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Anonymous ## Mod 11919[View All]

LSA's thread seemed to have disappeared…
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Anonymous 12496

I'll start linking it up there for nightmare rarity

Anonymous 12497

>I'm happily bi
So we shouldn't listen to you when you say liking dick is straight?

AnonWithoutAFork 12498

Who gives a flying fuck whether it's straight or not… all that matters is that it's fucking hot.

Anonymous 12499

pegging is gay

Anonymous ## Mod 12500

calm your tits guys, relax.

gr8 b8 m8

Anonymous 12501

So pegging is gay, but liking dicks is straight?
This thread confuses me

Anonymous 12502

I don't know.

I still say it's straight, sexuality is about the body not the genitals to me. Someone who is gay isn't likely to jerk it to futa, they'd be more likely to like cuntboys.

Nope. It should reinforce my opinion more.

Anonymous 12503

>I still say it's straight, sexuality is about the body not the genitals to me.
and I think you're wrong

Anonymous 12504


AnonWithoutAFork 12505


Anonymous 12506

A dick is a dick.
I also like futa

Anonymous 12507

>Nope. It should reinforce my opinion more.
It doesn't

Anonymous 12508

If you're not attracted to women adding a dick isn't going to make you like them.

If you aren't attracted to guys adding a cunt to them isn't going to change that.

And I doubt many people like detached floating genitals.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12509

Yeah, someone seems to pin the threads to the top when they happen anyway, which is glorious as well, but I mean the other thread where just general discussion and random postings of colour versions of randomly posted pics and stuff happen, regular thread activity… does that qualify as a general to be linked in the directory?

I mean I'm not complaining or whatever, I just find myself linking that thread all over the place anyway, just thought of it as a convenience type thing for others looking for it.

Anonymous 12510

What if you dislike the body of a man, and dicks?

Anonymous 12511

Then you like chicks I guess?

I'm not saying you have to like futa to be straight.

Or that all straight people like futa.

I'm just saying I doubt someone's who is gay is going to like it. They aren't attracted to women to begin with.

Anonymous 12512

Yeh, but how is liking dick still straight?

Anonymous 12513

does it happen enough for it to be a general?
do we get regular LSA threads?

Anonymous 12514

Because you aren't attracted to women because they have a vag, adding a dick still means it's a woman.

If were going by the logic if genitals, then it's straight to like cuntboys.

And I doubt many straight people like cuntboys.

Anonymous 12515

do people talk in them all week, basically.

Anonymous 12516

>adding a dick still means it's a woman
ehh… not really

Anonymous 12517

Would you take it in the ass from a futa?
I like futanari but wouldn't want anything in my butt

Anonymous 12518

>talks like a woman
>looks like a woman
>smells like a woman
>sounds like a woman
>feels like a woman
>shaped like a woman

It's a woman. Just with a dick.

Anonymous 12519

>LSA General/LSA after thread discussion

>Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks, Dicks.

>totally not gay
>gr8 b8 m8
>not licking dicks

Brownee (Current Capper) 12520

Well that's the 2nd, and it's got some activity about as much as the others.

I dunno, it's one of the tabs I have open regularly, but I don't pay attention to it until something happens really. I guess I could take an opinion of the others in there.

Again, not really my issue, it's just always being asked for on /mlp/ and such. It's the sanctuary where all the nsfw pics are posted.

Anonymous 12521

>It's a woman. Just with a dick.
I disagree and think having a dick makes in not a women.

AnonWithoutAFork 12522

File: 1374056669851.png (443.04 KB, 707x430, Is this faggot serious....png)

>mfw these faggots are arguing over dicks.

Anonymous 12523

No. I wouldn't even suck it. But I still like futa all the same

Anonymous 12524

Then you're cis scum

Anonymous 12525

>mfw these faggots are arguing over dicks.
>what is every LSA thread ever since the 2013 licking dicks incident

Anonymous 12526

File: 1374056823167.png (42.62 KB, 871x479, licking dicks.png)

Anonymous 12527

and ur a faget rekt!

AnonWithoutAFork 12528

>tfw I wan't there with my fork to devour the http://cra2y.net/SWF/spaghetti.swf

Anonymous 12529

anyone want some futa on futa action?

AnonWithoutAFork 12530

why the fuck not?

Anonymous 12531

File: 1374057336081.jpg (Spoiler Image,348.66 KB, 726x536, 19873920135.jpg)

here you go

Anonymous 12532

No thats gay

AnonWithoutAFork 12533

HAHA I fucking lost it!

Anonymous 12534

File: 1374057429502.gif (1.91 MB, 290x260, 1364114222627.gif)

10/10 My sides are gone

Anonymous 12535

File: 1374057443737.gif (2.38 MB, 320x180, shooby doo wop dibbity doo.gif)

>not licking dicks

Anonymous 12536

wow those are some big dicks proportionally

Original human skin edit anon 12537

File: 1374058914234.png (389.19 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview hl.pn…)

This was harder to color than I thought.

Original human skin edit anon 12538

File: 1374058930279.png (374.64 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview eqg.p…)

Original human skin edit anon 12539

File: 1374058944981.png (363.31 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview hd.pn…)

Anonymous 12540

File: 1374059017348.jpg (16.89 KB, 210x240, char_63235.jpg)

I guess you can say she was a nightmare to color.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12541

Beautiful sir.

Original human skin edit anon 12542

I'll post these plus the unfiltered versions on the next VS package and the official LSA thread later today.

For now, I'm out.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12543


I'm unobservant and dumb, what's filtered?

Original human skin edit anon 12544

File: 1374059881620.png (377.32 KB, 650x650, Nightmare Rarity Preview.png)

Like this, without the dark ambiance.

Brownee (Current Capper) 12545

Oh I see. Still looks good even without it.

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