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File: 1424336917455.png (27.39 KB, 657x409, SJW tears.png)

Anonymous 504503


What the hell, seriously. This shit happens all the time. Why would you be upset about it?

Anonymous 504504

File: 1424337274273.png (19.67 KB, 645x316, SJW tears.png)

Oh my god, seriously?

Anonymous 504506

>it's not gonna be the first nor the last.

lel, someone's new to the internet.

Anonymous 504509

To be fair, it's a pretty dick move to just edit someone's art without at least asking them first.

Anonymous 504510

I think it depends on the intent and whether the artist decides to makes a fuss about it.

Re-colours and small edits are the norm on e621. Though the purpose in that is usually just providing extra fap material, so...

Anonymous 504512

Well I'm sure some people would find white Twilight cuter than brown Twilight.

That's just genetic predisposition. It literally is racist, but like, not in a negative way. People need to get the idea that racist means specifically bad, somethings are true for some races while others aren't. Black women tend to be curvier, Asians tend to be shorter, etc. These are racist, but it's not as though they're untrue. Not everything is black and white, or good or bad. Some things just are neutral and simply exist.

Like for example some people finding white girls more attractive. It's just the way things are.

Also if you put your art out on the internet it's your own damn fault if people mess with it. I'm sorry but the internet is free and open to everyone, even people you disagree with.

Anonymous 504518

>Also if you put your art out on the internet it's your own damn fault if people mess with it. I'm sorry but the internet is free and open to everyone, even people you disagree with.

This. So much this. So tired of 'You stole/defile mah arts!' Dude, they're not selling it.


this is what got me blocked by mando, his mom and final draft lol. Mando was pissy about some other minor pony music guy for remixing one of his 'songs ' without his permission and i pointed out how ridiculous it was to say that since he was at that time making music based off properties he didnt own either. Cunts have way too much sense of entitlement over a cartoon horse fandom.

Anonymous 504521

I put a shit ton of hours into a lot of my art and I can't say I'd be happy with another person messing with it - although I have yet to see that.

I understand it's the internet and anyone can do whatever they want with it, but it would still bug me. Not apeshitstorm freakout, but quasi-rustle status could be a possibility. Seems rather rude unless you ask the permission of the owner.

Anonymous 504522

Simple solution. Don't put it online. Or put in an obnoxious watermark.

It's like going into a public bathroom and expecting it to be spotless. If a person likes the art enough, it's trivially easy to get the original picture most of the time. A smart artist would just put in a link to contact them for commissions.

Anonymous 504526

File: 1424371416902.png (321.53 KB, 1000x750, Vinyl on deck.png)

so is Vinyl Scratch not a pony he likes or...?

Anonymous 504537

File: 1424378567667.png (481.03 KB, 800x600, do not theft.png)

Anonymous 504552

Link to pic please?

Anonymous 504588

Fuck you. If you post art, I'm free to cover it with swastikas and post it with your name still on it. You're just some pissant little child who still thinks 'personal property' extends to the works you create.

Anonymous 504590

It's the same logic as a commission. If I pay you for an uncolored sketch, I'm free to clean it up and color it to save $30. If you don't like it, that's your problem.

Anonymous 504611

If personal property doesn't extend to works you create, then I don't really understand what it does extend to. That seems like the purest possible argument for ownership.

I think the more relevant factor is that you're not actually altering the original by making an edited copy. If you changed the artist's work in such a way that they no longer had the original, that would be one helluva violation.

Anonymous 504613

This. So much this

Anonymous 504640

Couldn't find it on the derpibooru.

Anonymous 504666

File: 1424391102994.png (664.01 KB, 1280x793, large.png)

Why don't we dump here every nigger/sandnigger pony humanization and make them white then post it on derpibooru?

Nigger lover tears would be delicious.

it's fucking painful to just save those monstrosities on my hard drive to post them here


Devil trips commands it

I want you all to make this happen, and i want them to know it was /anon/

Anonymous 504670

File: 1424391605496.png (64.59 KB, 500x423, Luna oh you.png)

you do realize the not-whiteness isn't why that picture looks like shit

>Nigger lover

...and we're not living in a fucking Harper Lee novel.

Anonymous 504686

Actually just making them white will cause enough butthurt. Editing nigger lips and noses is more complicated but possible. Also changing turbans to bath towels is fine too.

Anonymous 504698

>If personal property doesn't extend to works you create, then I don't really understand what it does extend to. That seems like the purest possible argument for ownership.
That's what is called intellectual property, the idea that a person can own a pattern or a process. That is, an idea.

I for one do not think intellectual property is property. I think ownership must be physical. I am for the complete abolition of copyrights and patents.

If you want to paint a picture, fine. If I want to make a version of that picture without icky brown people, so what? I didn't delete any pictures off your harddrive. Its just a pattern of pixels. You're going to tell me you own a pattern? Lets say you make a statue of Twilight Sparkle in your front yard, then I make one just like it, but with a big drippy horsecock. I didn't cross onto your property and damage your statue. I made my own.

What are patents and copyrights, really? They're state approved monopolies. A monoply is one of the gravest enemies of the free market. In fact, intellectual property in general is a huge threat to the free market. Its one of the main reasons I do not consider the United States as being capitalist. The corporations have tied down everything we use in the name of intellectual property. The megacorps have their lawyers write laws to extend copyrights. They successfully lobbied to change the law so that lifeforms can be patented. Now they sue anyone who was unlucky enough to have their plants receive patented pollen.

These same people make regulations so byzantine and long that only they even know what they say. Small businesses can't start because they're no way to navigate the regulations unless you already have tons of money and a massive legal team. These are called 'barriers to entry.' In true capitalism, there are no barriers to entry. Anyone can throw their hat into the ring and start a business.

Anyway. my point is STFU

Anonymous 504700

Fuck off nigger lover.

Anonymous 504766

File: 1424398596894.png (666.99 KB, 1280x793, multiculturalism removed.png)

This is actually really fucking easy to do.
Almost missed Fluttershy's hindu dot, but I got it. I think AJ was fine, so I didn't change her at all, I just assume she's tanned.

Any others? Someone wanna upload this to derpibooru?

Anonymous 504775

File: 1424398999637.png (649.64 KB, 1280x793, multiculturalism removed.png)

Version without words, probably works better

Anonymous 504782

File: 1424399559202.png (649.63 KB, 1280x793, multiculturalism removed.png)

Goddamit, missed RD's fingers. Fixed now.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 504808

File: 1424401096576.jpg (75.91 KB, 880x586, 661__880.jpg)

You are doing God's work, anon

Anonymous 504817

File: 1424401837732.jpg (190.92 KB, 1280x793, nigger_free.jpg)

Oh fuck, guys, you were too fast 4 me
spent some time on this one

Anonymous 504828

File: 1424402354139.jpg (190.87 KB, 1280x793, no niggers and flutterdot.jpg)

Damn it, forgot the dot too.

Anonymous 504831

I was just assuming RD has really strong tan due to spending a lot of time outside, sports and shit.

Anonymous 504835

I like the texture replace on the head whatever it's called. And yeah, I'm decently quick with gimp.

I'm just here to make tumblr babbies mad

The face kinda made me think Latino, but yeah, there's a bit more tolerance for tan colour skin on AJ and RD as they're more "outdoorsy" than the rest.

Anonymous 504843

File: 1424403149105.jpg (148.81 KB, 413x451, 1410986992086.jpg)

Someone go on tumblr and find me some dark skinned humanized ponies. I will make them pure.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 504847

for great justice

Anonymous 504849

File: 1424403513176.jpg (209.29 KB, 1253x731, Clipboard01.jpg)

WTF, i was not prepared for this, internet!

At least this got downvoted.

Anonymous 504853

There really are a lot of horrendous images on this multiculturalism theme. And i mean the quality of images itself. I think we need to find decent ones to edit among these horrors.

Anonymous 504854

Yes, if >>504849 is anything to judge by we should just ignore the most horrendous ones. They are beyond saving.

Anonymous 504859

File: 1424403968547.png (1.2 MB, 1428x804, 721490__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

I wonder what goes in the heads of those nigger lovers when they see image like that. Like do they get severe ass pain because there are 6 white girls hanging out together?

Anonymous 504861

Well of course, I mean, they can't even hang out with one.

Anonymous 504869

File: 1424404297888.png (354.68 KB, 640x664, large (1).png)

i'd give you a cookie if i could

Anonymous 504919

I don't get it, are we recoloring images ethnic to piss viewers off, or recoloring images white to piss artists off?

I'm looking at derpibooru and I don't see any edits.

Link anyone?

Anonymous 504922

Why not both?

Also wtf r u talking about, it's been only one image so far. Be helpful, bring some decent humanization pics spoiled with niggers and muslims and we edit them. Later we post them on DB and watch their reaction.

Anonymous 504923


Point me at an image, and I will recolor it either way.

Anonymous 504924

Mudslimes! Say it right.

Anonymous 504936

I think she's supposed to be some kind of eastern European or gypsy.

Ponyville in general is a pretty outdoorsy society. Ghostly white would be unusual except maybe in winter.

Anonymous 504938

>I don't get it, are we recoloring images ethnic to piss viewers off, or recoloring images white to piss artists off?
Either way would work. The sheer butthurt of terminally autistic white supremacists and SJWs...

Anonymous 504949

Fuck you, bitch, i am tolerant, i hate them all equally.

Anonymous 504970

File: 1424446159777.jpg (258.57 KB, 1280x533, white2-3.jpg)

here assholes, have some content I made in 20mins

>some lips altered in color, changed in size

>skin colors set paler
>heights fixed

Anonymous 504972

File: 1424446188411.png (212.87 KB, 1280x533, white2.png)

Anonymous 504985

One thing that's always kinda annoyed me is how they ALWAYS have to be a different height from one another.

It just doesn't make sense.

But then again, the sort of people who make this stuff don't make a whole lot of sense anyway.

Anonymous 504987

File: 1424454462980.jpg (617.13 KB, 1260x700, whitewhite.jpg)

one more

Anonymous 504991

File: 1424456448519.png (160.08 KB, 500x500, rainbow dash pony muzzle stret…)


Well at least that one is impossible to



Anonymous 504998

File: 1424461209738.jpg (196.85 KB, 534x549, 1423513946062.jpg)

Allahu Ackbar

Anonymous 505000

Holy shit you unfucked some of the proportions, nice.

It'd be an odd coincidence for a group of six friends to be the exact same height unless they chose each other based on height, so you'd expect variation. (As Faust mentioned, she would've liked to portray more distinct bodies in the actual show, but the extra animation labor was prohibitive.)

But natural height variation probably won't put any of them more than a foot tall than any other, if that. They're not dwarves.

Anonymous 505005

Anonymous 505010

Why is when all these fags make a head canon they are always black, or some third world country.

Hell, and it's always the same head cannon. Like if we take MLP. Piknie is always a super stout black lady with a pink afro , rarity or fluttershy is always iraq/third world style, and the rest are just some brown/black skin tone.
Hell, even Applejack, the perfect repetition of a white southern girl is brown or black.

Like that rustle my jimmies hard when people think they are being diverse and then they make everything black or 3rd world.

Anonymous 505012

Remember, anon, diversity equals non-white, even in white countries or continents.

Anonymous 505017

It's funny how even when people don't think white is the supreme race, they still do by making no one white.

Or it's like "I'm not racist, look, I have a black friend and one from 3rd world"

Anonymous 505025

File: 1424475646760.jpg (34.39 KB, 500x357, human Rainbow Dash resting on …)

FiM's characters are properly integrated into their fantasy setting, so humanizing them and putting them on earth is never going to make any goddamn sense. The best you can do, if you're not rewriting the entire story from the ground up, is to keep a lot of shit vague. The mapping between worlds is inevitably broken, so don't draw attention to it.

Real-world politics and religion are sorta obvious no-nos, since they don't correspond to Equestria at all, and while Equestria has races/species and ethnicities, they don't match up. What's a dragon? What's a donkey? Cow? Crystal pony? What the fuck is a gryphon? Or a goddamn diamond dog? Nevermind that earth/pegasus/unicorn/alicorn don't line up with anything real-world.

Race picks don't matter much as long as you don't play them up (it would be idiotic for RD to resent AJ for being a 'cracker' or whatever). Unfortunately, the point of SJW Ethniquestria is to put all that tedious real-world shit center-stage...

Anonymous 505035

Anonymous 505043

Of course I expect some variation like >>504970

Everyone who does that though almost always puts them on a scale from amazoness to dwarf.

Like you said, natural height would only put them so far apart.

Ah well, no point in getting too worked up over it.

Anonymous 505775

File: 1424579381110.jpg (999.11 KB, 2315x2809, 753326__safe_clothes_sad_sunse…)


>> image deleted: Rule #5.1

>> Material that is "intended" to troll groups or individuals, and is "of little or no artistic merit"

>> image deleted: Artist request

God the sheer butthurt of derpibooru mods. May they burn in their little autogenerated hell. I thought it was hilarious but, now I'm just kind of disgusted people like that are the ones who get to run the world.

You can judge the intention, not of the artist drawing the picture, but of the act of posting the picture?

Is there anywhere besides here that the admins aren't under the genuine delusion that they're psychic telepathic mind readers? Because I can't find a place.

Anonymous 505799

Somebody from here just snitched our great idea to their mods. I am pretty sure that's what happened. Because they usually don't give a fuck about reuploading old images and simple recolorings.

Anonymous 505800

>You can judge the intention, not of the artist drawing the picture, but of the act of posting the picture?
Since they judged correctly in this particular case, I guess they can.

Or a reverse image search.

Anonymous 505830

let's just wait a few months and re-upload it.

Anonymous 505842

Yes. Let's continue with the project. We can just hold on to the images and upload them at some to remain undetermined future date.

Anonymous 505853

that will give time to amass a large collection of such images and their whitewashed versions, and then release them all together everywhere at once.

should make this a slow serial about it until it's all ready.

Anonymous 506931

File: 1425076900134.jpg (213.95 KB, 900x1500, HumanTrixie.jpg)

I edited this before for my own fapmaterial, but it's perfectly suitable for this project as well.

Anonymous 507002

File: 1425109931287.jpg (269.09 KB, 719x1280, 787780__safe_solo_rainbow+dash…)


Wow, you think they judged correctly? Since when are we trolling? I thought the point was to show people this shit doesn't matter, not to upset them. If you call this trolling I hate to think what you'd call people actually trying to screw with you. This is just expressing an opinion.

And you're actually trying to exonerate shit policies like that? I don't care if this thread is like "Let's spam derpibooru with lolopan's face pasted on porn". That doesn't mean every image they deem trolling came from this thread.

Banning trolling is the quickest way to become a hugbox, and those produce the SJWs who provoked us in the first place with their "ponies so ethnic no haters plz" shit. So fuck you for even suggesting that a thread like this justifies that moronically draconian deletion policy.

Anonymous 507515

File: 1425264207778.png (461.9 KB, 900x638, 838896__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

fresh of durpiburu

Anonymous 507712

Whats the code delta all about?

Anonymous 507734

File: 1425339200718.png (2.6 MB, 900x4184, 759807__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


It's the artist's humanized Steampunk Equestria, where Twilight is a brilliant roboticist and the mane 6 are robots she built b/c she has no social life.

Also Sombra is some kind of evil insurgent.


Anonymous 507736

File: 1425339229031.png (2.87 MB, 900x4615, 767031__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Anonymous 507737

File: 1425339319594.png (4.4 MB, 1200x6579, 838737__twilight+sparkle_human…)

Anonymous 508475

I like this steampunk universe.

It's a shame they had to niggerfy Twilight.

It's so fucking obvious that all of the ponies are white. At least Equestria Girls avoided this issue entirely.

Anonymous 508533

File: 1425789414605.png (64.94 KB, 327x424, human Twilight.png)

If you give not being racist a try, you might really like it.

Anonymous 508552

im sure if i give that nigger twilight's pussy a try i might really like that too

Anonymous 508565

File: 1425792682265.png (507.51 KB, 800x870, human Twilight touched by Trix…)

I'm sure you would!

Anonymous 508567

I already like it. I was just saying.

Anonymous 509020

It's still shit. Get that turban off of Rarity, even she wouldn't associate herself with something from a fascist ideology like Islam.

Anonymous 509021

File: 1425924532445.png (198.06 KB, 772x603, fight_me_by_jun_k_tastic-d476n…)

do your worst anons

Anonymous 509040

>do your best anons

Anonymous 509149

File: 1426005570416.png (218.12 KB, 772x603, 1.png)

Anonymous 509162


0/10 no muslim clothing removal from fluttershy
step it up, anon

Anonymous 509165

File: 1426021733388.png (216.43 KB, 772x603, half_fixed.png)

You didn't fix the nose, so I took a crack it it myself. This is what I came up with.

I'd try to do that too, but I don't even know where to begin. Maybe just make it white and write "This towel compliments of Holiday Inn" on it somewhere?

Anonymous 509168

Maybe just make it white and write "This towel compliments of Holiday Inn" on it somewhere?

Or add a pointed hood

Anonymous 509183

File: 1426054651573.jpg (38.96 KB, 772x603, duh.jpg)


> removal of muslim clothing

This is why burqas should be banned.

Anonymous 509184

The original Twi-nose looks like an actual nose. Why change it?

Fluttershy's nose is the fucked one. It's like some kind of overgrown pimple just above her upper lip.

Anonymous 509221

I disagree. I think the original nose is even shittier. Also, To make the new nose, I just shifted the large half of the old one over and deleted the big cavernous nostril.

Anonymous 509225

I think I'm going to turn that fluttershy into an astronaut.

Anonymous 509376

File: 1426266101673.gif (42.73 KB, 700x600, 559457__safe_solo_animated_sco…)

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