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File: 1425783840578.png (421.42 KB, 666x388, James Andres.PNG)

Anonymous 508429

Brony artist James Tempest took his own life after a 2 year battle with depression

Rest in Peace


Anonymous 508485

I came here to shitpost, but I don't want to anymore.

The poor guy was younger than I am. I hope he's in Equestria now.

Anonymous 508593

File: 1425843202359.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 842658__safe_rainbow+dash_suns…)

I hope he's not in Equestria. Because going to Equestria by dying makes just as much sense as going to Equestria by wiggling your toes. It's time we stopped lying to people that death is any form of escape. You can never escape, only close the trap tighter.

Anonymous 509026

>His boyfriend Lucid
Aha, faggot.

Anonymous 509030

I know most people here are edgelords and are gonna shit on him or say he deserved it for being autistic or something but personally I think it's a shame.

When I see stories like this it reminds me how glad I am that the depression I've been through I've escaped/conquered and the depression I may go through again I will defeat again. It's saddening but also somehow empowering, like damn I've dealt with the same shit but already made it farther...

Anonymous 509079

It makes me glad that I've never been truly depressed.

Anonymous 509081


How old are you?

Anonymous 509143

Only 20.

Anonymous 509146


Oh, I'm 20 as well. That's good that you've never been truly depressed.

Anonymous 509147

Well, I assume I haven't been.

Anonymous 509148


Trust me, you would know.

Anonymous 509156

Why would be depressed and be so young?
Are you sure it wasn't just teen angst?

Anonymous 509159

File: 1426015011924.png (175.93 KB, 764x764, 98512__safe_apple+bloom_angry_…)


>> teen angst

>> james killed himself because his favorite pop star didn't release a new single
>> I am a huge faggot please rape my face

Anonymous 509427

File: 1426326567177.png (160.93 KB, 1000x1000, large[1].png)

I can't help but be jealous for anyone who manages to kill themselves.

I have been depressed for over 15 years, and the only reason I'm alive is that I've always been too much of a coward to kill myself. I absolutely hate it when people say that living on is some kind of courage, when they could as well say that it takes courage to refuse a bungee jump by crying and pissing yourself.

Anonymous 509445

>two year battle with depression
I've always thought I've been depressed for pretty much my entire life, but now I wonder if I'm really "depressed" or not. I have a clean record of exactly zero suicide attempts, but then again I think that my profound nihilism would prevent me from doing anything like that, anyway.

I'll never understand what makes people hurt themselves, slit their wrists and even go all the way and kill themselves. How can your life be so incredibly miserable that suicide seems like a viable option? Maybe they're Christians who believe they'll be sent to paradise (but then again, doesn't Christianity say that persons committing suicide will be sent to hell?).

I don't know that guy, but seeing someone take his life is always a sad thing to see. It makes me think of people like Robin Williams.

Anonymous 509449

>Maybe they're Christians who believe they'll be sent to paradise (but then again, doesn't Christianity say that persons committing suicide will be sent to hell?).

Modern fucking fedora atheists, I swear. You guys just have to find a way to blame things on religion, even when its tangentially relevant at best. Get out of the fucking basement and actually see the world.

Anonymous 509452

Why are people so depressed in the modern west?
I know there's a bunch of theories about this, but fuck can't anyone see some light in living?

Anonymous 509453


except there is literally a passage in the Bible that states if you commit suicide you instantly go to Hell

get fucked

Anonymous 509458

You get fucked. Sure its, true, but its not relevant to the discussion. You're just dragging it in because its your favorite whipping boy.

"I don't understand problem X, therefore it must be religion's fault."
That's you.

Anonymous 509460


I'm not the guy who originally brought it up, all I'm saying is that the guy who did was right. It is relevant, the kid could have killed himself because he thought he would go to Heaven or Equestria or something. You don't think people do shit like that? But go ahead, defend your retarded cult all you want.

Anonymous 509461

'You' in the english language is both singular and plural. Perhaps I should have said 'You're both.' I didn't think I would have to explain something so basic to such a highly evolved being as yourself.

Anonymous 509465


why are you so bootyblasted

did the comments about your religion really trigger you that much?

Anonymous 509467

OMG man, you have no idea, I'm triggering so hard my booty is in orbit. All your personal attacks have me so riled up, I'm liable to go post on my blog about it to all my friends so they can agree with me.

But on a more serious note:
I don't care if people are atheist, I'm just tired of atheists automatically trying to pin anything they can on religion.

Anonymous 509718

File: 1426455139124.png (109.62 KB, 591x375, 417328__safe_solo_princess+cel…)

>tfw writing stories for others makes me so happy
>tfw don't do it much lately

Anonymous 509767

File: 1426467014402.png (92.06 KB, 987x1340, sometimes_things_dont_go_as_pl…)


>> Christianity teaches that you should not kill yourself.


>> You atheist fraud, stop badmouthing religion and saying Christianity teaches you to kill yourself!


>> Christianity is against suicide! Stop trying to convince me that Christianity teaches you to kill people!


>> You're just saying Christianity is a suicide cult because you hate religion!


>> Fine, defend your retarded suicide cult.


>> Waah waah look at me I'm the other guy being so snooty and supeerior, because that's what atheists do!


>> Waah wah I'm the other guy a crazy fundie who can't take criticism because my beliefs are as flaky as snake oil.


>> I'm not prejudiced against atheists. I just hate how they all do evil things because they're evil.

You do realize you're both trying to argue that Christianity does not condone nor promote suicide, right?

Anonymous 509768

File: 1426467220305.png (1.45 MB, 1600x1200, 838939__solo_sweetie+belle_mag…)


It's cars, man. Cars are making everyone a bunch of depressed loners in the USA.

Anonymous 509776

>Maybe they're Christians who believe they'll be sent to paradise

Anonymous 509779


> (doesn't Christianity say that persons committing suicide will be sent to hell?)

Anonymous 509787

Yes, a complete lack of understanding.

Anonymous 509795


Good of you to admit it. Now that you do understand, you can rest easy knowing there is someone who agrees with you, even if they happen to be atheist.

Anonymous 509800

I'm not even atheist, I just don't like religion. I believe God could exist, or that he exists in some form we can't understand yet.

Anonymous 509836

Fite me IRL, fgt.

Anonymous 510305

The reading comprehension here is horrible.

Anonymous 510313

Y-You too.

Anonymous 510316

You're totally wrong, its actually quite bad.

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