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Anonymous 514768

The last part is the best.

Anonymous 514769

Anonymous 514771


>pornhub link


I never would have guessed.

Anonymous 514772

I liked the XJ-9 one.

Anonymous 514773

What cartoon is that last one 'from'

Anonymous 514789

The Modifyers. A cartoon that was turned down by Nickelodeon.


Anonymous 514791

To be honest, it doesn't look great. The art looks too much like timmy turner and fuck, I hate that artstyle. By this I'm talking about the girls character design, not backgrounds.

Anonymous 514796

I guess Nickelodeon agrees.

I really liked the whole sixties England aspect of it. It would be nice if the animation wasn't so Butch Hartman-y, but overall I liked it and I can see why someone would want to make porn of it.

Anonymous 514797

>watching inferior gaijin cartoons when japanimations are folded over a thousand times

Anonymous 514799

>like I don't watch both

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