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Guardian overanalyzing the brony. Diamond!Tiara/Ut6s 509280

Anonymous 509281

Like this: Oh wait you're serious let me laugh even harder.png

Anonymous 509283

>Men who fetishize the ponies
Sounds like someone needs 50 CCs of imaginary horse jizz.

>Martin found out that the Dagorhir group conformed to masculine norms in several ways. One of the most significant, heartbreakingly, was in how they dealt with what seems to have been a near-constant barrage of insults from non-Dagorhir playing hecklers. The group would cope by ignoring the insults, pretending they were unhurt by them, pushing their feelings down deep inside. They were showing stoicism, refusing to show anxiety: hallmarks of hegemonic masculinity.

Stoicism and not feeding trolls is hegemonic masculinity.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 509285

File: 1426219054162.png (343.93 KB, 1280x960, The trick, William Potter, is …)

>men hiding their interests and feelings in order to avoid mockery from women is oppressive.

I want to get off the ride.

Anonymous 509298


Anonymous 509372

File: 1426264785991.jpg (94.98 KB, 640x797, racism too.jpg)

so, is "hegemonic masculinity" the latest way to sound smart while denying that sexism is only the rich men and women oppressing only the poor men and women?

Anonymous 509378

Since the article mentions /mlp/ who's more horrible than bronies: horsefuckers or ponyfags?

Anonymous 509406

>who's more horrible than bronies: bronies or bronies?

Anonymous 509409


Anyone who feels the need to call themselves a "brony" is automatically the worst.

I fucking hate that word. I feel like it's an insult, like the word "nigger". Only, instead of a word used to insult black people, it's a word to insult anyone with the slightest bit of interest in a cartoon about small horses.

Anonymous 509416

File: 1426304153582.gif (112.99 KB, 119x125, Aria seductive eyebrows (auto)…)

>automatically the worst

Anonymous 509421

I know how you feel, it used to bother me whenever I told someone I watched the show and they'd go, ad nauseam, "So you're a brony?" and I'd have to tell them that I'm not.

But these days it doesn't bother me, and hell I think I actually do consider myself a brony. I don't engage in autism like with the shit at conventions or anything of equal note, but fuck it, I'm a part of this fandom whether I like it or not.

Anonymous 509422

You poor fool.
You shouldn't need a label to watch a cartoon, especially one as stupid-sounding as that.

Say that word out loud. It's a combination of "bro" and "pony". It's a shitty pun that invokes the image of a fat, neckbearded, sweaty man obsessed with cartoon horses in most people's minds. It doesn't sound good, does it?

Regardless of what you actually are, regardless of whether or not you're just an average-looking everyday guy, is that really a label you want attached to you?

Anonymous 509423

It's a two-syllable phrase that accurately describes you and the rest of us. People don't think "wow bronies are awkward and unattractive and gay and pedo and unmanly" because the word is brony. They think it because that's their automatic association for males who are not children that like girly cartoons.

"I'm not a brony, I'm [a different word for the same thing]" is just tacking on a layer of autistic identity politics.

Anonymous 509424

I'm not saying "call yourself something that isn't brony."
I'm saying don't call yourself anything at all.

Watching a horse cartoon does not automatically mean you have to call yourself something because of it.

Anonymous 509425

Eh. I'm fine with it at this point. After co-founding a streaming site, and being a mod for at least one image board in the fandom over the last four years I think it's about time I accept that I'm not just a guy that watches the show. I do indeed engage in extracurricular shit, and the tag befits me.

Anonymous 509426

Whatever floats your boner, anon.

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