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Anonymous 508585

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Anonymous 508588

You think the pony was a thug or something?

Anonymous 508589

Poor pony.

Anonymous 509228

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Cops get off on killing, rarely face repercussions; news at 11. Kind of surprised this one didn't go for the standard "It charged at me, I had no choice but to shoot." The family does at least have some options though:


Anonymous 509231

Yeah, I remember one on youtube that's just a cop taking pot shots at two friendly looking puppies in a drainage ditch.

Anonymous 509282

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Truly a hero.

Anonymous 509290

Anonymous 509297

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Yeah, that's happened repeatedly. They'll do it right in front of the owners too, and if they're ever questioned about it they'll simply say the dog was vicious and charged him, and that he feared for his life.

Or sometimes they won't even bother with trying to set up a fake aggressive charge scenario. Been a number of cases where someone was standing there talking to the officer, the dog's on leash and doing nothing, then suddenly BANG! One I remember was a gal with her GSD at her side, the dog had a rawhide and was doing that typical happy I-got-a-toy thing of rolling it around in his mouth. The cop claimed the dog "bared its teeth" at him. More likely it was the cop's way of saying not to bother him with stupid shit he doesn't care about. Another that comes to mind was a guy with his elderly golden retriever, which was shot with the claim that it was an aggressive pitbull.

Anonymous 509368


Anonymous 509440

File: 1426352571929.jpg (28.67 KB, 252x252, ZO24353_zippo_police_hero_ligh…)

Nah, it's existed under both parties. But useful idiots are willing to play the "it's fine as long as it targets the other party" game which only helps perpetuate it. tl;dr: You're part of the problem.

Anonymous 509468

Glad to see someone that shares that view on here. Its so frustrating trying to pull people out of the two party mindset so they can see the bigger picture.

Anonymous 510380

>On Thursday, the sheriff issued a statement outlining how the department is dealing with this case. It says: "I grew up with horses and livestock in Clackamas County, and understand their profound value. We offer our sincere condolences to the Fitzgerald family. As detailed in the report, a judgment call was made in the field to humanely euthanize the animal; ultimately, other actions could and should have been taken. We made a mistake. We have approached the family about exploring ways to make this as right as we can. And we are examining our own procedures when dealing with this sort of situation in the future."
Holy...shit. A police department admitting error? And without being legally coerced into it? While it doesn't make up for what happened, I have to give them credit for this. Too many PDs would stop at making some plausible excuse and then add a finding of no wrong-doing, if they addressed the complaint at all. If they admit error, they're opening themselves up to legal action against them. This does a lot to support their claim that the cop wasn't just a trigger-happy yokel and that they want to make things right as much as they're able to.

Well, I'm not exactly a regular here. But likewise, good to see there are others of similar mind around.

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