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Anonymous 510335

SJW Steven Universe butthurt thread.

Anonymous 510337

who gives le fuck

Anonymous 510347

I like Steven Universe too, but there's better shows on CN.

And lol at "leaving this fandom for theirs." I couldn't give two shits.

Anonymous 510350

I think steven universe is overhyped overrated crap.

Anonymous 510352

I only watched one episode of Steven Universe and it pissed me off because they basically tried to say that it's okay for kids to be fat and being fat is part of what makes Steven special and all that shit. That's fucking dumb and it's even worse when it's in a kid's show.

Anonymous 510358

'Fat acceptance' is so stupid. I say that being fat myself.

Anonymous 510362


I mean I don't necessarily hate all fat people, my brother is actually fat, but he's young and he has a mood disorder and he binge eats when he gets angry or depressed, it's not like he just slams down junk food every day for fun. Obviously there are people who have legitimate mental problems relating to weight.

But you cannot sit there and tell me that fat people are beautiful or that being fat is perfectly fine health-wise. I'm no saint when it comes to eating but I still manage to stay at a pretty average-bordering-on-low weight because even though I eat crap I'm not shoveling down 8000 calories worth of it every day, and I also balance it out with fruits and vegetables and real meals like steak and baked chicken and all that shit. And I just recently started cutting back on the junk too, AND I quit coffee (well, almost quit coffee. I still have a cup every couple of days, but it's nothing compared to the six-plus cups I was having daily for years).

Not only that but I have IBS so even though I don't have mental problems with food, I have to be careful what I eat because I can get sick really easily and end up with stomach-aches and diarrhea and all that fun stuff. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that people need self-control, and they (we) need to admit when we're doing something stupid.

Anonymous 510363


Oh, and also, even if you're really fat, losing a lot of weight is nowhere near impossible. I know a girl who was REALLY big, and she went on some kind of diet and ended up losing like a hundred pounds in less than half of a year. I doubt it was easy but it's just proof that it can be done, and she's just a regular woman.

Anonymous 510365

Yup, that's pretty much my opinion on the matter, not quite, but pretty close.

What really bothers me, and dare I say offends me, is this weird transfat tumblr shit. Fucking perfectly normal people that want to be fat, and try to gain weight and shit. That's fucking fucked up.

Anonymous 510370

Fat people are people too, and they're often good people who contribute successfully to society. A lot of circles seem to treat fat folks as subhuman waste, which clearly ain't cool.

It's bad to be fat. It's unhealthy and slows you down and it's almost always a curable result of poor choices. We should probably think of it like smoking. But you don't write a person off as worthless for smoking.

Anonymous 510413

File: 1426730396772.png (156.32 KB, 1466x2000, 247400__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Huh, a show about a bunch of strong, capable, independent women all flocking around a lazy, fat, beta male, and its fandom is full of SJWs???

Mind le blown!

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