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File: 1424684087712.jpg (58.98 KB, 1360x610, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Fullchan is kill Anonymous 506339

So.... SJW, Jews, Loominarty, Jehovahs, or Shrek?

Anonymous 506341

Maybe moot just went "fuck it" and shut it down shortly before hanging himself.

Anonymous 506342

'Fullchan' is 8chan, which moot doesn't control unless the conspiracy runs deep

Anonymous 506343

Oh, my mistake. I mix those two up because I hate both of them.

8chan was probably taken down by the government or some shit.

Anonymous 506345

and I should care why?

Anonymous 506352

File: 1424715075708.jpg (279.46 KB, 1155x966, gudfluffy.jpg)

Seems to be up and running now.

It's hard to hate on 8chan given that is willing to host a Fluffy image section.

Anonymous 506353


we have a fluffy thread here...

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