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Anonymous 506362

I updated my autistic research paper on why the brony phenomenon exists.
Keep in mind the question I am trying to answer is not "why do people like the show?", it is "why did it get as popular as it did?" My mission was for it to be as short and to the point as possible, so I wanted to avoid going on long tangents. If there is something you feel needs to be changed or expanded upon, please tell me.

Anonymous 506422

autism researching autism

Anonymous 506428

The only kind of person that can reliably explore the mind of an autist... is another autist.

Anonymous 506440

Truly scientists and psychologists will never understand autists like other autists.

Anonymous 506442

>Truly autists and autists will never understand autists like other autists.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 506544

File: 1424889819004.jpg (827.16 KB, 1200x4200, ponivsbroni.jpg)

in a nutshell, bronies as we know today are the kind of kids or older kids who are like anonymous ledjun, or meme spewing machines. because it appeared on 4chan they decided to fall for it.

they don't watch the show, they don't care about it, they don't even know what is /co/ or /b/, for most they are ex-sonic fans who decided to jump on the next bandwagon. that's about it; there's nothing more to understand or analyze, it's in fact very simple.

the big picture? we no longer have a culture of our own, thanks to consumerism and globalist ideology. this generation barely have a personality, it's formatted by political discourses and TV shows.
culture looks too old and not cool enough, or too intellectual for the masses, so people get a label and jump on some of these subcultures, trying hard to fit with it, like a way to get themselves an identity, a lifestyle, a personality even.

MLPFIM gained its popularity amongst Anon's hearts because the ideas and lessons from it are valid for the society we live in.
go outside, discover the world, face your fears and anxieties, stand united against adversity beyond your real differences... all that.
that's really the ideal of Anonymous.

Bronies are the radical opposite, they remain locked in their rooms, are not friendly, embrace themselves in their own prison, scotched on their facebook or tumblr, keep buying whatever hasbro sells with ponies, satisfies themselves in their hugboxes. for most of them, MLP is just a way to scream "look how different and rebel I am! Now accept me, I wear pink! Brony priide"

what have become a theory about the greatest loser a few years ago has been adopted; this machine ran out of control.

Anonymous 506555

Well put, tripfag.

Anonymous 506556

File: 1424892739663.png (433.4 KB, 1280x1239, 591487__safe_solo_rainbow+dash…)

Stupid tripcode hider got wiped, my bad.

There aren't manyany shows out there about fantasy animals. Granted there's not a large audience for "animals going on adventures" but it is seriously underrepresented, so the slightest bit of that will get their unwavering support.

Most fantasy is, at its core, about how great humans are (or how horrible), and as positive a message that is, it gets old fast. "Look how great ponies are" isn't much of an improvement, but it's enough to catch people's interest who've been disillusioned with traditional fantasy.

Those might not be large groups, but they're dedicated ones and they're the ones who will keep talking about it.

tl;dr you should mention the "lives of horsies are cool" group and the "look at the horsies doing funny things" group.

Anonymous 506568

>"lives of horsies are cool"
But they are. You can't deny that their world is colorful.
You can like their values and their world and not be an autist.

Anonymous 506601

File: 1424901529733.jpg (92.57 KB, 1024x1024, crazy Rainbow Dash.jpg)

>"lives of horsies are cool"
So if you had to compare the horse world to the real world... with, say, a ratio, expressed as additional parts per hundred required to attract fan attention...

Anonymous 506696

File: 1424926340200.jpg (2.64 MB, 5220x3032, 814509__safe_solo_trixie_magic…)


What I like most about their world is how quiet it is. Motorized traffic is a constant inescapable noise that we've lived with for all our lives, but a hundred years ago the only ambient sound would have been running water, just like it has been for the tens of thousands of years of recorded human history. Somehow people accept noise as inevitable as gravity, and indeed many take pride in how much noise they can make, but there's something terrible about losing our peace and quiet, forever.

Even the pony train is quiet. It's not the roaring screeching behemoths that the wealthy installed in our country in order to control resources over a much greater area. Their howling, grinding factories are equally absent. But mostly it's the lack of auto traffic I notice in Equestria.

Yet another reason to hate Princess Mary Sue Cadenza

Anonymous 506704

The real world is fucking shit.
I'd rather live in the one where corruption and evil is more obvious and less commonplace.

Also, horse pussy.

Anonymous 506804

This pic. Every goddamned. Time.

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