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File: 1426345463277.png (247 KB, 279x500, swept.png)

Anonymous 509437

I best hope you shulks drink piss daily.

Really, I have a unbelievably low tolerance for non-Urine consumers.

>We are the Urine's People

Anonymous 509439

I hope you at least refrigerate that in a refrigerator used by several other people.

Anonymous 509695

why would you drink something that your body is trying to expel?

Anonymous 509696

Because semen.

Anonymous 509701

That's different. You force semen to deploy. Piss needs to expel automatically.

Anonymous 509710

but semen isnt toxic

Anonymous 509711

File: 1426444036415.jpg (11.69 KB, 189x200, b34abtzep8xavoureytz.jpg)

If you die because your shulk body couldn't take the power of golden showers, it's just natural selection at work.

Eliminate the unworthy and nonclever

>Here our plee

Anonymous 509715

right, i'm too stupid and irrational to not drink my piss
sorry master, enjoy your drink

Anonymous 509719

File: 1426457068047.jpg (6.44 KB, 300x225, Positive Insistence on a Sane …)

Sir, I will have you know that my kind has partook in urine drinking for decades, we alone have mastered the proper methods of distilling and purifying it of it's sin and disgust, our efforts are slowly making a impact on water shortages in multiple regions and have many followers under our wing.

You must take your own humanly sins, purify them by learning from what goes into those sins and what makes is only natural to happen, and then you drink the new love and knowledge so you may start the purification over once more.

>...See our effort...

Anonymous 510442

Pee is gay

Anonymous 510443


ur gay

Anonymous 510461

yes... yes i am

Anonymous 513651

File: 1428584636908.png (127.87 KB, 250x401, Shulk.png)

>I best hope you shulks drink piss daily.
>you shulks
You mean this guy?

Xenoblade Chronicles was fucking great. I honestly hope that X will be a worthy successor in the Xeno saga

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