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File: 1426270068898.png (242.56 KB, 1174x752, 1426264790730.png)

SJW tactics going dildoes Anonymous 509380

PurpleTinker's gratuitously attacking TaoOfMaud, call on SJWs to ensure she'll check her privileges...

You can see the FULL discussion here, so you know who actually started shit.


And guess who's supporting her now...

Anonymous 509384

File: 1426270632972.png (432.32 KB, 946x843, 1426260236936.png)


Horse fucking News is now supporting PurpleTinker and his/her made up drama, explaining the point of this screen capture.

In return, how much for a dumb t-shirt?

Anonymous 509388

I've seen a thread about this shit on 4chan before it got scruffed.

Purple's not even hiding it anymore. "Are you with us.. Or Against us?"

It's not homophobia to refuse to have LGBT shit n'labels spammed all over your Twitter page. These assholes are pushing their shit in other's throats and expect what in return? Respect?

Holy shit.

Anonymous 509390

well lgbt people have been kicked in the dirt for so damn long so you can't really blame them for being angry at a world that wants them dead and to keep their kissing and hugging in private. :/

Anonymous 509400

I'm pretty out of it right now, so correct me rudely if I'm missing something obvious, but none of the stuff there looks like Tinker was doing something wrong. Except maybe arguing with people over twitter, which seems like a generally pointless endeavor.

Anonymous 509401

My god.
I never thought /mlp/ would stoop THAT low.

Anonymous 509402

better than /pone/ or /anon/

Anonymous 509418

File: 1426310971980.jpg (79.78 KB, 600x422, image.jpg)

Anonymous 509419

>no "Social Justice Necromancer."
What a load of shit.

Anonymous 509420

Purple Tinker has always been someone I've never liked, but whatever. The Brony fandom has always had a contingent of LGBT that closely resembled SJWs, especially way back in 2011/2012. For a short while, the fandom was absolutely terrible because that's what it was mostly comprised of.

I'm not surprised bits of it still remain. Tinker is from that time, and has always been a drama whore.

As for Horse News, whatever. They're not necessary for me to give a shit in this fandom.

Anonymous 509428

I just... I can't explain how he can get away with like, >organize a grudge against someone you dislike, call him an homophobic and get a lot of SJWs on him, despite the whole thing being public, are people really willingly accept to remain fucking blind?

The technique used here on >HN is the same the mass media uses to oust some political or public figure, making him pass for a racist or religious asshole. That's low, that's idiocratic, and that's not worth of this community. They can get fucked.

Anonymous 509429

File: 1426328145522.png (279.09 KB, 608x864, Capture.png)


Anonymous 509430

File: 1426329278893.jpg (32.47 KB, 248x252, DHGeQiV.jpg)

surprise: they're both cunts.

Anonymous 509431

Actually, Maud has been pretty shill about it, but even if she were, how is that an excuse for PurpleThicker and TheOldGreyMare to jump on her and push their unwanted LGBT crap?

You can't do that and expect a gentile reaction. They did it on purpose to later call her an homophobic bigot.

Anonymous 509432

File: 1426333884758.jpg (19.29 KB, 393x415, sorry.JPG)

fuck this shit.

Anonymous 509433

File: 1426337002574.jpg (107.1 KB, 882x723, php4voONZ)

I would retweet this but I'm afraid that would backfire. These guys have no arguments, but lot of support.

It's like criticizing Israel when they drop bombs on Palestinians, they get all the legitimacy and support because >muh holocaust! Six billions!

Anonymous 509435

CapperGeneral sucks at defending HN. What the fuck are they thinking? It just makes it even worse than it already is.

Anonymous 509436

File: 1426343546262.jpg (351.23 KB, 1451x2048, 10257321_1598451540386310_6795…)

If only... if only they attacked the real extremists who attack gay / bi /trans people all the fucking time, like, christians, skinhead groups, muslims.
They don't have the balls. They have no courage, they have no pride, and this thread perfectly demonstrate it.
People like PurpleStinker, SonyaLynn and more degenerate SJWs have no fucking pride.
Instead, they prefer going easy mode, attack people like this on-line instead of serious targets. It's like in a group, someone picks one of them into a fight. they're not defending it., they're filming the scene, and blog about it - but do nothing!

And the fact they can't do anything, due to the lack of balls makes them mad. They invent this tough SJW superhero of the diversity, comforting themselves they have a point.
they know it's easier to destroy someone's reputation... And HorseNesws is playing their game. Because being on the right side of politically correctness is usually preferable.

Anonymous 509438

File: 1426351778401.gif (32.22 KB, 350x400, slownews.gif)

This just in: Trannies are mentally defective!

Anonymous ## Admin 509462

Dissapponted as fuck in HN, and particular Capper who has long been a personal friend. Not that the former would (acknowledge they) gave a fuck about what we think. Wasn't that the whole point of it, to observe and laugh at the whole fandom parade as it hurdled on, without either becoming embroiled in the retards drama or ones own self appointed fandom celebrity? Jump off Purp Stinkers dick, some self annointed F list fandom icon and unwanted representative of LGBTQ and SJW nonsense. And stop acting like an authority beyond having an individual opinion.

I've literally fucked dudes in the ass and this shit is STILL bigger faggotry than me. And the last fucking shit i want is a SJW buzzword spewing, sewertier, aggravating attentionwhore cunt acting like a mouthpiece for non-straight issues for me (and having a literal opposite effect of making literally anyone on fucking earth respect gay and transgender people and make them all look like outrageous, braindead shitbags desperate to be handed shit on a fucking platter while demanding attention and special treatment.) And i sure as fuck don't want the self appointed 'non autistic fandom news' outlet to tacitly support all that bullshit. I dont give a fuck if in doing so they cure dick cancer or save the fucking spotted owl, stop acting like twats.


Anonymous ## Admin 509464

Well said

Anonymous 509466

File: 1426375704534.png (90.11 KB, 400x387, 148623__UNOPT__.png)

Indeed. Homosexuality's about being attracted by someone else. well, same gender. that's it.

I don't need a LGBTIQ community to tell me who and how to love.
I don't need some agenda from this community that tell me who to vote for, who to support and who to hate based on who I am in love with.
I don't want to start fight with others, I just want to stay in peace with the person I'm in love with.
The way PT went full SJW here made me think like "oh you gotta be trolling right?" Litterally asking his followers to attack this person is not just uncalled for, it's... just fucked up and nauseous. Their technique, being organized, raiding their Twitter looks like some gestapo interview, framing a screencap just to expose this person as a dangerous and heinous homophobe.

The whole thing for all to see who started this is just a couple of clicks away! How can they go away with this?
I don't like the path this world is taking.

Anonymous 509630

Hi mlphcan. Still the little autists I see.

Anonymous 509698

LBG needs to ditch T. The first three are about who you want to fuck, the last is about what you think you are. How did they even get lumped together anyway? Let 'em hang out with otherkin and people who think they're Napoleon, where they belong.

Anonymous 509699

What about... no community at all? Straight people don't need it. That's where things are going wrong, and that's the point these people attacked here: They want to park the gay into a huge box that screams "conform"

Anyways, HN reacted to a thread on /pone/, as expected, so full of trolling, they just pointed at their own troll, ignoring the rest of the thread which was essentially more trolling, didn't took care of checking it.

They still refute everything about clinging at PurpleTinker,despite all the drama that happened at Bronycon by the past.

Capper's got no balls.

Anonymous 509700

File: 1426422286904.jpg (172.23 KB, 1280x960, ARAIMA20130808_0151_1.jpg)

>What about... no community at all?
Because with there being relatively few of us, it's harder to find compatible people to fuck. And potentially unhealthy.

Anonymous 509708

If we can put a man on the moon, we can put a transsexual on the moon. If we can put a transsexual on the moon, we can put all transsexuals on the moon.

CapperGeneral 509801

Im hurt m8

That's not what was going on at all

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 509844

Not surprising to hear it was a troll impersonating on /pone/ or that they bought it and perpetuated it to boost activity; though everything i said about PT stands. And whoever did tweet on HN should reassess using site account for individual opinion.

Anonymous 510209

>"T-T-That's not what's going on at all"

Christ, you're pathetic. No wonder you're doing it for free. How about you take it up the ass from Anderson and dragondicks and all those others you guys are always bashing?

Spoiler alert: The answer is yes. All someone needs to do is publically put Purple Tinker on the spot with Horse News, telling them how "problematic" they are and how they mock SJWs. Then it will be your ass getting sold out.

Tinker called 4chan worse than the KKK, bitches about being called a tranny, and yet, PT and Horse News seem to have a pretty friendly relationship. Why? Because he flip flops more than a cheap pair of sandals. He's a parasite that only sides with whoever it looks like is winning. His relationship with Horse News is just him hedging his bets. If someone puts him on the spot and forces him to chose Horse News or social justice, who do you really think is going under the bus?

Anonymous 510276

File: 1426502865038.png (110.29 KB, 1002x797, diabolical_diamond_tiara_by_me…)

you should get a tripcode, Capper. And choose who you really support. Being kind with some people is a thing, but here you know these donation drives or t-shirts won't profit those in need but instead, some kind of lobby bullshit about gender and fund more LGBTNSDAP to be influent during conventions, it's a huge spiral.

as an anon who's strictly in favor of personal freedom and individuality, including sexual, i highly advise you to stop participating in their propaganda efforts.

if there's someone, right now who's laughing their arse off at how Anon and other ponyfags criticizes HN for last week's low-level attack on some guy, it's really PurpleTinker and SonyaLynn. of course, it's fucking nothing! just ONE(1) tweet! and that just made the whole balance of opinions capsiding. you removed it, okay.

you were used. we are all being manipulated.

i was about to post on that /pone/ thread but it's pointless, too much trollings, and i'm sure these SJWs did highly participate in to expose you and HN being influenced by them.

now, we must make our own researches, and expose their tactics and methodology of influence. there's lies and truth, we must make sure the truth should be exposed. that's the only way.

i live in a place where the media is permanently controlled by the politics and corporate fascists, to be influent on people's choices using all kind of literal fallacies and cherrypicking points of arguments.

i'm actually involved with a news site too, an alternative online journal that actually exposes how journalists and writers are easy to corrupt, by some influential "thinkers" promoting all kind of political correct arguments that are in trend with the current political current, even against their own will ; and this includes the fake and bullshit conspiracy theories, which aims to just troll the dissident opinion in some influential people's favors.

do your own research and do your job as a news source, even if it's satirical or for the fun. regardless, anon will side with you if you aim to expose who is behind all this.

Anonymous 510279



I'll take Capper at his word over some shit stirred up by pone. I don't know the other HN people but I'll believe Cap on this. Doesn't mean having any association with PT is acceptable either however.
I appreciate your perspective on this and agree. I linked him to your post since I think its solid.

Anonymous 510294

File: 1426538062964.png (1.37 MB, 2000x2000, 833025__safe_solo_discord_surp…)

> I think I'll age up Diamond Tiara
> Then I'll stuff her in a human body
> ohhoho I'll make it a man too
> what's this? the end result is fucked up?????

Diamond!Tiara/Ut6s 510333

File: 1426600250235.png (534.87 KB, 1024x1024, 4232.png)

Discord, ...I know I should stop trying to comprehend your reasoning, but as the ex-god of chaos, you could make it even more fucked up.
Also, I don't care if astronauts are offended by this.

Anonymous 510336

What's going on?

Who are these people?

Anonymous 510338


Still full of autists and pedophiles.

Keep being retarded anonthony. Keep being a retard jarhead.

Anonymous 510340

File: 1426608575762.jpg (160.2 KB, 758x1053, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon…)

>stuff her in a human body
>not have her stuff your human body

Anonymous 510341

File: 1426608597341.jpg (169.55 KB, 852x470, Seabreeze is a grown-ass man.j…)

Anonymous 510342

File: 1426609770092.gif (1.73 MB, 250x252, 193307DieudoTheoptimized.gif)

>all that mad in you.

Anonymous 510346

Sooo where's capper in all this?

Can he come here now and explain everything?

And jesus christ why are trannies such drama magnets?

Anonymous 510360

It's not about being deluded enough to "believe" you're a man/woman but having discomfit about you sexual characteristics like tits/dick.

Anonymous 510367

I know right ? It's like they think the world revolve around them !

Anonymous 510368

OooooOOooooooo yeah that's right retards and pedos! We queers and transsexuals are out to get ya! We came to wreck everything and ruin your lives. Satan sent us.

Anonymous 510369

File: 1426637363174.jpg (53.54 KB, 446x361, 1408902921164.jpg)

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 510374

/anon/ pony fandom, still full of autists and pedophiles. at least we keep our tinfoil hat quackery and shillfaggotry to a minimum, unlike some other places.

enjoy your AIDS.

Anonymous 510953

File: 1427023933451.jpg (34.11 KB, 453x604, Tiarannosaur_IRL.jpg)

DiamondTiara IRL Gentlemen!

Anonymous 510954

File: 1427023990651.jpg (36.63 KB, 604x453, 11083906_1398190743830514_4421…)

Anonymous 510955

File: 1427024054489.jpg (25.13 KB, 604x453, 11070237_1398323020483953_4529…)

>Facebook privacy
BTW, how's life in French Guyana?

Anonymous 510963

times are changing

the racists and bigots are scared of change

scared of seeing their walls crumbling down

scared of people walking away from their 'white people have had enough white guilt!!!!' crap

because they know how stupid they sound

they know how pathetic they are

they know they've used up every excuse

the old ideas are dying, the new ideas will be immortal

Anonymous 510967

This is true as far as it goes, but there's still a heaping helping of bullshit on the so-called 'social justice' side. How 'bout we shame both?

Anonymous 510976

Both sides are large groups of people. When this happens most of the time most of the people have barely a grasp of the depth of the issues they tackle.

Since both sides are activist groups, this leads to activists who don't know what they are talking about being just as loud as ones that do and effectively drowning them out.

Social Justice has merits, and the anti-social-justice crowd does too. The imo hyperbolic reaction against the social justice crowd to me seems like they assume there is no depth to it because they hear the idiots.

Anonymous 511532

In the news today, Tinker's shit just prevented a huge donation from a guy she/he's blocking.

Eu. 3,300
about USD 3,600

That's not a fuckup, they knew he could make it, and they blocked this guy!

Anonymous 511533

File: 1427134181816.jpg (160.17 KB, 613x1918, MONSTERFAIL.JPG)

The Art of Fucking Up.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 511540

File: 1427144203662.png (1.47 MB, 1000x1600, pinkatron.png)

Ihave to state is that I was not completely aware that PurpleTinker was behind the @greymare account, and in charge of donations things at Babscon.
Found out about it as soon i found out "she" blocked me.
"oh shit."
that was sincere, maybe not the whole amount. but that will still be invested in something useful.

still don't get how this person is being in charge of something like this.

Anonymous 511561

File: 1427185894228.jpg (110.09 KB, 1280x720, eeeee.jpg)


>> still don't get how this person is being in charge of something like this.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 511573

File: 1427220499010.jpg (104.42 KB, 2048x1363, french-president-francois-holl…)

...i stopped torturing my brain with this question since years.

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