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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1427903485860.png (1.21 MB, 1564x741, Geocities.PNG)

Anonymous 512320

This theme is one year old, but now without the music. It's sad how slow is this place now.

Anonymous 512323

File: 1427908744049.jpg (80 KB, 421x400, feels.jpg)

Left for /pone/ shortly after its creation and settled. Came here today to see if there was any fun April fools related stuff going on.

I really feel feels of being some sort of traitorous asshole to have left our once blooming halls in search of greener fields, so this is what deserting feels like.

I'm sorry, /anon/, I am so sorry.

Anonymous 512324


how hard is it to browse both sites?

Anonymous 512329

File: 1427919042227.png (774.63 KB, 930x950, companion cube.png)

Unfortunately, there's your answer(>>512326) The reason I came to /anon/ in the first place was because I value freedom more than just about any other thing in communities I frequent. Even if the half-man-half-troglodytes that mod PC wouldn't spill over to /anon/ I would still, by definition, be a ponychanner. And that's a burden I'm simply far too much of a faggot to bear.

Although I miss running CYOA's here, and I feel like less-than-shit for abandoning the Lyra one mid-way through I don't want anything to do with ponychan, no disrespect to you guys, or Anonthony. It just leaves a vile taste in my mouth.

Anonymous 512330

>Although I miss running CYOA's here, and I feel like less-than-shit for abandoning the Lyra one mid-way through
Y-You're back? W-We missed you, you glorious bastard

Anonymous 512331


I don't get it, but whatever suits you I guess. Anonthony/the mods have discussed a dozen times that Ponychan isn't the hugbox it used to be, and /anon/ won't change (/oat/ probably won't much either).

I'm not trying to seem like a douche but your decision to not stay because of the merger seems pretty autistic.

Anonymous 512332

File: 1427929772865.gif (2.56 MB, 280x200, 1426550453445.gif)

>the merge drove away some good CYOA writers.
>no more drag00n.
>no more Lyra cyoa

Anonymous 512333

I'm leaving too when it happens. It's a certain principle at work here.

>Ponychan isn't the hugbox it used to be

Bullshit, it's still a tripfagging, circlejerk wastepit. The mods are utter dicks and act like autistic retards, and as much as muh fandom contribution is thrown around I'm pretty sure some faggot's just trying to make a conglomerate.

Anonymous 512334

Trips confirm. I might as well pack up and leave /anon/. The last thing I want is some autistic mod banning me for some stupid reason.

Anonymous 512335

File: 1427931910377.png (289.73 KB, 500x384, 1414807869708.png)

Well the KKK mainly stick to barbecue parties and harmless get-togethers now-a-days but I still wouldn't want to be associated with them.

The PC stigma is prevalent with just about anyone from the fandom that started out on chans, when you've spent years building on a monolith of refined, utter incompetence and displayed your complete and utter lack of the most basics of moderation skills for so long, yeah, no wonder people look at ponychan the same way they do radfems. That's not an image that can be scrubbed away with a "oh that? We're not doing that anymore."

>I'm not trying to seem like a douche but your decision to not stay because of the merger seems pretty autistic.

Oh make no mistake, it is very autistic. But I'm also very nitpicky when it comes to my image boards and /pone/ just rubs me the right way, the moderation, the content, the speed even has just enough shitposts that it makes me mad enough to start pissfights but not enough shitty posts to make me get up and give up like with /mlp/,

On a somewhat unrelated note I feel like the people here get along too well, I know it sounds childish bit I love a good internet argument and it seems that, even now, the anons here are way too good in the art of ignoring shit they don't like. The absolute ridiculous length people will go in order to settle the most petty of differences amuses me so and it's one of my favorite things to do regarding chan culture, we don't really get that here anymore.

My apologies but I doubt it, I'm already fairly invested in a CYOA on /pone/. I'm already, 4 threads in, I think, slightly beyond the point of no return.

Anonymous 512337


>Bullshit, it's still a tripfagging, circlejerk wastepit

So is /oat/, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.

>The mods are utter dicks and act like autistic retards

Do you have any proof of this? Last I heard there's only been one ban in the last month on Ponychan, most of the mods are horsefuckers like us, they have confirmed that they will not ban you unless you very obviously break the rules (they've been posting here)...


> I feel like the people here get along too well

Did you ever think that maybe a lot of the people here just got over the edgy hate machine attitude of 4chan? I love arguing but not over every single dumb shitpost. /oat/ argues a ton.

I used to be /anon/-only but eventually I started posting on /oat/ and I value both sides of the community, I got over acting like an autist about tripcodes, if I don't want to deal with drama than I ignore it or hide the thread...it's not that hard.

Anonymous 512339

>cyoa on /pone/
Well that settles that. /anon/ gets the oldies from 4chan and /pone/ gets actual writing talent.

Anonymous 512341

File: 1427933756813.png (674.56 KB, 4512x5000, anon c3.png)

I wouldn't call it an edgy hate machine attitude, not even /baphomet/, which arguably is the most edgy board on any imadgeboard shares a hivemind of hatred, they even had a tea party last week and everyone from ponyfags, to weebs, to trannies, to people dedicating their lives to ruining others were having a grand old time together, seriously though, "Hate machine" is just as telling as "rape culture", it's a buzzword used by people who take other peoples' jokes serious. I don't know what tripfags has to do with anything but I don't mind them, assuming they provide content while posting, or post in a place were tripfagging is the norm.

I'm flattered, really, but i'm only scratching the surface when it comes to the general comprehension of the English language, I want to git gudder, need to git gudder before I can allow myself the comfort of telling myself I'm a complaint writer.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 512342

File: 1427933884215.jpg (19.56 KB, 459x461, AJ - crying with laughter 0000…)

>hurr durr da mods
>yfw the /anon/ mod for the merge is the biggest contributor to Horse Cock Worship general here
faggots, this whole thread.
>mfw ponychan will have pony pussy and 4chan's pony board won't

Anonymous 512343

I don't even have the energy to argue about this anymore. Everything that can be said has been said. If people won't even give the merger a CHANCE, then fuck 'em. They obviously don't care a whole lot about MLPchan anyways.

Anonymous 512345

File: 1427934669817.jpg (100.35 KB, 614x926, applenipp.jpeg)

Really lovin' the new tattoo, Anonthony, that's some baller shit right there.

/mlp/ is a lost cause, the mods were caught with burnt hotpockets when some private chat logs showed them actively destroying content and threads they didn't like. Some users will put up with anything I guess

>>yfw the /anon/ mod for the merge is the biggest contributor to Horse Cock Worship general here

It's more of ponychan's general rep and all the mountains of shit they've done in the past that makes them nonredeemable, for me at least. Then again, it is your chan, I'm just spouting my opinions on the internet, on a board I hardly visit anymore. You're an experienced guy, you run it how you like.

Anonymous 512348

I'm giving the merger a chance, but I'm surprised that even more CYOA writers are considering leaving than just me and one other.
I'm not really sure how many people actually want my CYOA though. I'm a shitty writer.

Anonymous 512349

There are worse out there.

Anonymous 512354

>Do you have any proof of this?
Seeing them on /meta/.
It seems from your post you've already given to the the imprints of outer influence. I personally enjoy the culture that was bred, immature as it is, it's what amuses me.

M8 if you're gonna do it, do it already. You people have been talking about it for months.
But I suppose that's the end of any anon conversation regarding it, since Anonthony tends to mark the end-all. No matter what is said the opposing opinion will always be the losing side. Well I suppose it makes sense, it's your site. We're just a minority; let the faggots have their conglomerate.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 512356

look, it took time. we finalized agreement on it like 2 months ago, and it took about that long to get it all worked out technically and it should be done with in a few days.
and yes, there isnt much to discuss. it's been set in stone for months as you just said, so im not sure why the continual doomsaying goes on. if some pantywaist sissy cant handle this they're better off pissing-in-the-ocean-of-8chong-shitshilling or cowering under the protection of 4chans sjw hotpocket munching faggot mods. i no longer care about any of that. ive done my best and put in place the best possible balance of people to run it and quite literally find myself, and the conversation i see them having, direct opposite to the kind of shit we all saw in the leaked logs mentioned earlier. and no lmfao pone is not a viable alternative for jack fuckin' shit.
its happening, its going to be fine, and its going to work, and no amount of handwringing or shilling for anything else is going to change that. im not begging anyone to do anything, and frankly the great irony is that despite the worst examples from pchan that people always bring up or drag out caps of, in the end after all this its still better and more of a community than the le edgy rebellion m-muh swj chan and no-fun-allowed cuckchan both.

Anonymous 512358

I dunno dude, the community has given itself its own conscious at this point, of course it's going to be veiwed as better quality by poeople such as yourself. What you're doing it pretty bull, the fandom does not need a merger or cooperation, it never needed it or deserved it. You're getting mad anyways; I offended you. Let's agree that we will always disagree.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 512359

Watching literally everywhere circle the drain of apathy, stagnation and entropy, makes what I am doing and have done the opposite of 'bull.' Honestly, I'm one of the few people willing to do -anything-, let alone really spur any interest or activity or curiosity. Yes, I'm mad. That's who I am. I am always mad. Especially when my work is offended, and since I've never been proven wrong about any prediction or hunch I've ever had or made. My instincts are almost always spot-on, and I see this as the only viable means of reworking the communities of both sites into something tenable, while the other alternatives are literal shit critiquing shit. I can be called many things, but sage would have to be among them.

Anonymous 512360


Anonymous 512361

What I don't understand is why people want to replace 4chan with 8chan.
That's replacing 4chan with another 4chan.

Anonymous 512364

File: 1427943528700.png (164.23 KB, 352x293, 1425794458501.png)

>a mod is trying to defend the deadest board on the fucking planet with the sole argument of "at least we aren't like them"
It's like listening to the insane ramblings of that probably asylum escapee in my bus every morning

Anonymous 512365

>hi, my name is anon, and my only experience with imageboards is popular boards on popular sites, giving me an unrealistic and skewed (therefore irrelevant) perspective on how activity is judged on them
>i have literally never posted anywhere other than 4chan and a handful of clones who attempt to be the next 4chan

Anonymous 512374

File: 1427967170677.jpg (88.08 KB, 666x498, hothead.jpg)

Somebody get this hothead outta here!
Seriously though, that's one big, great wall of projection right there.

As g guy who's used all big 4 (plus a couple off-brand ones) pony image boards If you're gonna go around and act like a turd less people will like you, and in the process, your chan. This fandom isn't dragging in rows of chanfags like it used to, the pool is limited and talking shit about all other chans but your own and pc wich you want to take over your chan soon is a pretty shitty thing to do when you're an admin.

Anonymous 512377


maybe we wouldn't hate 8chan so much if they hadn't blatantly spammed/shilled here for months

Anonymous 512379

File: 1427974794632.png (251.99 KB, 970x1024, ponytail.png)

I wouldn't know anything about that, but blaming the actions on the few on the majority is pretty hypocritical, what with /anon/ having grump anon pull some astronomically autistic shilling on /mlp/back in the day. Nice dubs though.

Anonymous 512380


>blaming the actions on the few on the majority is pretty hypocritical

isn't that what everyone is doing with the merger though?

"Ponychan mods suck, well now the ones who suck are gone, but I don't care because something something KKK analogy"

Anonymous 512381

File: 1427976049928.png (210.64 KB, 660x600, 1367892445750.png)

No, i'm more referencing blaming the user-base. The actions of an Anonymous poster is his and his alone, the problem people have with pc is their moderation and their reputation, an Anonymous poster has no rep to speak of. Kinda how people aren't mad at britbongs but Cameron, they're not mad at the North Korean people, but the regime, not the illiterate cannon fodder foot soldiers in Africa, but the warlords controlling them, not sweds but their Socialist hivemind government. i believe people are a result of their environment, and the majority of PC's moderators were assholes.

Just wanna say, I'm glad we can have this discussion, Anon, it's one I've been waiting to have for a while, have some cute horses

Anonymous 512382


we were having these discussions months ago when the merger was first announced, in fact one of the stickies might still be on /site/. many people brought up all the same things that have been brought up by everyone ITT.

Anonymous 512397

they literally tried to hack and ddos us, so no, fuck 8chan and its shitty edgy teenage users.
as for 4chan, who gives a shit? everyone and their fucking mother talks shit about 4chan, and rightfully so.

Anonymous 512398


don't forget the gore/cp raids

Anonymous 512399

File: 1427991042405.png (289.63 KB, 644x712, 1349443433526.png)

I'm sorry but how does the actions of /b/ represent /pone/ again?

The ddos attack was a result of some guy on a pony thread on /b/ getting a Get and the /b/tards flipped shit, /pone/ was raided as well, that's something that comes with the territory. Again, how are the users of /pone/ responsible for what the users of /b/ did to the users of mlpchan? I don't see your logic, 8chan isn't a hivemind, if they were, why would they raid themselves?

Anonymous 512400

because they are autistic and retarded, of course.

Anonymous 512401

Not the same Anon, but I do feel like chiming in.

Insults (and that's all that you're spouting) are, in no way, shape, or form a proper argument.

Anonymous 512402

it's imageboard and pony shit, there is no 'proper argument' for anything.

Anonymous 512404

File: 1427991682758.gif (174.17 KB, 600x374, 549797__solo_twilight+sparkle_…)

But the majority of ponyfags that roam the different chans today all, essentially originates from the same place. There's no ivory tower here, you need to look no further than your RP and fart thread to find autistic retards on /anon/.


Anon you fool, arguments like these is what chans excel at.

Anonymous 512405

Anything can be argued about.

I'm just saying that the moment you insult the person instead of their argument, you can safely disregarded as having an illegitimate point

To be fair, the RP thread died again

Anonymous 512409

>I'm sorry but how does the actions of /b/ represent /pone/ again?

I visit 8chan pretty often myself, like almost every day often, but I won't deny that the entirety of that site is very much caught up in itself and every board within the top 10 pretty much circlejerks in this incestuous notion that they're better than everyone else because they're viewed as "more extreme than 4chan" by normal people.

They're full of elitists because they're the rejects of various chans, so they're gonna stick up for each other, even if they're not part of the same board.

Anonymous 512410

Anonymous 512411

Case in point, I was around for when /b/ decided to do the angry raid thing both here and on 8chan and I actually saw the admin of /cuteboys/ slander MLPChan during the thread Hotwheels was propagating.

Anonymous 512412

I lost respect for Hotwheels when he goaded his board to attack mlpchan. But to be honest, interchan fights are so fucking boring like fuck who even gives a shit anymore

just post thing where they respond well to thing.

Anonymous 512414


that's the thing, for whatever reason this fandom attracts people who take the most trivial shit super seriously.

>OMG [person who is irrelevant in the real world] said [something controversial] on [social media site or rival imageboard], it's all ogre, the fandom is doomed, I/we're never coming back, it's been a pleasure yadda yadda

>a few weeks later everything is back to normal and no one even remembers the drama

that's exactly what this merger will be, people are gonna fuss and fight about it until it actually happens and then after a couple months people won't even remember how big of a deal it originally was, except for a few autists who are obsessed with the bad history of Ponychan

meanwhile moot whoever runs 4chan now keeps raking in shekkels off of people on /mlp/

Anonymous 512416

Sounds like a lot of vanity to me, hueh.
Never said you'd be wrong though, just that I don't agree.

Anonymous 512452

anyone has caps of this?

Anonymous 512463

File: 1428019572474.jpg (92.45 KB, 800x518, 840158__princess+celestia_sugg…)

>except for a few autists who are obsessed with the bad history of Ponychan
There'll also be a few whining that the new website hosts porn they don't have to look at. 'Autism' comes in many flavors.

But I don't expect serious problems to manifest. Just a little bumping and grinding as people figure out how they fit together.

Anonymous 512466

File: 1428022558333.jpg (183.08 KB, 600x800, 1375397184836.jpg)


If worse come to worst, then the fools can be permabanned so their trouble making ways do not hinder the way of progress.

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