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Anonymous 510463

I haven't been here in almost a year. It doesn't really look like anything has changed much, but how have you guys been? I've been at /pone/ on 8chan for a while and I've heard something about mlpchan merging with ponychan? I was just wondering if that was true or not. I don't really know what else to add for discussion, I just wanted to see how things have been here.

Anonymous 510469

File: 1426818191185.gif (55.67 KB, 125x125, IT KEEPS HAPPENING (auto).gif)

Merger's happening. The bottlenck is tech, due to a desire to make it smooth. (Porting themes and threads takes work.)

I think things have been pretty good. Mlpchan isn't the fastest board, but it's a pleasant place, and the horse must flow.

Anonymous 510471


pretty much this

stay a while, OP

Anonymous 510543

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I'd like to, but for some reason I always have a hard time going back to this site. I frequented daily for almost a year, and then I just lost interest in going altogether. I pretty much only interacted with people within the fandom on Derpibooru for a while, and then I moved to 8chan. Maybe the slowness just got to me, like a cabin fever type thing. I don't know. Once season 5 starts up I might frequent a bit more, when there's more to talk about.

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