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Anonymous 509237

Tell me, Anon, who would you rather be,

Handsome millionaire here on earth
Homeless earthpony with some really lame special talent there in Equestria

If #1 - let's say your bank account holds $500kk you are very popular with the ladies... or not ladies and life is awesome, though you can lose your money in a couple of years if you are an idiot. You can do whatever rich people do. You can buy stables, buy 6 horses name and color them as mane 6, fuck them all you want or you can hit on mane 6's voice cast if you feel like so.

if #2 - you have no job, no home, no wings, no horn. You had to go through others trash to find food. You might have 4,5/10 appearance if you were clean and did not smell bad. Though you probably might get your life back on tracks somehow and go meet everypony you ever wanted and maybe even more, but not today for sure, empty stomach won't fill itself with food...

Anonymous 509239

...but would I have a horsecock?

Anonymous 509240

File: 1426154533278.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.81 KB, 746x531, 4245.jpg)

As a pony? Sure. Nothing spectacular though.

Anonymous 509243

Man, if I was a fucking millionaire, I could probably pay a plastic surgeon to GIVE me one.

Anonymous 509244

Why a plastic surgeon? Just go to a breeder.

Anonymous 509246

File: 1426172267507.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.29 KB, 300x409, 300x409_1_622693c71a5a76208686…)

If they were that good they would not create this.
Forget it, they just can't do this. I mean they probably can sew you Chance dildo and put your urethra inside it but that's about all they can do.

Anonymous 509374

File: 1426265861263.jpg (601.94 KB, 2447x3264, 697420__safe_oc_comic_oc-colon…)

Homeless earthpony. Because I don't give a shit about myself if the world can stop being a place that fucks people over. Handsome millionaire is still a murderer and a crook, by virtue of no honest work can get that much money, and nobody can succeed that much without sending many other people to ruin.

Don't lose hope and it'll work out somehow, even if you're homeless and alone. Except in reality. So fuck reality, and fuck your millions of worthless monopoly money.

Anonymous 509391

If i pick the handsome millionaire here on earth, does that mean I'll get to be white instead of a central banking Jew?

Anonymous 509404

Can my special talent be sucking dick for crack?

Anonymous 509405

This except I'd rather get food or money.
>go to Equestria
>suck all the dicks

Anonymous 509410

Totally go millionaire. Life in Equestria would get boring pretty quick, and I like my hands.

Anonymous 509782

File: 1426468999924.jpg (243.45 KB, 1191x670, get_a_load_of_this_guy_cam_by_…)

>giving a crap about losers

500kk is not that much to become jew

Was that your special talent that lead to being homeles, huh?

Because what could go wrong with letting homeless guy to suck your dick...

It sure will be boring if you would not be able to get out of homeless person lifecycle

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