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WaW recruitment thread Whiskertoes 515697

Hello guys. Worlds at War is a political simulation browser game where you control a planet and you manage your economy and military and can wage war and attack others. There are several federations from 4chan boards, like a /k/ fed and a /pol/ fed. The game was reset yesterday, so we have a chance to grow and conquer the galaxy. If you want to join us, the game is at wawgame.eu and our federation page is https://wawgame.eu/federation/2/. Comm Rararaland or Tavimookia for an invite, or link your world name in this thread. Thanks guys, I will be here answering questions for a couple hours if you have any. Im also usually on the WaW irc which is #waw on Rizon. Thanks!

Anonymous 515708

File: 1429668820041.png (77.83 KB, 664x671, smug pepe minuette.png)

sure i'll join, sent you a message, altho be advised im just learning how this works as i type this post

Whiskertoes 515723

aight, thanks! I'm also on skype under titty.faggot if you want to talk there.

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