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File: 1425440525246.jpg (90.91 KB, 745x559, babs car.jpg)

Anonymous 507884

We should ban guns cause they kill people. We should also ban cars cause they kill people.

Anonymous 507894

Both of those are wrong.

We need to ban people because they kill people.

Anonymous 507934

File: 1425462781838.gif (808.23 KB, 625x626, b8.gif)

Anonymous 507939

>something that's not guns is dangerous therefore I can stop thinking

Anonymous 508038

cars arent made to kill things

guns are made specifically for killing

Anonymous 508063

File: 1425502478301.jpg (116.51 KB, 1200x1200, image_14321.jpg)

You've never been to a NASCAR race, have you?

Jokes aside, a very astute fellow I attended college once told me that violence will always find a tool of expression. Timothy McVeigh is the proof of this. Removing firearms will do nothing to end violence.

In fact, if you bother to do any real research, you'll find that there are far more blunt force trauma related deaths than firearm related deaths. You might want to ban hammers now.

Still think that banning guns is a viable means for solving your problem?

Anonymous 508066

It's like I said.

We need to ban people. Banning weapons won't do jack shit to stop violence.

Anonymous 508069

Hammers hammer nails

Guns are meant to shoot living things

You are implying it is useless by making a terrible correlation between a weapon and things used as a weapon

The difference is that though things can kill people, weapons, such as guns, are only for killing

Why dont you defend yourself and your family with a fork? Its possible right? But you wouldnt cuz thats not what a fucking fork is for

Anonymous 508073

File: 1425513999570.png (80.72 KB, 1024x768, 1300000978972.png)

That's one fine hammer! I never seen hammer better than this one! Must be expensive!

Anonymous 508084

ban tactical assualt hammers now

Anonymous 508085

>black plastic grips
>teflon-coated nails
>full auto

Anonymous 508089

File: 1425522393760.jpg (35.9 KB, 500x500, dewalt-nail-gun.jpg)

>full auto hammers
so nail guns?

Anonymous 508090

File: 1425522474996.jpg (149.62 KB, 1159x932, DeWalt NailGun.jpg)

Anonymous 508112



Anonymous 508181

File: 1425609433970.jpg (53.77 KB, 422x373, 796047__applejack_anthro_quest…)

> ban cars

Anonymous 508192

can bars

Anonymous 508269

File: 1425667816918.gif (229.96 KB, 255x144, 1425602528576.gif)

We should also ban arms, legs, feet, and hands because they can kill people.

Anonymous 508270

Yeah! And we should heavily restrict ownership of nuclear weapons, because they, too, can be used to kill people.

Anonymous 508271

That's actually completely reasonably, you retard.

Anonymous 508272

Thats the joke dumbass lol

Anonymous 508273

Its reasonable to ban something that is made to destroy large amounts of living things quickly

Like perhaps a weapon that is capible of firing 1000 lethal projectiles a minute?

Anonymous 508572

You mean none of the regular off the shelf weapons? All firearms you'll find commonly don't even remotely reach that speed because they're all semi auto. Full auto firearms are hard to acquire. The only weapons that fire that fast are minibus and MG42s. Both of which are inaccessible to the common man because of the need for class III licensing and also because of how expensive the weapons are to begin with, nevermind the tax stamps and ammo you'll burn through very quickly.

Anonymous 508578

Exactly. We allow guns of protection and sport, which is pretty nice considering we arent a third world country

No one is going to take our guns away, but maybe one day you wont be able to own an assualt rifles

They will obviously restrict gun possesion in areas like schools and shopping malls abd subways and airports.

But never take them away that would cost those kikes too much money

Anonymous 508582

File: 1425835867531.jpg (182.5 KB, 720x1060, 1172269848.karno_g-rant01.jpg)

hey furries, remember this?

Anonymous 508583

File: 1425835967650.jpg (196.72 KB, 720x1060, karno_g-rant02.jpg)

Anonymous 508584

File: 1425836032174.jpg (195.92 KB, 720x1068, karno_g-rant03.jpg)

Anonymous 508604

File: 1425852328500.jpg (57.41 KB, 669x330, share-5[1].jpg)

I must say, the right to bear arms is an absolutely ingenious way for a government to keep cowards in line! You know how gun advocates claim that armed populace keeps the government from oppressing them? That's like a street fighting thug going up to a nerd saying "Got a problem with me? Wanna fight?"

The "I'd fight for my rights IF they were threatened" ideology is why I consider gun advocates to be beyond despicable. Your country is going to shit, cops are killing dogs, people, and now apparently horses too, swat raids, invasions of privacy... why aren't they using their guns to stand up against the tyranny like they keep claiming they would? Because they know they'd really have a snowballs chance in hell.

And that is the best tool a government can have against its citizens; the attitude of "I'm not a coward! I just don't see any reason to stand up to my principles!"

Anonymous 508608

>even this guy says "I have no problem with gun safety training for firearm licenses, and other such sensible restrictions."

Anonymous 508617

On 03/08/2015, at 3:01 AM, korban38 wrote:
> Oh, my buddy was black-bagged by a US Marshall and a DHS agent last week at the Spokane courthouse.

On 03/08/2015, at 3:01 AM, korban38 wrote:
> He wasn't released until we threatened to have a militia raid the courthouse and liberate him.

On 03/08/2015, at 3:02 AM, korban38 wrote:
> For carrying a rifle in front of a federal building

On 03/08/2015, at 3:02 AM, korban38 wrote:
> Part of a 10th Amendment demonstration

On 03/08/2015, at 3:02 AM, korban38 wrote:
> When he asked for his lawyer, they told him "That's just Hollywood stuff, under the Patriot Act you have no rights"

On 03/08/2015, at 3:03 AM, korban38 wrote:
> We're actually really lucky he didn't disappear forever.

Then a hunred of us showed up with rifles.
The same DHS agent was very polite and respectful after he shit his pants.

On 03/08/2015, at 3:03 AM, korban38 wrote:
> We're actually really lucky he didn't disappear forever.

Then a hunred of us showed up with rifles.
The same DHS agent was very polite and respectful after he shit his pants.

On 03/08/2015, at 3:04 AM, korban38 wrote:
> The judge had extended the law to include the plaza where he'd been, solidifying that he had done nothing wrong at first. The DHS told us we couldn't go there. So we did.

Anonymous 508618

Bringing an army is a useful tactic. The trouble is it works whether you're right or not.

Anonymous 508627

File: 1425860051593.jpg (33.09 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)


This sounds... improbable. A band of friends sticking it to The Man, who retreats with his tail between his legs, and the merry men live happily ever after. I'd like to find some kind of source for this, for it sounds a lot like a story someone would tell in a chatroom to give a badass impression of himself. A Gorilla Warfare copypasta equivalent of "don't fuck with me" boast.

Worst of all, even if it were true it would hardly paint the "militia" in a good light. The Patriot Act still exists and the government is further strenghtening its stranglehold, but this band of people is content that they saved one of their own from ending up behind the bars. It sounds less like protecting the country than having a mob of goodfellas, equally likely to bust someone out for theft or murder as long as he's one of their own.

Anonymous 508760

File: 1425871676815.png (173.8 KB, 448x640, I can't move.png)


It's true a bunch of gun nuts nerdgasming over their expensive and pointless hobby aren't going to do much good, but how is banning them from that hobby going to help anything?

Governments do a lot of things to keep people from keeping them in check. One thing is they tell people like you that when someone is being oppressed, it's their fault for being so weak and oppressable, and that all they need is an attitude adjustment and the oppressed could topple their oppressors, and you believe that shit. You really think people aren't doing anything about cops killing their dogs because they're cowards? What exactly would a brave person do when law enforcement gets a slap on the wrist for crimes against those they protect?

Just because people aren't effective at stopping tyranny does not mean they're the cause of it, nor does it mean they have the power to stop it.

Man, I surrendered my self image back in high school. Shit's fucked up.

Anonymous 509007

File: 1425908507698.png (280.61 KB, 960x960, gun control.png)

Anonymous 509019

How about banning Islam because it DEFINITELY kills people if you read the koran?

Anonymous 509077

Im ok with that.

Anonymous 509080

Muslims with cars and guns are my worst nightmare

Anonymous 511523

It would just radicalise them more. It would just feed into any persecution complex any member of the religion, islam, they might have.

Anonymous 511528

File: 1427129177006.jpg (17.84 KB, 262x350, lewis.jpg)

>"Help us government! _____ is too dangerous!"

"Alright citizen, we passed some laws to change it."

>"Damn you government! _____ law is too restrictive!"

"Alright citizen, let's reassess our laws for change."

>"Fuck you government! _____ is entirely too unstable, you flip flop too much and don't care about our safety!

"Calm down citizen, let's take some votes and look over the matter from more angles."


"Citizen you are under arrest for being dangerous and unstable around others. Please put your hands behi*"


Anonymous 511531


goddamnit I read this in Principle Louis' voice

Anonymous 511534


He should be principle in EQG. I'd be much more inclined to watch it.

Anonymous 511536



Anonymous 511537


also it kinda sucks how American Dad has pretty much jumped the shark at this point with the move to TBS and the loss of one of its best writers. It was losing traction for a while but now it's particularly bad, in a few years time if they don't cancel it it will just be Family Guy 2.0.

Anonymous 511548

File: 1427162325780.jpg (15.56 KB, 293x300, mjf.jpg)

>All firearms you'll find commonly don't even remotely reach that speed because they're all semi auto.

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