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Anonymous 514800

I miss the early nineties when you could be openly homophobic.

Anonymous 514802


I bet you do cake boy

Anonymous 514803

File: 1429390254032.jpg (192.83 KB, 1024x667, 870582__nudity_anthro_suggesti…)

I miss when masturbating to porn online required shit to load for a couple of minutes on dial-up compared to being bombarded by shit instantaneously.

Anonymous 514906

Why? It serves nothing. I'm not a big fan of having so many gay couples in childrens cartoons but being a homophobe is just being a prick.

Anonymous 514987

File: 1429406877460.jpg (36.29 KB, 400x400, furbster.jpg)

I miss Furbies, someday I will purchase one of the new ones and learn fluent Furbish.

I eagerly await the 3rd incarnation of Furby technology.

Anonymous 515209

Open bigotry isn't illegal or violently suppressed, just faced with increasing social scorn.

Anonymous 515210

But homosexuals claim social scorn is oppresion. Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Anonymous 515211

I miss the late '80s when none of you faggots were online.

Anonymous 515212

Is the common objection to social scorn in general, or more specifically to social scorn for consensual activities that only affect the participants?

Anonymous 515215

File: 1429445298675.jpg (132.09 KB, 500x718, fedora-wearers-in-a-nutshell_c…)

I miss, not being associated with homos or loser NEETs, just because I go against religion.

Anonymous 515221

They are now introducing faggots to video games.

Even in Mortal Kombat. I'm going to fatality that faggot every chance I get.

Anonymous 515226

File: 1429469934958.jpg (734.62 KB, 1000x708, get over here.jpg)

>gay guy in MK
Please don't let it be Scorpion.


Anonymous 515227


Oh yeah handsome, get on over here"

Anonymous 515229

so would a straight scorpion be like "awww yeah gurl, get on over here"

Anonymous 515230

Pro wrestling had Adrian Adonis and Goldust way back in the '80s. What took MK so long?

Anonymous 515368

Anonymous 515752

I actually miss being able to call something "retarded" without backlash.

I also hate when I'm around people who get offended if I say "jesus christ" or goddamnit". inb4 tips fedora

Anonymous 515834



Doug has the answers to your problem.

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