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File: 1428747789546.jpg (186.68 KB, 676x1996, ultimateatheist.JPG)

Let's have a serious discussion about PurpleTinker for once... Anonymous 513773

Caution: this is a cringe thread.
Just encountered this post, and lost the remaining respect I had for PT.

Sean's between life and death after getting hit by two cars. And this guy here, this degenerate, self-proclaimed horsefamous whore has nothing better to do but criticizing people who say
"my prayers belongs to him"

How is it possible to be such an inhuman piece of shit, Anon? I mean, literally how? I checked, his Twitter isn't hacked. Despite being atheist myself, I just want to punch his face like the fist of an angry god right now.

Anonymous 513774

How sickening, how can one person show so much hate an discrimination.

Anonymous 513775

Tinker's been formatted, and brainwashed to hate anything that's not like him or think like him.

Anonymous 513776

He's being a dick but he's not wrong.

Wishing/hoping/praying doesn't cure injured people, medical practice does and that costs money.

If anything the people saying "My heart is with you!!" but not donating a dime are being dicks too.

Anonymous 513778

No, there's nothing that wrong about having sympathy and not donating, there will be people closer to this person who will not let them down, an in fact, if your fucking US had a social security system your fucking negro obama has promised, you would not need this.
Otherwise you would need jobs. But that is not the point.

People show affection and this fucking asshole, who should ditch the brony label is flaming others or baiting trolls with being such a dick.

Fuck that.

Anonymous 513779

File: 1428755401554.jpg (71.45 KB, 151x327, 1364039027253.jpg)

it's about showing sympathy.
we can't cure all the misery of the world, only those who are poorfags like me seems to actually know what it's like to be hungry and would donate to people in need, but we can't.
i'm not an egalitarianist but i think capitalism is not always the best method, but made people selfish, however, there's nothing wrong about letting people help each other.

it just should not be mandatory..

I pay taxes. I have a shit pay but with all the taxes I paid in 2014 I could have afforded half of this guy's healthcare.

No, too bad, we have to bomb terrorists our government has funded. IS THAT NORMAL? with Obamacare, we will pay trans people to undergo surgery instead of paying them psychiatric help, while surgery and real medical need should help people who are ACTUALLY injured.

This pic OP posted depicts everything I can't stand. PT never had a job, PT only pretends and is a militant, and shitting all over people's compassion and sympathy, that's disgusting.


I'm trying not to get mad over this shit, but I'praying for you, Sean. You will make it, we BELIEVE in you.

Anonymous 513780

We NEED an ED article about this whale, really. It's been years he's ridiculing the fansdom, the LGBT and now make atheists looks like heartless fuckers, I mean,; seriously... Fuck!

Anonymous 513781


Purple Tinkle is an attention whoring prick, this has been known for a long time. So what is this in reference to?

Anonymous 513782

The best thing we in the fan base can do is totally deny PT by not giving its rants any attention at all. We're just helping push whatever PT is by giving any attention to the drama.

Starve the troll. Don't repost anything PT says or does.

Anonymous 513784


I don't see how he's "flaming" or "baiting" in those posts. He's just saying prayer doesn't help. He's not saying "you christfags are all retarded go fuck yourselves I am euphoric in this blah blah". I think you're getting offended too easily.

Anonymous 513785

File: 1428762703879.png (12.01 KB, 580x174, phpZDQj1U)

This. Compared to the kind of shit PT does on a dialy basis it's really minor, but still he's being a dick about "muh atheism" in the WORST moments.

- playing accordion with a cat
- abandoning a slightly derp "friend" in an airport in SF, leaving him with no money
- treating his "employees" or con staff like shit
- trolling VAs and writers
- creating drama to be horsefamous
- calling on people who have been into drama calling themselves horsefamous
- telling others who to block (he told me to block a few people who posted on 4chan)
- calling whoever disagrees with him "a misanthropic, machist homophobe... er, transphobe"
- used to not care but since a couple of weeks his stuff is to call out people for misgendering "her"
- making shit up like pic related when endangered.

also you can't understand, he's a victim of violent and hateful fans of my little pony...

Anonymous 513786

File: 1428763211835.jpg (242.21 KB, 989x1400, 132852919286.jpg)


>looks closer at picture


Fucking hell, I guess I've been away for too long. This guy left the fandom last I heard.

Anonymous 513787

>respect for PT



Fuck off, you're only bringing up that broken tranny 'cause it takes waving around that much of a waste of flesh to make yourself look good by comparison.

Anonymous 513790

>Defending PT

Anonymous 513791


Yeah I mean I'm not trying to say he's a good person at all, I don't know much about him, but this specific example in the OP doesn't seem that awful to me, you see worse shit get flung around in YouTube comments.

Anonymous 513795

The cat thing was tru...*puking commences*

Anonymous 513825

Yeah I don't care about his "muh gender" or "muh atheism" what pushes PT beyond the Tumblrina is the fact he made profit and ran away several times with charity money.

And the way he's treating this cat, also using other members to make victims out of them, to spread bullshit, all that is too fucking much you know.

Anonymous 513827

The internet does not take the mistreatment of cats lightly.

Anonymous 513831

File: 1428797602170.jpg (89.12 KB, 938x725, tinkerhouse.JPG)


PT thinks he can get away with anything, with his autist circlejerk and unicorn magic.

He's dangerously wrong.

Anon's watching you, Jessica Leah Blank

Anonymous 513832

>inability to read
Yup, retard.

Anonymous 513859

>God and Jesus

I can't not think of Chris-chan when I read that.

Anonymous 513866

File: 1428801234453.gif (1.99 MB, 250x190, 1426039876955.gif)

Gas the trannies. Gender War now.

Anonymous 513867

File: 1428801311982.png (255.6 KB, 691x470, 1419169772366.png)

>with Obamacare, we will pay trans people to undergo surgery instead of paying them psychiatric help, while surgery and real medical need should help people who are ACTUALLY injured
>plastic surgeons who do weenie origami are the same people who do life saving surgery

Anonymous 513893

Why the fuck do you /pol/tards keep coming here? Get the fuck back to /pol/ 8chan, 4chan or otherwise with your baseless gibberish on transsexualism. And maybe come back with some form of evidence that hormone replacement surgery and gender reassignment surgery aren't the only known cures to transsexualism.

Anonymous 513896

Going in tumblr is like going into the abyss, you stare at bullshit and insanity until it fry your brains in stupidity and rage.

Only ghouls come out of that.

Anonymous 513909

File: 1428807937877.png (329.65 KB, 945x945, 1314295979146.png)


Uh oh, looks like someone just got triggered. Not everyone thinks like tumblr.

Anonymous 513919

Look at the intellectual "argument" /pol/ returns with. Since I'm pro transsexualism, I must be from tumblr, what next, you gonna call me an SJW and say I browse gamerghazi?

Anonymous 513963

This. I'm gay, but why should I become a member/supporter of the LGBT? Why am I not marching with pride, in the streets, naked with a feather in the butt holding a "FUCK HATERS EQUAL RIGHTS NOW" sign?

Tumblr is like the cesspool of the internet and it's starting to stink purple out there. This is why we can't have nice things. PT claims not to be a SJW oin 4chan, everywhere else, he is one, defines himself as one, and supports them versus bullshit.

I wish Horsenews had the balls to clearly expose his shit but no! PT knows exactly how to hold them. If not, that should be the role of Anonymous, but here again, Anon has been likely deactivated and powerless against these gender-snowflake, leftard fascists.

Anonymous 514416

is only image board. why you heff to be med.

Anonymous 514493

File: 1428900595713.jpg (84.38 KB, 432x571, 1305585316470.jpg)

>discussing fat slab of fat of unidentified gender

Anonymous 514556

File: 1428920927411.png (143.54 KB, 384x429, PwIYvgLO_400x400.png)

Soo, recently, Tinker decided to fuck with me, not accepting to buy shit i sold him, and threatens to make my dox public.

For the info, he's also doing band apart, diverting donations for Sean's Gofundme, taking also an ugly percentage there.

Have this ED Material:

Jessica Leah Blank
DOB: April 23, 1979

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Address: 1263 Herkimer Street, Apartment 3 (third floor) / Brooklyn, NY 11233

Former address: 76 Kingston Ave., Apt. 3 / Brooklyn, NY 11213
Former address: 346 6th Street, Apt. 3 / Brooklyn, NY 11215

Cell Phone: (917) 974-1138
Google phone: (718) 395-7669

Background Experience
The Web Union / Dynamic Logic [New York]
November 2010 – Present

University of Oklahoma
1997 – 1999

Anonymous 514558

File: 1428928229368.jpg (302.15 KB, 901x631, Bueno_Excellente_003.jpg)

Anonymous 514560

Doing God's work, anon, carry on.

Anonymous 514561

So wait. How did this person get so famous again?

Anonymous 514562

...Because "muh gender" and being jewish helps, even if you fucked up at your workplace for not hiding your power level and victimism...

Anonymous 514563


By being a massive fucking attention whore in pony areas with lots of traffic. PT isn't really famous as much as is just known by many.

Anonymous 514564

Ok...yeah. Just go ahead and fuck this person up with what you can.

Anonymous 514565

Afterall all those info were made available by himself, if a self proclaimed IT expert don't know this.

What got me to cringe after PT is the time in a convention he held a panel about bullying.. Basically it was: "Parents educate their kids to hate, blame the father being a model for the child" "muh tolerance!"

I'm like, whoa bro, you're exposing your childhood problems and think you can answer everything?
Tolerance is what caused kids to be like that. Respect comes from authority. If you come in a public school with strict teachers and rules, I guarantee you there's no bullying. If you were in a school where teachers are liberal hippies preaching tolerance and all that crap, you know the kids will not give a fuck and do the opposite.

...But jesus, Tinker...

Anonymous 514567

It takes insight to be able to conceive viewpoints outside of your own experience. Most people seem to lack that ability.

Anonymous 514580

File: 1428967874862.png (504.31 KB, 695x799, 1428140218557.png)

Cringe thread, you say?

Anonymous 514587

I'm glad that faggots twitter got hacked

Anonymous 514593

File: 1428983828218.jpg (17.48 KB, 422x336, 1286103849087.jpg)

I can't call myself gay... probably overly bi curious, but damn i really hate fags like him.


Anonymous 514597





Anonymous 514598

>still believing love & tolerance

Anonymous 514601

>implying I ever said that


Anonymous 514602

But guise, c'mon, lookit what a swell guy he is:


OOPS I meant "girl!" And I'm sure he's totally not pocketing anything like donation pieces he particularly likes or any of the profits. WHOOPSIE I meant "she." And how convenient that he's selling them all as a huge steaming dump instead of a piece at a time.

Anonymous 514613

i never knew you could wear a fedora inside out

Well played PT

Anonymous 514616

So does PT go apeshit when called "guy"? We also should totally go to the comment section and PRAY.

Anonymous 514624

Whoa there, I was making fun of the neondart guy from the image in another post.

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