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File: 1425860037843.png (159.3 KB, 809x588, autistic faggot bingo template…)

Anonymous 508626


OP 508628

File: 1425860087440.png (165.25 KB, 810x588, autistic faggot bingo.png)

Anonymous 508629

File: 1425860555662.png (164.05 KB, 809x588, closecall.png)

Anonymous 508630

File: 1425861075405.jpg (184.92 KB, 809x588, autistic faccog bingo.jpg)

I'm actually a bit surprised I didn't win.

Anonymous 508645

You got the diagonal, bro. You won.

Anonymous 508647

File: 1425863320410.png (156.54 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)

I don't visit 4chan. Even if I did, I just scraped by.

Anonymous 508653

Welp, got the middle row
I actually have aspergers and also am legit bicurious so I should've known I'd win from the start

Samonuh!3GqYIJ3Obs 508668

File: 1425866472153.png (182.11 KB, 809x588, Bingo1.png)

What does this mean?

Anonymous 508750

the only autistic thing here is that somebody spent the time and effort making a bingo template.

and that OP bothered posting it.
you heard me, OP, you faggot.

Anonymous 508783

File: 1425872970243.png (210.45 KB, 532x606, 824079__safe_solo_scootaloo_ar…)

Live in your mom's basement with a light heart, bronies, because it's the faggots insisting on paying a corrupt landlord for a shitty apartment who are in the wrong. And don't worry about showering so much. The smelliest bacteria are the ones who can tolerate soap, not to mention soap causes acne. All this hate against the poor and disenfranchised is just corporate propaganda aimed at people afraid to admit that their job actually makes them a shittier person, not a better one.

Anonymous 508888

It means drop your name and trip

Anonymous 508916

>I am against modern Feminism
How can anyone agree with the feminazis?

Anonymous 508958

File: 1425882619879.png (182.79 KB, 809x588, double bingo.png)

Anonymous 509005

Modern feminism covers a broad expanse of things. Rejecting it all is every bit as retarded as accepting it all.

Samonuh!3GqYIJ3Obs 509006

Make me.
Seriously. But it's useless trying to argue with MRAs. Once one of them told me that the Middle East needed Men's Rights more than it did feminism.

Anonymous 509018

non whites need not to play the game as this is something only the white man would understand

Anonymous 509027

File: 1425937017796.png (155.15 KB, 809x588, guess_I_lose.png)

Anonymous 509082

File: 1425993567719.png (189.25 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)

Fun fact: everyone in this thread masturbates 3 or more times per week.
Is it healthy?

Anonymous 509083


I usually masturbate at least five times a week. It's rare that I go more than one day without masturbating.

Anonymous 509150

Don't know but I heard it makes your penis get smaller.

Anonymous 509154

Buddy, I've been fapping for years. Always stayed the same length

Anonymous 509155

Same here

Anonymous 509167

I would think the stretching inflicted by it would make it get LONGER.

Anonymous 509171

wouldn't that just be the skin though? maybe your dick stays the same length but it gets wrinklier

Anonymous 509172

>eventually develops into a massive floppy trunk

Anonymous 509173

File: 1426038711888.gif (945.35 KB, 250x236, 1408253862696.gif)

Sometimes I masturbate so hard, that I rip my skin.

Anonymous 509185

Anonymous 509193

File: 1426084393453.jpg (50.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You might want to use someone else's mouth, as to not rip the skin.

Anonymous 509658

File: 1426395439624.png (166.93 KB, 809x588, autist.PNG)

good score

Anonymous 509669

triple kill

Anonymous 509680

File: 1426402250813.png (156.09 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)

>Implying I masturbate less than 2 times a day.

Anonymous 509697

Do boyfriends count for N2?

Anonymous 510272

>more than half of you say you don't fap to furries
ponies aren't human bro.

Anonymous 510274

File: 1426498425082.png (154.22 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)

They are literally just feral anthro.

I don't believe though that one needs to be considered furry if they just fap to the stuff. But by the very definition of anthropomorphism and accepted terminology, furry is exactly what Equestria ponies are.

Anonymous 510281

Spoken like true furries.

Anonymous 510304

Your point being?

Anonymous 510314

No one said you could talk, furfag.

Anonymous 510315

File: 1426559385535.jpg (124.18 KB, 720x1018, 19f3c0bbe1e74dbfaf36c64f64d75c…)

I'm talking.
What now?

patachu!LULZISTwQI 510318

File: 1426560205178.png (192.73 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)

i gave up after the modem feminism part, that's quite uncanny and yes, i'm against that.

world of shit.

Anonymous 510322

File: 1426563700039.jpg (28.62 KB, 300x225, Il_Palazzo_Face_1802.jpg)

Yes. This world is corrupt.

Anonymous 510412

File: 1426730083162.png (199.97 KB, 809x588, should I feel bad about myself…)

Anonymous 510417

File: 1426737218442.jpg (149.93 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.jpg)

Okay, i play your le game

Anonymous 510418

Also i don't know how to play bingo.

Anonymous 510432

>I don't care about religion
Enjoy spending eternity in hell.

Anonymous 510433


gr8 b8 m8

Anonymous 510451

File: 1426800926102.jpg (106.73 KB, 678x678, 1424157475202.jpg)

You can't prove that it won't happen.
I can't prove that it will happen.
The only reasonable thing to do, is to assume that both cases are possible.

In other words hell may not be real, but danger of hell is real. And if you don't care about it, then you're fucking retarded.

Anonymous 510452


I can't prove that a plane won't fall out of the sky and land on my house tomorrow but I'm not spending all of today preparing for that possibly happening.

Anonymous 510453

Also the Bible (originally) said that Heaven was literally in the sky and Hell was literally underground, but now we have been in the sky and we have been underground so unless they are located in some alternate dimension then it's pretty much fact that they don't exist, and only idiots believe that alternate dimensions/universes exist when it has been more or less scientifically proven that they don't.

Anonymous 510455

We have no indication of an afterlife, and no indication of how to determine what happens to us if there is an afterlife. This makes preparing for one a pointless task.

Yes, if the options are "either you accept Jesus and nothing happens, or you accept Jesus and get glorious Heaven, or you don't accept Jesus and nothing happens, or you don't accept Jesus and get horrible Hell," then accepting Jesus looks fairly appealing. But this is not actually the reward structure, because it assumes that accepting Jesus might help but cannot harm your prospects in this unknowable afterlife. This is not a viable assumption.

Anonymous 510479

People will spend literally their entire lives devoting oneself for uncertain promises in the end.

If there was such a god (which there most surely isn't), he (it, whatever) would want people to do as they will and live a full life with no expectations of reward.

Religion these day though has become little more than cherry-picking the most appealing aspects and claiming special privilege from ones own personal interpretations of the written word.

If that's not phony worship, then I don't know what the fuck is.

Anonymous 510480

As a long time fapper and someone who has started on manual foreskin restoration, I can attest that repeated erections does extremely little to stretch the actual skin.
I can also verify that manual restoration can in fact improve erection size and sensitivity.

Anonymous 515664

File: 1429575227110.gif (72.03 KB, 287x344, AkariApproved.gif)

Anonymous 515665

File: 1429575292094.png (201.54 KB, 810x585, 1425860037843.png)

Oh shit. I thought you could post multiple images at once for some reason.

Anonymous 515689

File: 1429649828208.png (161.99 KB, 809x588, hmmmmm.png)

justta another faggot on anon 515691

File: 1429654457296.jpg (216.88 KB, 809x588, autims is not strong.jpg)

Anonymous 515694


are you for real?

Anonymous 515699

File: 1429661161769.png (181.76 KB, 809x588, Autism Bingo.png)

I've got a boyfriend, if that counts for N2. Also fuck yeah not autistic

Anonymous 515727

File: 1429711902630.png (277.77 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)


Anonymous 515728

File: 1429717242945.png (159.43 KB, 809x588, 1425860037843.png)

weebs keep moving this is a pony neighborhood

Anonymous 515731

File: 1429722030610.jpg (104.76 KB, 1024x768, shiggy 6 (animu edition).jpg)


>not enjoying both weebshit and pone

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