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File: 1424631836191.jpg (48.7 KB, 334x475, death wish.jpg)

Movies/films/flicks Anonymous 505845

Alright /anon/ I need you to help me decide what movies to watch next.

Here is what's in my Netflix queue:

>Get The Gringo

>Machine Gun Preacher
>Killing Season
>House Of Flying Daggers
>Hellraiser (the original)
>The Host (the Korean monster film, not the terrible Stephanie Meyer one)
>Kundo: Age Of The Rampant
>Twin Peaks (this is actually a TV show but whatever)
>IP Man
>The Man Of Tai-Chi
>The Master
>Once Upon A Time In The West
>The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (original version, not the American remake)

and this is what I have downloaded to my computer completely legally:

>Death Wish 3

>Death Wish 4
>Madeo (aka Mother)
>Memories Of Murder
>The Equalizer
>The Yellow Sea
>Versus (ultimate/director's cut version)

and finally, here is a list of movies I plan on downloading at some point:

Movies like Kill Bill "except better":

>Legend Of The Drunken Master

>The Prodigal Son

Films about crime investigations that steadily become more and more disturbing:

>Hardcore (the 1979 film, not the upcoming one)

>L.A. Confidential
>The Ghost Writer

Korean revenge movies:

>The City Of Violence

>The King Of Pigs
>A New World
>A Dirty Carnival

Ultra-violent westerns:

>El Topo

>Django (the 1966 version, not the Tarantino film)
>Cut-Throats Nine

I think that's everything. Also generally movie thread.

Anonymous 505846


oh, and here's what I've watched this year so far:


>Death Wish
>Death Wish 2
>A Hard Day
>A Bittersweet Life
>Sponge Out Of Water
>Paul Blart: Mall Cop
>There Will Be Blood
>No Country For Old Men
>Broken (the 2014 Korean film)
>Man Of Vendetta
>John Wick
>The Comedy

Anonymous 505847

Ip Man

I watched it last week. Its a great straightforward Kung Fu movie.

Anonymous 505848

About El Topo...
I was really let down. Its slow paced, and I would say pretty far from ultraviolent. Its really two movies glued together. It takes way too long for people to fucking die after getting shot.

The second half has some brief midget tits. Sad midget tits. Fucking mournful midget tits.

Anonymous 505852

File: 1424639336649.webm (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 700x1188, 1422512363504.webm)

so you like Korean stuff?

Anonymous 505860


hell yes

Anonymous 505863

are you that namefag with all the korean hottie pics?

Anonymous 505882


Grimes? no, fuck that douchebag

Anonymous 505994

I noticed you have, "Movie like "Kill Bill" only better"

None of those movies are really like Kill bill. Kill Bill did rip off and/or reference many great movies and shows. Here's a website with a list of references. Everything that I've seen on this list I would describe as much better than Kill Bill.


Kill Bill borrowed from all of them, without being as good as any of them.

Seriously. Put all the movies/shows in the Chinese, Japanese, and anime section in your list of movies/shows you need to download. The only one of the westerns I can really vouch for is 'The Good The Bad And The Ugly.' Its probably the best western ever.

I can't speak for the horror section. I don't enjoy horror movies very much. Most of them are either too predictable or too cheap in their scares. Gore does not frighten me at all.

TL;DR. Kill Bill, despite being pretty good, is still overrated by those who haven't seen any of the source material.

Anonymous 506046


thank you!!

Anonymous 506093

No problem broseiden. I particularly recommend The two animes GiTS and Kit. GiTS pretty much sets the standard for cyberpunk anime. Kite was my intro to ultraviolence. Its about a little girl assassin that shoots her victims with exploding bullets. Things get very rapey and very gory.

Also a note about 'Shogun Assassin.' Its the first two 'Lone Wolf and Cub' movies edited together to make one movie. They guy that made it had lip readers help with the english version so that the flaps line up perfectly. This leads to some very strange wordings, and awkward line reads. "I AM THE SUPREEEEEME ninJAH!." comes to mind. The narration of the little boy is done by a very young little Sandra Bernhard. Yes, THAT Sandra Bernhard. Shogun Assassin is fun, but If you want the real deal, download the actual 'Lone Wolf and Cub' movies. IIRC there are six in all.

I have not seen Sanjuro, though I have a copy of it. I have seen the movie its a sequel to, Yojimbo. Yojimbo is one of Kurosawa's most famous movies, and the inspiration for 'A Fistful Of Dollars,' which is the first in the man with no name trilogy. (The last being the already mention 'The good the bad and the ugly.') As some one who is very much a movie snob, Yojimbo is one of the greatest movies ever. Then again, you can say that about all of Kurosawa's movies. Sanjuro is supposed to be more of a comedy. Despite having never seen it I know its great because Kurosawa made it.

You should just download all of Kurosawa's movies. You can usually find them in one big torrent. They were just about all released in high quality as part of the Criterion collection.

Anyway. I dunno if you can tell, but I'm kind of a film snob (and an animation snob.)

Anonymous 506371


Watching Shogun Assassin right now, I couldn't find a torrent I trusted with any seeders so I'm streaming a really low-quality version.

I just realized that GZA, one of the members of the hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan sampled some of the intro monologue on his album Liquid Swords (which is widely regarded as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made).


Anonymous 506425

Nice. You saw the supreme ninja, nah?

Anonymous 506431


I honestly don't remember, but it was really good. The way the kid narrates the whole thing makes it feel really intense, and the music was great too.

Anonymous 506433

You didn't find the narration or the dub comically awful? Those line reads man. THOSE LINE READS. How did you not bust out laughing when little Sandra Bernhard said, "His head was infected with devils."

Anonymous 506434


The dub was awful but it fit somehow and I liked the narration for some reason...something about a little kid telling such a dark, violent story was really cool.

Anonymous 507754

File: 1425342712885.jpg (117.28 KB, 980x652, Out-of-the-Furnace-Movie.jpg)

So I watched this today by recommendation from my mom of all people. I thought it would suck because of the mediocre reviews, but it was actually really good.

Anonymous 507771

Tell us about it.

Anonymous 507782


Christian Bale is the protagonist and Woody Harrelson is the antagonist.

Bale is poor and has a brother who recently got back from serving in Iraq, which fucked him up pretty bad, plus he's in debt to some bad people.

Bale gets in a car crash that kills a kid and goes to jail for a while, and his brother visits him regularly. While Bale is in jail, his father dies, and they inherit his house.

Bale's brother has begun doing underground fights for money. He needs "one last fight" to pay off his debt, and someone sets him up with one up in the country area of the state, run by Harrelson's character, who is a complete scumbag drinker/drug-dealer/girlfriend-beater. The catch is, he is supposed to take a dive in the fight, not win.

He does take the dive and nearly gets killed because of it, and as his friend is driving them both home, Harrelson and his gang stops them and shoots them both dead (I'm not entirely sure why, I think he just didn't feel like paying).

Bale finds out about this and sets out for revenge. He finds out where Harrelson's drug operation is but fails to kill him and is caught by a cop who says that if he ever goes back, he'll arrest him on sight.

So Bale finds a way to get Harrelson to come to his town, pretending to be someone who has money for him (since they've never really met).

Harrelson comes and when he realizes there is no money, he kills Bale's uncle and tries to get away, but Bale disabled his car, so he runs away to a saw mill. Bale chases him with his hunting rifle.

Bale finally catches up and gets the jump on Harrelson, smacking him in the face with the butt of his gun, knocking him over. But right when he's about to shoot, Harrelson kicks him in the leg and he falls over, and there's a struggle, but they basically end up in the same position.

Bale shoots him in the leg, then lets him try to limp away. Then he shoots him in the hip, and let's him limp even farther outside into a field.

A police officer who is friends with Bale (sort of) shows up while Bale is aiming to finish off Harrelson and points his gun at Bale, yelling at him to drop his weapon. However, he ends up letting Bale kill Harrelson with a headshot, because he knew all the things he did.

Anonymous 507783


oh yeah and there's a little bit of romance with Bale's character and another woman but it ends when she gets pregnant while he's in jail.

Anonymous 509444


watched The Equalizer yesterday

really hope there's a good Kingsman rip soon

Anonymous 509448

I dunno if you like animu, but I saw the The Tale Of Princess Kaguya the other day, and it was amazing.

Anonymous 509451

Btw, from what I can tell, its only been the two of us in this thread. I guess we're the only movie buffs on mlpchan.

Anonymous 509454


I do like anime quite a bit, I could check it out.


It does seem like that.

I watched the first episode of the comedy show Man Seeking Woman today because it has Eric Andre as one of the supporting characters and he's awesome. The show itself was okay, it had some funny parts but it was WEIRD. Like, it was super weird but all the characters acted like it was normal, which was interesting.

Anonymous 509457

The Tale Of Princess Kaguya is great, just don't expect it to be fast paced. Its another amazing Studio Ghibli film that got its oscar stolen by a mediocre Disney/Pixar film. That's two years in a row. The ought to stop calling it 'Best Animated Feature' and start calling it 'Best Disney/Pixar Feature.'

The real problem is that most members of the ephemistically titled 'academy' don't take animation seriously at all. The Wind Rises lost because Frozen was the only nominee the non-abstaining members had even seen. I am imagine The Tale Of Princess Kaguya lost for similar bullshitty reasons.

Anonymous 512260

File: 1427742748086.png (476.77 KB, 525x719, madeo.png)

Just watched this because everyone says it's one of the best Korean movies. Fucking depressing as hell. Thought it would be standard revenge. I practically feel like my whole day is ruined.

Anonymous 512280

My votes to to Fargo and Chinatown.

Both are fairly timeless and hold up well.

With Chinatown, it helps if you know that while the story was a work of fiction, it did reference very real people of power in 1920's Los Angeles as well as a lot of the shit they pulled on the people of California.

Anonymous 512283

I've found K-Horror films have a stronv theme of relationships gone horribly wrong due to a secret. All of them are depressing as heck, which is why I stopped watching them.

Anonymous 512303


Just watched Fargo.

It was great, although I'm not sure if it was supposed to be humorous or not, and I'm also not sure what the message at the end was (if there was one). I kept waiting for that guy to say something when he was in the cop car at the end, and he just...didn't. I thought they would give him at least one powerful line as part of the ending, since he barely spoke the whole movie. And I really don't get what the purpose of the mini subplot with the Asian guy was. It was just so brief, it seems like it could have been cut entirely and the film would be fine without it.

I plan to go through everything the Coen brother's have done. Also Paul Thomas Anderson.

Anonymous 512312

You guys ever watch any Troma productions? A few years ago I saw Cannibal: The Musical, which was pretty damn good. I'm thinking of watching The Toxic Avenger.

Anonymous 512318


I've seen Cannibal: The Musical, it was pretty good. The songs were great, especially the snowman one.

Anonymous 512355

Troma put a bunch of their stuff on youtube. I', Watching Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD right now.

Anonymous 512357

The Seventh Seal
Zatoichi - The Blind Swordsman
Infernal Affairs Trilogy

OP 512376

I watched The Master yesterday. I want to watch everything Paul Thomas Anderson has done now.

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