutAFork 12265

Addition confirmed

Anonymous 12266

File: 1374047939508.png (306.3 KB, 966x763, fjgdghd.PNG)

Trying to pass the time

IaTM 12267


Anonymous 12268

Christ, I clicked on the post you deleted and thought the thread 404'd again

Anonymous 12269

>clicked on picture in your first post

Anonymous 12270

Anonymous 12271

File: 1374048056700.jpg (13.4 KB, 267x200, 1372900033475.jpg)

So how many girls have we came inside?
How many of them did /mlp/ get pregnant?

Anonymous 12272

all of them

Brownee (Current Capper) 12273

We've come inside 7 of them so far, we're unsure of whether they got pregnant or not… we're of course betting they are because we want a future picture of them laying around him, all pregnant.

Original human skin edit anon 12274

File: 1374048137407.png (379.58 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 15 hl.png)

Thanks for the color stamp.

Original human skin edit anon 12275

File: 1374048172949.png (348.75 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 15 eqg.png)

Original human skin edit anon 12276

File: 1374048209577.png (374.5 KB, 700x900, Vinyl Colored 15 hd.png)

Anonymous 12277

File: 1374048283464.gif (2.51 MB, 200x181, master.gif)

Brownee (Current Capper) 12278

No replies for a good minute now, just making sure we didn't crash again….

Brownee (Current Capper) 12279

Okay, good.

IaTM 12280

Anonymous 12281

if that so happens again check the update timer on the bottom right, it'll say retrying if it 404's
That's what it did for me.

Anonymous 12282

the crash was a human error, it won't crash again.

Anonymous 12283

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12284

File: 1374048508703.png (351.68 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl-and-mlp-17.png)


Any possible text to add?
Now comes the Octavia finishing panel.

Anonymous 12285

"I like your new job Tavi"

Anonymous 12286

vibrator in tavi


in her maid costume, obviously.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12287

You also doing the preview of the next?

IaTM 12288

File: 1374048601241.png (407.64 KB, 683x456, HMM.png)

Anonymous 12289

>yfw vinyl is 18 pages

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12290

Taking away the non-important panels (the 2 funny /mlp/ faces and the small pill one) it's 15. Still pretty long I dare say.

Anonymous 12291

how about the final slice consist of both vinyl/octi gobbling mlp's cock/balls

AnonWithoutAFork 12292

>You REALLY know how to mix!

eh… that's the best I got for that panel…

Anonymous 12293

they totally count smutty :3

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12294

So, will be Vinyl be eating a Hot pocket right? Or just Tavi eating her out?

Anonymous 12295

This while eating a hotpocket

Brownee (Current Capper) 12296


Anonymous 12297

vinyl eating a hot pocket, while she eats her out.

Anonymous 12298

Vinyl eating a hot pocket, playing it off like it's a common thing they do together

Colour Cap Anon 12299

Both, I think the consensus was.

Also, is Nightmare Rarity getting a preview tonight?

Anonymous 12300

File: 1374048809688.gif (941.07 KB, 398x223, 1373492593788.gif)

IaTM 12301

File: 1374048823056.gif (1017.1 KB, 468x356, 1373828647646.gif)

AnonWithoutAFork 12302

Why both of course.
>vinyl sitting on the DJ decks
>tavi eating her out
>/mlp/'s stomache starts to grumble.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12303


If I get the chance, yes.

AnonWithoutAFork 12304

*>vinyl sitting on DJ Decks eating the hotpocket

Brownee (Current Capper) 12305

Well as always, I don't like finishing without the preview, but whatev's.

Anonymous 12306

this >>12285 and both

Anonymous 12307

File: 1374048913212.gif (262.7 KB, 500x281, 1368588185878.gif)

Colour Cap Anon 12308

Beautiful. You're the hero /mlp/ needs.

Anonymous 12309

vinyl commenting on tavi's job is great

music pun, maybe?
You sure know how to make some wet effects, tavi

Brownee (Current Capper) 12310

And not the one we deserve.

Anonymous 12311

>music pun?

IaTM 12312

>wet effects, tavi

Anonymous 12313

>vinyl commenting on tavi's job is great
and Tavi blushing from embarrassment?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12314

Shouldn't that one be #16 instead of 17?

Anonymous 12315

[boner intensifies]

IaTM 12316

File: 1374049251483.gif (329.63 KB, 350x350, dick.gif)

Seems like you need a pic.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12317


Oh my, I think you're right.

Anonymous 12318

thank laTM

Anonymous 12319

Semen dripping out and Maidtavia ready to catch it in her mouth. Should probably provide some text context.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12320

We'll need a post that summarizes the ending for the capping. That way Octavia showing up and Vinyl eating a hot pocket will make sense in context.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12321

If it helps, this starts a new row and leaves shit loads of space for this pic and the preview, so I'll take 40 of these comments if I have to.

Anonymous 12322

>maid octavia shows up
>vinyl's cunt dripping with cum
>tavi has hotpocket for vinyl
>gives her the hot pocket, and eats her out with hearts in both of their eyes
>/mlp/ thumbs up

AnonWithoutAFork 12323

Colour Cap Anon 12324

There we go. This works great.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12325

File: 1374049524824.png (45.73 KB, 400x1210, askformore.png)

That works.

Anonymous 12326

Have /mlp/ snap his fingers and Tavi walks in with a tray of Hot pockets

IaTM 12327

"You seem hungry after all that getting down and dirty… here, have this"

IaTM 12328

"this" referring to both types of eating.

Anonymous 12329

Are you done colouring that last pic? My dick is waiting and he's kind of a dick

Anonymous 12330

Imagine going back and forth between this and a Spitfire thread. My dick can't take much more of this.

Original human skin edit anon 12331

File: 1374049658287.png (582.44 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl Colored 16 hl.png)

Anonymous 12332

Just another day in the life of /mlp/

Colour Cap Anon 12333

I do the colour caps, and I will occasionally colour other things if nobody else is up to the task. I did a couple previews but Original Human skin edit anon is on the job this time.

Original human skin edit anon 12334

File: 1374049690096.png (546.71 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl Colored 16 eqg.png)

Original human skin edit anon 12335

File: 1374049707928.png (578.3 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl Colored 16 hd.png)

Anonymous 12336

File: 1374049759061.jpg (26 KB, 429x410, 1325295198001.jpg)

why are you making me want this so bad.

Anonymous 12337


Anonymous 12338

File: 1374049940575.jpg (71.46 KB, 450x800, mtr_1372836790405.jpg)

IaTM 12339

>forgot again…

Anonymous 12340

If this seriously ends with hotpockets, I'm disowning all of you.

Anonymous 12341

Shush, anon. This needs to happen.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12342

Bye dad!

IaTM 12343

We'll still love you, anon-kun

Anonymous 12344

File: 1374050162878.jpg (24.47 KB, 500x375, i feel it.jpg)

Anonymous 12345

File: 1374050253845.png (359.92 KB, 862x486, 1372745190730.png)

IaTM 12346

>not actually my face

Brownee (Current Capper) 12347

Huh. Just solved my empty space issue with the cap.

My OCD senses can rest easy now.

Anonymous 12348

You look like a reptilian humanoid but I kinda want to fuck you.

Anonymous 12349

Man this thread is quiet all of a sudden

Brownee (Current Capper) 12350

Want me to talk about my day?

IaTM 12351

Anonymous 12352


Anonymous 12353


I'll join you as well, if people want me to answer questions, I'll answer.
more bong hits first

Anonymous 12354

File: 1374050746634.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.52 KB, 730x489, new_baby_backed_spare_ribs.jpg)

Anonymous 12355


Anonymous 12356

Original human skin edit anon 12357

File: 1374050820524.png (446.73 KB, 700x650, Vinyl Colored Preview hl.png)

Finished the preview pics for consistency.

Original human skin edit anon 12358

File: 1374050845295.png (435.84 KB, 700x650, Vinyl Colored Preview eqg.png)

Anonymous 12359

File: 1374050855320.jpg (33.93 KB, 400x331, cake.jpg)

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12360

File: 1374050858164.png (331.48 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl-and-mlp-17-end.png)


And end of Vinyl's session.

IaTM 12361

File: 1374050859623.jpg (873.47 KB, 2592x1944, IMAG0038.JPG)

THIS is me…
I'm 19. None of this underage, bullshit.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12362

Well I was at the gym this morning, cause I'm one of the few anons that does that kind of thing, and one of the dudes I regular with pointed out that while my arms and legs are looking fabulous in muscle tone and such, my chest is getting an obvious layer of fat over it… which of course horrifies me, because that means manboobs.

I'm gonna look like some of those wrestlers that are obviously built and will smash you in an instant, but also have bouncing tits to go with them.

I'm working on resolving this issue. Less cheese pizza for the next few weeks.

Anonymous 12363

Goddammit, anon, I'm so hungry..

IaTM 12364

File: 1374050911765.jpg (606.79 KB, 1280x1024, tumblr_lrgj9sQmpB1qdn4o8o1_128…)

Original human skin edit anon 12365

File: 1374050925510.png (442.77 KB, 700x650, Vinyl Colored Preview hd.png)

So who's next on LSA's smut thread? I need to know if I could jump into it.

Anonymous 12366

>used my text
I can't

you one based fuckng motherfucker <333

Anonymous 12367

I'll be honest… I don't really think the music pun works IMO

Anonymous 12368

I'd cook for you anon's if I could teleport ;_;

Colour Cap Anon 12369

This is what happens when two different people do the previews and the actual threads. Now my own desire for consistency demands that I edit the Sunset Shimmer caps.

That hair is something else, I tell ya…

I think Nightmare Rarity is next. You'll colour that one, won't you, buddy ol' pal? Otherwise I get to.

Anonymous 12370

When I posted the image of balloon Snake I was talking about the image you posted. I didn't mean about you, but sorry if it caused confusion.

Anonymous 12371

I can't believe my maidtavia/hot pocket suggestion survived til the end. Thank you Based Smutty.

IaTM 12372

Oh… well… Sorry for getting confused.

Anonymous 12373

DJ Pepperon3 strikes again ;_;

Anonymous 12374

What's "wet effects" in musical terms?

Anonymous 12375

you can set the sound of something between wet and dry, in most DAWs

Anonymous 12376

Oh man…. that shit is GOLD! my sides are on their way to Alpha Centauri, and my dick is skyward.

We are not worthy of your greatness Smutty.

Anonymous 12377

Effects have a wet/dry level. 100% wet means the effect is all the way up. 100% dry means it's all the way off.

IaTM 12378

most commonly used to refer to filters.

Original human skin edit anon 12379

About a couple LSA threads back I've made it a point to stop at the preview unless I'm prepared to do the next set. That's why I need to let people know if they should carry on work on the preview, like I did with SS.

In this case I didn't expect LSA doing Vinyl until last Sunday.

Anonymous 12381

Anything can have a wet/dry level really. It's just a matter of how much you want out of it.

Anonymous 12382

Palindrome GET confirms epic ending

Brownee (Current Capper) 12383

Alright, I'm awaiting the preview and I'm done.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12384


Doing the preview atm.
Will be ready in promptly.

Colour Cap Anon 12385

So that means you're not planning on Nightmare Rarity, then?
This will be… entertaining. Choosing colours and such.

Anonymous 12386

>Will be ready in promptly.
Go home LSA, you're drunk

Anonymous 12387

Can wait to get some sleep

Anonymous 12388

This is the convoluted explanation of what I said, thanks.

Anonymous 12389

So "wet effects" doesn't make sense?

Anonymous 12390

It makes sense in an "ahaha, I get it" way because of how double entendre works.

Anonymous 12391

File: 1374051538995.png (146.82 KB, 425x282, 5587.png)

It was a pretty sloppy pun.

Anonymous 12392

Was I the only one reading SCP articles this whole time?

Anonymous 12393


Anonymous 12394

Anonymous 12395

File: 1374051629305.png (146.82 KB, 425x282, 5587.png)

My puns are fucking slick, calm yourself.

Anonymous 12396

File: 1374051721472.png (500.42 KB, 720x540, 1371937701857.png)


Anonymous 12397


Original human skin edit anon 12398

Nightmare Rarity you say?

I'm not big on the comics, but I'll consider. But I got some drawfag requests that need done the next few days.

Anonymous 12399

oh you

Colour Cap Anon 12400

The preview image, at the least?
You're good at this. I've learned a few things but your edits are still better. People get stuck with mine if they don't get yours.

They might not be picky about such things, but even so…

Anonymous 12401

It's bedtime for this anon. Thank you Based LSA. Twas a great thread.

Anonymous 12402

File: 1374051969835.jpg (48.3 KB, 720x480, 1372898720887.jpg)

He's just saiyan you should calm down.

Anonymous 12403

File: 1374051979401.png (146.82 KB, 425x282, 5587.png)

Fine, I'll quit it with these puns, they're all watered down

Original human skin edit anon 12404

Alright. But it might take a bit of time to look her up once I'm done with the last pic.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12405

Missing shades and I'm done.

Anonymous 12406


Anonymous 12407

File: 1374052106938.png (146.82 KB, 425x282, 5587.png)

I'll stop before I'm all washed up

Colour Cap Anon 12408

You're both awesome!

Anyone have some official artwork of Nightmare Rarity for Color Anon to work his magic with?

Anonymous 12409

File: 1374052186029.gif (35.27 KB, 673x505, IMG_9476.GIF)


Anonymous 12410

I <3 u

Brownee (Current Capper) 12411

No rush. Im in my World of Warcraft raid.

Anonymous 12412

File: 1374052240636.png (146.82 KB, 425x282, 5587.png)

I'm sorry my puns are so crappy

Anonymous 12413

File: 1374052277906.jpg (159.92 KB, 800x578, IMG_9477.JPG)

That's it. That's fucking IT.

Anonymous 12414

File: 1374052316190.jpg (14.01 KB, 256x256, 1372332532192.jpg)

IaTM 12415

Dubbed dubs confirm a top fucking kek.

Anonymous 12416

File: 1374052623059.jpg (8.47 KB, 199x253, 1372898229012.jpg)

I'll admit that last pun was crappy. You really had to bite the bullet for that one.

Anonymous 12417


Anonymous 12418

File: 1374052707765.jpg (37.19 KB, 292x261, IMG_9132.JPG)

I'm gonna break your freakin legs!

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12419

File: 1374052711567.png (257.86 KB, 650x650, Nightmare-Rarara and-mlp.png)

And complete.

Now, as you can read on the preview, next week there won't be a LS session.

This is due to me using said time to pump out as much artwork as possible to get the /mlp/ VN demo working on our set deadline.

If you haven't checked out those threads, be sure to check them out! We're still looking for all kinds of members.

Anonymous 12420

Oh god that is beautiful

Anonymous 12421

File: 1374052743415.png (139.94 KB, 425x282, 8365.png)

The gun has been doubled

Anonymous 12422

File: 1374052788869.png (39.7 KB, 192x200, 1373662540533.png)

>2 weeks…
okay… I'll miss you…

Anonymous 12423

>dem tits
can't wait.
titjob for sure.

Anonymous 12424

File: 1374052804643.jpg (52.39 KB, 350x345, IMG_9475.JPG)

Anonymous 12425

Two weeks? Probably have to review the original Rarity post because it's going to take something new to get my interest.

Colour Cap Anon 12426

>no top

Oh my… I already love it. Two weeks is just fine, Smutty, you do your own thing.

Anonymous 12427


hot damn, have a good next 2 weeks smutty.

Anonymous 12428

work on the project with us!

It was fun while it lasted

Anonymous 12429

Seeing this, just imagine sunbutts session . . . !

Anonymous 12430

Woah…. this NMR thread will be God-Tier, even more so than all the others.

I eagerly await this one….

Wait…. what's this VN he's talking about?

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12431


By two weeks I mean that not the week, but the other one.

There won't be a LS session next week, but we'll be doing N. Rarity the one after.

Anonymous 12432

It's basically a VN with LSA doing all the concept work to be vectored and added to the game.

Anonymous 12433

File: 1374052976643.png (22.09 KB, 181x157, 1373054921826.png)

>work on the project with us!
but I have no skill of any sort… I could be emotional support.

Anonymous 12434

It's basically a VN with LSA doing all the concept work to be vectored and added to the game.

>no skills of any kind|
I hardly find that believable.

Anonymous 12435

good job LSM thanks, looking forward to theVN

Anonymous 12436

Game? Okay, can someone give me the details please? My interest is piqued.

Anonymous 12437

File: 1374053059414.jpg (88.26 KB, 694x448, 1373967267688.jpg)

>I hardly find that believable.
Well, I'm sorry it's true…

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12438

File: 1374053080836.png (30.94 KB, 252x284, 1373433810216.png)

>It's basically a VN with LSA doing all the concept work to be vectored and added to the game.

That makes it sound like I'm the writer as well.
I'm only the Concept and Character sketch artist. A small fraction of a huge team.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12439

File: 1374053081730.jpg (2.85 MB, 3689x3977, Vinyl Scratch.jpg)

Hah, damn. Nearly managed to keep it a png.

There ya go.

Anonymous 12440


My 2 weeks and your 2 weeks are the same. Enjoy them either way

Anonymous 12441

File: 1374053248897.jpg (55.26 KB, 500x600, 1341989485955.jpg)

you got the entire damn thing started in our heads, don't sell yourself short

Brownee (Current Capper) 12442

Aaaaand now it's up on deepibooru:

Colour Cap Anon 12443

Then that's my cue to start.

Once friendly neighbourhood Color Anon finishes with the lovely Nightmare Rarity preview I'll be able to finish the colour caps for y'all.

Anonymous 12444

File: 1374053580314.gif (4.72 MB, 480x360, HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA.gif)

hey LS, serious question:
Do you like dicks?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12445

Who doesn't?

Anonymous 12446

>not loving dicks

Anonymous 12447

Well I'm straight so… me?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12448

Oooo, I managed to upload the png version to derpibooru by accident… I guess if you want that version, save it from there.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12449

I'm straight to, doesn't mean I don't enjoy the occasional dong.

Anonymous 12450

Anonymous 12451

File: 1374053739555.jpg (8.46 KB, 188x200, 1372634593759.jpg)

Original human skin edit anon 12452

File: 1374053765371.png (469.15 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl Colored 17 hl.png)

This took way longer than expected.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12453

What, I'm not allowed to admire them?! Sometimes there is just the dick that looks appealing!

Original human skin edit anon 12454

File: 1374053787106.png (449.65 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl Colored 17 eqg.png)

Original human skin edit anon 12455

File: 1374053802161.png (463.26 KB, 700x1000, Vinyl Colored 17 hd.png)

Anonymous 12456

damnit…. why is it so hard to find SmutAnon's AJ not as a download?!

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12457

Well, fuck me. I just got banned on /a/ for posting doge.

And I was just on my way out.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12458

File: 1374053967564.jpg (2.49 MB, 6000x3200, mtr_1372244650178.jpg)

The cap?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12459

Want me to be your messenger? I'll post anything and everything and evade a ban.

Anonymous 12460

there we go! thank you very, very much.

Colour Cap Anon 12461

Well, shit.

I'm assuming your ability to evade bans is on par with mine?

AnonWithoutAFork 12462

Thank you capper.

LiveSmutAnon!SMUTTYg9Fk 12463


Nah, no worries.
I was just banned from posting on /a/, and for 1 day so it's fine.

But, fuck, /sp/ is FULL of doge, 1 doge on /a/ and I get banned? The fuck?

Anonymous 12464

doge is shitposting, apparently.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12465

Mods have a stick up their arse lately. Just ask the colour anon. I posted shit loads of links to these threads and got no ban like his.

Yet they take offense to the progress cap being posted yesterday and I get a 3 day ban this morning (which is no longer in effect). I mean sure I understand that one, but why did ColourCapAnon get banned for linking and I didn't? I feel like I'm not even worth their time…

Anonymous 12466

would it be too much to ask for you to post Fluttershy, Rarity, and RD's full sets? I have Pinkie, octavia, and Twilight's full sets, but none of the others. Milky would be nice as well, but i think I'm asking too much as it is….

Colour Cap Anon 12467

>implying I'm worth their time

Seriously though, I was banned for a month for linking a thread, and I was linking to non-profit, user-created content! Ridiculous, I bet the mod who banned me just did so without looking into it at all.

Anonymous 12468

So when are you gonna call your ISP and tell them what happened?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12469

At this very moment, yes. I'm playing WoW and tanking, so the upload fucks with my ping… despite how I'm typing this instead of currently tanking the boss. I'll do it in the other thread when I have a break.
Other thread being what these gentlemen linked.

Is it weird that I'm jealous of the negative attention you got?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12470

Oh okay, those comments get deleted but I didn't refresh my page to see that.

I'll link them in this other thread: >>82377

Colour Cap Anon 12471

Sorry to say there's not much point now, as my appealing worked.

HOWEVER… I haven't discarded the idea completely. If/when I have IP troubles again, I'll call them. It won't even have to be getting banned for posting pony smut; I'll say that's the reason anyway for top kek.

Uh… depends on whether you think you're an attention whore or not. If you are, then no - attention = good.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12472

Well no, I'm not an attention whore, I just kinda… think it a little annoying that I do the same thing as you, or even much more as you, and get completely ignored.

Just makes it suck for you even more, is all.

Anonymous 12473

File: 1374054686563.jpg (15.15 KB, 222x223, 1372382004801.jpg)

> It won't even have to be getting banned for posting pony smut; I'll say that's the reason anyway for top kek.
You're the best.

IaTM 12474

So I just looked at the Sunset set…

Why the FUCK didn't we use the Devil's Blast on Vinyl?

Brownee (Current Capper) 12475

Cause we're saving it for Celestia.

Colour Cap Anon 12476

I could do without the attention if it meant not getting banned, though I see where you're coming from.
>mods view me as a legitimate threat to their authority

If only.

You're making me blush, anon.

A hellish powerup like that deserves to be used on a goddess. It's only fitting.

Anonymous 12477


So LSA once you're done with this series what are you gonna do? Are you still gonna do that Gay thread?

Anonymous 12478

File: 1374054878266.png (3.61 KB, 203x231, 1372702392328.png)

>You're making me blush, anon.
I'm just letting you know you're awesome…

IaTM 12479

File: 1374054899588.gif (1.89 MB, 300x200, mtr_1373968006634.gif)

>Cause we're saving it for Celestia.

This has given me a whole new boner.

Original human skin edit anon 12480

File: 1374054995121.jpg (58.3 KB, 900x650, ernesto-che-guevara-1928-1967-…)

Packed both halves of the set into one.


This is not the final version.The blushes in the first half of the set didn't blend well with the skin color due to a wrong layer blending. I'll fix that later today.

Moving on the Nightmare Rarity preview, and then I'm off.

Colour Cap Anon 12481

It takes one to know one, as they say.

…Not quite sure if that's the appropriate remark, but what I'm getting at is that you're awesome too. Perhaps more so!

Anonymous 12482

File: 1374055053037.jpg (5.57 KB, 233x103, 1373669051744.jpg)

Anonymous 12483

ya'll niggas are kawaii as fuck

Colour Cap Anon 12484

In that case, you can post the link to the final version here:


I'll find it later and make the colour caps, then post them there as well.

Great job as usual!

Brownee (Current Capper) 12485

They're up now, sir.

Anonymous 12486

Liking dicks is not gay, what matters is the body the dick is attached to. You niggers should fucking finally learn this.

Anonymous 12487

>Liking dicks is not gay
Sounds pretty gay to me.

Anonymous 12488



Anonymous 12489

Those are kinda gay

Anonymous 12490

You might have a point on traps, but futa is straight as fuck.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12491

Considering Smutty has other projects going and we're continuously discussing him and them all the time, does that qualify >>82377 to be a general?

Should probably get that linked at the top of /anon/ for people to find it easier when it's autosaging like it currently is.

Anonymous 12492

File: 1374055602016.gif (1.39 MB, 200x150, 1372642148341.gif)

>futa is straight as fuck.

Anonymous 12493

Sure is.

Anonymous 12494

File: 1374055700797.png (160.99 KB, 500x376, 1372385638748.png)

Keep telling yourself that

Anonymous 12495

I'm not insecure if that's what you're implying.

I'm happily bi, but futa is straight.

Anonymous 12496

I'll start linking it up there for nightmare rarity

Anonymous 12497

>I'm happily bi
So we shouldn't listen to you when you say liking dick is straight?

AnonWithoutAFork 12498

Who gives a flying fuck whether it's straight or not… all that matters is that it's fucking hot.

Anonymous 12499

pegging is gay

Anonymous ## Mod 12500

calm your tits guys, relax.

gr8 b8 m8

Anonymous 12501

So pegging is gay, but liking dicks is straight?
This thread confuses me

Anonymous 12502

I don't know.

I still say it's straight, sexuality is about the body not the genitals to me. Someone who is gay isn't likely to jerk it to futa, they'd be more likely to like cuntboys.

Nope. It should reinforce my opinion more.

Anonymous 12503

>I still say it's straight, sexuality is about the body not the genitals to me.
and I think you're wrong

Anonymous 12504


AnonWithoutAFork 12505


Anonymous 12506

A dick is a dick.
I also like futa

Anonymous 12507

>Nope. It should reinforce my opinion more.
It doesn't

Anonymous 12508

If you're not attracted to women adding a dick isn't going to make you like them.

If you aren't attracted to guys adding a cunt to them isn't going to change that.

And I doubt many people like detached floating genitals.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12509

Yeah, someone seems to pin the threads to the top when they happen anyway, which is glorious as well, but I mean the other thread where just general discussion and random postings of colour versions of randomly posted pics and stuff happen, regular thread activity… does that qualify as a general to be linked in the directory?

I mean I'm not complaining or whatever, I just find myself linking that thread all over the place anyway, just thought of it as a convenience type thing for others looking for it.

Anonymous 12510

What if you dislike the body of a man, and dicks?

Anonymous 12511

Then you like chicks I guess?

I'm not saying you have to like futa to be straight.

Or that all straight people like futa.

I'm just saying I doubt someone's who is gay is going to like it. They aren't attracted to women to begin with.

Anonymous 12512

Yeh, but how is liking dick still straight?

Anonymous 12513

does it happen enough for it to be a general?
do we get regular LSA threads?

Anonymous 12514

Because you aren't attracted to women because they have a vag, adding a dick still means it's a woman.

If were going by the logic if genitals, then it's straight to like cuntboys.

And I doubt many straight people like cuntboys.

Anonymous 12515

do people talk in them all week, basically.

Anonymous 12516

>adding a dick still means it's a woman
ehh… not really

Anonymous 12517

Would you take it in the ass from a futa?
I like futanari but wouldn't want anything in my butt

Anonymous 12518

>talks like a woman
>looks like a woman
>smells like a woman
>sounds like a woman
>feels like a woman
>shaped like a woman

It's a woman. Just with a dick.

Anonymous 12519

>LSA General/LSA after thread discussion

>Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks.

>totally not gay
>gr8 b8 m8
>not licking dicks

Brownee (Current Capper) 12520

Well that's the 2nd, and it's got some activity about as much as the others.

I dunno, it's one of the tabs I have open regularly, but I don't pay attention to it until something happens really. I guess I could take an opinion of the others in there.

Again, not really my issue, it's just always being asked for on /mlp/ and such. It's the sanctuary where all the nsfw pics are posted.

Anonymous 12521

>It's a woman. Just with a dick.
I disagree and think having a dick makes in not a women.

AnonWithoutAFork 12522

File: 1374056669851.png (443.04 KB, 707x430, Is this faggot serious....png)

>mfw these faggots are arguing over dicks.

Anonymous 12523

No. I wouldn't even suck it. But I still like futa all the same

Anonymous 12524

Then you're cis scum

Anonymous 12525

>mfw these faggots are arguing over dicks.
>what is every LSA thread ever since the 2013 licking dicks incident

Anonymous 12526

File: 1374056823167.png (42.62 KB, 871x479, licking dicks.png)

Anonymous 12527

and ur a faget rekt!

AnonWithoutAFork 12528

>tfw I wan't there with my fork to devour the http://cra2y.net/SWF/spaghetti.swf

Anonymous 12529

anyone want some futa on futa action?

AnonWithoutAFork 12530

why the fuck not?

Anonymous 12531

File: 1374057336081.jpg (Spoiler Image,348.66 KB, 726x536, 19873920135.jpg)

here you go

Anonymous 12532

No thats gay

AnonWithoutAFork 12533

HAHA I fucking lost it!

Anonymous 12534

File: 1374057429502.gif (1.91 MB, 290x260, 1364114222627.gif)

10/10 My sides are gone

Anonymous 12535

File: 1374057443737.gif (2.38 MB, 320x180, shooby doo wop dibbity doo.gif)

>not licking dicks

Anonymous 12536

wow those are some big dicks proportionally

Original human skin edit anon 12537

File: 1374058914234.png (389.19 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview hl.pn…)

This was harder to color than I thought.

Original human skin edit anon 12538

File: 1374058930279.png (374.64 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview eqg.p…)

Original human skin edit anon 12539

File: 1374058944981.png (363.31 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview hd.pn…)

Anonymous 12540

File: 1374059017348.jpg (16.89 KB, 210x240, char_63235.jpg)

I guess you can say she was a nightmare to color.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12541

Beautiful sir.

Original human skin edit anon 12542

I'll post these plus the unfiltered versions on the next VS package and the official LSA thread later today.

For now, I'm out.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12543


I'm unobservant and dumb, what's filtered?

Original human skin edit anon 12544

File: 1374059881620.png (377.32 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview.png)

Like this, without the dark ambiance.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12545

Oh I see. Still looks good even without it.

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