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Anonymous 513469

/mlpcraft/ - a minecraft factions server designed for roleplaying horsefuckers that want to build a magical kingdom together!


Server will be released this upcoming Friday. Exact opening time will be announced shortly.

>Version 1.7.9 (any 1.7 client will work)

>Map: Eldaria Islands V3.1 - https://youtu.be/STsKFiDWd_0 [Embed]
>Factions server with enchantments and potions nerfed
>Pirate friendly
>A MLP skin is strongly recommended for roleplaying

Ender chests and golden apples will be unavailable to obtain ingame.

Anonymous 513471

We already have a /mlpcraft/.

Anonymous 513472

And yes, I will obtain sgaps

Anonymous 513473

>removing any items from stock minecraft

shiggy diggy doo.

Anonymous 513519


>Hide all your valuable shit in an ender chest

>Gapples turns pvp into a durability loss race as to whose armour will be break first before you can kill them

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