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File: 1427972783183.gif (249.95 KB, 926x1176, autismotron90000.GIF)

Anonymous 512375

do you think this kind of autist-labelling shit is necessary in a pony convention?

Anonymous 512386

Ignore the autism connection. Frankly, a simple label system sounds useful as fuck when you're hanging around a lot of strangers who you might want to converse worth. Certainly easier than looking at people and guessing whether they're approachable.

Anonymous 512388

That's dumb as hell, I'm a recovering autist and I assure you wearing a badge "don't talk to me" is the worst approach ever.
Cons are made to socialize, to be opened to others, to feel secure and safe with strangers. NOT to remain locked in your little personal bubble

That's just plain fucking wrong!

Anonymous 512389

R..Really? She did respond! And that's... hmm, depressing.

Anonymous 512390

What the fuck is this shit. Good fucking gawd chroist almighty.

WHY are you at a convention if you are going to sit in a corner and just watch?!?!

Half the fun is dressing up and interacting with all the other awesome people in costumes, not to mention talking to people at panels and doing the interactive previews of games and shit.

How much more fun can you have than with some imperial guardsmen, a commissar, a wookie, and some final fantasy dressed people out to the restuarant, mall, etc. Shenanigans all over.

Conventions are all about interaction - at least with people running panels and a friend or two. I dunno man I would personally feel a little dead inside going to one without socializing. It'd be like going to a theme park and not riding the roller coasters.

Anonymous 512393

File: 1427987525250.png (163.39 KB, 662x1097, Capture.png)


Anonymous 512394

Exactly, like I told her, the best cure against autism remains interaction. Interact with others, force yourself to overcome your issues, and you will make it.

Anonymous 512395


She's a few fries short of a happy meal.

Anonymous 512396

File: 1427989037668.jpg (118.86 KB, 728x409, 832_5.jpg)

They don't want to get better.
They don't want to be cured, they want to stay autistic and label others so...

What's the point of this? This is literally the opposite of psychology!

Anonymous 512408

Personally, no, but you have to remember that some people are just that socially awkward and need some sort of auxiliary to necessitate and gauge how active and willing they are to participate in talking with others.

Anonymous 512420

It's idiotic, and that's coming from a socially crippled autist. If you don't want to interact with people, don't go to cons. And if you go anyway, how fucking hard is it to tell someone to bugger off if they start to annoy you with their horrible friendliness?
I refuse to believe there are people so socially disabled that they literally can't say no to someone.

Anonymous 512450

File: 1428013854026.jpg (139.14 KB, 1087x953, bad_twili_bad.JPG)

the best part still, it's coming from fans of a cartoon that begins with the story of a sperg-ish, socially inept unicorn, who's getting told to get outside and make some fucking friends.

it's really... whew.
and yeah i'm not psychiatrist either but this person has problems.

Anonymous 512494

Not really.
I'd like to remind you there is such a thing as actual conversation and body language. If you don't want to talk to someone, just tell them so. Labels like this don't help people at all and just enable social retardation in the groups that use it (since the subconscious empathising part regresses when unneeded - replaced by labels).
>"I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood to talk, can you please leave me?"
There, simple.

Anonymous 512495

This serves no purpose for the socially adept, yes. It's targeted for the socially awkward/oblivious.

Anonymous 512496

The thing was, twilight was extroverted inside, but didn't see the point of making friends as much as singular work, studying, etc..

These people often are introverts who simply don't like to be approached, especially around other people.

Either way, I am not a huge fan of this just because cons are meant to be crazy and social. Its just not exactly an introvert's place by nature.

Anonymous 512497


>My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

>Friendship is Magic

These tag ideas just make me sad.

Anonymous 512498

If you fear people, don't go to a place where you are supposed to meet people.

Anonymous 512499

Extroverted? No. But she was socially competent. When she had a reason to interact with other ponies, she did so just fine.

Anonymous 512571

replace extroverted with "not introverted"

Anonymous 512588

You can be introverted and socially competent at the same time, introverted just means you take solice with being alone.

Anonymous 512589

File: 1428140218557.png (504.31 KB, 695x799, 1428139696402.png)

Screencap thread? here's some high octane cringe fuel.

Anonymous 512591

>the "straight" tag is not mandatory for all heterosexual adult works
Oh fucking dammit, really? That's just bad practice. If you're going to host tagged porn the least you can fucking do is make sure it's searchable by sex of the participants.

I'm glad I fap at e621 where the porntags are nicer.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 513593

File: 1428492788144.jpg (343.58 KB, 1920x1200, notthisversion.jpg)

it's a lie.
NeonDart is a professional victim and dramawhore, he's cherrypicking things just to make something look bad.

that's it.
it's really a SJW tactic to make up an outrage over things that doesn't exist.

Anonymous 513703

well no, we don't, since you can't really cure it. its a inherent brain wiring, not a chemical imbalance or socially imposed behavior. it's kind of impossible for us NOT to stay autistic :/

>implying autistic people can 'bet better' as if it's a mental illness and not a neurological subset of the population

do you even autism m8

Anonymous 513713

Autism is incurable (and many argue it shouldn't be seen as a disease). However, the part people give a shit about is social awkwardness, and socially awkward people can learn to be less socially awkward. Even literal autists.

Anonymous 513716

yes but autism also comes with a lower melting point for emotional exhaustion and over stimulation, thus making badges like op's pic helpful for autistic people who want to be able to enjoy things without having meltdowns.
the idea that we should just grin and bear it or not have fun b/c we're not 'normal' enough is stupid to me, really. like 'OH NO, YOU CAN EASILY TELL WHO WILL/WILL NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU! how terrible this country is going down hill with these damned illegal teenager hippies'

Anonymous 513718

Agreed. I'm neither autistic nor socially incompetent, and I still wish people had labels indicating whether they're interested in conversation or not.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 513723

"it's incurable so let's stop calling it a disease"

same goes from every mental illness, right? "i'm schizophrenic, respect us!" "i'm paranoid, stop stalking me and accept me!" "i've got depression let me kill myself it's what i am !" "i have body pr gender dysphoria let me amputate and mutilate myself! amputation surgery should be covered by social security"
"i'm a pedophile; you can't unuderstand you bigots i was born this way! tolerate me!"

psychiatry exist.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 513724

however yes, autistic people can work and overcome their handicap and socialize. like schizo people can learn to distinguish the reality than what their brain is doing, others can learn and work on themselves accepting what they are and dealing with it, sexual obsessed people managing to control their pulses, depressed people finding something to do, even if it's pointless but survive with it. there's millions who are doing this everyday, because they haven't completely lost the reason. and yeah, i might be totally crazy but i still believe human beings, despite being degenerated by TV and social media's hugboxes, political and ideological retardness and all kind of things that leads to this in this society, well they are not all fucked up at the extremes.

Anonymous 513725

File: 1428658042463.jpg (31.8 KB, 310x232, 62c[1].jpg)

>ITT horsefuckers not realizing autism is a spectrum, and that some autists who burnt out from past social failures might actually open up more if they started with training wheels
>ITT "AUTISTS ARE JUST AS CAPABLE OF SOCIALIZING AS ANYPONY ELSE" pride that does more to hurt those on the worse end of the spectrum
>ITT autists displaying the signature "lack of empathy" that tends to drag us all down while forcing us to step up even when we're not ready or capable of it
>ITT autists don't even try to win the victim olympics despite being more disadvantaged than the spoiled, upper middle class, special-snowflake, tran-pansexual polymorphic otherkin from tumblr who also frequent the fandom

Since the fandom sprung from a bunch of autists age-inappropriately stealing a fandom away from little girls, flooding it with porn and adorning their neckbeards with cringeworthy shirts featuring candy-colored cartoon ponies, visual social cues seem like kind of stuff that'd suit anyone unashamed enough of masturbating to horses to actually go to a con.

They might actually be pretty useful if you're the type that just want to go there, hang out with friends and make new ones by approaching without in turn being approached by socially oblivious chucklefucks like pic related who want your opinion on their new Tirek x Scootaloo clopfic.

Anonymous 513726

>implying every mental disorder is the same
>implying autism is a chemical imbalance
>implying autism is THAT bad of a handicap that couldn't easily be solved with minor changes in social dynamics IE: DONT FUCKING GO UP TO RANDOM PEOPLE AND TALK TO THEM IF THEY DONT WANT TO TALK TO YO U

^this guys got the right idea

Anonymous 513727

seriously though, whats with the assumption that psychiatry is some sort of magic cure all that can do no wrong? like if you've all forgotten:
>bedlam house
>asylums basically being zoos where you could LITERALLY PAY to see the crazies
>laundrys where women where sent and basically being declared insane for being slutty or what ever else their dads wanted them gone for
>ice-bath 'therapy'
>fake RAD therapy where kids get sat on
>homosexuality was/is considered a mental illness
>women could be declared 'hysteric' for literally anything and locked away
>both 'psychopath' and 'sociopath' were originally used solely to describe back men because people were racist as fuck?

like wow. 7 bil+ people and your method isnt going to wok for all of them, dipshit

Anonymous 513734


Anonymous 513737

Severe cases of autism are like, a guy being silent, then begins to tap his head on the floor, then go "huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"..." 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 8192 16384 32768 65536" and so on all days. there are people who can live with autism, people who can't. there are people who live with a missing leg, people who can't. life is cruel, life is unjust, such is the fate of mankind and I'm quite certain if we discuss here, we are far from being in complete misery.

Anonymous 513740


>there are people who live with a missing leg

This post reminds me of when I used to work at walmart a long time ago. We had limited scooters and there were these fat people with them all the time.

A guy with a missing leg hobbling on his crutches walks near one, and a big fat southern lady takes it at the last minute. She doesn't even aknowledge him.

To add further madness she threw a bitchfest as it died of low battery in the grocery section and got up and waddled to the exit 20 feet away, and I saw this guy still ambling about the store 15 minutes later far off in the papergoods, didn't look mad or anything.

I know there is no official rule to it but DAMN FAT PEOPLE WALK if there's a FUCKING AMPUTEE next to you.

Sorry I just had to rage.

Anonymous 513746

theres also different levels of living. some people live while avoiding new people unless introduced by a friend and others live forcing themselves to deal with social interaction despise it causing them to feel like shit.

everyone needs to stop worrying about other people using badges that help them out and start worrying about more important shit. like space exploration. or feasible fusion. the environment. the people trapped in the hellhole that is north korea.

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