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Anonymous 510286

Why dost Thou reject my beauty
Why dost Thou deny the night
My twilight is full of wonder,
why must my art be absurd

?All these ponies wait in silence?
I will/can not endure much more
This will be the final day ,for tonight the Moon stays

If I'm not mistaken the song is called "Der Nacht" I can't bucking find the song anymore and it drives me bucking insane TT.TT If anyone knows what happened to it I would be very happy ,I also know that there is another song in the same channel with the song named Aegis Shield

Anonymous 510339

That's not enough information anon.

Anonymous 510344

File: 1426610944090.png (308.96 KB, 900x925, Aegis charge.png)

>Aegis Shield

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